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  • isid57 1w

    दूसरों की जित से जब ईर्षा तेरी जग जाए,

    खुदकी बेबस हार पर अगर दिल तेरा बदला चाहे,

    आयने में तू जरूर अपनी आँखें टटोलना...

    शायद, तेरा घमंड तुझे नजर आए... ।।

    © सिद्धेश सावंत

  • lefthandblessed 1w

    A feeling; resentful and lingering at the tip of the tongue
    I thought I'd killed it long ago; the beast from days so young

    A creature born of soulless want; an imago of envy divine
    I sought its death for what it brought; this cursed heart of mine

    A monster in name and deed so cruel; the worst the world has seen
    I fear you'll know how I feel; it's true my eyes are green


  • xting_tha_shrink 1w


    Some say it is the root of all Hatred;
    I say it is also the branch of Love:
    If it is absent, then there's no Love;
    When it is felt, it taste sweet and later it is sour:
    Branch here Root there; how does that happen?


  • dinakarreddy 4w


    He learned to be jealous for the sake of society.


  • winchester_girl 5w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld
    #jealousy #people #belong #happiness #solace #diamond
    Whenever I walk past a gang of friends, I always envy on the ones that laugh out loud, spread the merriness. I never really had one such group. I frowned and judged on those who were aloof and detached. Was I happy when I got into such crowd? NO! The people I coveted, made jokes on characters like me to suffice their ego. I found solace among the silent, leave me alone type, whom I despised initially. All that glitters are not gold and diamonds are chunk of coal that did well under pressure. I'm diamond,you know I glow up!

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    I found solace among the silent, leave me alone type, whom I despised initially. All that glitters are not gold and diamonds are chunk of coal that did well under pressure. I'm diamond,you know I glow up!

  • memosfrommomo 5w


    It's dark,
    It's lonely,
    And it eats you up.

    It's an emotional black hole,
    That sucks life out of you and those around you.

    Comparison, and covetousness;

    It's a horrible feeling.
    It's bitter, and it's suffocating.
    Jealousy is against me.
    And I crush its ugly head because it wants to corrupt me.

    I want to share myself with the world; I cannot share anybody else.

    Let us share ourselves with the world,
    And let us enjoy those that do.


  • lunatic_pen 6w

    she's here in my room
    dragging me in doom
    she's claiming the love
    that she thought I grabbed
    I want to explain
    it's not my fault
    why she's in pain
    I feel her heart
    it's tearing apart
    it's not my fault
    why she assault
    because she's jealous
    and insult.

    Let me speak before
    I can grab your neck
    You're claiming love
    that never been speak
    do you remember
    the day I was ignored
    from the lie you brought
    it keeps me haunting
    by my innocent thought
    you're evil and heartless
    because of your selfishness
    your envy because of the love
    you took it away from me.

    #mirakee #unfair #selfish #pain #jealousy #envy #heartless

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    The Jealousy


  • princess_diary 6w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Jealousy
    #jealousy #love #feelings #friendship #life #together #apart #happy #sad

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    Sometimes jealousy bring us close and sometimes makes us away.

  • amrin_sadik 7w


    Am JEALOUS for every girl...
    Who hug you...
    Who kiss you...
    Who message you non-stop...✒
    Because i can't see when someone who gets close to you...
    You are mine and only mine forever...
    In LOVE without JEALOUSY there is no meaning...
    But, too much of JEALOUSY can broke our LOVE...

  • bhumi_me 10w

    Is it?

    It's Plain sailing to feel sad over someone else's pain.
    But difficult to take pleasure in victor's smile.~

  • intuitivepoet 11w

    Unless it becomes popular it doesn't sound normal. If it is not normal, it's mostly weird.

  • bhawanaranga 12w

    Jealousy or selfless love

    It breaks her heart when he pampers someone else, It breaks her when he replies so gently with a girl,
    It makes her super weird when he just forgot her birthday,
    Isn't it so bad when you feel jealousy about someone who is not yet aware of your presence,
    May be one day he will recognize, but you have to shower selfless love with patience.
    You got jealous, this shows you are selfish.
    I don't know what to say next. But I don't think this habit of... Possessiveness is love. Nah!!! This is the worst form of selfish attachment.
    Let him be who he is
    You always explore the new person layer by layer.
    But you have to love selflessly.
    And I feel selfless love is more precious feel of the whole world.

  • shadow_soul_sanya 13w

    Inspired by Jealousy

    Remember, there is a difference between inspiration and jealousy

  • shwetaaa 13w

    The empty walls of her room screamed at Elle as she tried and failed to get some sleep, their noise deafening as they fought with the cold air in the closed room for dominance. The end result of her internal unease and panic was claustrophobia that was rendering her breathless and with a feeling of being caged and shackled.
    Throughout her childhood, Elle had nothing. She had to beg and steal to feed her ever hungry stomach, her young heart had always been denied the love and compassion that it deserved and there was no guardian to watch over her and reach out a helping hand to wipe her tear streaked cheeks. She had been alone, with a feeling of betrayal for those who had birthed her for abandoning her and never enough resources to fulfil her basic needs. Envy for other kids had made her suffering worse as she had seen other parents treat their children with love, and for those same compassionate eyes to turn hard and filled with hatred when they turned on her.
    She had only one thing as her possession, her own thoughts and conscience. It was a weird comfort in feeling blessed for having the ability to entertain herself with her own thoughts. The control that she had on her own mind had provided her with a sense of security that was undefeatable by anyone. No one could take her thoughts away from her, she reveled in the knowledge that her secrets would always remain thus so long as she decided not to give them words. A companion who would never abandon her like her parents did, but as it turned out, that security too was only a mirage.
    When Damien had breached the barrier of her mind, he had done more than intruding into her personal space. He had taken more than her memories and had left her with a feeling that she was not safe anywhere. People's mind were their sanctum sanctorum, a sacred space for no one to obtrude. But Damien had entered her mind, and it felt like he had violated her individualism. He had no right to do what he did.
    And yet, instead of feeling angry, she had drowned herself in self pity and misery over the invasion of privacy which her mind had connected to the melancholy of her younger years.
    As breathing became more and more difficult and she started choking on air, she realized that she had to calm herself, but the realization did not help with anything. Her hands started shaking, the ringing of her ears so loud that she was developing a headache, the sound of her heart beating against her chest somehow managed to echo in the barren room and her face felt numb. In her mind, her thoughts made no meaning and yet they were buzzing with meaningless words. Her blood running thin in her veins as her eyes continued to burn and in turn set her whole face ablaze.
    She could make meaning of nothing, not even the reason behind her sudden panic attack. Through her blurred vision she looked at the walls that appeared to be closing in on her and then as she mover her head her eyes fell on the closed door of the room allotted to her.
    She gulped down a lump in her throat that was aiming to tear it apart and and then got up to leave the room. She tripped on her own legs, lost her balance and fell down, the side of her head hitting the corner of the bed and another wave of pain, solid and strong, went through her head.
    Through the haze she pressed a hand approximately where her head hurt because she could not pinpoint where she had hit her head. Putting one step ahead of the other with a gait similar to that of a drunkard and opened the to get out which was led solely by her survival instincts.
    Through his window, Damien watched as she got out and fell on her hands and knees, her hair falling all over her. His eyebrows furrowed as he heard her uneven breathing and her too fast heartbeats.
    Without a conscious thought on his part, his legs started carrying him out of the huge gothic Victorian room and down the red velvet covered stairs, through the foyer and vestibule and out in the open where cold air chilled his robe covered form and winds carried to him her mesmerizing smell.
    It was as he started striding in her direction, with the glass of wine that he was emptying into his otherwise perfect body still in his hand, that he smelt his Butler. He pressed his lips at how much it bothered him.
    He slowed down when he neared them and then stopped where the shadows covered him to watch what transpired. Aiden rubbed her back and sat her up so she was sitting with her legs outstretched. And when she leaned into him for support as her body gave up on the task of keeping her upright, the surge of possessiveness that hit his nerves was a surprise to him.
    And more than that, the lust that grounded him at the sight of her flushed face with her delectable lips parted and her bosom invitingly going up and down. He had not felt this attraction for any woman after his darling had met her end.
    And as that thought gave birth to a sense of betrayal towards his mate, his shame had him crushing the glass in his hand and turning around to leave them two be. Had he really rushed all the way here just to comfort her? Why was he acting so impulsively? He as a monarch for Devil's sake, he was in charge of handling a whole species, how the fuck was he supposed to control the whole vampire population when he couldn't even control himself?
    Aiden took her into his arms and held her to himself, the sight of her so rattled and unable to breath was enough to scare him. While he rubbed her back slowly and felt her catch her breath again he looked down at her beautiful face which was masked by sweat and worry.
    He gave her a smile but his relief was short lasting as she was quick to back away from him. As she stood on her slightly shaky legs and apologized him for the inconvenience, he faked a smile and pshawed away her worries while internally his heart ached at her gesture.
    With a curt thank you the lady went on her way into the room and away from the cold but Aiden's conscience didn't grant him that privilege. He was unsettled by her response, as if his touch had burnt her.

    #love #hiselle #lovestory #panicattack #jealousy

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    And more than that, the lust that grounded him at the sight of her flushed face with her delectable lips parted and her bosom invitingly going up and down. He had not felt this attraction for any woman after his darling had met her end.

  • lackintalent_16 14w

    Red Flags

    Since I met you,
    I have been painting your red flags in white,
    and absorbing all that bleeding
    red colour into my bandaged wrist.


  • ivthoughts 14w

    Vo meri bahaoon main ho

    Choom uske maathe ko kuch is tarah apna pyaar ijhaar karun,
    Ki Vo ho meri bahaoon main,
    Aur aag lgi ho saari kaynaat main


  • sheilnats 15w

    I feel like prisoning someone in my underground
    I feel like leaving them in the dark
    And let them be scared
    Your luck was unfair
    Your beauty was a curse for me
    All I know was pain
    When I was with you

  • silent_writer_kp 17w

    Doesn't matter

    If we don't love Someone
    Their Presence or absence In our lives
    doesn't matter.


  • jenie 18w

    "Fame is an enhancer, but for everyone else's insecurities, and it just, basically it directs it all towards you, because they, like, I don't know, people like look at you differently. Like people you've been friends with for years, like the amount of people I don't speak to anymore just because it f..king turned weird." Ed Sheeran

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    - Say!
    Insecurities rising,
    jealousy over what we are not
    and sometimes wish we could be;
    Does it make us bad people
    or just ordinary?
    When we could harm
    with easy pettiness, belittle or shut down
    the glorious mountain-top creature
    in an attempt to feel better
    for a short while,
    but worse
    how can we process,
    how can we let it go through us,
    without a word spoken,
    when odds are,
    and with luck maybe,
    we will never be anything other?

    - Write!

  • maryqueenlamare 19w

    Keep fighting

    Go on, keep fighting the fight!
    I was once a slave like you:
    A slave to pain, impatience and jealousy,
    They only bring hatred.
    I fought.
    Now I'm so above them,
    I'm at ease.
    I keep rising a little more,
    And fly to where they can't find me no more.