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  • jasmyn 6w


    First see your needs,
    Fag them indeed.
    Sow the unequivocal seeds,
    Eliminate the weeds,
    Be the leader who leads.

  • shayne366 8w

    Slavery Pain

    I don't have a life anymore
    My arms and head are sore
    I came upon slavery
    We're the chains had us poor
    Everybody is crying out pain
    As we walk through the rain
    Doing all types of work
    That cannot feed our brains
    Those described as helpers
    Disguised themselves as haters
    They like to beat us down
    Anytime we become leaders

  • chahat1samrat 9w


    #taareekh pr taarekh

    ����������������We r living in such country

    Bitter but truth
    Either I salute this judgemental service or slap this������

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    भारतीय अदालत

    इश्क किया है तुमने ??चलो अब शामत, कयामत तुम्हारी है!

    बलात्कार किया है तुमने?? चलो कोई नहीं आओ जाओ अदालत तुम्हारी है!

    कातिल तुम ही हो??ठीक है जमानत तुम्हारी है!

    बेगुनाह शरीफ हो तुम??कोई नहीं कतल का इल्ज़ाम खुद पर लेना जिम्मेदारी तुम्हारी है!

  • kottak 10w

    Let's talk

    Let's talk about it. Lets discuss difference of opinions and the culture we have established. Let's look at the facts. I am privileged. A white female I know this. My life is inherently easier because of my face. My gender has its own struggles but lets talk about colors. I still start sweating and keep my.hands on the steering wheel when I am pulled over I dont make sudden moves because that's what I was taught. I respect authority even when they are wrong because that's what I was taught. But I do not fear getting pulled over because of my color
    .I dont fear being profiled. I do not know what is like to grow up in proverty and drugs on ever corner. I do not know what's it like to have most things against me. I do know what it's like to run to my car in the middle of the night. To be wiry of men I do not know. To fear someone because of their gender. I do know what's like to be riducled for my outfit and blamed when I am the victim.Some one please tell me when violence has ever changed anything?! Violence breeds violence. How many wars have we faught? How many riots have caused changed? How many more people dying and being injured have ever changed anything? How many martyrs have effected "thier cause" positively. Violence breeds fear and angry. People die when they have the finger on the trigger because of either. Lets talk about it. We have the right to protest when injustice happens because it does every day. We have the right to protect ourselves in our homes. We have the right to educate ourselves to make difference. We have the right to change the culture we live in and to learn from our mistakes.But we DO NOT have the right to riot and insight chaos. We DO NOT have the right to start fires and throw rocks through windows and loot stores because someone tell me how any of that is shedding light on our issues? How any of that bring glory to those who have lost their lives at the hand of someone who feared them based on color? How does not letting ambulance through that carry infants shed light on innocents dying ? Explain it to me because I do understand how shooting each other during these riots bring awareness to the public. How shouting fuck the police because they made a mistake. The police are HUMAN. we as society cannot burn down building and condemn entire groups of people based on the mistakes of a few. When a school teacher rapes a student we do not burn do then school or stop sending our children . When a doctor causes harm we do not burn down hospitals or refuse to go when we need help. Just like we do not stop calling the police when we are the victims or need them. When lives our lost we have to educate ourselves and stand for those who lost a voice. But someone please talk to me about how this is gonna bring change because from an outsider view the hate is spreading and the problem is increasing. We dividing even more because we do not have the answer. The system is broken it will not be fixed by fires and blood shed. It will not change over night. Fear will always run deep but love has to run deeper. We as a society need to turn to one another and forgive , trust rebuild. Right now , the whole world is just gonna burn. Let's talk about it.

  • saneba 14w

    If everyone is going to be leaders
    How future is going to look


  • piyujain 17w

    Off The Edge

    This is the class of people,
    Who have mostly seen struggle
    There is no path they know,
    There is no road they show.

    They have it all,
    Nose, mouth and head,
    And bodies, some lean
    some round and some like dead.

    They are born in sorrow,
    In farce or in accidents,
    There are also in them,
    Who join as fragments.

    There are also some in them,
    Who were beaten down by the world,
    None gave them any hope,
    None bothered to ponder.

    Each people who is born,
    Every people who was sown,
    In one way or another
    Has what others do not.

    But more often than not,
    they reach only the ditch,
    Some thrown in the jungle,
    Some on the mountain edge.

    They who send these mad man here,
    They who abscond with the fear,
    They who least know that they,
    Just threw a Spartan near
    the death

    Like Spartans, mighty as children,
    These people are thrown to die,
    And like Spartans they just think,
    When they decide to rather fly.

    The wake up, they move out,
    They live off the edge,
    They make the edge their home,
    And set just the hard targets.

    The become the leaders,
    They become the warriors,
    They beat the Sultanate,
    They beat the fear.

    They grab the world,
    They run, they work,
    They are the ones who know,
    What real danger does.

    ©Piyush Jain

  • communicologist 18w

    To our teachers and leaders

    A teacher can influence few at one point
    A leader can influence many at one point
    Both are two ends of the same thread
    Continuously working and impacting.

    They give tasks that needs to be completed in time
    At this crisis situation, both are continuously trying to deliver
    And we as students or followers need to perform our duties
    Our duty of listening, understanding and performing.

    Let's join our hands to the task given by our leader
    But strictly follow the clear instructions given by him
    Stay home and perform
    Light your surroundings only and thus together automatically we will light the 'Nation'

  • ankitj 19w


    Few days back a lot of us were alleging Narendra Modi, Mamata Banerjee, Arvind Kejriwal, KCR, Adityanath as communal, corrupt, religious appeasers etc; and suddenly they seem to be saviours of humanity, effective in protection of people from COVID-19 and aiding their best to curb the pandemic from spreading throughout the nation along with essential humanitarian and medical aids.

    But unfortunately we were condemning, criticising them before and still paying the least possible heed to save the nation; moreover doing overt acts to spread the pandemic.

    There's always difference you know ! That's why they are leaders and we aren't ! That's why they are the government and we are governed and while criticising their actions in governance, look once whom they are governing !


  • rdblessed 20w


    Fuck fake media,
    Fuck fake journalists,
    Fuck blind fools,
    Fuck foolish leaders,
    Fuck foolish followers,
    Fuck brainwashing Cinema,
    Fuck whatapp fake news,
    Fuck fake views,
    Fuck fake trends,
    Fuck everyone who indulge in it.

    Respect Real one's,
    Remember that,
    Classic is Evergreen.

  • voices_as_thoughts 23w

    Dear Duffs

    Of minimal,
    walking on earth, of which they aren't census as people existing
    people living on the edge;
    locked out, social outcast,
    I see the fear when they walk amongst others
    seems like fitting a deer in a lion's parade.
    Scared to be the lunch of embarrassment,
    embarrassment from mere men they consider gods.
    Just hearing me compliment her,
    the smile she lit on her face could smite the rays of the sun
    how long has it been stored??
    her stuttering were that of Moses,
    am i a god?.....

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  • the_drunken_poetess 28w

    The Infamous Villain

    He protected his people
    and could die for them.

    He killed his enemies,
    to save his men.

    He was no king,
    but ruled a realm!

    He was no hero,
    He was a villain!

    Vani Agarwal

  • james_taumas 37w

    Empire falling

    Rising above mediocrity
    Build foundations
    Aggressive and diplomatic
    Sell the soul
    Win followers
    Loyalties bought
    Plastic throne
    The people suffering
    Shut the windows
    Pillars crack
    Sinking empire.


  • sukhjrvishal 40w

    "Tribute to Bhagat Singh & His friends "

    We have die for the Nation, we have given ourselves for the nation.
    We didn't simply allowed them to hang us but for the Nation,
    We didn't simply run away from our homes but for the Nation,
    We didn't simply chased them out but for the Nation,
    Mother was crying see her son hanged but for the Nation,
    We die at the young age, but for the Nation,
    For other it was the age of marriage when we have sacrificed for the Nation,
    Now if you cannot LEAD the Nation in a good manner, you are putting ashamed on our sacrificed.

  • deepika0912 45w


    Don't settle for anything until you are not self-satisfied
    Because people are going to make your mind change
    according to their own choices
    They are going to make you believe that they are right for you
    They are helping you
    But you should never forget your own worth and potential
    Be a leader for yourself before anybody else

  • authorkellyjuuz 46w

    Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other...with awry smiles.

    ©Author Kelly JUUZ

  • akkitripathi 47w

    These lines were spoken by my mentor.
    I was on a phonecall with him, and it so happened that the team wasn't giving results.
    That was the first time ever, I saw him talking in such a FIRM voice.
    To be honest I was so damn scared.
    Then I was able to solve the matter, and ultimately I asked him wether he got angry it was irritated ?
    He simply said, "the situation and the people were simply not worth for me to loose my PEACE of mind."
    That sentence. WOW !!
    I was stunned to hear such a reply.
    Think about it.
    #think #thoughts #feel #feelings #success #story #read #small #big #stories #world #need #leaders #you #are #brave #bold #courage #wisdom #peace #of #mind #worth #it #not

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    Is it even worth it to loose my PEACE of mind ?

    Read the caption to understand.

  • james_taumas 49w

    A good leader listens.
    A bad one hears what they want.


  • mr_ayaan_13 51w

    लोगों पर से वैसे भी भरोसा उठ गया था |
    पर अब ख़ुदा पर से भी उठ गया |
    अगर हमें भी उस ऊपर वाले ने ही बनाया है |
    अगर वज़ूद है उसका तो हमें क्यों भूखा रखता है |
    क्यों अपनी मौजूदगी बया नहीं करता लगता है साहेब
    ये कोई भगवान नहीं छलावा है जो अमीरों को ही खिलाता है |
    लानत आती है उन अमीरो पर उन नेताओं पर और उन जाहिलों पर
    जो ये भेदभाव करते है रोटी की जगह भासण खिलाते है कमीने |
    #writernetwork #mirakee #soulwriter #leaders #poor #humanity #god #illusion #chutiyapa #chor #richest #yaminiread #bkfrncu #sakshi02 @anuradha_saxena @purewine_75 @roothi_kalam @neha_netra @riyabansal @sukritisingh @rituchaudhry @piaa_choudhary @piu_writes @nadiyasayed

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    अक्सर होता है ज़नाब
    हमारे हिस्से की रोटी तख़्त पर
    बैठा हुआ ग़रीब खा जाता है

  • darling_dragon 51w

    Happy Independence Day

    We celebrate the bravery of our fathers and their gift of freedom. Long may our flag wave! Happy 73rd Independence Day!