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    Letter 1

    I hope you are doing well
    On all kind of days it is still going to be you ,as silly as it may sound in today's time, which is filled with texts and other numerous unfiltered communication arenas, but some times I still sit down at my old trusty brown desk, with the old computer and the same old keypad I'm so used to, and write you everlasting letters- about things I would like to tell you, my graduation, my not so perfect life, about the fact that I almost burnt my kitchen and even about the new couch
    Its burgundy
    You always secretly loved burgundy
    I'm sorry it took me so long to figure out....

  • ruchibisht25 4h

    I don't know what to say or what to do but yeah between all ups and down in our relationship I had realised that you, you are the one I m in search for.you r the one who brings happiness in my life whole heartly.you r the perfect man for me, the man i have dreamt of.. I don't how to put it but yeah whether you made me cry or made me laugh I will love you even more passionately than before.you r someone i am afraid of losing, you r someone who makes me complete.
    Thanks for being in my life,thanks for showering so much love over me,thanks for being only mine,thanks for being caring......
    I love you more than infinity.i love you who you are.

    Always Your's.

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    To the man I love♥️

    "You are perfect for me".

  • upsilon400 10h

    #love #letter #romance (an attempt at least)

    Plastered Walls

    To my dearest love. That is a red one.
    There, do you see it, this red rose I give,
    I would bear the thorns only for my love.

    Think not 'He's gone mad', say not 'I leave you'
    for love makes men odd and woman the judge,
    and I would be sad if you should not smile.

    Remember those walls of plaster that kept
    each of us apart. If they were not there
    then we would not love the same way we do.

    I don't understand why you do not smile.
    Is this how it feels, to be frowned upon,
    to see apathy again yet love it.

    Do I not please you with all that I give,
    do I not know you with all that I know
    when you shared your past and I told you mine.

    Have I forgotten an age old promise?
    Is it to love you? I already do.
    To be with just you? You know I'm faithful.

    Am I not enough, do you not love me
    as I had loved you, or do you test me
    to see if I do, to prove I love you.

    I'd do anything and you know that too,
    this proves you love me, oh how I love you.
    But I would ask you 'Smile if you love me',

    and you had smiled then and said that you did.
    I said 'I love you' and I meant that too.
    You said 'I love you' and you didn't lie.

    I remembered that and I miss those days.
    How I had missed you over plastered walls,
    there I will find you. Truly yours, your love.

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    Plastered Walls

    Do I not please you with all that I give,
    do I not know you with all that I know
    when you shared your past and I told you mine.

    Have I forgotten an age old promise?
    Is it to love you? I already do.
    To be with just you? You know I'm faithful.

    Am I not enough, do you not love me
    as I had loved you, or do you test me
    to see if I do, to prove I love you.

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  • connecting_stories 1d

    I wrote a letter for you with
    All of my love and respect.
    Your beautiful image got
    Stuck into my eyes the very
    First day i saw you, I wanted
    To give you something just to
    Say thanks for your existence
    Not in my life but in my dreams.
    I left that letter into your diary
    With a hope, that one day you will
    Read it with all of your love and

    ©connecting_stories | Poorvi garg

  • moondust 1w


    Words don't come out of my mouth,
    they stuck letter by letter in the back
    They travel myself taking my breath away,
    leaving my lips dry
    They never combine but still reach my mind
    one by one, once again
    A puzzle unsolved and a piece of my heart untold,
    a beautiful silence and a secret noise behind it
    And I still can't help but save my words and
    swallow the essence of someday being finally told


  • prajkr 1w

    A letter to the soul from my heart

    Dear soul,
    Remember the days you were shackless and unbound
    And I was at liberty to beat free
    It wasn't too long ago
    Until you accuired feelings and collected emotions
    Over a girl you claim to have seen all seasons in
    Wasn't her Summer that set your eyes ablaze
    And her spring bloom petals of misery
    Have you forgotten how her winter is keeping you frozen
    Chained in this ice and cold
    How could I ever beat to the rhythm of life
    You sold your mind too her
    And then sold me too
    But was it honorable trade
    You cashed in pain and sorrow
    Rains and hurricanes of selfish play
    What more could you possibly sell
    Are you done with her
    Pray you are
    I want you to break free
    I want to beat free
    Can we move on
    From the blizzard she sent
    Can we leave this unsettling season
    So we could shine in the summers of our own
    And swim in the springs of self love
    Heal and cure in rains of purity
    Beat to the rhythm of life

    The heart that beats a little.

  • smakshi 1w

    Dear Outline,
    It's been a long journey without you.
    These eighteen years have passed,
    looking for you, in everyone i know.
    Yes, i surely got some reflections of you in many,
    but, search for finding you as a whole
    is still something my eyes always crave for.
    I've already lived my empty moments with you,
    without you, being there.
    Take your time.
    I won't compell you to be quick.
    But make sure that when ever you arrive,
    arrive with no departure.
    When ever you arrive,
    it ought to be forever!

    Your dearie.

    - Smakshi

  • ankita_mirip 1w

    In the era of status updates on social media and text messages,
    Her heart still feels the happiest when she receives hand written notes!!

  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 1w

    You are the brightest star in the night sky. Every other celestial body pales in your comparison.

  • psychoteju 1w


    Happiness of new Smile
    Dreadful emotion of Sorrow
    Rush of Life
    Struggle to breathe
    Smell of Life and Death
    Makes me energetic and
    Bloodline alive
    To fulfill dream and
    to explore hidden surprise of life

  • jitender_rishi 1w

    When thousand thoughts can’t define you,
    I feel you in my breath and you are my life.


  • aliciamariex3 1w

    My boyfriend's children all of a sudden and out of nowhere didn't want him to be with me because it would mean their parents would never get back together despite their mom being in a #committed #relationship with another man. He chose to make them happy. With his permission, i #mailed them a #letter explaining that I #love them all and asking them for a chance to make them happy as a new family. Today I saw a snapchat of him walking around the house. There was the #envelope.

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    The envelope.

    There it is.
    Sitting there on the kitchen counter.
    Unexplained to who it was intended for.
    So now I know you've received it.
    They don't even know about it do they?
    You haven't said a word about the mail.
    Please. Let them read it.


  • detached_soul 2w

    My dear pupil,

    Perhaps this is my last long letter to you. My poor health doesn't allow me to write much these days. Sometimes I curse myself for not being able to use a computer keyboard or mobile keypad to type with ease but I am happy that I have maintained my exclusivity. I know I'm the odd man out, perhaps a unique specimen. I appreciate the idea of voice notes, but writing letters has always been my first choice.

    I don't know if I was an ideal student in my school days. I lived in a different era. Well, every generation says that. But you know how drastically the world has changed during the last few decades. In our times even transistors were a luxury. A lot has been written and discussed about how these changes have affected every walk of life in some way or the other.

    The field of education is no exception.
    It has become a game of high commerce and countless views have been expressed in favour of and against this commercialisation.

    Let me tell you that Mr. Roy, the teacher who shaped me during my formative years could barely make ends meet. He died a pauper. Teaching was his mission and his passion. In his days, government teachers weren't paid handsomely. Of course they were not barred from giving private tuitions, but they never earned enough to lead a comfortable life. However, the satisfaction they derived from teaching was immense. Mr. Roy wouldn't accept a single rupee from those who couldn't afford to pay his fee(though it was nominal).

    I was somewhat luckier. You know that my wife was also a teacher and we didn't really have to struggle much. After retirement, I thought it was time to give back to society, and starting my own study centre with a well-equipped library was a good way of doing it. We aren't getting any younger and we can't defy aging. But we spend our evenings at the centre. We have a number of volunteers who spare their valuable time to teach/guide the students.

    I'm really happy to see you at the zenith of your chosen field. From an outstanding chemistry teacher to the owner-director of the most famous science classes in the town, your journey (and progress) has been fabulous. I still remember the day when you approached me for the first classified advertisement of your classes. You couldn't afford to pay for a week-long box-slot in a leading daily hence we had to settle for a less expensive newspaper.

    And yesterday I saw your full-page ad in the same leading daily. It really made me proud.

    I know you are wise and you don't need to be guided. You're known for your meticulous planning and you execute your plans really well. Today, many reputed science teachers in the town consider it an honour to be associated with your classes.
    Your success speaks.

    My dear pupil, there's nothing wrong about earning money and enjoying the fruit of your labour. While your success makes me proud, I just have a small suggestion for you, in fact, it's a request. You know our society has a large number of economically backward students. Many of them are talented and intelligent and they can compete with the best if guided and coached properly.

    I have risen from a humble background, so have you, hence we can understand it. Let's not forget that someone showed us kindness when we really needed it. Today, it is easily possible for each of our leading tuition classes to impart free coaching to a few students. I'm sure you're more than willing to do your bit. In my view it will greatly enhance your reputation(which is already high). The initiative would certainly be expanded to other parts of the town too.
    One of the greatest feelings that a human being can experience is the blessing of helping the needy.
    I hope you won't mind my humble suggestion.

    Your ailing tracher

  • psychoteju 2w

    Dear Teacher

    Thank you, for your hard work and dedication
    and for all things you have done for me
    because of you I am sure I become
    what I dreamed of being.
    T - Teaching me rise up, instead of fall
    E - Erases all my negativity with positivity
    A - Allowing me to create and explore
    C - Cares for me as own child
    H - Help me to escape failure and grasp success
    E - Educates me in all ways
    R - Realising that every child need teacher like you


  • bejubaanshayar 2w

    #Shayarnama #shayrinama #mrak #letter

    #Yun hi #nahi #khaton se #khusboo aati thi
    #Wo #jab #bhi #likhti #thi #khat #mujhe
    #Pagal si #ladki #thi #Kagaz #ko
    #Shiyahi or #aansu #dono se #bhigati thi

    Yun hi nahi khaton se khusboo aati thi
    Wo jab bhi likhti thi khat mujhe
    Pagal si ladki thi Kagaz ko
    Shiyahi or aansu dono se bhigati thi

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    Yun hi nahi khaton se khusboo aati thi
    Wo jab bhi likhti thi khat mujhe
    Pagal si ladki thi Kagaz ko
    Shiyahi or aansu dono se bhigati thi

  • halfburntcigs 2w

    Dear Harsh and Madhav,

    I don't know how to start this letter. What should be said and what shouldn't be. What should be done and what isn't done. I do not know. But one thing I know is you didn't deserve it.
    You didn't deserve getting thrashed by those 20-25 goons. You didn't deserve getting blamed and framed with those nasty crimes you didn't do. They say,"we get what we deserve." But this is definitely not what you deserved.
    You asked those girls to move their car that was blocking your way. I'm sure you were polite about it.Because when you asked them,you recalled talking to your mother and your sisters. You recalled how you didn't need to raise your voice when you spoke to them. That's what you did. Infact ,you asked the guard to tell them the same. But they didn't listen. It could've been easy if they would have just parked it on the side or maybe if they could've realised the inconvenience they were causing. It could've been a normal day and you wouldn't be smelling like medicines. You would be conscious,you could've been home.
    But things don't go as the way we think they would. These girls acted in a whole different way than expected. They didn't need to. They are noone to decide your worth. They are just noone.
    Under the tag of feminism ,a lot of girls think they can get away with almost anything in life. They think linking guys with such horrendous crimes would give them a getaway with almost any damn thing. Little do they realise that this could become a reality and this could turn out to be true.
    After getting beaten up so badly,you still gathered all your might and drove to the police station only to figure out they had filed a FIR falsely stating you molested them. I can't say I understand what you must've felt to hear that.
    A lot many girls go through molestation ,rapes ,abuse and various other heinous crimes and words I could think of. This law wanted to give justice to the ones who were really suffering. But today...at this very moment this law is tired too! Tired of screaming that I guard the innocents and the victims! Tired of yelling that I punish the wrong doers and criminals. Tired of women who falsely allege a man with hoax accusations.
    I'm sorry because you are my brothers. Brothers from different mothers,so it may be. I hope that this law sees right through you and speaks for you. I hope the false allegations fade out from your memory though I know it's tough. I hope you get the justice you deserve.
    I know you're hurt and I know this law can't fix it. I know it can't give you back your self-respect you lost to those 20-25 men who thrashed you. But you're strong ! And I know you'll stay that way through out life.
    They say respect women. They are life givers. But what do you do when they turn into blood thirsty morons and blame others for their own faults ? What do you do when the women we worship become traitors who claim lives of innocents? What do we do?
    I'm scared. I really am. Not just of men but of women too. I'm scared of every human being on the face of this earth. I do not know whom I should trust and I bet you feel the same. We are scared.
    When I was a child,i dreamed of fairytales and the only demon in my tale was a dinosaur with a breath of fire. But now these demons come in various shapes and sizes. They can be Male or a female. They do not spew fire but their claws tear you apart. They feed on you and your emotions. They make you feel vulnerable. They are disguised as humans.
    I'm sorry. I'm conveying this to you on behalf of all women like me who still think,not all men are the same. That some men are genuine,kind and don't look at me like I'm a piece of meat they want to dine on. That some men like my brothers,have the decency and courtesy when they talk. That all men aren't rapists or molesters.
    I can't come to see you. I can't hold your hand and tell you that it's gonna be okay. You don't need to worry. The ones who did this to you will be punished. But I'm sure there are people around you who would do it on my behalf. I hope you recover soon. I hope it's all over till then. I hope you can resume your routine life which is full of colors. And I hope when you recover,you do not start hating me or any other woman. All I can do is,hope. My prayers are always with you. Stay blessed. We will fight this off. Take rest,survivor. You've been a victim but you're a survivor. And survivors do a lot more than merely surviving.

    Yours truly,
    A sister from a different mister.


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    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    A letter from a sister.
    (Read caption)
    PC:To it's rightful owner.

  • _yourskiki_ 2w


    Dear ME!
    Congratulations you have grown up
    You have turned into a woman
    You struggled but never gave up
    So you are a hero of your story
    Dear ME stay the same
    cause your parents love you as the way you are

  • animefanpoet 2w


    I only have a fear....
    That someday...
    Someone very dear...
    Will go far away....
    That there will be no...
    Left to see.....
    Left to feel.....
    Only time....
    Can make this wound....

  • mona05 5w

    Regret -

    If only I would have listened.....

    to my instinct.

    how i wished should not burnt
    those post letters written
    by my late father to me!!!