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  • touch_souls 2w

    8 rules for a peaceful life

    Many will tell you how to be happy in life but not peaceful... So here you go -
    1. Don't worry about life. Life isn't short if lived without having regrets.
    2. Remember you're not the only person happy or sad on this planet.
    3. Accept your failures & work on them.
    4. Never sabotage yourself on how others judge you. They're not YOU.
    5. Be the owner of your life.
    6. Never say Yes if you're not sure about something.
    7. Learn to say No to situations you're uncomfortable in.
    8. Be thankful for getting a chance to see a new morning everyday.

  • raizaa 6w

    You know how it feels like
    To be drowned in unending sorrow
    unwilling to fight for a gasp
    To be pulled into a hallow of darkness
    from where you never wanna escape
    To be deafened by the screeching silence of emptiness

    Ive felt that..

    When your mind and body
    are weak enough, even to breathe
    Leave alone getting up from the bed

    Those were sleepless nights
    spent staring at the ceiling
    And the relentless hours of the day,
    pushed hard to survive
    With a smile plastered onto your face
    With your soul being shattered
    into billion pieces

    Then, you cave yourself in
    Fleeing away from words and voices
    Anxious to step out
    Terrified by people
    Hunger and Thirst long forgotten
    And every time you look at the mirror
    you find yourself crumbling down into tears
    Unable to bear the pain..

    The Pain which crushes your chest
    and chokes you breathless
    The Pain that squeezes
    life out of every cell in your body
    The pain, that forces you to hurt yourself
    But not letting you die

    Until one day,
    You become Fierce and Fearless
    And Decide To free Yourself
    That moment,
    When you let It take You
    Forever Far Away from
    the Endless agonies
    And Unspoken truths
    And that's what you call
    Giving Up

    No.. That wasn't Me Giving Up
    That was Me, Stepping Up
    For Myself.!!
    And That Takes A Hell Lot of Courage !!!

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #depression #letstalk #life #death #love #pain
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    And Now When You Say
    " Let's Talk it Out"
    I wonder How !!


  • coffee_beanz 7w

    When The Devil Smiles

    On a cold winter day, I left a rose on his door
    I left no letter with it, just a small note the colour of gold.

    I felt my heart prick with thorns
    And my eyes prick with tears
    When that same night
    He fell down the pit of his fears.

    He never came out of those doors
    Neither will I ever know if he read my note
    But whatever drove him over the edge
    Only the Devil will be able to tell.

    I try to meet him in my dreams
    Meet him in my nightmares
    For any clue
    As to why he left so early.

    Leaving behind just that gold note
    Fallen dreams, untold promises
    And my heart shattered cold on the floor.

    But only the Devil knows
    Because he's the one who took my beloved
    He's the one that drove him over the edge of life.


  • rupe59 7w


    I hated him
    He fed off my dreams !
    Sooner I realised
    He lived rent free
    Reduced to closed spaces
    Mind my own prisoner
    I had nightmares
    No longer dreams
    Imagination crippled
    Scared of judgement
    The known enemy
    Often wishing to scout free
    Break barriers open
    Going the distance
    Declare it no Tenancy!


  • akd_shokeen 8w

    Dedicated to everyone dealing with life. If you want to talk about anything please DM me, I have dealt with mental health challenges and know loved ones who have done the same. I'm always ready to listen and I am always ready to have a conversation.
    #mentalhealth #diary #depression #poetry #letstalk

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    क्या चल रहा है

    कि मेरा खुद से झगड़ा चल रहा है
    मिजाज जरा उखड़ा-उखड़ा चल रहा है
    पता नहीं समझाऊं कैसे किसी को
    कि क्या है जो मेरे मन में चल रहा है
    कोई धुआं तो नहीं दिख रहा मुझे
    पर यहां कुछ तो है जो जल रहा है
    कि वक्त मेरा जैसे अभी रुका हुआ है
    बस यह घड़ी का कांटा है जो चल रहा है
    ना जाने कैसा तूफान है यह मेरे अंदर
    मेरा सूरज भी तूफान में ढल रहा है
    मैं अब और शब्द नहीं जुटा पा रहा हूं
    छोड़ो तुम ही बताओ क्या चल रहा है?

  • 01priyaa 8w

    Talk and support

    The solution is not to kill self ...but try to kill the shoutout thoughts
    Empower your thoughts ,kill your imaginations
    Beat your issues , beat your mental illness .
    Dont judge a person with mental issues
    Create awareness .. help the person to feel your helping hands

  • doctorceastra 8w

    #hope #strength #life #letstalk #speakup #depression #lession

    Why do we fear to speak about what makes us sad?
    Why can't we speak about our feelings?
    Why do we fear judgement over life?

    Speak up you!!
    Before you decide to break up with you...

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    Speak up! before you break up.

    Speak up,
    Before you break up.
    Life my dear friend is not so easy,
    There are

    Some that hold you back, while some make it breezy,
    Some that make you smile, while some bring melancholy,
    Some pretty decent, while some much crazy,
    Some which push you through, while some so scary,
    Some bright and shiny, while some dark and hazy,
    Some that bring you confidence, while some which make you lazy

    Dear friend,
    Before you decide to break up,
    Just for once speak up.

  • myserenewords 8w

    Woke up to numerous people asking others to speak up about depression.
    I’ve been doing this for a while now and all I can hear about is - No one loves me, I’m being bullied, I hate myself etc.
    Maybe we should start with stopping our judgements on people based on their appearances.
    Because honestly no one is born with depression.
    It’s the fucked up society that makes us feel this way.
    Being a part of this society, I hope we can make a difference.

    Contact me if you are having suicidal thoughts and suffering from depression.

    #SushantSinghRajput #Suicide #Depression #Letstalk #Writers #Poets #WritingCommunity #Poetry #Poetscommunity #Mirakeewriters #Readwriteunite @mirakee @mirakeewriters @readwriteunite

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    It starts with “I’m not good enough”
    and ends up in taking our lives.


  • kottak 10w

    Let's talk

    Let's talk about it. Lets discuss difference of opinions and the culture we have established. Let's look at the facts. I am privileged. A white female I know this. My life is inherently easier because of my face. My gender has its own struggles but lets talk about colors. I still start sweating and keep my.hands on the steering wheel when I am pulled over I dont make sudden moves because that's what I was taught. I respect authority even when they are wrong because that's what I was taught. But I do not fear getting pulled over because of my color
    .I dont fear being profiled. I do not know what is like to grow up in proverty and drugs on ever corner. I do not know what's it like to have most things against me. I do know what it's like to run to my car in the middle of the night. To be wiry of men I do not know. To fear someone because of their gender. I do know what's like to be riducled for my outfit and blamed when I am the victim.Some one please tell me when violence has ever changed anything?! Violence breeds violence. How many wars have we faught? How many riots have caused changed? How many more people dying and being injured have ever changed anything? How many martyrs have effected "thier cause" positively. Violence breeds fear and angry. People die when they have the finger on the trigger because of either. Lets talk about it. We have the right to protest when injustice happens because it does every day. We have the right to protect ourselves in our homes. We have the right to educate ourselves to make difference. We have the right to change the culture we live in and to learn from our mistakes.But we DO NOT have the right to riot and insight chaos. We DO NOT have the right to start fires and throw rocks through windows and loot stores because someone tell me how any of that is shedding light on our issues? How any of that bring glory to those who have lost their lives at the hand of someone who feared them based on color? How does not letting ambulance through that carry infants shed light on innocents dying ? Explain it to me because I do understand how shooting each other during these riots bring awareness to the public. How shouting fuck the police because they made a mistake. The police are HUMAN. we as society cannot burn down building and condemn entire groups of people based on the mistakes of a few. When a school teacher rapes a student we do not burn do then school or stop sending our children . When a doctor causes harm we do not burn down hospitals or refuse to go when we need help. Just like we do not stop calling the police when we are the victims or need them. When lives our lost we have to educate ourselves and stand for those who lost a voice. But someone please talk to me about how this is gonna bring change because from an outsider view the hate is spreading and the problem is increasing. We dividing even more because we do not have the answer. The system is broken it will not be fixed by fires and blood shed. It will not change over night. Fear will always run deep but love has to run deeper. We as a society need to turn to one another and forgive , trust rebuild. Right now , the whole world is just gonna burn. Let's talk about it.

  • 01priyaa 12w

    Need Attention

    Sometimes In life, you feel sad without any reason
    And you can’t help it, And you can’t deal with

    Every time people ask me you that are you okay.
    It ’s just a reminder for me that you not OK at all.

    Need to resolve issues

  • alextheft 16w

    I wish I was you

    I felt a vibe of shiver when you spoke,
    That drooping life, injected a stroke,
    I wish I was you when you spoke,
    When you felt that overwhelmed choke,

    I held that vile of guilt past you drank,
    I wish I was you before you sank,
    Could feel what you felt as you drank,
    And try to undo what all was blank,

    Who are you? I don't know,
    Maybe soon and slow
    You'll pass it to someone you won't know,
    This how we all will grow.

  • saptadeep_paul 19w


    Why are we so afraid to fall in love?
    Why are we so broken?
    Why are we faking our smiles?
    Why are we lying to ourselves?

    I don't know how many of you are reading this and what's the status of your life. I hope you guys are doing well and happy with your own life. But those who are broken, afraid to fall in love again or faking smile and showing the world that you guys are doing absolutely fine please don't. Tbh the problem is in us. We don't communicate. We don't talk, we don't share what we are going through thinking that people would judge, they would make fun of us. And yes it's true. A few of them will definitely do that but trust me not everyone's like that. If you guys try to communicate, you will find someone who's damn funny, who can make you laugh anytime any situation, you can find someone who's going to give you the best advice. Someone who would be too flirty, chessy , and funny at the same time and i guess that's cool, because that's kind of me. Someone might be too caring and sensitive. And who knows you might fall in love all over again. It's just that we need to talk. Everyone has a story. Everyone needs a listener. Be someone's. You never know where it's going to take you. Some of you say that you can never fall in love again and if you do you can't love that person like you loved your ex. Let me tell you, you don't need to love him/her like you loved your ex because that didn't work out. And if you guys are waiting for someone thinking that he/she would be back please don't. If that person is your destiny, then maybe not today but oneday you guys going to be back again. And if you are waiting for that day i repeat please don't. You are simply missing those beautiful moments of your life. You have one life and life goes on. One of my closest friend once told me "Alag ho jayenge toh ho jayenge yaar. Kya fadak padta hai? Mar thodi jayenge. Ek hi zindagi khushi se jeena hai yaar. Kabhi kabhi ek dusre ke bhalai ke liye jane dena hi behtar hai yaad rakh saley." I hope you are reading this cutie and i don't need to mention you and tu gawar hai yaad rakh. Anyways i hope if you guys have read this you know what i am trying to say is One life. Let's enjoy each and every moment. Talk to new people, explore. And trust me this is fun.

  • farmaan_001 27w

    Aao Baat Kare

    Mohabbat ki baatein humse
    kiya na karo,
    Uss gali ko chhode ek
    Jamana ho chala hai.

    Nafrat ki baatein humse
    kiya na karo,
    Use Bhulne ka...
    Ab woh bahana ho chala hai.

    Karni hai toh siddhat ki
    baat kro,
    Unn nigaho se..
    Hame kisi aur ko deedar
    kiye.. ek arsa ho chala


  • gabie_abutu 33w

    Let's talk.
    Let's talk of the rising and setting sun.
    Let's talk about the rain and how He is in it.
    Let's talk about our deepest fears.
    About what makes us tick.
    Let's talk about pain.
    About tears shed at 2am when others are asleep.
    About broken hearts and shattered trust.
    About joy and happiness.
    About crazy times and mad people.
    About the precious moments that fill the memory box.

    Let's talk about kisses that melt the heart.
    About hugs that makes everything perfect.
    About touches divine.
    Lets talk about how we feel,
    About what we felt and for whom.
    About the world and its madness.
    About the people in it and their stories.

    Let's talk about the stars,the moon and works of creation.
    About science,religion,politics,conspiracy theories.
    About sex,desire and workings of our bodies.
    About our dreams and aspirations.
    About where we are and where we want to be.
    Let's talk about nothing and everything.
    Let's just talk
    Because this silence
    Is deafening..

  • sarkar_srestha 35w


    So what is his definition of being "modest" I really want to know? I am furious at this and I'm taking this very personally because I'm a "human being" And every creature who is humane should take this personally.
    So dear you, let me give you a reality check of modesty and greatness of Rapists. Infants with a flat breast wrapped wholly in cloth ,who has nothing to provoke are raped. Women in burkha, in saree in salwar are raped too exactly with the same brutality and insanely sick behavior how a girl dressed in "short dress" is raped. The best part is even dead bodies and pregnant goats are raped. I guess the goat had provoked those 4 men and indicated them to rape her. The dead women in coffin too must have dressed not so modestly that's why she was raped in grave. The nine day old , oh it didn't wear anything that's why you were provoked.

  • dawncmason 38w

    Those same people who got lots to say about your boy or girl got a lot to say about you when you are not with them. Keep listening.

  • life_sucks_ 38w


    I was at my relatives today
    I felt something very strange there.

    There was all 7 people in the house at that time but what surprised me more was no one was talking to each other, everyone was on their phone talking to someone far away from them and texting someone and rest were scrolling social media.

    Where are we going in our life and what are we doing I don't know but i seriously feeling this hunger inside my heart,
    Hunger of talking to my own parents
    Hunger of discussing things with them
    Hunger of sharing some old memories

    Here, I am talking about the memories from my childhood that i made without them, how many things I faced alone and how desperately i want to discuss everything with them, I just want them to know that there was a time when the only thing that I wanted is to share my whole day with my mom and talk to her about how teachers praised me for my good work and behaviour and how my maths teacher use to scold me daily not because he hate me or I am a bad student but he want me to do better in that subject and that's the only reason he used to scold me separately.

    I want to discuss about my future plans with them and I hate it when they ignore my talks and change the topic whenever I try to talk to them.
    They still don't know much about me, my like dislike and other things. I don't want them to know any of that because I'm all grown up and mature now but I wanna talk, I wanna discuss, I wanna laugh while discussing about my school days and stuffs.

    But, yep that's true that you won't always get what you want so just live your life and always try to bring a change for good, it will take time and I know you are thinking that this shit can take forever but trust me it totally worth waiting so just keep trying for your better tomorrow.
    You know you can't change some people's thinking and your past but you can change future by giving a better education and mentality to the one who will come under your supervision, the one whom you will look after and show them the right path.
    So never stop doing good to others it will not gonna cost you anything but it will give you tones and tones of happiness, and who hates being happy

  • ek_musafir_qalam 40w

    Feeling depressed, please call up a friend and talk. I know it's hard but please talk. #LetsTalk #FaceDepression

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    A Semi-Colon?

    Remember the days in school,
    We had lots to say in your essays,
    But the teacher imposed sentence limits
    To our chattering minds.
    They too knew we were smart enough
    To let each unwanted ink dots
    From a full-stop to a liberating semi-colon
    And start again.
    It may seem ending life is the only option now.
    But is it? Are you sure? I know you are.
    But please think once more, are you?
    For you might know,
    A Full-stop is just a step away from being
    A Semi-colon.
    Those who see the Dawn must persist through the Night.


  • metamorphosis15 41w


    Feelings are tricky
    Emotions can be the same way
    What are we suppose to do with them?
    Can they be expressed in a way that others understand
    Is it bottled up, until the wrong time? Is there ever a right time?
    Or is it a speak your mind dont hold your tongue and might feel regret later?
    How about trying an approach of that upset me but lets sit and talk later so we are on the same page.
    It can be uneasy and uncomfortable to convey emotions, however once done it feels like a weight has been lifted.
    Once the weight has been lifted it does not feel like an asthma attack or hyperventilating
    We should be comfortable in our skin, with our emotions and feelings.
    Also be able to teach our kids or younger ones how to express them
    Each day is not perfect, but each day can be better than the day before with communication

  • meghanyoungpoet 45w

    I let my brain scar my body but I will not let my brain take my life.