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    अंतिम युद्ध...

    हो चले थे सत्रह दिन, कुरुक्षेत्र की उस रणभूमि में,
    एक एक कर सब भाई समाए थे,उस खून की प्यासी बजरी में।

    विचलित न था दुर्योधन, हश्र देख अपनी सेना का,
    क्योंकि था संभाला राधेय ने, जिम्मा सर-सेनापति का।

    अब तक तो खेला है मैंने सिर्फ खेल, हे अर्जुन!, असली युद्ध तो अब होगा,
    क्योंकि अब मेरे बाणों का लक्ष्य,केवल तुम्हारा मस्तक होगा।

    देख कर्ण का अटल पराक्रम,टूटा हौसला धनंजय का,
    संजय सुनाए वृत्तांत बोले हे महाराज ये कर्ण नहीं ये रौद्र रूप है शंकर का।

    कांप उठी रणभूमि,अंगराज के प्रहारों से,
    न था अर्जुन पर कोई जवाब,सिवाय पूछने माधव से।

    सूर्य तेज़ सा प्रचंड पराक्रम,प्रखर वेग जटायु का,
    संजय बस यही दोहराए ये कर्ण नहीं ये रौद्र रूप है शंकर का।

    नकुल सहदेव हो या हो वृगोदर,जो आया कर्ण के समक्ष,
    देखा उसने राधेय का, कालभैरव सा रूप प्रत्यक्ष।

    विद्युत गति से हो रहा था,पांडव सेना का संहार,
    कर्ण को रोकने को भरी अर्जुन ने,एक अंतिम हुंकार।

    करा अर्जुन ने भरपूर प्रयास,पर रोक न सका उस परम वीर को,
    हरि भी थे चिंतित,देख अंगराज के विकराल रूप को।

    परन्तु तभी हुआ कुछ ऐसा,जिससे बदल जाना इतिहास था,
    कर्ण के दिग्विजय रथ का पहिया,मिट्टी में जा धंसा था।

    मंद-मंद मुस्काए हरि,कहा पार्थ यही वो समय है,
    अगर पहिया रथ का निकल गया,तो हार हमारी निश्चित है।

    वार करो हे अर्जुन, अभिमन्यु भी निहत्था था,
    अगर धनुष उठा लिया फिर उसने,तो रोक कोई इसे न सकता था।

    हरि को एकटक देखता रहा,था खड़ा मूक वह शूरवीर,
    मिला अपमान जीवन भर,और अंत में लगा छल का तीर।

    मृत्यु शय्या पर लेटे अग्रज के घावों को अर्जुन ने कुछ सहलाया,
    इसी महा छल के कारण, वह कभी न ' कर्ण-जीत ' कहलाया।

    न था कवच न थे कुंडल,हुआ विद्या का विस्मरण था,
    फिर भी न सीधे युद्ध में कोई हरा सका,इसीलिए वह मृत्युंजय कर्ण था।

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    रिश्ते धीरे धीरे ही
    खत्म होते हैं
    बस पता
    अचानक से चलता हैं !!!

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    Bullying !

    Well the very idea of bullying is quite deep-rooted in the annals of Indian history. Even the great Karna wasn't spared off this ordeal and the bitter irony is that instead of being frowned upon, bullying is something which has been traditionally accepted to be very basic and part of growing up. We have historically been so liberal about condoning bullying that one can literally feel it in the air. Well the binary basis of categorisation and distinction between the "bullying ones" and the "bullied ones" is quite steep and literally no can climb the chasm of disparity.

    The bullied ones have to battle the perpetual fear of being bullied and ridiculed right from the day they step in the school premises. Moreover, unlike the equations of amicable companionship and coarsened animosities which are susceptible to varying degrees and changes with due passage of time, bullying is not dynamic and the equation once formed remains unaltered for eternity. The "bullying ones" tend to bully always and "bullied ones" tend to remain bullied forever.

    My sincerest thanks to the advancement in communication technology which has facilitated mankind in general to take a giant leap and have brought us all together with the help of internet. So there ain't any shying away from the truth that irrespective of the fact that whether we extend our cordial participation or not but we are participants and part of plethora of WhatsApp groups dedicated to our respective class, batch, house, team, zone, school, department, batch, branch, office, school and there won't be any end to this.

    Sometimes these groups are voluntarily constituted and sometimes much to your chagrin you just simply allow yourself to be roped into those WhatsApp institutions sometimes owing up to peer pressure and sometimes fear of being left out. Now circling back to the inherent agenda of these WhatsApp groups which are excellently organized institutions often formed by the sucessful and influential alumnus of alma mater, who have certainly done better than their counterparts and with motivation to bring everyone under an universally unified and recognised umbrella.

    So when the immaculate sense of Noblesse oblige and belongingness brainstorms the heart of sentinels of unity, then they take the initiative and armed with dedicated passion and sense of unity in addition with pinch of inclusiveness, modicum of nostalgia alongwith not so apparent agenda of exercising the very idea of subjugation and domination to the optimum establish WhatsApp groups, which by and large are virtual cum digital bullying setups where the "bullying ones" indulge into verbal arm twisting of "bullied ones" in bid to maintain their dominant status quo in the garb of fun and reminiscing about the lost nostalgia.

    These WhatsApp groups often tend to ignore the prevalence of bullying and a lot of people act so cool about it. Bullying is practiced without any inhibitions and certain episodes which are harsh and difficult to make peace with are clandestinely brushed inside the rug of jocular nature of school bosom buddies and their birthright to mock and make fun.

    We Indians are so supportive about bullying that people can actually make a career out of bullying. We are super cool about ridiculing people and people who can perform cyber bullying can actually make fame and fortune out of videos mocking people for their choices and ironically become national heroes. We must understand that how blurry and hazy it may look, there is a thin line between humour and humiliation, sarcasm and subjugation, comedy and constrain.

    How indifferent we remain to the prevalence of bullying but it'll always remain an uncomfortable truth and very part of our existence. Bullying ones can actually never feel the pain and pang of humiliation which bullied ones go through. The bullied ones are made to believe that they are misfit and unfit for being the part of that group or organisation. The bullied ones are one who actually live the fear of being part and still be apart in flesh and bone. The permanent damage and pyschological repercussions that bullying casuses are actually beyond repair and impossible to overcome. It's indeed hard to resurrect oneself from millions of shattered shards of self esteem and confidence.

    One can never feel the real pain of being bullied untill and unless one steps into the shoes and walk a mile but sadly enough there are millions of pairs of feet but there aren't enough shoes to accommodate those feet.


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    Yeh Dosti Hum Nahin Todenge

    Episodes 93-94.

    Lot of users on twitter finding inspiration from Duryodhan and Karna’s friendship; many calling it the greatest friendship from the Epic, given the fact that the friendship was built upon hate, vengeance and ego. Had Karna not been a direct competition to Arjun I even doubt if Duryodhan and Karna would have ended up being friends.

    On the other hand we have Krishn and Arjun, Shri Krishna and Arjun’s bonding has to be one of the greatest friendship tales ever. No other friendship from our ancient past was as celebrated as the friendship between Krishna and Arjuna. The portrait of them in a single chariot is firmly implanted in people’s mind since generations and will continue to do so for generations. They are Winners in any given situation. They faced all the challenges thrown at Them and came out triumphant every time.

    Vedavyasa offered many instances that depict the unparalleled bonding between the awesome duo, which was amazingly captured by BR Chopra in his Mahabharat. Special mention, Nitish Bharadwaj and Firoz Khan who played Krishna and Arjun has left a long lasting impression, such that most people tend to picturise them if they were asked to imagine Krishna and Arjun.

    In short these two whenever they come together was a breath of fresh air into the proceedings. They weave magic into the otherwise traumatic parts of the epic, case in point when Pandavas suffer in the forest or on 14th day when Arjuna had to kill Jayathratha before Sunset.

    Krishna confesses to Daruka


    My kingdom, my kinsmen, my relatives, non amongst these is dearer to me than Arjuna. O Daruka, I shall not be able to cast my eyes, even for a single moment, on the earth bereft of Arjuna. I tell thee, the earth shall not be reft to Arjuna. Myself vanquishing them all with their steeds and elephants by putting forth my strength for the sake of Arjuna, I will slay them with Karna and Suyodhana. Let the three worlds tomorrow behold my prowess in great battle, when I put forth my valour, O Daruka, for Dhananjaya's (Arjun) sake.

    Krishna became Arjun’s personal charioteer to be with his friend at all times and save him from any harm during the Holy War. Krishna became the friend, philosopher, brother, guide and what not to Arjuna. He became God to him when the time was right and ended up delivering the Gita to him, that benefitted not only Arjun but mankind in general.

    Krishna kept his word, He said He can not look at a world devoid of Arjuna. So He left first leaving his Parth to do the rites for him.

    Even Arjun knew the importance of Krishna, he never disobeyed Krishna at any point during the epic, he obeyed Him blindly. When Arjun had the option to choose between Krishna’s Army and Krishna himself he chose the latter. Arjun had chosen Krishna within a split second, he had set his priority, he was sure he didn’t need the Naryani Sena when he had Narayan Himself.

    Many quotes are there in the Mahabharat that validated the unparalalled friendship. Many in Mahabharat claimed the friendship as unique. They were acknowledged as inseparable by almost all characters and the best one was ironically by Duryodhan and he says “atmaa hi Krishnah Parthasya Krishnasyatma Dhananjayah”. Which translates into ‘Krishna is Partha’s soul. Krishna’s soul is Dhananjaya.’

    To sum it all up, “Paapaannivarayi yojayate hitaaya, guhyam niguhayati gunaan prakatikaroti aapadgatancha najahati dadati kaale sanmitralakshanamidam pravadanti santaha”

    "A true friend is one who prevents you from committing sins (bad actions). He plans for your welfare (and executes those action plans). He keeps your secrets as secrets. He spreads your virtues. He does not desert you in times of trouble. He also gives (money and resources) in times of need. The wise say these are the six qualities of a good friend"; the above six qualities were honored by Krishna and Arjun and dishonored time and again by Duryodhan and Karn.

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    He loved her the same way she did . . .
    And yet neither could confess, bound by their duty towards karma. . .
    After all these years, they carry the same feeling towards each other and yet cannot be together. . .
    What a strange thing love. . .
    It happens to the lucky they say. . . !!!

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    #karna kuch pana hai

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    Kuch Kita ni ta phir kayo roya si,
    Bij bijya ni ta phir kayo kahanda boya si,

    Aha Gaala Shaad Da Vira

    Kayo ki jina ne kuch kita nahi odha kuch hoya nahi.

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    Some of us are like Karna,
    Born of a good lineage,

    But CURSED, we are never enough to people. We often end up losing more than our share.


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    Tu bta na

    Haa mujhe abi bhi...
    Teri kami khalti hai....
    Tu bta kya abi b meri yadein...
    Teri zahen me palti hai....
    Tujhe kisi or ke sath dekh...
    Meri rooh abhi bhi jalti hai...
    Tu bta na kya abi bhi meri yadein...
    Tere zahen me palti hai...
    Maine to tujhse sirf beintah mohabbat ki...
    To..isme meri kya galti hai....
    Tu bta na kya abi bhi meri yadein...
    Tere zahen me palti hai...
    Haa mujhe abi bhi teri kami... Khalti hai!!!!

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    Ishq karna aur nibhana aadatein dono buri thi...
    hum bhi badalthi aadaton k saath badalna pada..

    badalna kiski bass ki baath nahi... bus tuta hua dil sab sikha hi detha hei...!!!

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    What better example than the Mahabharata, to prove you, that a story has -

    Not one, not two, but a thousand different versions,

    One for each character and even for each onlooker...


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    Aafat mai thei ham
    Par muskaan thei hotho par
    Kyoki saath mai thei ham
    Shaam mai uske zulfe jab uske chehre par aai
    Toh laga jaise raat ki andhre mai chaand ho
    Uske muskaan uss chaand ko roshan karti hui chandni
    Ham Ghar sei bhage thei ek dusre ki liye
    Subha kya naya laaye hame yeh bhi pata na tha
    Lekin vo raat humare thei
    Jisme mazhab ki bandish na thei
    Sirf saya tha uppar wale ka
    Uss raat sheher mai kayi shaadiya thei
    Aur hum apne azadi mana rahi thei
    Ab Hame bhi Ghar basana tha
    Aur apno sei door Jana tha
    Khwaab akho mai tha
    Saath wada wafa sab kuch tha
    Ham bahut khush thei
    Par vo khoobsurat raat khatam ho gayi
    Aur jab akhe khuli vo saath nahi thei.....

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    बस में नहीं हैं अपने जीना और मरना,
    खुदा तय करता हैं हमें क्या हैं करना?

  • deepakpremivirh 109w


    Jo hota ek jeena aur marna,
    Mashhoor na hota dua karna.

  • insideagirl 114w


    Khud ko mana na kar paun!
    Khud ko rok naa paun!
    Khud ki bilkul bhi sun paun!
    Kisi aur ki kya hi sun na paun!
    Meri toh mujh Par kabhi na chal Pati hai!
    Aisa lagta h,

  • dikshant__kaliya 128w


    Upto when u will save ur life under the name of cast(religion).
    In kurukshetra, my arrows will be definately find out u.

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    On a morning dawn
    She came to the lawn
    With a beautiful born
    As bright as the sun.

    As a fear of cultural reasons
    She let her sculpture drown
    Among the waters and seasons
    Shred apart her world down.

    As stars fades and night evades
    Little sun blossomed in shades
    Unknown land and bethroned name
    A king as a subject with various shades.

    One among tall, the pride of all
    Crossed his time with one as a wall
    Battered and shatered in his own revolt
    Among the gods of the shiny hall.

    Born as apart to the red old star
    Grown as a start to the world known war
    With the pride in heart of great old raa
    Brown and bright; with the mighty scar.

    A man of justice and a wish of mother
    Lets the war begin for his dearest brother.
    King among all still nothing to call
    Watching them fall; the last one to stall.

    The pride of sun with a hardstone barrier
    strived to be one with a heart of warrior
    The blood on the wall of the history hall
    Mentioned as a pawn; mighty of all
    Falled on an eve to the creator of all
    Brave and tall.....As a Morning Ball.

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    ...Son of Sun...

    ..Born as apart to the red old star
    Grown as a start to the world known war
    With the pride in heart of great old raa
    Brown and bright; with the mighty scar...


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    Zindagi ek khel

    Log saalo ko panno mai utar dete hai
    Ham to ek lamhe ko hazaaro kitaabo mai utar nahi paa rahe
    Kya khel hai khuda ka
    Kuch kahi baate samjhi nahi jaati
    Or kuch un kahi baate samjh lete

  • haridhra 197w

    Once a giver,
    always a giver.