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  • nivey14 14w

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    October 22 2020 4 pm
    @writersnetwork Thank you for the read and ❤

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    ◦•●◉✿ ������������ ✿◉●•◦

    Once I set out far
    there, not knowing where to land
    mind revolving thirst.

    Pouring dark matter
    ✨ within, a gaze while garden
    �� of the universe.
    �� ♡⚡ �� ♡ ��
    Watching the ones �� ♡
    twinkling, I realized lost among �� ��
    galaxies of @purple_ �� �� ��


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    Watching the ones
    twinkling, I realized lost among
    galaxies of @purple_

  • the97_introvert 14w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #jdopebday #purple_birthday

    This is for you @purple_ ����❤️


    Perhaps it's the white streaks
    cloaking the azure sky,
    or, the euphony of the house sparrows
    on the canopy
    manifesting a dimpled face by the open
    french window of her cottage house.

    As they admire her beauty,
    her deep blue eyes stroke the
    frolicking lavenders beneath,
    healing her doleful aura in their
    enchanting fragrance.

    her bitter smile unveils the taste
    of her melancholy like the glistening
    water cascading into the blues.

    Tears of love, lost yonks ago dragoons
    vivid memories of that
    forgotten feeling, lingering in hope,
    feeding on her bliss.....

    But today she succumbs to the spell of her
    burgeoning lavenders bathing in the
    early morning drizzle......

    The fading glory of her love, skirts her
    choking heart, now breathing the
    scent of a rosy tomorrow....

    Embracing the halo of evanescence,
    she wipes her tears in the vista of her
    lavenders blooming into a purple ocean.....


    ~Penned on 20th October, 2020, 2:39pm

    Seangil chuka hamnida Darshyy ��.....
    Wishing you all the happiness forever....
    Saranghae ��
    Happy Happy Happy Bday ��
    I'm sorry for wishing you late ��

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    Like those blooming lavenders,
    The deep fragrance of your love
    embraces me,
    The illusion of a purple ocean
    blinds me,
    in dreams of an eternal camaraderie


  • btslove 14w

    Saengil chukha hamnida @purple_

    Cherry blossoms soft petals in zephyr
    Floating like a Purple fearless butterfly
    without any hazards..

    Trust and love you are ...
    Without purple shed life is like a wilted rose .

    /purple is the colour of sky
    When your red love touch the my blue life/

    Time may change Love
    Time may change Trust
    But blend of love and trust
    Can't be separated...

    I m reallyyyy sorry purple �� i m late

    Saranghae ❤

    19 October 2020
    7:30 pm

    #purple_birthday #jdopebday

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    Time may change Love
    Time may change Trust
    But blend of love and trust
    Can't be separated

  • nikithasharmabts_rare 14w

    To my
    choco berry ��.
    On her 18th birthday. 19-10-2020
    Wish you a very happy birthday choco berry �� @purple_
    Sorry for this lame wish. I am very bad at wishing poems.
    And please don't regret after reading this ��.
    #purple_birthday #jdopebday

    In the barren land of my heart,
    She grew like an elysian flower,
    Making my land beautiful,
    Spreading her optimism in every corner.
    She is precious more than a hyacinth,
    She is beautiful more than the heaven,
    She is the purest soul,
    Whose words are my latibule.
    She speaks through her poetries,
    She dances through her paintings.
    She walks on the way,
    Wearing the crown of hope,
    She is our purple love,
    Whom we call as jdope.

    Your spicyyy

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    She stands high,
    in that dark sky,
    Spreading the grammary,
    Of her purple light.
    - Nikitha Sharma

  • thesunshineloves 14w

    Many more happy returns of the day!!!! ������
    Love you so much! ��
    You're my
    winter flower ❄️
    purple flower ��
    sweet flower ��
    I have no words that can ever describe my love for ARMY...
    I really love y'all! Y'all are my hope, my love and my friends!
    Dongsaeng... you've been much close to my heart! I love you so very much! I'm so sorry for being late! But yes.... My mind wasn't working to write something....And this collage took me an hour, coz I'm worst at making collages! I'm sorry for this stupid collage....but the write shows all my love for you!

    I wanna meet ARMY soon! ����
    Ps: This dp, that I put on mine, was yours! I remember....TaeTae with purple! So I kept this again for ur bday! It's special for us! I know! ������

    || She's my purple! ||

    She's the prettiest shade of purple,
    that's loved by sunshine.
    A winter flower that grows,
    against the snowstorm.

    She's a lil flower,
    blooming precious warmth in the snow,
    that signifies to stay gold,
    In a season that's always cold.
    (In world where you feel cold)

    A lovely entity that brings hope to world.
    She's the first colour of vibgyor that
    symbolizes peace after storms and
    evinces hidden sunshine,
    under hazy clouds.

    She's the melody that flowers hum
    under the moonlight,
    A lullaby for every exhausted
    butterfly and bee.

    She's a novel, fantasy,
    pale as skies, delicate as glass,
    she brings spring in the snows, the crocus,
    with purple petals that gives,
    health to those in sufferance.


    #purple_birthday #jdopebday

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  • taekook_maknae 14w

    To someone who touches each life you enter,
    spreading joy to everyone you meet:
    may the love and happiness you share
    with others return to you tenfold.
    I wish you many more happiest of birthdays!
    My @purple_

    Saranga n borahae dear❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����❤❤����
    #birthday #bdywishes #purple_birthday #jdopebday #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    I m sending u a bag full of pleasure and joy
    And will u lend me some of ur sorrows!


  • tamanna3 14w

    Here's to my 'good days' love <3


    Dear @purple_
    I know it's been long we've had a good talk, but I want you to know, those days were the best and I miss you a lot. Well, how can they not be- 'acche din' means the best right. And on your special day, I wish for all good things to come your way :')

    Happy Birthday my @purple_ love!
    Saranghaeyo ��

    There has always
    been a long distance,
    Between our hearts and
    the purple universe we belong to.

    Perhaps a thousand miles
    seperating us from our heart's abode,
    Yet touching along the dwindling
    threads of happiness,
    We walk together, swaying
    with the beats thudding at our eardrums.

    For now or forever,
    whispering in soft breaths,
    Promises of never letting our
    foreheads wear the frown of incertitude,
    Glow brighter than the golden sunlight
    of October.

    From yet another
    thousand miles away I wish,
    Your heart's essence to be blessed
    with spring days forever,
    And your presence to embody
    the epitome of love like always.

    From Tam :p

    Enjoy your day, hoping to see the light soon :")
    #purple_birthday #jdopebday ❤️

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  • arya_abhipsa 14w


    19 October 2020
    00:50 am

    @purple_ #purple_birthday #jdopebday

    Happiest birthday you beautiful human !
    Beyond blessed to have you and love you way more than the moon and back ! ♥️

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  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 14w

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    #purple_birthday #jdopebday

    All Written rights reserved
    19 October 2020 12.10 am

    Happy birthday ������ my purple �� @purple_
    It's been long but you're always in my heart
    No matter how many Army come in my life
    You're my forever favorite dongsaeng
    This is for you ... Saranghae ��
    May all your dreams come true
    Be Happy and healthy
    Enjoy today ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Purple blossoms

    Lamps of the night are burning bright
    As I begin my journey to the silent night
    Every step on keys of black and white
    Musical as I watch the enchanting sight

    Today blooms my favorite purple blossom
    Blessed by the sunshine of summer and
    The clouds of the rainy welkin together
    Tender petals of my dreams come alive

    I reach by the riverside valley to wait for it
    Zephyr embraces the dainty blossom buds
    In the moonlight they bloom beauteous
    And spread the fragrance of sweet amor

    Rare it is to watch the purple blossoms
    Admiration of a whole spring on them
    Whimsical carnations, rare as magic lilies,
    purple daises wish cheerfulness and prayer

    Lavender, crocus, violets and roses bloom
    Spilling magic to the world of wonder
    I stood in a trance watching them bloom
    And breathing magic into the air around

    / Petal by petal she blooms in wonder
    Fragrance of magic enchanting the world /


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    Rare it is to watch the purple blossoms
    Admiration of a whole spring on them
    Whimsical carnations, rare as magic lilies,
    purple daises wish cheerfulness and prayer