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  • madlife 4h

    You can do,whatever your want to forget abour your past life but past never been forgetable

    Thats why its a past,its a part of life,make a move on to the present life....

  • jazzpanda 3d


    From a sudden meet
    to whatever now stays between us
    Days have rolled by
    And we have matured
    We've held each other's back
    Cried on shoulders
    A pat on the back saying you've given your best
    Fought fights that outsmart Tom and Jerry,
    Got back the third minute like nothing actually happened

    A lot has changed over a year
    But I thank you for what you were to me
    The care, the love, the bond,
    You never let anybody bother me
    Except when it was you

    Thanking you for staying
    I still haven't learnt to speak my mind out
    But it's ok
    I'll be fine

  • chahatshyamkanchan 4d

    #It is how much better when you GET YOUR LOVE after along time distances relationship.. How amzing the feeling,, Think about that there are 7 billion people or more in this world still we want that one person,, Still we want them,, THAT IS POWER OF LOVE,, How it look like feel like taste like only two person are know which are in relationship.. is it ok to live without them ?? I know everything matter but is it ok to break hearts and move on without any betrayness only for society !! We all want LOVE but DONT ALLOW OTHER TO LOVE ?? IS IT FYN.. PEOPLE.. ask you yourself .. Still make hope.. out of 7 billion one can break your heart still you have HOPE that you got more someone better in that 7 million !!..
    Ryt so..!! Just see the positive side I think..!! Love is feel and I THINK VALENTINE IS SO SPECIAL WHEN THAT VALENTINE OF V BECOMES YOUR LOVED ONES FOREVER "WE".. #Share my this post to your loved ones #love #ThankyouGod #yqbaba #yqdidi ❤❤������

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  • cgcastle 1w

    It's Me

    I am water that always flows;
    I'm fire that doesn't go out,
    I am air that does not diminish,
    I am rain that never stops.

    I'm white but black;
    I am fun but serious,
    I am joyfully sad,
    I am gentle but rudely.

    I am love but with war;
    I am pain with subtlety,
    I am brave and warrior,
    And I break all the barriers.

    I'm smart but naive;
    I am quiet but sincere,
    I am friendly but asocial,
    I am all but normal.


  • poornimagowda 1w

    It Is Difficult To

    ©Poornima Gowda

  • m_jarani 1w

    प्रेम - amazing thing's

    किसी और के शब्दो से ,
    किसी और की मोहब्बत बया होती है |
    यु तो मोहब्बत ,
    मुझसे भी ख़फ़ा होती है |
    ये वो शब्द भी नहीं ,
    जो लिखने से मिल जाया करते है |
    ये वो दुआ भी नही ,
    जो मांगने से मिल जाती है |
    ये वो मंज़िल भी नहीं ,
    जो रास्तो के बाद मिल जाया करती है |

    'ये तो वो नसीब है , जिससे मोहब्बत भी हर जाया करती है |


  • penolope_ 2w

    #it's difficult

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    Why does it feel lonesome even when you have innumerable people to communicate with, but what strikes everytime is, will this result into a carpy outcome.

  • rhythmic_beats 2w

    Doubts will not help you to move further. Do transform your thoughts into actions. Make it happen. If you fail, learn from it and succeed further with efforts and belief✨

    #shut #your #doubts
    #make #it #happen
    #life #lessons
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee #writersnetwork

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  • sakshi665 2w


    In the eyes lies the innocence
    In the eyes lies the pain
    In the eyes of all the beauty
    It all lies in the face of frame
    Helper helping help the others
    Be first one to help others.
    It's only you who carry this body for long
    Nobody else will bother
    Yeah, I know I am so sober
    Cry crying cried too loud
    But the eyes told the story
    So will you come with me?
    To make this world proud
    Hasthtag the scratched story ‍♀️

  • kavishajit 3w

    #life#it seems to be a critical situation

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    Usko bhulne ke lia bhi
    Usko baar baar yaad karna padta hai

  • attention_seeker 3w

    Who goes ‍♀️ school to study‍, we go to have fun wid friends


  • justcmple 3w

    It's okay!

    It's okay. Isn't it a magical word I don't understand why but when I hear this I suddenly start to fell at ease. It's okay if you fail, it's okay if you are sad, it's okay if you lost, its okay if you are hated. I just want you to know that it's okay sh** happens in life but don't worry because


  • sakshi665 4w


    You have to kill your own Demons of minds
    They will keep on rewind
    Will put forward several Barriers
    It will say it's wrong
    Will u get scarier?
    Or will blow it away
    Harder than then the bell sounds
    Tung tong!!
    Well u did it..
    Hip hip hurray!!

  • sakshi665 4w

    Side effects

    After effects of eating it all
    Looks so good let's try it once
    Drugs marijuana ganja in the house
    It all lies in the pack of ball
    U will like it once, twice and then thrice
    Ur alcohol filled with all water and ice
    But what about ur kidney hampering with failure
    Water to pass by how much it can filter?
    Body shaking, crying for help
    But your dedication to eat is too loud to see
    Attitude be like " I am carefree! "
    It's your own duty to see your Physiology!
    Until it becomes a Dead Sea

  • porcelainxheart 4w

    People are poison �� #horror_wt #snake #it #writerstolli

    Serpent eyes
    Spitting turpentine lies
    Digging claws in
    Snagging soft skin
    Sinking carnal fangs
    Nipping weak ankles
    Coiling rattle tails
    Shedding reptilian scales

    Slithering behind
    Stalking, ready to strike
    Strong lock bite
    Existing only
    To inject venom
    Into pure lives
    Monsters as
    Human form
    Angels baring
    Devil horns

    Crooked halos paired
    With twisted smiles
    Crocodile tears
    Feeding on fears
    Restricting prey
    Clutching tight
    Regurgitating remains
    Suffocating daylight


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  • kritishukla 4w


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    Education is not a name of any degree or certificate that can be shown to others as a proof.
    Education is the name of our Attitude , Actions , Language and behaviour with
    others in real life.

  • desi____malang 4w

    Don't ever hurt me
    because if it's
    my turn, you'll google
    "how to stop crying"

  • amoghyadav 4w

    #dont take it personally #it is just thought ��

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    Sarva chy life madhe high and low point yetat
    Pan jeva manus swata saathi jagayala lagto na tyva tyla life chi kimat samjhte
    Nahi tar aaj kal cha generation la Kay smjhnar swata saathi jagnyat Kay majja aahe te.

  • farheen_dreams 4w

    #panda weepy day ��������������
    #it's hurting na..... ��
    #Faded Rose ��

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    Still I'm crying..
    ...... What's my fault....

    Yeah I'm scared about few things...
    Yes I'm childish...
    Yeah I know that....
    I'm kind of perfect type...
    But please tell me what is my fault...
    I just want smile...
    I just want share my happiness...
    I just want see you...
    What's my fault tell me...
    I'm caring nature...
    I'm also unlucky...
    I'm loveable soul...
    I'm not get permission to lived my life...
    The way everyone lived our life...
    It's my fault....
    My family gave me lots of boundaries
    It's so hurtful thing in my life....
    It's my fault...
    I'm not happy...
    To running that way where my all bondarise an all thing pouse me...
    It's pouse me down....
    It's my fault...
    I just compromise....
    I'm not happy
    What can I do...
    I just wanna funeral on my soul happiness...
    Even I don't wanna leaved my life...
    It's not matter for anyone...
    I'm not anyone favourite..
    No one care about me...
    No one love me...
    I wanna lose my breath ...
    I'm not special for anyone...
    Even I'm not special forme...
    I just want right now one Rose... One chocolate... One teddybear ...
    Those things I want in my coffin...
    Coz next morning..
    I wanna have a throw my funeral
    Even I'm still crying for the last night...

  • deadmanlane 5w

    So here...This is my message to those who r encountering
    Their last day in their schools or in college..
    Nd making their new way for building up their career__
    On a new path_____ o((*^▽^*))o____
    So guys ...the journey u people r seeming to an end
    Is really not gonna end___those memories__
    Those emotions __which u people made at ur last stop...
    (School; college;)
    Gonna be with uhh forever__only the presence of those people gonna be decline partially__or totally too__
    But this is not an end ___
    So Don't be sad___
    From there a new jounery gonna take place now__
    Yah __I know__some of u will think that __wht shit M talking about__
    But this is the truth__ofcourse anyone can be sad
    Leaving that place which is so very special for them__
    Everyone is attached to whtever they have__nd to whom
    They connect __
    Life is a game__like a video game__
    One level cross___
    Next came in ur way right there__
    Like a game__
    U got people there__like rewards
    U spend time with them__
    Also __Some of them got lost in the middle way only__
    Some remain together even at the last level too__
    As ur shinning stars__ nd as precious batches at the end of the each level__

    So those who r thinking that they will leave everything
    Their joys memories__their convos Nd all___
    So this is not the truth___
    U will find another things __at the next stop(next level of life) ___again u can make the memories__
    Ofcourse u will remember those of the last__
    But soon___ new things will gonna come in ur new way__

    So cheer urself(✿^‿^)__be happy(◕ᴗ◕✿)_
    Be strong___ᕦʕ •ᴥ•ʔᕤ

    Nd good luck for ur new beginning s__new achievemnt s
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #it#'#sme
    Thanks guys(^3^♪(θ‿θ)(◍•ᴗ•◍)for reading____
    These r my own thoughts___
    No offence__
    No overintelligence_⟵(๑¯◡¯๑)

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    Why sad?

    © Deadmanlane