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  • yateesh_pant 2w


    If someone is insecure in a relationship it proves one thing that the person definitely values you..
    So instead of fighting or leaving that person for that, help him out to deal with those insecurities..

  • moonwritespoetry 8w

    //...flaws and chaos in pride...//

    i put up my flaws and chaos in pride
    Glittering all my way, they shone,
    oh tressue mine....

    i put up my flaws and chaos in content
    feisty on horseback them, rode up the hill
    oh fierce brave I am....

    i put up my flaws and chaos in happiness
    lovelies they are, like floret promises
    the spring I been longing for
    oh look at me laugh....

    i put up my flaws and chaos in pleasure
    the tanned hirsute roads alone the curves
    of my blemished body
    oh gorgeousness, says my lover....

    i put up my flaws and chaos in front
    neither ashamed nor nervous
    because they put me on spotlight
    oh how upbeat I am....

    i put up my flaws and chaos in awe
    they make me unique,
    gives me the fruit I worked for
    oh I am enough....

    i put up my flaws and chaos in beauty
    born to a mother who birthed too, all my insecurities and inferiorities and disparage!!
    oh your daughter is beautiful as ever....

    // Anagha Lakshmi //

  • moonvi25 10w

    'How can I stop being hard on myself?'

    Honestly,I'm not an expert when it comes to self-love,but as someone who's going through this phase recently in my life,I have no hesitation sharing it with you guys.

    Self-love is not so easy,but it's not that hard too,it just requires patience.
    Firstly,pinpoint the real reasons for your self-deprivation/low self esteem.
    This might seem a bit too hard on you,but if I ask you to state all your insecurities,I'm sure the list will be real long.

    Now,most of your insecurities might include your weight,your height,your waist size,face shape etc.
    95% of your insecurities will only and only be physical traits.
    And that's fair on everyone's part,as such you might think there's no thing as 'emotional insecurity',but oh,there is.
    I might not give the best of me on talking about physical insecurities,but keeping in mind 'emotional insecurities',I'm no less than a guru.

    Anyway,this paracetamol part includes your physical insecurities.
    First off,you can NEVER satisfy the societal standards and criteria of a 'perfect woman/man'
    because there's no such thing as perfect.
    Second,learn to not pretend to be good or dressed up in the latest fashion trends for the sake of other people,do it ONLY for yourself.
    Third,learn to detach yourself from everything people say about you,in the end,does it matter?

    I cannot stop myself from mentioning this that 'your body is mortal,your soul isn't.'
    Why be a toy in people's hands by fulfilling every standard they set,when you can achieve your inner peace and satisfaction within yourself?

    And remember,do not let people around you control you,you are your own controller and creator.
    Infact,nobody can control what your soul,your subconscious holds,you control everything around you and that will lead us to another topic: 'manifestation',but thats quite a feast for another day because it's complex and not many people get it.
    Anyway,hope I helped atleast one person out there.


    Sorry for posting late,down with cold and fever��

    #therapy #insecurity #society #bodyshaming #soul


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  • theexplorer 11w

    The worst feeling in life is watching things fall apart in front of you, and knowing you can't do anything to stop it...

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork #trapped #drowning #helpless #exhausted #fear #alone #shiver #shackles #reality #insecurity

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    Exhausted and saturated, she fell to the ground,
    Struggling to grasp her reality,
    A lone tear escaped her eyes,
    She clenched them shut,
    But only freed more prisoners,

    Engulfed by the darkness,
    Lost in the morass of fear,
    Shivering, breathless, alone,
    She looked around at the familiar faces,
    That always led her to light,

    Quivering, she tried to clench on to them,
    But something was different,
    She fell short,
    They were too far this time,
    They seemed to be getting farther every moment,

    Dragging herself towards them,
    She was jolted by the piercing shackles binding her ankles,
    She was drowning,
    She was trapped
    She screamed, she pulled, she cried,

    Alas, she could only watch them move away,
    As she struggled for grip,
    Grains of sand slipped her hands,
    She clenched them harder,
    But only freed more prisoners,

    Engulfed by the darkness,
    Lost in the morass of fear,
    Shivering, breathless, alone...


  • _un_familiar 15w

    08:02 am
    October 10,2020
    I'm standing inside my home
    Ready to leave for work
    I saw my neighbor sardar uncle
    He greeted me with a smile as usual
    And then his father old sardar uncle
    And a thought popped in my mind
    Oh God ! both of them have got penis
    And then I tried to distract myself
    And took auto rikshaw
    The driver was a man
    What do I do
    He does have a penis too
    And after 5 minutes
    Another man sits beside me
    And I got scared
    Of thought he has penis too
    I couldn't hold my tears anymore
    And then all of that rewinded in my mind

    09:02 am
    October 9,2020
    I got off of bus
    And ran to cross the flyover
    I am late, I'm doomed
    As I thought to myself
    I climbed up all the stairs and stepped on the big landing of flyover
    I took may be 5-6
    Steps and I saw a stranger
    Not to worry I see hundreds of strangers daily on a bus, on an auto, even in my work place
    And I ignored I checked time on my phone
    And fastened my speed and
    That stranger was holding something in hand
    I didn't ignored it again and then
    I noticed
    He was doing something with his penis
    I felt terrible
    And he smirked
    I almost ran towards him
    But I found no one behind me
    And I cursed him
    And dared him to stay
    And marched reverse steps
    To call some people standing on road
    And he ran down opposite
    And he was no where to be found
    It ruined my whole day
    What else can I say
    I couldn't sleep whole night
    But when I did
    That view came in my ephialtes

    Do it all in your private place
    We feel uncomfortable, harassed, abused and insecure
    Cause we don't ask for anything unless we we actually ASK

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #harrasment #insecurity #abuse

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    Every day when I leave my home
    I feel like
    Someone snatched my comfort zone

  • troyeekachaudhuri 15w


    Insecurities, huh, I have heard that a lot. Life has given me this emotion in utmost abundance. Sometimes I seriously wonder why am I so insecure after all?? Then I get the answer to it as well, because sweetheart you are smart and have seen a lot.. So just chill and take a nap...

  • takecare 16w

    Only if I'd have been able to
    Speak my own words
    Then I'd know myself
    A bit more better

  • ryoaki_ 18w

    Goood morning I wrote this poem awhile back it's about insecurities n thing the inner things that troubles us
    I hope you'll love it

    #insecurity #writersofmirakee #writersnetwork

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    My uncertainties poison me
    My insecurities My Anxiety
    are always on my mind
    My to do or not to do
    My to be or not to be
    Lingers on framework that I call my sanity.
    And its repeatedly being tested, subjected, conflicted by my past or a dreaded future
    Which forces upon me strange choices
    My usual session with the whispering voices.
    My uncertainties poison me
    My insecurities my anxiety
    are always on my mind
    I found from where they grew within
    From my untold lies
    From my concealed sin.

  • the_sudden_thoughts 19w

    Lost in my insecurities I stress up things .
    Sometimes I mess up things .
    I know it makes a difference to you ,
    It hurts you , it breaks you .
    You ask me ," am I alright ? "
    I nod my head with a everything's fine smile .
    But I can see in your eyes that you know something is wrong with me .
    You make a effort to smile with me .
    You say me to calm myself ,
    When I look distressed.
    What I want to say is just hold my hand , no questions please just say I'm there , to face your every insecurity , no if's and but's but a damn promise to stay .


  • cherry_renaya 22w

    Contagious Insecurity.

    She made me hate myself when I was something I wish I was now, isn’t that proof that my self hate has only grown with age? While my mum is the stimulus, society is what feeds the growth. I am what feeds the growth. I am proud I can love and appreciate my past self for SHE IS BETTER THAN WHAT SHE BECAME. But it’s too late mum made me hate her and now she is gone.


  • cherry_renaya 22w

    It gets passed on like a bug and finally it becomes society.


  • alxita 23w

    ~~ Garden without flowers ~~

    A trip to my garden's flowers
    My love, you'd be surprised better
    That no flowers grow by the yard
    Truth and fantasies both bombard

    Sanctuaries all have flowers
    Subterfuge to hide the letters
    Epistolary letters kept
    So endeared.. N . . .
    . . o . . .
    . w .
    . . . . .
    . I . . (Hear me..)
    . . . . .
    . f . .
    . . . a . .
    (Please..) l . .
    . . l . . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~All~~wept~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    A garden without your vivid velleities,
    Is the one you least liked.. right?
    If I were the garden with no flowers,
    Will you still love me..?

    Chemicals saving me all night
    Still worthy for your calls of light..?
    Chemicals slowly changing me
    Key M O T H E Rapy

    I wish you could hear me out now
    Was this therapy worthy now..?
    Or I changed and you're left unchanged
    Should I change back, you're still unchanged

    But what's changed..? Is it your perception of me...? Unwilling to accept.. and will you not accept..?


    Exclusively to me..



    Clearly my

    While those larcenous omens linger through me.. I wish I can go back.. But since this is not the past that goes on to the present, I'll continue on. Where I'll go, and the foot steps I've left behind, I promise.. that I won't disappoint you again.. I promise that I'll look forward again, without my insecurities clouding the brightest paths..
    -- SUMMARY --

    Sometimes, changes can be.. life-changing!

    Literally speaking, this talks about someone who've underwent chemotherapy, and has had a massive physical change since then. "Garden without flowers" (or grass) is a metaphor for hair loss after chemotherapy.

    Metaphorically, and simply speaking, this portrays someone with massive changes, who has insecurities towards their partner, if they'll still love them as they are. But, soon realizing, the person then becomes more optimistic, and has their partner and their family with them to support in life's obstacles.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | subterfuge - deception by using clever skills to evade or fool someone
    2 | epistolary - relating to letters
    3 | velleity - a slight wish or inclination
    4 | larcenous - marked by unlawful taking of personal property
    5 | omen - something believed as a sign of a future event
    6 | volatile - likely to change suddenly
    7 | utopia - often imaginary state of perfection and bliss
    8 | oneiric - dreamy
    9 | insecurity - a state of self-doubt

    #insecurity #change #life #love #relationship #doubts #path #confidence #chemotherapy #hopes #happiness #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_august_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Aug. 15, 2020, 10:58 AM (GMT+8)

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  • riyu_aishu 24w

    _ Afraid _

    " I'm afraid, I told him....

    "Afraid of what? " He asked....

    "I'm afraid of you won't love me any more, I'm afraid of I'm going to lose you......
    I'm afraid of you'll replace me and find someone better than me....
    I'm afraid someone will make you happier than I can...
    I'm afraid you will lose interest in me, in us....

  • amn 24w

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but ugliness is only in the eyes of those beholding themselves.

  • behindface 28w


    my feelings are dead
    can't see anything ahead
    eyes see the above sky
    head filled with million lies
    where did i lost
    person i need the most
    it was me inside
    why was i staring beside
    what did i get
    with those dreams i had set
    everything was fake dripping pain
    why i had to continue like insane
    still I'm not done
    staring at this stupid phone.

  • poetic_parade 29w

    Promise me
    that you'll never leave
    and if it has to be
    It'll be in my dreams

    Promise me
    that you'll love me with all your heart
    and your eyes will see
    you being my heart's biggest part

    Promise me
    that death won't do us apart
    With our body's free
    Our souls will love each other even if we're too far.

    © poetic_parade

    #life #thoughts #insecurities #insecurity #lover #promises #diary #relationships #vows

    Thanks for stopping by ����

    Image owned by the copyright owner

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  • nishanka 31w


    True geniuses often don't hesitate to share their knowledge.
    Amateurs are people who hesitate to do so.

  • marianotsaint 31w

    There is a limit to how much I can interact with humans and everyday is a test of the same.
    World is getting closer and more accessible too soon and too fast that
    even going incognito is a privilege not many can truly afford.
    In a world where I dreamt of leaving footprints on the beach.
    I found myself leaving digital footprints , permanent and deep.

  • the_woman 32w

    I realized how insecure am I,
    When I saw of a dream in which
    Somebody whom I can't exactly recall,
    Walked away from me,
    Not caring to turn back
    Despite my screaming.
    I stretched my hands towards
    The shadow moving further,
    And suddenly I woke up, shivering,
    Just to see my hands
    Stretching Up against the ceiling,
    Just to feel the warmth of
    An early morning tear drop rolling down.


  • purshottamarya 32w


    Meri baat krne ki aadat ko meri desperation mt smj lena
    Pyar h tumse pr ijhar krunga ye mt smj lena