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    If you are a true lover
    Doesn't matter you are gay or lesbian
    Never mind the shit people are telling
    Just keep in mind
    This is YOUR LIFE.


  • ciara1 2w

    Crossing The Downtown Gay Bar

    Sunset evening star,
    leaving the college campus
    was like a moment won't be forgotten.

    One clear call for me!
    Meeting up with this guy that I have known since grade school.
    This was a happy moment of joy.

    Waiting, waiting and waiting on his presence while I sat alone across the street from the local downtown bar.

    I sat far across by a grocery store
    with tables and seats. watching in view. Seeing guards standing by, and ordinary looking females entering in carrying bags.

    I was pondering to myself, why are they wearing regular clothing infiltrating a club bar?

    It soon dawned on me they were early strippers preparing for their act.

    20 minutes later he showed up and we both entered the bar carrying our bag packs, but according to bar's policies, we had to remove them.

    The bar stand only had one guest. An old koone sitting all alone by the bar day dreaming. I was curious about the elderly man. Saying to my friend Jordon, how can a old man be going to the bar?

    I approached the elderly man, and sat near by the bar stand while waiting on the stripers. "Are their any female gay strippers here or is they all straight?"

    "They are both," the man replied.

    "Does the strippers turn you on?"

    "Yeah, that's why I'm here am I?" He replied.

    "Do you like it here?"

    The man was getting weary of my skeptical questions of that place. "You sure ask a lot of questions ma'am," he said.

    Seeing a female stripper walking up to me and appointing me to a sex room in darkness was a moment of satisfaction.


  • fallaciesandfantasies 3w

    Does it not amaze you
    How words can feel sometimes
    Like a cozy blanket
    A tight hug
    A warm bowl of your comfort food
    And a ray of sunshine


  • soulful_mess 3w

    2 years of scrapping of Article 377

    Daamnn .. Its been 2 years already..
    He still remembers that day with utmost precision...
    The moment he read that humanitarian news at that lunch table with all those colleagues of him all preoccupied with the jokes around the hectic work season..
    That closeted guy screamed some sort of emotions that's far superior to happiness or freedom..
    Yes .. He's no longer a criminal for getting intimate with the person he loves..
    The way he tried to pitch in a conversation on the topic and trying to find how his colleagues would react & vouching for it in a low-key manner and not giving out hints..
    The way some reacted in a very positive manner to it.. It all gave some sort of validation to come out and let the world know who you are...
    There's a lot more to go in the front of lgbt rjghts.. but somehow this is the foundation to humanity & a mansion shall some day soon be built on it..

  • watermelonsugar 4w

    they eye me up and down
    i swallow ice like religion,
    i choke on my own beliefs,
    i force blood out of my pierced lips,
    and i wear it like scarlet red lipstick
    to my soul's funeral

    since i committed a sin:
    i loved.
    -a girl

    they say homosexuality is a disease,
    a contagious disease,
    and that i should stay away

    Mother, if you only knew
    i am diagnosed of that disease.

    i should be holding a hand,
    but I'm holding shame instead.

    drown me in a rainbow
    and i will make it colorless
    throw me in hell
    and i will declare it dead

    i committed a sin
    -and i am proud of it.


  • evvy 4w

    2020 [Trigger Warning]

    Parents kill their children ‘cause they’re anti-vax
    People protest just to not wear a mask
    A global pandemic’s “political” now
    I wish I could stop it but I don’t know how

    Children like me are depressed and self-harmed
    Yet most of their parents aren’t even alarmed
    I wish I could stop my urges to throw up
    But my reflection gives too much of a fuck

    People die every day for the color of their skin
    I can’t even fathom the stress that they’re in
    Rioters get away with burning our flags
    While peaceful protesters are in body bags

    I don’t want to get bullied for my orientation
    But homophobic pieces of shit sweep the nation
    I want to be accepted for the gender I am
    Trust me when I say I’m doing all I can

    Kids know about things that shouldn’t exist
    I’m only 12, but I have a whole list
    Minors are abused by the ones they should love
    But there are no prints when you’re wearing a glove

    Panic attacks are getting even commoner
    Sometimes I breathe faster than a highway speedometer
    It takes hours and hours to even start to calm down
    And it’s harder to hide it ‘cause there’s a lockdown

    My mental health’s dropping and I want to be hung
    But my feelings aren’t valid because I’m “too young”
    Some kids hurt in silence ‘cause their parents don’t listen
    When I grow up, ending that will be my mission

    More and more happiness seems to be gone
    Every day this dreadful year goes on
    My mental state came crashing down
    I just wanna stop it here and now

  • not_a_p0et 5w

    Always give your best, be humble & kind. Kindness is something you'll never regret.
    #heartbreak #lgbt

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    NO regrets

    I'm content for having given my best.
    For Loving you unconditionally,
    Caring without expectations,
    Though I was dumped for another,
    I can't regret. Instead I'm glad that
    I gave MY ALL


  • _nandini_thapa_ 5w

    Why is it that people look at us as if we r not allowed to even exist forget about being in love... Why can't people normalize it... Is it so hard to accept the fact that it is the truth....
    #LGBT #love

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    I fasts and pray..
    Let our love last and let it stay...

  • ciara1 5w

    I Have A Dirty Heart and A Beautiful Soul

    I have a dirty heart
    Of lust,
    A hurt soul from
    my past life
    Everyone has a past,
    I have a beautiful soul
    At encouraging people, writing tons of poetry,
    advice poems and writing good books,
    Yet I have a dirty heart of
    Sin for women I see out on the streets, on apps,
    Through any platforms.
    When I see a woman who I am
    attracted too, I undress them with my lustful eyes,
    I have a dirty heart.
    A woman can wear a dark robe or dress like a man,
    I still will undress her beneath
    The covered robe,
    I admit it,
    I am a bisexual woman,
    I long for men, but I lust for
    Any woman I talk to who I am attracted too, I see them sexually, but I know
    How how to control my urges.
    I have a beautiful soul
    praying everyday, studying Gods words, doing meditations,
    But yet I have a dirty heart of
    Hunger for women soft breasts,
    And want every peace of their bodies,
    I have a beautiful heart of
    Treating people with kindness,
    Happiness, outspoken and all about keeping the peace, but my heart is so dirty that I
    Have deep sexual urges for women.
    I may look like a pure straight woman, but honestly I am not. If I can't accept who I am, than I can't accept anyone who is like me.
    Always accept and support the LGBT communities.

    © All Rights Reserved


  • ciara1 5w

    I Have A Dirty Heart and A Beautiful Soul

    When I see any woman,
    I undress them with my lustful eyes,
    I have a dirty heart. See next post if you are really curious to read more

  • ciara1 6w

    The Heart of Being In Love With
    Someone I Didn't Know

    Someone handsome came one day i hardly even knew physically, came into my
    Life out of the blue,
    That I hardly even knew.
    Who was this man?
    This man was talked among
    My mother,
    She told me, Ciara, Me and your aunts found you someone
    Who could be your lover.
    Who is this man?
    my family told me, Ciara, we
    found this man at a pizza
    joint who is handsome.
    Well, how do he look?
    Mother told me, awe child,
    he would be a good fine man
    to have beautiful babies with
    to come home to cook with.
    Described this man to me please, is he light skin or dark skin?
    Naw child, he is average and thin.
    But what color is his skin?
    Oh child, he is Mexican.
    I want proof?
    That day of wonder of
    Meeting someone through my family that I will never forget.
    Omar was his name,
    Texting him all night in desperation was myself to blame,
    I didn't know what the meaning of true love was,
    I admit it, I was young.
    Sitting in class lectures messaging Omar with my
    Good mornings and evenings
    made me felt better.
    How could someone be so
    In love with someone through a text message and not yet seen?
    Each day and each moment, I kept asking the man of my dreams,
    To meet me on a Saturday,
    But he had to work around his schedule daily.
    It seemed so long,
    three months not waiting to hold on.
    That feeling of meeting
    the man I hardly even
    knew was a kind of feeling
    I was willing to surrender my all to this man than not to surrender my all to God.
    Oooh that moment giving up
    Everything that was my addiction,
    that was no longer my convictions.
    Intentionally deleting every
    Pornographic videos I had on
    My On Demand to meet this man.
    I gave up my bisexual feelings
    For women,
    I really wanted to meet this man,
    But I had to delete every single lesbian porn on my phone.
    Repeating the words out loud,
    Oh I had to give it up, I had to
    Give it all up for this man.
    I was no longer bisexual anymore,
    That moment I wanted to spend time with him more.
    That day texting Omar to
    my address.
    I had my mind to undress.
    Seeing him made me feel good,
    Meeting the Mexican man the
    first time was a blessing.
    Observing his figure and and spikey hair,
    Seeing him and watching him leave out the door with a handsome smile with no glare.
    Texting him again to see if he made it at home,
    But he responded back only to my last name instead of my first name that I thought was skeptical and wrong.
    That moment I knew he wasn't gonna go further,
    He never called or any day other.
    I felt so torn and
    Thought to why did I surrender my heart to this man that could find any other.
    That was the day that desperation was not going to get me anywhere or with any other,
    And I knew I could do better,
    But I didn't do better for awhile.
    I intentionally went straight back to my bisexual tendencies for women for a worth wild.

    © All Rights Reserved

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    Just realized that my "haikus" were actually senryu, which deal more with human nature, so...
    August 17, 2020
    #senryu #haiku #comingout #lgbt #queer #arrow

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    Senryu #1

    An arrow flies straight
    But life doesn't go as planned
    Guess I missed the mark ️‍

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    I can't breathe when you ask me if I want to go out,
    Going out involves dressing up, expressing yourself and being yourself.
    Going out involves stripping myself down to my most vulnerable self. I can't leave this part of me behind yet.

    I can't think of excuses to not take pictures. I love myself I really do, I just don't like myself right now. I just don't feel like myself in my clothes and in the one's I do, I can't explain to my parents why I want them.

    I can't think of myself as me anymore. I have changed so much I don't know who I am. Clothes may just be clothes to others but to me it is my self expression that I don't know how to put into words.
    So, I'd rather sit in my oversized hoodie and short-shorts rather than try to explain why I want to like more him than her.

    I'm not a man. I don't want to be one. I'm a woman who loves my body or I think I would. And I look forward to the day I don't have to think of all of this before I shop at the men's section.

    So, I can't breathe when you ask me to go out, or dress up. My guard is up and I don't know how to let it down.

  • arshia_gulrays 8w

    Converting songs into stories.
    Song: Realize
    Artist: Colbie Caillat
    #songs #shortstories #love #lgbt #gaypride #closetedgay

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    We sit on the beach away from the party and stare at the stars. They are beautiful tonight. Not at beautiful as him though. I don't tell him that. I knew he will take it as a joke. We both look behind as someone calls him. His girlfriend of the month. No one ever lasts more than a couple of months. "I wish you were a girl. I'd date you then and that would be it." He said one time. I've never hated myself for being a boy since then. Is that the only way we could be together? Why is sexuality so important? I can give him everything he wants and even more. We're perfect for each other. I know his every mood and every expressions. I know exactly what to say and when. He knows the same things about me. We know things about each other no one else does. We are perfect for each other. Sometimes he looks at me like I'm the only one in his life, then he goes and flirts with some random girl. At times he stares into my eyes and then lips, and it makes me feel dizzy. Its painful. I know it will never happen. I'm to blame as well. I never did tell him I go the other way, that I like boys. But I do know we will be perfect for each other. Only if he realize it as well.

  • _peripatetic_ 8w

    Say fare the well or goodbye
    Heart gonna brust into a thousand pieces but I'll not cry
    I have the memories with him to get by

    I still remember the moment he came
    My world stopped spinning
    Poetry become materialized
    All sense stopped
    Body gave me sign to stand up
    To tell him i want him
    To have a good time
    To be free and fair
    To hay
    And become my true self
    To be gay

    But i loathed him in sight
    To avoid the ignominy
    And the worldly fight

    Still can't believe i surmised myself to be straight
    Conjectured on that i started to hate
    Blinded by rules
    Folded by fears
    Wasted so much time oh my dear

    Then came the day i confronted
    Not being shy but forthright
    Masculinity dying
    Feminine urge growing
    He took me in his hand
    Kissed my forehead
    Already making me cum killing my hatred

    I forget the world outside
    They call it sin but that's what i decide
    Let me be the sinner
    Committing the sin
    To Kill their thought
    And live like a human being

    But who can escape the loophole
    This treacherous thing
    We try to leave it
    Yet it infuse us in

    say goodbye or fare the well
    'Cause no one can break this hell

    He'll be taken by some girl outside
    I'll be here to die with pride
    Pride of telling him
    Catechizing him
    Riding him
    Roistering him
    Slurping his dejection
    And making love with him
    Even if for a small infinity
    Isn't that enough for a peaceful death.


    Inspired from the movie: call me by your name.
    We must support LGBTQ. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality.
    #farewell @mirakee #pod #pride #writersnetwok #love #poetry #lgbt #�� #mirakee @writersnetwork #callmebyyourname
    @___7___ thanks for help in editing.
    P.c: original owner

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    Farewell (fare the well)

  • bhavyaaaax 10w

    As of now, in the 21st century with an immense load of development and technologies and what not under processing and with emergence of this so-called millennial generation, we're all still pretty unsure and to be precise unclear and ignorant about sexuality or gender preferences.

    I've seen people living in the modern era with medieval thoughts like one should stick to their biologically specified gender which is totally nerves racking. And it's absolutely horrendous to force someone to abide by someone else's choice and alter their preferences and wishes just because of societal stereotypes.
    Although, with the recent activities and protests by the LGBTQ+ society there have been positive changes which are clearly noticeable as the governments are now recognizing third genders etc.
    But do you think they are still comfortably welcomed by everyone??

    The words GAY, LESBIAN and TRANSGENDER are used for mockeries and name-calling and pieces of comedy by numerous famous comics and teens who get easily influenced walk upon the same paths and do the same. I mean are these guys sane enough? They're the ones creating stereotypes about dressing and appearances and what not but also at the same time joking about other societal stereotypes.

    In most of the countries we have this age around 18 years where a person is given a legal tag of being an adult and given most of their legal rights, but do you think this skeptical view of sexuality is letting them enjoy their legal freedoms? I mean it's totally the person's choice about how they dress or appear or how they want to but they're gender shamed by these mockeries.

    Is there a way to stop this? Is there any way we could get rid of this inhumane behaviour?

    Let's face the reality, nature made genders only to ensure effective reproduction so that the species does not go extinct. Nobody was asked about their sexual preferences before birth and we cannot do anything about it but can we at least be human enough to let people understand, know and freely speak about their gender? (It's still a taboo to talk about it transparently)

    Let's not be narrow minded enough that we begin reciprocating the society that existed a century back. Let's not lead the Homo sapiens sapiens community towards regression.
    Whomsoever it is, whatsoever their gender is, it's solely their choice and will. We are all humans first, were all given birth by nature and with equal rights. Let's live freely and form a socially neutral and acceptable society for everyone.


    ©Bhavya Bhatia

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    #writeup #writers #writeupoftheday #lgbtq #lgbt #humanity #equality #spreadlove #repost

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  • priopatra 10w

    Color crept to her cheeks

    "You know what? " , she said with that look in her eye,
    " Making you blush is like a myriad of rainbow colors being splashed into my plain gray life.
    My life's purpose must be just that, making you blush ."


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    Support all-gender��❤

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    You always fall in love with a PERSON

  • zeekaywrites 10w

    Love is Love

    God made Adam and Eve
    Is what everyone believe.
    What about Adam and Steve?
    And Madam and Eve?
    Come on, Just leave!

    The love is same,
    people think its shame
    and then they blame.
    That's lame.

    Let's be clear,
    without any fear.
    I've seen Romeo with Romeo
    And Juliet with Juliet.
    Why to regret?
    But rejection is what we get.

    © zeekaywrites

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    And my main account @ganga_013
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    Being who you are and knowing who you are is important.