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  • saqibm_01 1w

    Days of Peace

    Indeed, there was a time,
    When he found peace on the banks of Ontario ,
    Chirping of birds in the morning was soothing,
    The dawn call of Cock and milkman that was
    What he used to love but now the tables have turned,
    The very Ontario  posses  secrets and mysteries,
    In it scores of innocent lives have evanesced,
    Birds are nowhere but,
    Haunting and panting of armoured vehicles,
    Indeed there is an early call “Today there will be mourning in your home area”,
    For sure he thinks that wasn't ever his home but occupied.
    ©Saqib Manzoor

  • saqibm_01 3w


    Chinar, a tree of love and peace,
    Stands on its own,
    Aloof in middle of nowhere,
    A beautiful scenery,
    Overwhelmed by leaves as,
    Lady_ God by golden jewellery with head down.

    During hot summer
    Feeds us in its lap,
    Catalyzes us cool as cucumber and ice,
    In Autumn sheds its leaves,
    Only to provide us, warmth,
    In harsh Winter,
    When we apathetically burn them,
    Its golden aesthetics, put into ashes

    Sit still and perplexed, it is there,
    None gives heed to it,
    But it takes heed of us,
    Not a word to say,
    Only feeds us as long as,
    it stands on its own,
    Aloof in the middle of nowhere.

    Isn't it a lesson?
    Shouldn't we be like a Chinar?
    Yes, we can learn,
    From each and everything,
    Trees, animals,lest
    We should be down to Earth.
    ©Saqib Manzoor

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    Some know how to fight,
    Some know how to write,
    Prior see their end soon,
    But, latter live forever,

    Have they pride on strength,
    In front of pen, they are atrocious,
    They do have a fremd voice,
    Everyone is scared of it, but,
    Don't they posses the emotional words,
    Make that, our eyes,
    A sea, yes a deep sea.

    They do exclaim “we have swords, bullets, what you have? ”,
    “I have more than that”, I reply,
    Become they green eyed monsters on it,
    Want to know what i posses,
    So do I reply with a smile, “Pen, I have and shoot i precious words! ”.

    “Don't you know Hitler?”   they yell,
    While laughing like a wild ghost, show only teeth like a snake's bare fangs ,
    So i reply, firmly “Haven't you heard about Iqbal?  Don't you know Agha Shahid?”
    Their blush faces, so are visible from a distance,
    At last, they kneel,
    “Pen is most powerful weapon,” murmur they all.
    ©Saqib Manzoor

  • mehshar_numa 4w

    Na soa Zoon, Na tim Taraq, Na vani Hijras su azaabiy
    Khudai sind paasi eshkik da'aedi yukhna

    #mirakeans #mirakee #mirakeeworld #kashmiri #kashmiripoetry

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    Da'duek Tamah

    نَ سُؤ زُون نَ تِم تَارق نَ وَنِ حِجرَس سوُ عَزابی

    خُودَاؠ سِندِ پَاسِ عَشقِق دَادِ ؠکھنَا


  • 1lostsoul 6w

    The first Kashmiri woman to win the acclaimed Sahitya Akademi Award, Naseem Shafaie is one of the most popular contemporary Kashmiri poets. Her poems have been translated in English, German, Italian, Korean, English, Urdu, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi and Telugu. She rose to fame with her poetry, which spoke of the Kashmir atrocities from a woman’s perspective. Her poetic style is one that combines honesty with nostalgia, and always manages to leave an impression on those who read it.
    #kashmir #kashmiri #poetry #poetess #love #nature #peace #kashmiriwriter #jammu

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    I asked the rose, where is your scent?
    It said, “The autumn took it away.”
    I asked the spring, why the lines on your forehead?
    It said, “For my wounds have been salted.”
    So I left the garden that once bloomed
    And since then,
    I wander, aimless.

  • 1lostsoul 6w

    Zoon, or Habba Khatoon, was a famous 16th century Kashmiri poet and was credited with being one of the few to introduce romantic lyricism into Kashmiri poetry. Called the ‘Nightingale of Kashmir’, she was a peasant woman who married the king of Kashmir. When he was imprisoned by Emperor Akbar, she spent her days singing her songs in the Valley. Her poems depict desire and love, and in a daring role reversal, in one of her poems, she beckons her lover with desire. Her poems also managed to encapsulate the beauty of Kashmir, the everyday life of the people as well as their struggles.

    #kashmir #jammu #peace #habbakhatoon #love #jammukashmir #kashmiri #kashmiriwriter #mirakee

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    He bared me to mid-winter frost,
    Let the summer sun scorch me dry,
    Made me wander like a wayward stream
    He makes me languish night and day

  • 1lostsoul 6w


    jabr sehta huu magar kab tak sahun insan huu,

    sabr karta hu magar dil sabr ke qabil nahi

  • summul 7w

    #Kashmiri #love
    English Translation:

    He spellbounds me like the narcissus spell
    Enkindling the aura with a love lamp,
    Convens on my side and sings the especial!

    No thunderbolt or lightening chain terrifies him
    Nor any umbra or the snares back him off
    He takes the impossible rides in my way!

    Proffering his chest he bears all my rudes
    I yearn to caress him,give his head my shoulder
    I want to gift him(my beloved) the spring life!

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    Dewaan kerith su yemberzal naeran
    Loali cxhong braandi kaen zaelith,
    Laddi lod mae kom bol su bolan

    Tas ni wezmal ti gagraiy kaeran
    Tas ni haay ti cxahaay teylan

    Mae kun su kom kom wati maenan
    Seeni daerith saeri zakhm cxhenan

    Bi bosi dimhas kalas pheuk dimhas
    Tas yaaras bi sonthuk hawa dimna!

  • 1lostsoul 7w

    Lalleshwari or, as she was more famously known, Lal Ded, was perhaps the most famous Kashmiri poet belonging to the 14th century. Known for her Vakhs, she renounced her marriage and became a student of the saint Siddha Srikantha. Her poems are often derived from experiences in her personal life, and her brushes with Sufism. Lal Ded has had a lasting effect on Kashmiri literature and Sufism, with her poems being translated to English by a number of authors.
    #kashmiri #kashmir #poetry #poetess #poet #LalDed #kashmiriwriter

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    Wear just enough to keep the cold out,
    Eat just enough to keep hunger from your door.
    Mind,dream yourself beyond self & other.
    Remember, this body is just picking for jungle crows.

  • imaginarypoet_27 7w


    Luta dayare husn main wafa zadoo ka qafila
    Mazaar hai kidhar kidhar gira kahan kakhan lahoo…
    GIra hai jis bhi khaq pe Qayamatein uthyega
    Ye surkh surkh garm garm taza naujawan lahoo…

    Baagon main phool sare khilne se reh gaye
    Armaan fasle gul ke mojon main beh gaye hain
    Lashein nikal rahi hai who dekh har makaan se
    Abb to lahoo ki barish hoti hai asmaan se

    Who dam ghut ke marna, hamari who ahein
    Who sare janaze, who lashun ke anbaar
    Main mozoo bana kar ye sab kuch likhunga
    Main awaz ban kar sabhun ki likhunga
    Who jaano ka jisne sauda kiya hai

    Ahle nazar ne logo Jannat jisse kaha hai
    Ahle nazar ne logo Jannat jisse kaha hai
    Afsoos who hamara Kashmir jal raha hai…
    Afsoos who hamara Kashmir jal raha hai…


  • imaginarypoet_27 8w

    Curfew in Homeland

    If curfews were money, all of us in Kashmir would be worth millions.


  • summul 10w

    #Kashmiri #Mercy
    Urdu Translation:

    Munasiban jo dard kbhi diya bhi ussne,
    Usse tan badan mein chupa bhi daala

    Vo jo laachaari mein mere qadam katrai
    Uss beybasi ka aasar o qaraar de daala

    Ye zindagi kya shaan o shaan banayi?
    Musalsal saans ko ek mayaar bana daala

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    Yusui doud phurnam
    Taeth sir posh mae kornam

    Phitrith paani cxhalan cxhalan
    Theraeyith qaraar mae deutnam

    Tas zindagi kya taej banavin?
    Yi shah khaadun ti waalun,
    Azaad akh andaaz deutnam

  • muneeb_gulzar 12w

    She is

    She is a Poem in a Dress
    a song in High Heels,
    and a Love Letter that Seduces my logical mind..

  • unsaid 12w

    #readwriteunite #mirakee #unsaid #kashmir #kashmiri #laugh

    UnSaid~ Someone texted me this.. and made my day.

    #pod only for Kashmiris

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    Kashmiri vs England

    What u say in English and Kashmiri

    1) When your friend drives fast: English: Could you slow it down please?

    Kashmiri: Bu chusai garken kunui, balai lagai waar waar chalaav

    2)English : Our Kids are too naughty.

    Kashmiri : Mulkas chi shuerr , yi balai aes myani kismate.

    3)English : I Don’t Care
    Kashmiri : Mea Cha Grean

    4)English :Hey bro! long time no see
    Kashmiri: wenya chuk bod mohneo banyoumet ase gareebun kun chuk na wechaanai

    5)English Mason, Driver, Painter, Carpenter, Barber

    Kashmiri: Woasta, woasta, woasta, woasta, woasta,

    6)English : Crowded Bus.

    Kashmiri : ‘ Walsa Seat’e Khaeli ‘

    7)English: Please

    Kashmiri: Myonui marun chuiye!

    9)English: you are annoying me

    Kashmiri: zan chui yedd dod

    11) English: I am half an hour away

    Kashmiri: Yekya Woatus woatus chaeni drey

    12)English: I know what you are !

    Kashmiri: Be zaanai mol taam

    13)English: Take ur seat

    Kashmiri: Cze Aasakh Khadahey Zamut!

    15)English: Why the hell did you do it?

    Kashmiri: Byamearr aesi yi

    16)English: What do you think of yourself ?

    Kashmiri: Che kyah Lord Karzan chukha ?

  • summul 13w

    #kashmiri #love

    English Translation:
    You look and feel the pleasant weather outside
    Darling, just come and see me a vigil while!
    Counting the raindrops i'm setting your tip toes
    On drenching my hands i'm feeling your love dose
    I wish this rainy weather blesses by more the times
    Sharing that intimacy round love pillow by the nights

    Urdu Translation:
    Mausam apna roop dekho suhana chaa gaiya aaj
    Mere mehboob tu aa kai ek nazar bhar dekh le aaj
    Ye baarish ke boondoon ki ginti teri aahat sunaati
    Ye haathoon ko bhigo kar teri muhabbat jagaati
    Kaash ki barsaat aa ke yahan har roz barasti
    Vo qurbat ka ehsaas ulfat ke sirhaane lubhaati

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    Khoshwun wuch kuth mausima chu az
    Baal yaaro yito akh nazar wuchtam az

    Rudi faed ginzrith chuan aay wuchan chaes
    Bi athi aedraeyith chaen maay wuchan chaes

    Yi oubri laai aasmaanich wezi wezi yeetan
    Mae chaen sir yi loali shaandi raexhan baetan

  • urwahh 13w

    Shab e gam

    Shab_e_gam taweel hai
    Aye mere chand tu aa nikal
    Mai bhatak taa phirta rehta hu
    Teri eak jhalak k khatir

  • sayaar 13w


    Wa'leh bhaaya bawai sitam
    Seenas chum gomut za'neh dam
    Barith paan chum zakhmaw seath
    Rawim yaar beyi searii humdam

    Sxaraan chus wen dohas ti ratas
    Koni kin yin ham yawar wapas
    Kanhcsa diytaw, kahncsa khabra
    Fuirus sheenas beyi manz taapas

    Kha'bas keacxha goub drayi tabeer
    Jantas manz cha hett'si shamsheer
    Gaedd yeti jismas aamet kar'neh
    Wad'nen mouj ti beyi cham humsher

    Dukh chum dilseh rowum gulaab
    Dukh chum loosum pholwun aftaab
    Kahnsa dukh beyi wan tam cha kya
    Dukh chum sowum kabri mehtaab

    Wa'leh bhaaya bawai sitam...

  • urwahh 14w

    Father's Day

    Do you know how this day starts in kashmir?
    In my homeland fathers are being gifted with martyred Sons.....

  • sumitthappa 14w

    Sath mil kr jiyo jb tak jiyoge
    Aunty padoos ki cute hai meri
    Hamesha kehti hai beta Pani mat piyoge

  • summul 15w


    Urdu Translation:
    Madham sa hawah ka jhonka, mujhe asr de k gaiya
    Bas eyk lehar se mere tan ko,wajood ko mita ke gaiya.

    Wahin eyk bulbul ye khasta haali dekh ke dang reh gaiya
    Jo meri taameer ki zehni nafs se uss ne takraar paayi,
    Toh apne par se ek patakh mujh ko de ke gaiya ..

    Usse kya sunnao iss dil mein chupai hazaroon raaz
    Vo raaz jin pe ye aansoon dariya ko bhi maat de gaiye..

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    Louti louti hawi hich cxhat mae laejim
    Kuni cxaend kaed num, paayas paewnas
    Bulbulaa akh yi wuchan gov haertan
    Sochun lougun dadi dadi chus jaan
    Ti hawa hich cxhat kya pathar paayas?
    Pati kuni pakhii taas kodnam ti vidith gov
    Tas kya wanhaa mae kom kom sir chim
    Oush haaran haaran daryaav mae yir gov