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  • thatgeekgirl 2w


    I'm open with my children
    About what of me I'd want preserved
    After losing my best friend and witnessing the dishonour
    Of not being remembered as she deserved.

    Her funeral didn't do anything but confirm to us, her chosen family,
    That her biological one didn't know her, before her silent fall.
    She wasn't buried how she'd wanted, not her chosen clothes or high-heeled shoes. No reciting her favourite poems, all out of ignorance. Meanwhile of these wishes, we knew them all.

    The songs they played meant nothing to her as a person.
    It was one so predictable, and impersonal. Popularised by a character's death a stupid TV show!
    They didn't give her the time of day in life to be able to truly do her justice.
    They didn't ask those of us who would know.

    They didn't know her passions, her struggles, her dreams.
    They weren't the ones who saw her cry in person, listen to her voice for hours, or her many helpless screams.

    They didn't know her talents, her abilities or her personality.
    They instead closed the curtain on her life with clichés and their own interests,
    No semblance of how to honour her mortality.

    I sadly know all to well myself
    What it's like to have a family that don't take the time to fully see me.
    So although it's grim, I have made my wishes clear to my children.
    Some by discussions I've had, some by directions to playlists and items, some written down formally.

    Even then though, there'll always be parts of me that I'll never likely get a chance to tell or explain,
    But then perhaps it's not necessary to explain all of our lives, or parts of our history.
    So long as my children know they were my world, my rock, my purpose, and the best thing that ever happened,
    Then I'm prepared to allow some parts to remain a mystery.


  • aarya__ 4w

    July 18 , 2020

    From the fallen majors of a man's world
    To the steel jots of my pen's sword ,
    Witnessed to a cruel turn ,
    Lost cause was how they begun.

    Surpassing the fatal norms ,
    Mending to my cracked deform ;
    Succumbed to scant chumps of coin ,
    Yet never throwing the goals to purloin.

    I want you to remember me :
    The girl who outshined.
    Not minding the odds ;
    Had her vision underlined.

    Grave in her mien ,
    Apt regard for morality.
    Independent character ,
    With belief in humanity.

    So when the clock ticks end ,
    Tending to my mortality ;
    In the caress of loved arms ,
    I'd smile at my reality.

    Recall my feat :
    The girl who struggled hard ,
    With her adage and mind.
    Kept bearing the curses ,
    But never fell behind.


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    I know I'm late for the challenge but I just wanted to write. I humbly apologize if this violates the rules.

    @writersbay My favourite word is faith.

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  • yoyowrites_ 4w

    When I'm dead

    May my eulogy be short and not euphemistically composed
    Nor do I want to be recognised as pillar of wonders.
    But I want to be your daily lessons,
    Answers to your unending thread of questions.
    Let my perseverance remind you that you can do it too,
    That fortified walls around you shouldn't be an excuse.
    Though I know I am no history
    One that spoke of war and victory,
    Let me be remembered for being courageous,
    A wise person whose deeds exceeded honey dripping words.
    Let me be the daily verse you recite
    In hard times, a poem that brings you respite
    When I return to dust in misty shore
    May my awkward jokes hit you to the core.
    I want my laughter to be that residue
    That remains in your heart as an unpaid due!


  • unfelt_ablaze 4w

    I've been thinking about

    Where will I ultimately land to?
    What are gonna be my possessions?
    Will they be all good virtues?
    Or disgrace, hopelessness,disbelief brought about by a few failures?
    Will I have lived my life to the fullest?
    Will I be able to make it to a legendary end?
    Will I be able to leave my footsteps for others to be inspired?
    Will I be able to create history?
    Or history is gonna portray me as a loser,a coward and useless person?
    Will I be be able to be of any help to the needy?
    Or I myself am gonna be helpless?
    I've been thinking if I'm not distracted from my obligations and been enchanted by fantasies of some other world ?

  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 4w

    I wrote the following piece as an introduction to the "Memorable Me" challenge that I hosted on my other account. Thank you for reading. ����

    For life is an ever winding road
    In the end, we always reap what we've sewn.
    ©Carolyn Glackin 7/16/2020

    by Carolyn Glackin
    We've all but a short time
    Here, on this Earth
    Our days, preordained
    From the moment of birth
    Perhaps we spread joy
    While in service to others
    Many folks become fathers
    While others become mothers
    Some people are heroes
    Always saving the day
    Some people heal hearts
    Through the words that they say
    Some make poor choices
    That affect them for life
    Too blind to the truth
    Too caught up in strife
    Some learn huge lessons
    Becoming wise and enlightened
    Finally free from false notions
    They're no longer frightened
    We all make our mark here
    Through the lives that we lead
    So always choose wisely
    In action and deed
    So you'll be well regarded
    Respected and treasured
    In the years yet to come
    From now 'til forever
    And after all that I've said
    Of the things people do
    I'll wrap this piece up
    With a question for you
    In what way do you wish
    To be known in our hearts
    Beyond the day that your soul
    Transcends and departs?
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 7/16/2020

    Image credit: "Choices," by Steve Fisher. Available through Fine Art America.

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    #cees_memo_chall #writersnetwork #mirakee #challenge #conceptchallenge

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  • yeahitsq 4w

    I am a camera:

    I am a camera,
    I record the memories and sceneries of the world.
    With every mental picture and film I take, it builds the plot of my story.
    I am a camera,
    I have witnessed history, and as I grow like a flower in the field,
    I want to capture my growth and the legacy I leave behind.


  • sheetalhc 5w


    Hanging my self respect
    Inside my bodily closet,
    like a uniform, spotless and white
    seperates me, from those
    who readily compromise

    O! How I'd love to be happier;
    never be sorry, let nothing matter...
    But, that uniform,
    It binds the strings of wisdom
    with my veins
    It's the only legacy I have


  • musingsofriya 8w


    Life was never easy,
    It's not supposed to be easy too...
    As You and Me have an inner potential beyond anything in this world.
    And life tests us and our perseverance,
    So that when we leave, we'll be leaving here a legacy and not liabilities.

  • imariba 10w

    What am I good at?

    What am I good at?
    The lingering question nag me at every moment
    Unable to find my answers, always losing
    The answers always changing, uncertainty galore
    Maybe I haven't yet tried my hands at everything
    To find my metiér
    The one in which I could find me living
    Enjoying every moment of it, languishing in the challenges
    Relishing the successes and savouring the failures that come with it
    Which fulfills my material, cerberal and social satisfaction
    I want a niche like that
    But I couldn't find yet
    What do I know?
    What life's keeping for me in it's future shelves
    Whatever may be, I am trying
    Trying to acculturate with the changing times
    Trying to be a better human being
    Trying to not judge people anymore as I once did
    Trying to Know everyone has their own story to tell
    Trying to lend my time and ears, also, a helping hand at times
    Trying to grow my own opinions on every thing without fear
    Trying to question everything forced upon me
    Trying to make my own choices, good or bad
    Trying to be more responsible and accountable
    Trying to work hard, also, have fun
    Trying to figure out on my own, everything
    Trying to evolve myself politically vigilant
    Acknowledging the struggles of my yesteryear men and women
    Trying to raise my voice to any injustice or inequality
    Trying to make myself a good citizen, to serve the country good
    Trying to juggle between work and family
    Not once complaining, not once sacrificing one thing for the other
    Trying to see the bigger picture always
    Trying to see the world as it is, or may be, as it should be
    Trying to enjoy the vast nature, every little thing of it
    Trying to be grateful more and more
    Trying to leave a legacy out of my life

    So, What am I good at?
    Again, I am trying
    Maybe I am good at trying?!


  • thisisoladimeji 13w


    There is greater purpose in this world than following the status quo
    Doing what everyone else is doing
    After you are born, you go to school, work, marry, reproduce, die
    I do not feel a part of this system
    But really is this not the sum total of man's life?
    To do all this, for it is our purpose?
    What really is the purpose of life?

    To follow the status quo is to abuse, waste life
    After your funeral, everyone will forget you
    But should you live life as you should
    Your name will be sung on the lips of men for generations
    For life has no greater purpose than this
    The greatest purpose of life is legacy

  • medic007 14w

    Scions of Promethean Flame

    Oh promethean flame
    Your scion the first polemicist
    To the divine supremacist 
    You are the iconoclasts claim

    In a world rotting and hollow 
    Humanity was still tending 
    To a fire never meant to be unending 
     in your dim light we wallow 

    We did worship the facade
    And forget its function
    And thus came to an injunction 
    In a world built on fraud

    For wisdom birthed tradition
    And tradition called innovation sin
    And darkness wormed its way in
    Through subtle seditions 

    Men as ever fear the void 
    And clung to the light 
    Refusing to face the night 
    Oh Jupiter’s Schadenfreude,

    Mar’s dismay, & Janus’s grief 
    As men began to build upwards  
    Instead of inwards and outwards 
    Minerva, alone, preserved the legacy of the thief 

    For in her tomes, bones, and chiseled stones 
    The fading fire lit its first lamp 
    And snuck out with the traders stamp 
    into the distant unknowns 

    Prometheus’s promiscuity paraded past 
    Jove’s judiciary   
    And none were even the wary 
    As from minerva’s lamp, wealth did amass 

    So dimmed further the promethean blaze 
    Though, not to the grim spectre of the shade 
    No, dwarfed by the thousand little lights it had made 
    Proud to die in their haze 

    And jupiter, roared in victory
    Never seeing he had been usurped 
    Till he too was just another one of history's excerpts 
    Irony that both thief and king vanished without valedictory  

    Their victory attributed to another for all to see 
    But only the thief knew the road to eternity 
    Lies in the legacy you leave 

  • sherrys_poetry_space 10w

    Dear black boy
    You are so important
    You are so beautiful
    You are so smart
    You will be successful
    You are ambitious
    You are strong willed
    You do what you can
    You move with purpose
    You protect and respect each other
    You encourage each other
    You learn and teach each other
    You come home no matter what
    You understand the world can be cruel
    But you dont have to be
    If I could keep the reality away I would
    Always be the best you can
    I will fight for/with you to my end
    Dear black child
    At home you can just be
    Dear black child fruit of my womb
    I will always love you

  • sherrys_poetry_space 10w

    So I'll sit here let the alcohol ooze into me
    Make me feel numb to the pain
    Lucidly happy to dance to the music
    Trying to forget all the pain
    this life administered
    Till I have to rise in the morning
    Look at my beautiful
    kids and remember
    That even at night
    when the demons visit
    And I cant help but
    indulge them
    Tomorrow I will
    overcome them
    Cause i am worthy,
    I am loved
    If I can make their
    world as amazing as it is
    Regardless of my demons

  • sherrys_poetry_space 15w

    I was jaded by my own lies and perception
    I thought I new best all the time
    I always had to be right and people wrong
    Till I had to look at how
    my kids acted
    Till I had to realise if
    I didnt change they wouldn't
    And they might be worse in life
    Jaded by my world view
    i forgot growth
    Forgot that we can change
    day by day
    Consuming myself into
    myself had to stop
    I thank God I got this view
    Because today I lead as an example
    For tomorrow's legacy I leave
    A better person to follow

  • thehealer10 17w

    Mental Math

    Addition by subtraction, Simple
    Extensions made through renditions
    Catapulted through Time by Trauma.

    Divide to multiple, Complicated
    Traditions held Divergent
    Sucked towards Past Visions

  • musical_sparrow 20w

    In her castle, her portrait is painted with grace the strokes brushed in her painting printed with her tales and leaving her legacy behind.

  • keentiwari 20w

    हमारी सभ्यता

    आओ फिर से अपनी सभ्यता की ओर चलें
    अपनी संस्कृति की जड़ को फिर से सींचें

    बड़ों को प्रणाम और उनका सम्मान करें
    कहानियाँ और दुलार दादी-नानी से अपने नाम करें

    दिवाली पर घरौंदे और दिये से घर की सजावट
    और होली पर रंगों - गुलाल से रिश्तों में रंग भरें

    गाँव की गलियों में घूमें
    घर की दीवारों को छूकर चूमें

    गाँवों से हैं हम और हमारी आयी-गयी पीढियाँ
    आओ अपनी सदियों की मूल विरासत को समझें

    आओ अपनी संस्कृति में छिपे विज्ञान को समझें
    सबसे है ऊँची और विकसित हमारे समाज की जड़ें

    अपने धर्म और संस्कृति की कीमत को जानकर
    अाओ अपने बहुमूल्य जीवन की कीमत को समझें


  • sumedhrao 26w

    Your legacy is not your child or your property...
    It is the way posterity remembers you after you are gone...

  • halfpint 27w


    Fulfilling destiny
    Laying your years into legacy
    Your zenith awaits your Majesty
    Your words left behind, in a descriptive symphony
    Eloquence in all your proficiency
    Walking into your future, content in the making of your history
    Transcendence has commenced, say goodbye to cette vie

    © Half Pint
    what did I forget?

  • navoneil 30w


    Time falls off hair and wrinkled skin
    Like so many drops of sweat -
    They make a puddle where I stand.
    I dare not look down. I believe
    If I do, that will be the end of me.
    Do not tell me then
    How it must seem, if it is beautiful
    What shape it must have made,
    How deep indeed has it flown
    If it has grown roots enough
    To embrace.
    Do not tell me if it has found a home
    In a furrow upon this earth.
    I stand at the edge of a sky.
    I dare not look down. I believe
    If I do, that will be the end of me.