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    sath chod diya bas aakhri kadam pe.......himmat karke kaash usne baat kari hooti....
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    #lostlove #final #step #declined #failure #lost #trust #issues #courage #fight #fear #forgotten

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    Na jikrr aaya;
    Naa yaad mein fikrr aae;
    Mai khada thaa jiss raaste pe;
    Wahan se teri baraat aaae.....


  • nirmal_krishna 4w

    Middle Class

    एक वर्ग नहीं, एक भाग नहीं, एक जात है Middle Class
    दिन के उजालों में डरता हुआ, वो रात है Middle Class
    ऊंच नीच के खेल का, खिलौना बना है Middle Class
    धर्म अधर्म के युद्ध में, निःशस्त्र खड़ा है Middle Class
    भेड़ चाल की राह का, राही बना है Middle Class
    मौलिक अधिकारों से अधीन ,फिर भी अड़ा है Middle Class
    खून पसीना की कमाई को, कर दान रहा है Middle Class
    मंदिर मस्जिद के नाटक का, दर्शक बना है Middle Class
    सरकारी दफ्तर से बैंक कचेहरी, बस फीर रहा है Middle Class
    ना सुनने वाला कोई ना समझने वाला, पर बोल रहा है Middle Class
    ना चौकी इसकी न चौकीदार हैं इसके, सर पिट रहा है Middle Class
    कर चर्चे सरकार के दिन भर, समय गवा रहा है Middle Class
    महँगाई की मार में हर पल, मर रहा है Middle Class
    जन्म से मृत्यु तक के कर्ज़ को, भर रहा है Middle Class
    दिखा रहे वो बीच की उंगली और देख रहा है Middle Class
    मन में परेशानी आँखों में पानी, फिर भी हँस रहा है Middle Class..!!


  • behindface 5w

    Killing beauty

    Heart has failed,my head is overpowering

    'Killing beauty' in my dreams that I'm flowering.


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    My back ached,
    It longed for rest.
    When rest came calling,
    It longed for more.


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    ' ' . ' ?

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    Life's got some serious issues

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    It feels like nobody wants me to be around
    So I just swallow my emotions and pound
    Pound on my head because I can’t get the demons out of my head
    To afraid to ask for meds
    Since we all know, they’re no different then lead
    Acid and rain
    I’m so in pain
    No matter what I do
    I can’t seem to fit myself in my own shoes
    My mother smiles above the devil horns
    While my father pretends to wear the halo
    While my siblings are just getting out of the cradle
    With venomous fangs that are fatal
    Miranda rights sit underneath the dining room table
    As we sit there quietly
    We all know that this isn’t harmony
    We all just feel the anxiety
    That we cover with the money
    Of our part time jobs
    That we pretend to love
    So we can feel loved


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    A lot of these things are going these days we hear a lot of stuff going on believe me everybody is going through something or the other everybody has problems we have a lot kind of problems going on and just not one that's depression I know nobody wants to be in it why one would like to but Then, why one does not push oneself enough to come out of it no one dug u in it u yourself climbs in it the reason for sadness is only you because you let yourself to be in that state. Hardships are a part of life everyone goes through it the happy bling glittery life may be dark and black, and need light but no one except for you can make your own life brighter no one except for you. If u are in a state of mind where you tend to lose the state the situation that you have created for yourself then believe me it's only you how has the power to break that state no medicine will help until you agree to come out fighting isn't, 't easy it was never easy but life is about warriors. Life is about living in faith and faith that I will win kisi se koi nhi haarta aapne se Harte hai or joh aapne aap Ko jita deta hai na use kisi Ko hrane ki zarurat nhi parti taking it life is not the solution khud toh chale jao ge what about those who r left behind will they be able to forget u and the fact how you went away no na ...... The one big truth of life is everybody will leave this world one day and if you can survive in the situation where u have not ever imagined your life without that person never imagined then believe me you can survive in any situation because that's the hardest thing to face and to absorb ......... instead of being kind to anyone start being kind to urself start motivating urself because no one else can do it better than u urself toh shayad koi depression mein hoga hi nhi
    instead of thinking about your problems start thinking about others kuch bhi start from scratch see then you won't even feel your problems ... we can get anything back, but not life you know it's like when u faint and get up its like new life because u don, 't know what happened in past 10 minutes when you were unconscious bas aaise hi life hai aaise samaj lo aabhi tak behosh the aab hosh aaya hai. Toh when u'll get up what will think what happened,abt your problems or what could have happened, anything could have happened anything, but why not thank god nothing happened and what slightly happened we won't let anybody suffer that ...........try to help yourself because there can be times when u have to be your own friend family guide because nobody can guide you better than your mind if soul your heart so, it's better to keep them at right place ......... BECAUSE A WARRIOR WILL BOW DOWN, but WILL NEVER KEEP ITS BOW DOWN ......UNTIL THE WAR IS OVER AND LIFE IS A WAR WITH ONESELF AND ABOUT HOW BRAVELY WE CAN WIN THIS .....
    Take care

  • mariyamasim 8w


    The word depression has lost its credibility these days. Although depression is a major problem in our society nowadays, the fact that some people use this term to look cool has created more problem for the people who are actually facing it. Depression is not hiding in your room and crying all day, it is more of a feeling of emptiness and purposelessness. It’s not about looking fine but feeling fine. A depressed person goes through a lot of thoughts and feelings about themselves and everything around them which makes harder for them to feel fine. The problem is huge and the cure is easy. Kindness is all this world needs. We never know how many people around us are depressed or if they are depressed beacuse of us. So be kind to every human around you to prevent being the reason someone takes their life. And be the reason someone changes their perception towards life and fight against the problem.

  • ilfiore_ 9w

    Laying on my bed,
    I kept thinking.

    Walking the steps,
    I kept on counting the ways.

    And when I, came around the corner;
    Taking a breather, I thought, I thought and kept thinking-

    Oh how I changed, from being the self with a light in the eyes to a complete,closed off person.

    Was just tryna fittin' in the world.

    Oh how wrong the people were,

    Now I'm alone in the crowd,
    No one's there to concide in,

    Dreamless sleeps in the nights,
    No rest, getting up tired all over mind,

    Questioning myself, do I have any demons, demons in my head ?

    "No you don't have demons inside, they're all out over you in the place."

    Makes me feel alone in the crowd,
    Makes me feel conserved,
    Tells me to protect myself,
    Oh oh! oh ho..... Demons...

    Then I wake up with a jerk,
    Looking around I see that, that I've slept on thinking.....

    Laying on my bed,
    I kept thinking of the ways.

    Walking on the steps,
    I kept counting the ways.

    You broke me up inside in the Ways I never knew or realized....

    Lookin' back I see, I was lively
    I was fun, happy go girl;

    Now I'm laying on bed, walking on steps, stopping around the corners... Nd just thinking of ways, counting'em along, stopping when outta breathe....

    #life #brazen #brazenheart #timeplapses #end #aloneinacrowds #lostinlife #qouteoftheday #song #poeticjustice #bitches #issues #innocence #bitchtruth

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  • abeautiful_soul 10w

    When I'm down I get real down.
    But when I'm high I don't come down.

    ~Julia Michaels

  • the_conteur 10w

    All of us with our social media hashtags
    I ask you
    Do you care?

    In an year from now, will you remember
    The ones whose deaths we so loudly protest?
    Do you care?

    Inside our hearts, does it matter?
    Or are we but animals,
    Filled with the herd instinct
    Knowing deep within ourselves that
    There is something out there
    Something bad, a horror
    Do we just join the numbers
    To save our skin, to quell that feeling deep within?

    So I ask you,
    Do you care?

    Do you want clout, or to change all that we post about?
    Do you want to act,be bold and express opinion
    Or rather show indifference, copy paste your statuses about
    Making a difference?

    #floyd #georgefloyd #racism #discrimination #issues

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    Do you care?

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  • missypoetic 10w

    #world #problems #issues #people #truth #new #society #ideas #human #thoughts #understand #opinions

    Too many people tell me I'm wrong...when I know the things I say ring some truth anyway.

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    Humans are animals,
    but we are smarter than most.
    Yet, we can't seem to stop being cannibals.
    Picking at each other,
    as we drown in the morose.

    There's always something left which 
    doesn't bring a smile.
    Consider the stakes and poke a hole,
    the thinnest toothpick can't understand; which one lost control.

    Our brains may grind,
    and think we are the smartest.
    But individually we are not brightest.
    Once we hear something that sounds true, we snatch it and parade around without a clue.

    Don't be a fool and pretend,
    that some things people say,
    aren't true too. That's just being a cannibal and dismissing something new.

  • diya101 11w

    Breakups might be ugly. They might be dangerous. They might convert oneself into a stalker, a drunkard, an escapist or what not.


    @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Yes! It's been years since you went away
    With no regrets or dismay,
    Since then, I tried to be in normal forms,
    I tried to be involved in the societal norms,
    Tried yoga, zumba, meditation and so many more,
    And hence went away my months four,
    I admit I had to be diverted by a person or two,
    Or smoke or alcohol would also do,
    Even tried reading those books seeking meaning to life,
    Also watched web series displaying strife,
    Movies and music I tried again and again,
    They tended to alleviate the momentary pain,
    But when I was alone bound by the four walls,
    Better if the clock ticked two along with spells of rainfalls,
    It was like time trying to devour me,
    Making me remember everything we had as "We"
    Tried to mend my ways by stalking you less,
    Ouch! I still could not forget the way you used to caress,
    Day and night I hoped you shall return,
    But in vain, destiny gifted me with loneliness in return,
    Tried dating over those programmed apps,
    With time, my obsession grew over those snaps
    Of your rhyming, chats and you,
    I used to forget everything, knowing it wasn't true,
    You know what seeing over that folder became my favourite past time,
    And it would eventually end with vodka and lime,
    Drunk calling you was not something I liked to do,
    It apparently was a replacement of the habit of you,
    Pining over you was pathetic I knew,
    But losing control over myself could not be controlled too..

  • mystical_cupid_21 11w

    When you know life is going smoothly at that exact moment it will change put barriers in between..

  • rescuedsoul 11w

    Falling Apart

    Kindly recall our conversation
    and think about the situation.
    You will see trust and
    commitment issues from
    both the parties.
    This is the reason
    we are falling apart.


  • rekindle_hopes 11w

    इंसान जिसे अपना समझता है ना,
    उसकी छोटी सी बात भी दिल पे लग जाती है।

  • apsychter 12w

    When you have trust issues,
    you are less likely
    to get cheated on again
    Because you start to question everything


  • ciara1 13w

    Baby Daddy Issues In This Pandemic

    Two weeks after this pandemic started, I had a lot of drama going on with my baby's daddy, Bernie.
    One day I was watching the news, and I was seeing a large number of deaths that have occurred in this pandemic. They announced that there were a lot of babies that had died from the virus. The government was demanding everyone around the globe to stay at home. Do not go out unless we need to. After watching that, I was determined to stay at home. Bernie had called me on the phone the next day and told me that he and his mom wanted our baby to go over their house. After he told me that, I went to the Lord and prayed that I hope it will not be any conflict between me and Bernie about who wants to see our baby.
    Bernie stays with his mother and I stay with my mother.  When he told me that, my response to that was "naaw, I don't trust that, with this virus going on and all. "You don't trust us?" He asked. "That's not the case, I trust y'all, it's just this virus I don't trust, " I said. "Naw, you don't trust us, " he said. "I do, see y'all not getting the point, I heard it on the news a couple days ago that babies died from this stuff," I said getting mad. "I know people dying from this stuff, but you can't live in fear, you..." Bernie said getting cut off. "I know we can't live in fear but..." I said getting cut off as well. "Can I finish? I didn't interrupt you, " he asked. I was silenced. "Now I know a lot of people is dying from the virus, but I said we can't live in fear, I know me and you are two different people, we got our own opinions, but imma still go out and live my life. The government is controlling everything we do. They can't dictate how we should live our lives, you can be in the house every day if you want to, but me, imma still get out every day going to the store, to the car wash, do what I have to do, " he said. "I know that we can't live in fear, but we have to use wisdom when we go out. We have to only go out when we need to, not when we want to. It seems like you not understanding, " I said, getting aggravated.  "I understand, you and Kiki can stay in the house, but I'm not, " he said.  I was relieved when he said those things, although I was not expecting that at the end of his sentence. I thought it was going to be a big fight about that, and I prayed that it would not be. God is good.