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    (My Thank YOU Post for 1k followers)

    So many thank you I have to convey, that I am seriously at a loss of words.
    But still I will try.

    Firstly @mirakee thanks for this beautiful app, truly a Writer's Paradise.
    Secondly @writersnetwork for all the nine reposts, each time it only motivated me to write better and more.

    It was March 2019, when I started using this app on the recommendation of a friend, and the first post was "Aib Hazaron" which loosely translates to "A Thousand Flaws". I have deleted it now. But it was the first one and how excited I was to be getting around 5 likes for it!

    I remember how I lost my shit when I received my first repost. I wondered how can someone find my post worth reposting? So thankful for those initial encouragements.

    I only posted 7 poems that too very small ones, whole of 2019.

    Then came the historic lockdown. So I picked up mirakee again. And started writing again. Initially I wrote for the Writing badges, and gradually achieved all six. It was a major motivation.

    I used to read, with wide eyed wonder, those posts with 50 reposts or the posts getting WN reposts and PODs. It used to look like a dream, unreal and unachievable.

    So the feeling when I received my first WN repost (March 2020) was INEFFABLE.
    check at (#wnrepost_of_j)

    I still remember my shrieks when I received my first POD in August, 2020. With that I had achieved all this place had to offer as rewards for good writing.

    Of late, I have stopped worrying about reposts and likes. I now write on topics close to my heart. On Feminism, Caste Discrimination and my LGBTQIA+ mates. And since I stopped fretting over these, I gained so many friends and sisters here. So many.

    I also got a brother #kehta_hai_joker who taught me a lot through his life and words and even his passing away was so surreal, that he lit not only in me but in all those he talked to, a flame to keep reading and writing.
    Cheers to him!

    In this journey I changed my pen name to HARFKAAR, which is one of the best moments I had here.

    I used to think what would motivate me once I have achieved the POD, but the love you all give me is what keeps me running, pushing me to write, to tell about people who keep fighting despite limitations society puts on them.

    Thanks of for the love, courage and support. I need it. And I am grateful, happy and humbled for all of that.

    Because of the love and team work I did and still do so many collabs. They are my best posts.
    Now I mention my friends who have helped me write better and stay here (tagged in comments).

    Asha Murali, Kini, Tardigrade, Sunena, Yin, Sanam, Bidya, Anushka, Dolly/Bhargavi, Zaalima, Anshika, Udit, Anand, Nida, Manasaa, Bhavya, The_procrastinating_poet, Hafeezhma, the_speccy_outsider, Bertha_beryl, Adithir, Pato, Charvy.

    AND so many more, that I can't even name them but for whom my love is no less.

    Again a big thankyou and God bless you all.
    Thanks for 1000 followers. Sending all my love.

    © Harfkaar 3-1-2021

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    Thanks Mirakee

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    //For Comrade Bhagat Singh//

    A young man, martyred when younger than me
    Achieving all greatness that can ever come to be.
    He had a lover, and died for her
    This nation and its people, his cynosure forever.
    Unmatched intellectual depth, and an epitome of honesty
    Of hypocrite Indian leaders he made a travesty.
    Ideals of socialism and revolution ingrained
    To see crony capitalism, he was deeply pained.
    The labour revolution in Europe and Russia had him impressed
    Lenin, Marx influenced the ways he wanted the issues addressed.
    An avid reader, and a prolific writer
    Complete revolution, the mission which turned him a fighter.
    A socialist social structure, his Dreamland vision
    Where mental and physical labor in par enliven.
    Unbound by any religious dogma
    The brightest star in Atheism panorama.
    Devoting his entire life to the selfless cause of freedom
    //His courage was the courage of desperation//
    A staunchly opinionated and honest leader when others were playing bluff
    //For lunatics, lovers and poets are made of the same stuff//

    © Harfkaar 18-11-20


    Finished reading"Why I Am An Atheist" by Bhagat Singh yesterday. On my brother #kehta_hai_joker recommendation. One of the most important books I've read till now. The lines in //.// are of Bhagat Singh.

    Poems on Comrade Bhagat Singh by joker:
    Promised Sukhdev and Rajguru
    Before kissing the gallows
    The flame that we had lit
    Will burn on, and timelessly grow

    To check on my given word
    From heaven we climbed down a tree And reached our Motherland
    I left her as a martyr at just Twenty three

    What our eyes saw
    shocked our spirits
    Fearless as we were
    We had to stop for a minute.

    I saw a young person my age
    Injecting steroids to grow muscles
    Another snort a line of cocaine
    And our courage had buckled

    Acid thrown on a face of a sister
    who's cries fell on deaf ears
    We died for this independence
    But these were our worst fears

    Violence in college politics
    Dead Bodies of hopeful leaders in heaps
    With no foreigners go blame
    Who was the culprit that killed our Indian dream

    My dead heart couldn't take anymore Our lively country now had a dead soul
    I promised them both eternal fires glow But couldn't even find embers just used up coal.

    I settled in a room full of revolutionaries Bismil jee, Ashfaq saab, And Pandit Azaad
    Even in their company I felt alone
    Our nation, our heart; they had ripped apart.
    कलम की नोक पर
    शब्द सारे करते रेहगुजर।
    कवी को दिखती दुनिया
    कहता खुद से गौर कर।
    जहा पे ना हो सूरज
    उस जगह पे रख कदम।
    पर्दाफाश झूठ का हो
    सत्यव्रत पे हो कलम।
    दिखादे आइना,
    सुनादे अनकहा दर्द वो।
    उठादे नींद से
    षंड इस समाज को।
    कला का जलता दिया
    घनघोर चाहे रात हो।
    इश्क़ है तो कर वतन से
    अब तो इन्कलाब हो।
    Don not forget the sacrifice of our hero and make a world where we can look into his eyes with pride. Without class discrimination, Injustice against the low caste and gender discrimination. A world not divided by religion. #political_j

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    My dream man- BOND INSIDE BOND

    Make a life
    Make a bond
    Bond of love
    Bond of trust
    Trust in you
    trust so true
    true his feelings
    true his intentions
    Intentions to support
    intentions to care
    Care for my emotions
    care for our future
    Future of possibilities
    Future of hope
    Hope of satisfaction
    Hope of inner beauty
    Beauty of heart
    beauty of soul
    Soul that's pure
    Soul that endures
    Endures all pain
    Endures and sustains
    Sustains despite fights
    Sustains our relation
    relation of strength
    Relation of friends
    Friends we should be first
    Friends we should always stay
    Stay together
    Stay happy
    Happy in adversities
    Happy in sorrows
    Sorrows that never overshadow
    Sorrows never leaving hollow
    Hollow promises he'd never make
    Hollow words he'd never say
    Says what he means
    Says, "I love you my Queen!"
    Queen I'll be of his heart
    Queen I'll be of his mind
    Mind full of knowledge
    Mind full of compassion
    Compassion for my ambitions
    Compassion for my family
    Family we'll make strong
    Family of love and honest bond
    Bond of grace
    Bond of love
    © Harfkaar 26-10-20
    This is my last collaboration with #kehta_hai_joker which I finished today...about the partner I dream of....joker wrote about his dream partner ....catch it at #partners_jandj
    #jandjforever #mera_dream_man
    BG. Joker was crazy for Abhay Deol and Irrfan Khan. I am crazy for Irrfan Khan. So by majority vote, Irrfan is our dream man.

    PS. This is a blitz poem... something joker had once inspired me to write....

    //पैमाने से मेरे तुम हसके बाते जरूर करना
    कमबख्त भूल जाएगा अपने नशे पे गुरूर करना// ©kehta_hai_joker

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  • bhawna__ 12w

    रज के रुलाया,
    रज के हँसाया,
    मैंने दिल खोके,
    इश्क कमाया,,

  • bhawna__ 13w

    Might be he was talking to the nights,
    and days as well for sure.
    I would have been reading him,
    In his these last days beyond the shores,
    from life to death,
    the poetries he does,
    He was talking to the scribbles,
    and I was awakened in the nights,
    I was reading him for a while.
    maybe I was a reader with a numb soul.

    #kindness #love

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    My Masquerade

    Put down the mask which you had on all day,
    Leave the drama behind, and forget all charade,
    While the hustle did give you a good reason,
    Rest for the night, now have at your freedom.

    Stars will guide you across
    to a place where no love is lost,
    Lay down and go to sleep
    I'll see you in your dreams.

    Rest your shallow soul,
    and your lazy conscience.
    Night still looms long,
    But your watch is now done.

    As guarded as you have always been
    It's time for embracing the demons,
    Time for you to let them in,

    And know this,
    you can count on me,
    I'll be standing guard,
    while you go to sleep.

  • bhawna__ 13w

    A poem he shared with me and I wrote my part then,
    and he was the one to inform,
    that mine was the popular one.
    unsaid collab though,
    but his was the deepest to make me numb.
    I remember the moment,
    I was not able to write a single word to make the poem through sonnets,
    To the first rays of the risen sun.


    October 23, 2020.
    #kindness #love

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    Confused and betrayed, he saw around.
    Behind his back, to his side, and below his feet,
    The moment that darkness grew abound,
    His shadow had left, in a manner indiscreet.

    He had asked her, would she ever leave him?
    And she had replied, Not if she had a choice.
    So at the first instance of the promised sun setting
    True to her ambiguity, she left without a noise.

    Neither had He claimed to be perfect,
    Nor had He expected her to be.
    He has no one to forgive but only to forget
    running short on time, to her a diss.

    He couldn't be surprised after all
    as that is their nature, it is what shadows do
    Promise to be forever as you stand tall
    but words of mirages should never be held true.

  • bhawna__ 13w

    S O L I T U D E

    A S i l v e r L i n i n g of v i b e s

    //And those memories having your smile because of me and you called that silver lining when you were in pain. Yes, I remember the vibes of you.//


    //Because the introverts aren't normal,
    But it doesn't mean they are abnormal.
    Because I can talk to myself,
    And I know my hesitation will always be less than the love you gave.
    I'll always be talking to you,
    No matter which place you draw to have.//
    Have you visited the place "solitude",
    No, it is not the place where we are lonely but we find many of the answers we are struggling without any question and the beautiful sky we stare at just because as simple as our brain can find the way with the most undisturbing and sober patterns to dwell upon the shining rhymes and to make pearl poetry with the colours of magnifying.


    // So heavenly that dream was,
    I promised you I'll see you and me someday,
    someday in the streets of the valley,
    Are you still waiting for me?
    Hence we discussed the plans,
    and you left without telling me.
    But you told me about the story of garland,
    and I was numb when you painted your graph,
    and till the end, you were asking me that I know,
    I know I would come there to ask you for a walk,
    And you came in my fearless dreams.
    The dreams of unsaid words,
    You knew that I am an insomniac,
    and I tried to hide this with humorous poetry,
    But you knew that I was dreaming with open eyes,
    When I was having the war inside my head to complete every poetry again that you and me,
    I'll again tell you about my fears without fear of being a stranger,
    To ask the questions from this deadly introvert for a while,
    I don't know if I shaped the new lines to express myself to walk for other miles,
    But I'm trying to scribble more extroversion,
    You know I'll not suffocate to this unspoken life,
    I'll talk to you having my introversion side for another life,
    I'll be waiting for another universe to form another world without having the gestures of formal shines,
    Maybe, then I can be more bright to my dearest friend,
    I'm writing this letter If he can read with the brightest smiles,
    I'll ask you the story of tears,
    When You ask me to smile,
    I'll ask you the wishes to smile,
    When You cry having my shoulders,
    Just because you called me a motherly vibes.
    I'll again ask you the stories of your darkest humour,
    but this time I won't get hesitate.
    Yes, I didn't hesitate when I dreamed and drowned myself in those little long talks.
    Those little long talks who knew the time very well,
    who knows when will be the mythological stories of heaven and births will get true.
    This time I tried to talk with more fearless fears,
    This time my sleepless and trembling nights was having the ecstasy to find some miraculous powers to paint the portraits one more time with more patience and with a beautiful smile,
    But this time I was talking to the pain too,
    I was talking silently,
    Then I thought we should talk pain with grace,
    We should talk the death without any bad phase,
    We should talk one more time.
    But I know we did hesitate for being a happy fight.
    The happiness pretended to overcome the sadness and we didn't talk about the pain without any prejudice.
    Peacefully talk to the colours,
    I'll talk to black and white with more peace then.
    And the greys are always beautiful,
    I will never forget that.
    Empty spaces are having all the stories,
    I will silently stare at.
    My feverish brain is cold right now,
    I will even cherish that.
    I'll always paint the poetries and draw the portraits
    for I met an angel for a few days.
    I know you just came and left some of your signatures to live with more beautiful rays,
    I'll cherish the sun, moon, stars, and pain.
    Then I'll talk to you with the jewel of a smile,
    And I know you'll read every hidden rhymeless stammering,
    Then I'll also tell you all the unsaid secrets for a while.
    Listening to the impatience with patience,
    and silently watching your pictures,
    I will find some more textures of your eyes.
    I'll come out of the human mind and will create poetry of life with a broader smile.
    But I'll always cherish my tears as well,
    As I'll write to you and will find the music for the journey of miles,
    As they make me more beautiful to write,
    As they are the adorable pearls to my shining laughs.//

    October 23, 2020.


    @mirakee #writersbay @writersnetwork
    #writersnetwork #pod #collomlune #poetry

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    The story of inked future is the most bereft smiles that were shaping to birth in an ocean of life from the death of angel pearls shaping the kindness to survive.

  • thevedicfairy 13w

    I'm stunned to know about #kehta_hai_joker . @my_cup_of_poetry shared this news with all of us and I don't know what to say.

    #kehta_hai_joker always thought out of the box. I remember there was a challenge given to us by @writersbay in which we had to write what a writer is in 10 words. While everybody else took writer as a noun, #kehta_hai_joker declared that writer is a verb. His post garnered the most number of likes and appreciation. His idea really was very creative and we all loved the very thought. He left for his heavenly abode too soon but as they say,

    “Say not in grief ‘he is no more’ but in thankfulness that he was.” – Hebrew Proverb

    #readthisJ #rip #kehta_hai_joker

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  • chagan_arshiya 13w

    Today I got to open Mirakee and saw the Writersbay post of the demise of Jo... My heart skipped a beat and sank as I proceed to check out the news����

    I never got to talk to him much, but his writings, his poems were so smooth to read....always best.

    I once told him that soon he should publish a book as he was a good writer, then he replied me that If I will be the sponsor...he always put smiles on everyone's face����

    His comments on my posts were so honest, he always appreciated, always ready to help. I will miss waiting for his comments, as he was the most sensible person I felt. Yes felt, i didn't know him personally but he is a feeling really, he is remembered by his words. I can't imagine he's no more, he was such a lively person...i can't get over it , it's heavy to realise that he's really not alive. ����

    I'm requesting his close friends to Please take care of themselves, time will heal you all.

    #kehta_hai_joker #readthisJ #rip

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    Whole Mirakee is mourning

    Joker you left a void no one can fill

  • vintagepneuma 13w

    Change the gender according to your ease.

    To the brother who will never know there's a stranger sister who existed. Period. I'm good at making bonds. :)

    #readthisj #wemissyoujoker #kehta_hai_joker

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  • bhawna__ 13w

    kuch baton ki bat hai,
    kuch lamho ka sath hai,
    kuch unkahe se jazbaat hai,
    hasna khelna chalta rhega,
    jab tak tera mera sath hai,
    fir yadon ki barat hai,
    har lamha fir bhi toh tere sath hai,
    aankhe num na kar,
    bas ek bar fir se muskura de,
    bas abhi chal rahi farishto ki hi toh bat hai.

    October 22, 2020

    ({[Once he wrote this hindi poem/shayari when we were exchanging our hindi shayaris..]})

    #elixirc #pain #life #relationships #staystrong
    #humblebee #kehta_hai_joker #jandjforever
    #writersbay @mirakee #writersnetwork

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    छोटी सी आँखे,
    जिनमें कितने फरिश्ते जा बैठे हैं ।।
    उन्होंने हंस के दो बातें करदी,
    हम रिश्ते बना बैठें हैं ।।

    वक्त कुछ मुनासिब नही,
    य़े पैगाम फरिश्तों तक पहुंचा दो ।।
    सुबह तो कर देगा सूरज,
    पर शाम रिश्तों के हिस्से नही ये बतला दो।।


  • taekook_maknae 13w

    Although unheard, I thank you
    For always being there.
    Even when you were bedridden,
    You always seemed to care.

    You meant so much to all of us;
    You were special and that's no lie.
    You brightened up the darkest day
    And even the greyest sky.

    Many tears I have seen and cried.
    They have all poured out like rain.
    I know that you are happy now
    'Cause you're no longer in pain.

    I was not ready to say goodbye.
    Your disease just over took,
    So on this day we remember you.
    I take a second look.

    Our friendship is forever.
    Until death, did we part.
    Although you're away physically,
    You're always in my heart.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #rip #kehta_hai_joker #death #missing #lost #friend #readthisJ

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    We all love u J

  • bhawna__ 13w


    कही सुनी से ज्यादा आखों देखी पे यकीन,
    इसलिए उनका नूर हमसे कभी खफा नहीं होता।।

    बात जुबां तक पहुंचे तो वो मोहब्बत कैसी ,
    राबता मुकम्मल हो तो वो बयान नहीं होता ।।

    आजाद सोच का आशिक झुकी पलकों में है कैद,
    अगर इश्क की हो तोहमत तो जोकर रिहा नहीं होता ।।



    And he said to me.. "jao smart uncle ji ki afsar bitiya.. tmhare liy kch likha hai.."

    He gifted me this beautiful poem..
    After seeing my blurred reflexion..

    Vo shayari bht achi krta tha..
    Har kisi ko apni pyar bhari shayari ka taufa diya krta th..
    Apne har ek pal me..
    Vo khusiyan bataa krta tha..

    #kindness #love #peace #divine
    #melancholyc @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    रिहा हुआ भी तो डूबने के लिए,
    ये राहत भी है तो चाहत जैसी ।।

  • bhawna__ 13w


    "Smile through the pain and love unconditionally to the end of eternity in every microsecond."




    stay strong all the mirakeean family..

    "We had a relationship of KINDNESS. "
    He used to call me.. a friend on scholar..
    But he did a lot of readings for my syllabus..
    To help me..

    He just wanted to help the whole world in his last days..
    And he did it with great love ..

    he was the loveliest and the most kind heart..
    We know.
    He is.
    And will always remain..
    In our tough days to give those big paragraphs to stay strong and to make everybody feel special..
    You had that magic ..

    And to laugh with our joys..

    #melancholyc @writersnetwork #writersbay #writingcontest #creativearena #love
    #humblebee #kehta_hai_joker

    Because my brain still can't believe that you aren't here..
    I'm checking mirakee like everyday as you'll come with your many posts with a single hashtag of the day and the writing contest and
    You'll say like everyday..
    #pod kro naaa

    I know I know, now you'll say..
    Itti senty mat ho humble bee..
    Sab thik hai..

    Sab thik hi toh hai na..
    You knew that Mirakee was my escape to talk with myself... with my words.. being a stranger .. and I used to write every pain here ..without a fear that somebody is reading this..
    Now I'm trying to talk to you here..
    Writing this post and editing lines every other minute..
    The more I'm thinking..the more I'm trying to talk to you..
    I know we are talking..
    And you're reading..

    I can still smile with my tears..
    With every word you said to the mirakeeans..
    With the great energy..
    That you are still giving us to stay and hold strong.
    With your words..
    Are you there?

    Listen to me..
    I didn't read today's newspaper..
    Please help me..
    But Joe.. the way you helped me and everybody here..
    That was precious.. and will stay with all of us forever.
    .. I miss you bchcha..

    I made you laugh..
    When you said.. ki joker mai hu aap kyu hasaa rhe ho..
    I was happy that I could make you smile...
    With my silly hindi shayari...
    And i said.. joker ka humour churaya h mne..
    Thank you for everything..

    Tum vps le gye usey mjsy..
    But I'll keep that too..
    I know I'll always smile with those words..
    But I'll try to hold my smile..
    I'm sorry if I wouldn't be able to hold my tears..
    I'm sorry I won't say sorry again..
    I know you hate sorrys..
    You knew that I have a phobia of social media..
    And when I asked to read my hindi poem..and said that don't repost it.. you still did and said... itta bawaal kyu kr rhi ho humblebee..

    //"Kalam adhuri hogi par likhawat nahi,
    Ache dost hai, likhai bhi achi lagi,
    Kardi repost ..itta bawal kyi kr rhi ho..
    Kyu duniya se itna dar rhi ho..

    And once he wrote a little poem for my dreams..
    Saying ..aapke liy mai likh deta hu

    // "Kuch watan ki chahat thi ..
    Kuch hum bhi deewane the..
    Kuch pitaji ki aarzoo thi..
    Ki kuch taare aasman se chrane the..//


    And you love everybody here..
    Everybody is missing you here ..
    They are broken but your words will make them strong..
    I believe..
    I know you'll still make them happy with your humour wherever you are..
    You'll always be in all hearts.

    Yes, you did a lot to me...
    #upsc you have a big contribution to read those daily
    articles to help me..
    I'm still checking my notification..
    That you'll come and say..
    "Aaj ke topics btao ..me pdhke btata hu jldi jldi..
    And when I say.. it's okay you don't take stress..
    I remember you asking with kindness .
    "Please let me be of help."

    Honestly this line broke my heart at that moment..
    I couldn't handle this much kindness..
    I was just a stranger..
    But you made everybody family here..

    You helped everybody, you know.. to make them smile to have a new life..

    I pray for you..
    Your new peaceful life..
    Rest in peace.
    And as you say..
    Loads of love.❣

    And your favourite tag #readthisJ stay strong bibee.
    Su di, saisha, kinjo di, sparrow women, and I know lot of people you have named with your love.. all names were so touching.. that even your calling used to make me smile... and your _gonewild bhai.. who was always there for you..
    I jusg know them through your posts J..
    And i know every other person you were there to name new everyday.. to spread love everyday..
    We miss you Joker.
    We miss you Joe.
    We miss you hmare Raj kapoor.. kehta_hai_joker
    And all his loved ones brothers, sisters, and all your crushes and you were the crush of most of the girls here I know.. to all of you..please stay strong.. hold yourself..
    Loads of love.❣

    And yes, your letter from the heaven to your Maa/Aai..

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    "He was spreading eternal love in every microsecond through his unbearable pain when hiding his melancholy in his scribbles blending with the humour to disappear in the tears of all the hearts and we promise to smile."

  • charmy_ 13w

    //zindagi ke safar mein,guzar jate hain jo makam
    woh phir nahin aate,
    woh phir nahin aate
    zindagi ke safar mein,guzar jate hain jo makam
    woh phir nahin aate,
    woh phir nahin aate

    phool khilte hain,
    log milte hain
    phool khilte hain,
    log milte hain magar
    patjhad main jo phool
    murjha jate hain
    woh baharon ke aane se khilte nahin
    kuchh log ek roz jo bichad jate hain
    woj hazaron ke aane se milte nahin
    umr bhar chahe koi pukara kare unka naam
    woh phir nahin aate,
    woh phir nahin aate

    aap roka hai
    kya bharosa hai
    aap roka hai kya bharosa hai suno
    doston shak dosti ka dushman hai
    apne dil me ise ghar babane na do
    agar tadapna pade yaad me zindagi
    rok lo roothkar unko jaane na do
    baad me pyaar ke chahe bhejo hazaroon salaam
    woh phir nahi aate
    woh phir nahi aate

    subaah aate hai
    raat jaate hai
    subaah aate hai
    raat jaate hai yuhi
    waqt chalta hi rehta hai rukta nahi
    ek pal me ye aage nikal jaata hai
    aadmi theek se dekh paata nahin
    aur parde pe manzar badal jaata hai
    ek baar chale jaate hai jo din raat subaah shaam
    woh phir nahi aate
    woh phir nahi aate

    zindagi ke safar mein,guzar jate hain jo makam
    woh phir nahin aate,
    woh phir nahin aate//



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    It is harder to remember happy times with those,who left us for always

    You are pure gem..just because of you started following more people and reading their posts..the one who made me a reader..by reading his posts I was like how someone can be so intelligent about every single topic..he was smart..but from few days..I couldn't read any post of anyone and today when I came on mirakee..you left me with tears in my eyes..I couldn't talk to you.. it's a big loss.

    You are pure soul, Love,unique,warm,lovely, happy person..The only person who made change in my life..who taught me to read more..only one who gave me name "M"..and I was 2 letters away from you "J"..and I missed those last writings of yours.. I didn't know him personally but I used comment on his posts..he was Sunshine..a pure soul..

    "M❣️" This emoji will always be in my heart..
    I can't believe on this till now..I mean how can u go alone.. whenever he would be it would be full of blessings of ours.. you'll be always here in my/our heart(s)

    I missed the last talk with you..I didn't talk to him since last 2 days..I will be always guilty for that..that why didn't I visited mirakee..why didn't I visited his account for the last time.. it's hard time..I don't know..I didn't know him personally but I'm crying over and over..why so good yr..koi itna pyara kese ho skta h..J❣️

    Why didn't ever I asked him about his health.. why my eyes couldn't feel the pain behind his Happy posts..why༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

    Love you loads.. wherever you're..rip❣️

  • bhawna__ 13w

    edited 11:15 21-10
    #melancholyc #love

    RIP #kehta_hai_joker

    ek dil hi toh tha,
    tumne hazaron dil jeete,
    par vo ek dil hi toh tha na,
    jisne tmh humse jeet liya.

    { he used to write love poems in this font, maybe just to blur his pain from us.}

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    He wished me my birthday with a beautiful poem and lots of wishes in that poem.
    and I penned that in the morning reflecting his words whatever he said.. "Midnight tale" with the "Haiku" waiting his write up of the day..
    he read that in the morning and said..

    It's very beautiful ❣. Mai 10 bjy kch proceedings k liy ja rha hu, vapas aakar aapse pkka baat krta hu, tab tak apna khyal rakho. loads of love and take care.

    and the joker said to me and left me broken and alone.
    I love you and I know you said this to me with your broken heart too.
    Be happy wherever you're and you'll always be with me.. from the non-stop readings of the articles that you have simplified for me to our non-stop sorry and early morning and late "night night" wishes.
    and you knew it I stayed here just because of you..
    where I was a stranger to never exist..
    but yea you said to me that you'll come to meet me.
    in my dreams.
    my first love poem that you have written for me.
    because my eyes are still having you..
    you came there to paint your poetry..
    you caged me in your memories.
    I love you joker..
    I love you bchcha..
    mera saarthi..mera parth..
    meri smile..

    "apna khyal rkhna bchcha"

    ~your motu, kanha,
    your Humblebee

    Rest in peace. You are alive in the hearts.
    October 20,2020.
    and yes, microseconds me eternity wala pyar.