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    Hey loves! I'm sorry I havent been posting much but theres a reason for that! Theres another website I use to post poems, storymirror.com, it isnt as much content as here though but I'm planning on putting more content. I may post here and there but I dunno.

    Anyway! For those who dont know what storymirror is, the website is more global and the contests the awards for that, some is to be featured in a anthology with other authors. Anyway right now there is a thing called Author of the Year, but to even think about winning that u first need to get nominated for author of th week based on the activity on ur content and when u get nominated for a week(theres more than one week and theres a different winner ever week) so several I mean a lot get nominated for jus one week and to win for that week u have to get voted by other ppl and the most votes wins author of the week. There are little prizes for that..

    And then all the author of the weeks will get voted for author of the year. And I'm mentioning this cuz..I got nominated for author of the week! Well eeek 5 of January I think..but I have no followers and no votes and I'm jus wondering if anyone can maybe help with that? But theres a catch cuz i think u have to get an account to vote and I jus thought that we can have a win win here. I introduce a new poem/short story website for u mirakeens to try and maybe I might have a chance in this. But I'm not that desperate ^^ (below is the message and the link)


    I, liathekitten, have been nominated for Author of the Week : Reader's choice . 

    Now I need your love and support to be the final winner.
    Vote for me and help me in my literature journey.  

    Here is the link to vote for me. 


     thank you"

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    Tumor in my Heart

    Tall, big, and buff figure
    Wrapped around my body
    Felt so warm and complete
    But now I'm feeling empty

    For once your arms have left me
    You picked up all your things with you
    Your voice, your mind, your heart
    Your warmth, your love, your lust

    The moment you left, created a something in me
    You brought all our love and lust and light with you
    And you left this pain..it left a tumor in my heart
    For it burns, so much that its gone numb

    Even my normal-occuring headaches,
    It aint bothering me anymore

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    Holiday Break

    Christmas Day
    Board games and family fun
    Money for gift and family dinner
    New games and candy too
    I feel chill

    One day with friends
    Day of fun and jokes
    Of smiles and jokes
    I feel freedom

    New Years Eve Eve
    Every person to themselves
    Phone on or off ain't matter
    Skip sleep, skip lunch
    Put a frown, slow movements
    I feel numb

    New Years Eve
    Last day of game and fun
    Last day of mistakes and memories
    Unto a new day, a new year
    I don't know how to feel about that

    About what? No idea
    Maybe being the end
    And the beginning
    At the same time
    I suppose it's New Years Now

    It's like I'm a zombie, though
    Yet I know I'm totally fine
    I don't feel sad...just numb
    Or maybe I'm just tired..
    But..i'm not depressed
    Just lonely
    Or maybe I don't text enough..

    Theres a fucking difference
    Between being depressed
    And feeling distached

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    Life After High School

    What I wanna be, you say?
    What I'm going to do, you say?
    What's my plan? What's my major?
    Where I'm going after 12th?
    All these questions, just to stress me out
    You say?

    My last year, my last chance
    To get my credits, to rise my grades
    To be a child, entering adulthood
    Last time of friendship and freedom
    After this, everything is going to go downn
    Really, really fast
    And you want to know what my plan is?
    What college I'm thinking of?

    Well, I don't know! Okay?
    I don't like school
    In any way
    And I don't like the feeling
    Of graduating to only going
    Back to hell, as an adult

    I don't like the stress of scholarships
    And applying, and colleges, the whole lot
    I'm just not a college person
    And I'm neither a military person
    I just plan to work, and get experience

    Is there anything wrong with that?
    Does that seem risky?
    Does that seem strange or something?
    Because I already know what I'm getting into
    I know the full consequences of my decision
    But it's already halfway through the year
    And I can't go back, already told my consolser
    And I don't plan to

    But you keep sending college emails
    You keep sending pamphlets and brochures
    You keep asking me about life after high school
    You keep pulling me from class
    And talking all about financial aid
    You called my parents
    You spammed my email
    You've sent headaches to my brain

    Well, guess what?
    I'm not changing my mind!
    I don't want to go to college!
    I don't want to keep thinking
    And thinking
    And thinking about college
    Or scholarships or anything!
    Because when I'm stressed out
    It's like a continuous burning
    In my mind, over and over
    And it never ceases

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    Inspired by quote #3: "He wants to say 'I love you' but keeps it at 'goodnight', because love would mean falling and he's afraid of heights." -unknown

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    ~I look at him, with stars in my eyes
    For he's like my galaxy
    Prefer him over the sky~

    *I look at her, when she looks elsewhere
    Sometimes our eyes meet, just for a second there
    Must turn away, although she pulls me*

    ~From day one, I knew
    But I know it'll never do
    Need to look forward, not back
    But its hard, something I lack~

    *Round and round we went
    From being close to being closer
    Then distance and strangers
    To being close again*

    ~I mean, he always pushes me away
    So I must stay away, even when i hate it
    But I don't want to stay away, I can't
    Rare, but sometimes, he would put me close
    Until we're at distance again~

    *I push her away to only push her close again
    I say 'no' but a part of me says 'yes'
    I deny and be firm with the 'no'
    But in the end, I know the truth
    Even then I ignore it, I will never show it*

    ~To the world, we're just friends
    To our friends, we're not that close
    But deep inside I know
    Deep inside I feel it
    And I know he feels it too..
    ..But it doesn't matter-
    So we stay 'Friends'
    But I still stare and admire his smile~

    *Touching at a minimum
    Staring at a minimum
    Used to lying and sneaking
    So it's easy for me
    Even when deep inside of me
    I want her, but I can't
    And I won't, I will not meet her eyes
    I will not send mixed signals
    No matter what my body tells me
    I hold my facade as if all is ok*

    ~It's late night and we had small chat
    We had deep talks and funny moments
    For so long I was waiting for the moment
    The words, the truth, the confession
    For the 'I love you'
    For everything to go back
    To how it was again!...~

    *I looked at her, knew what she wanted
    I don't even know what I wanted anymore
    Scratch that-I do! I already moved on
    Yea..I need her to move on too
    I push away what other me wanted to say
    And what I actually said was "goodnight"
    It came out bold and thick, short but sweet *

    ~I nodded my head and turned away
    Heading my way, down this road
    Alone, I knew it, I really did
    He moved on, maybe I should too
    In this dark narrow road..~

    *I did it. Now I just have to believe it
    Distract myself with things
    And never think of it
    Now she'll go on with her life
    and I'll go on with mine*

    ~If only he knew
    I only ever saw myself with him
    And nobody else
    But I won't tell him..
    It'll mess everything up..
    Cuz he doesn't feel the same~

    *Little did she know I once felt the same
    But not anymore!..right?
    Hope she lives a happy life
    And I'll live mine..
    No falling into deep dark holes
    I did the right thing, keep optimism
    Even if a little voice in me says
    'You're an idiot, man'*

    ~'You idiot!' I scolded myself
    From that day on, I knew
    Little did he know..
    I would never get over him
    And I don't want to..~


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    Hold my breathe
    Raise my shoulders
    Grip the table
    Clench my muscles

    Don't move, Don't breathe
    Don't give in, Don't think on it

    Exhale deeply
    Relax my body
    Close my eyes
    And hold my frown
    All is back, All is good

    I didn't loose myself today

    Self Control


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    A rich craving, like a heavy wave of it
    It's like being a vampire
    When the smell of blood
    Makes them go nuts

    It's like being pregnant
    And wanting everything
    Starting from chocolate
    And ending with tears

    It can be a blessing
    Like a hot chocolate chip brownie
    Within each bite is like a bite from heaven
    Or it can be a curse
    When you can't have that craving

    But when you crave a whole person
    You crave everything about them
    Their touch, their smell
    Their heat, their voice
    Their smile, their laughter
    Their whole existence

    It's like a bloodsinger or an imprint
    When you can't have them, it get's worse
    When you can't be near them too much
    When you have to contorl yourself
    Because you have to look at them
    You have to be near them
    You have to talk to them
    You have to touch them
    To kiss them
    To show them..

    For it's like a love and lust mixed together
    For it's like a friendship and crush mixed together
    For no matter what you do,
    Turning away isn't an option

    So you have to stay strong,
    To hold your breathe or grip the table
    To stay completely still,
    All to stop yourself
    From lunging yourself unto them

    ..Unto you

    To stop myself from sitting myself on your lap
    To wrap my arms around your body, holding tightly
    To look up at you, and kiss your face
    To go for the lips but then only going for the corner
    To then hug your belly and giggle
    To feel your bulge under me
    It's not all about f**king, yuno
    Cuddling would do just fine..

    Though I haven't touched you in weeks
    Just a hug...doesn't have to be a kiss
    Just a little hug...although I'd love a long one
    For it's killing me inside, this craving of mine
    For it's a blessing but a curse

  • liathekitten 54w

    Your True Friends

    Why are you afraid?
    What is there to fear?
    When you're on top of the world!
    Where you could lift up your head,
    Why dont u wipe 'way your tears

    Who are they to judge?
    Who are they to say?
    When you are much more..
    Why do u dare hear? Turn away!
    Who are they to criticize? To negaticize?
    Who are u to listen to such lies?

    Where is the truth? Deep inside you:

    Where your true friends are,
    Where your true smile is,
    Where your heart warms,
    Where u dont fear,
    Where u dont cover yourself,

    Why do u cover yourself? Dont hide!

    What is there to fear,
    When u wanna hide yaself
    Where your friens lay, then
    Who are you? Distrust? Then..
    Why do you stay?

  • liathekitten 56w

    Guilty Angel

    When you're as quiet and shy
    And keep to yourself
    When you open up your heart
    And show love and kind to others
    When you're the type of person
    That people easily fall in love with

    Not only in a romantic way
    But in general, platonically

    And when you're a girl that comes out
    As "cute" and "nice" all the time
    People tend to see you as an angel
    People tend to only see you as that person
    The person that yiu dont even know
    Who that person is
    Because when I look at my hands
    When I look at my heart
    One would expect an angel to have a pure one

    But mine is tainted
    Mine is cracked
    Mine has holes
    Mine is dirty
    My heart isnt pure

    In some areas its wholesome
    But in other areas..its not

    So when I look at my hands
    The deeds I've done
    Arent all good, not at all

  • liathekitten 57w

    Back of the Bus

    Between these grey, lined walls of metal
    Quiet, alone, humid, windowless

    If I sit down, my knees will dent
    The seat in front of me,
    In which holds a single person,
    And I would have to raise my head
    To see where the frick we are

    If I lay down, I'm unstable
    In danger of sliding off
    N the only thing I'll see
    Is the trees that pass by
    As this jumpy bus rides

    So instead Iay with my back
    Against the grey bumpy wall
    And one leg dangling off the aisle
    With the other kneeing against the seat

    Stuff always happen here
    Tears have fallen,
    Gossip and deep convos
    Sometimes just chilling around
    Gaming, Hacking, Reading, Music
    Anything really

    But when you sit in the back
    No matter if you have friends
    Or if you're alone, there stands a rule
    One rule and one fucking rule only
    No matter how big or how small..

    ..What happens in the back of the bus
    Stays in the back of the fucking bus

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    Lost Wishes

    How I wish
    To be into your big warm arms
    Wrapped around my pettite narrow body
    To sink into your neverending warmth
    Mixed with your delicious deep scent

    How I wish
    To lay face-down right on your chest
    To hear your fast heartbeat
    Drum so hard, then eventually slow
    As I sleep soundly for your gentle gaze
    To watch over my cute little figure
    As your hands wrap securely around my ass

    How I wish
    For you to look at me with loving eyes
    Instead of lustful ones, nevertheless charming
    For you to break down my walls of insecurity
    And hug me when I'm not okay
    For you to whisper sweet nothings to my ear
    As you carry me around like a child
    For your fear of PDA and public opinion
    To decrease jus as much as our religion difference

    How I wish for you to declare me
    As rightfully yours, but I'm afraid it's too late
    For alike the sun and moon and time itself
    You have moved on to a new warmer planet
    As mine was cold, boring, and inhabitable

    Therefore, these little dreams of mine
    Will prolly never come true
    Alike old crinkling leaves blown by wind
    Or the grey dandelion seeds
    Lost in the midst of reality
    For alike my previous wishes
    They are never to be granted

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    Key to my Heart

    Had a key to my heart
    Bloody string 'round my neck
    New gold small swirls of art
    Keeps my emotions in check
    Cross my heart, do us part

    Oh my key, oh my soul
    For my key had jus been stole
    Way n' way out of control
    Cursing, swearing in español

    Till one day, indeed he came
    Sexy smirk puts all to shame
    Keeps the hoes and hornies tame
    You have my key as you claim
    Try I try, he holds it tight and exclaims
    For this is all just a game

    Like hot potato my key jumped
    From guy to guy and even girls
    My poor heart jammed open and closed
    Tears enwrapped in sweet curls

    Oh my key, oh my heart
    For my key is forever lost

  • liathekitten 59w


    I pologize
    For those I glare
    I pologize
    For those I ghost
    I pologize
    For those I use
    I pologize
    For those I hurt
    I pologize
    For those I mad
    I pologize
    For those I ignore
    I pologize
    For those I lie
    I pologize
    For those I mean
    I pologize
    For those I sad
    I pologize
    For I was bad

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    Side Effect of Love

    So sick of this curse
    Laid upon me
    Played into my trust
    And labeled as Love
    Like a itty-bitty prescription
    To help your heartache
    Or your loneliness
    But it has a side effect
    To make your tears
    Stream down to the ground
    In the coffin of your hopes and dreams

    For Love brings pain
    And pain is inevitable
    And once its there
    Its never really gone
    For all we could do
    Is up or down the volume
    Of affection, of our love
    And what sucks the most

    Is that your volume is down
    But my volume is up

  • liathekitten 59w

    Darkness Overdrive

    Waves and waves of torture
    Sent by the demons of hell
    Aimed to my forehead
    Deepened into my thoughts
    That stringed in
    To the core of my heart
    Where my emotions..
    Waver slightly

    The twitches of the edge
    On my smile, then turn
    Downward to the ground
    Appearing as a frown

    And the face that once
    Held happiness and joy
    That once welcomed my friends
    Now made them turn away

    Away from the pessimistic marks
    That rest on my face
    The rage and sadness
    That reads from my eyes
    It's like a warning sign
    Cept on my face, beware

    Its like a curse, like a spell
    Suddenly, you've forgotten
    Everything that light once was
    For now you've turned to darkness
    What is smile? What is laugh?
    What is hug? What is love?

    Like an illusion like a code
    That's encrypted into your veins
    That naturally makes you
    Jus want to do the same
    Dark and sad things you do
    Every and every daaayy...

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    School Stress

    Pushing aside assignments
    Looking away from deadlines
    Procrastinating every day
    Taking way too many breaks
    Less effort on homework

    College-pop-ups in my face
    Giving me a migraine
    Not giving in to the stress
    School is causing me

    I don't care if my grades decrease
    I dont care if you call my mother
    I dont care if you take my phone
    Because I have another

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    Living in such a dark world
    With looming shadows in corners
    And visual of black and white
    For the demons where they lurk
    And they watch and torture
    For they wish their demise on me

    But do what you want
    For you can't break me

    You come from dark
    I come from light
    Bright as a rainbow, alike the sun
    You think you're strong
    Thing is, you're weak
    Weaker than me?
    Oh what a dream!
    Such a dream!

    Haha, jus try me
    Cuz I'm a jawbreaker
    Muscles and walls around my heart
    Wrapped around like an onion
    And in every layer
    Is a brand new color of me

    Cuz I'm a jawbreaker
    So just try your best
    But you cant break me
    Even if you think
    Those teensy weensy little threats
    Aint gon' phase little old me

    My family? Jus kill them all
    Reputation? Ruin me forever
    Money? Empty my very pockets
    Anything else? I dont care

    For you can take what I have
    But you can't get to me
    For this you can't touch
    Not even a spot of color on me

    Cuz I'm a jawbreaker
    And you can't break me

    But if you do, let's play pretend
    Let's say u get beneath my skin
    If you uncover what's underneath
    It wont be what u expect to see
    For under this armor and confidence
    Is a scared little girl with a broken face
    With a broken heart and a broken leg
    For she cant walk and run
    For she can't cry or smile
    And she can't feel anything

    So she wraps herself in colors of beauty
    So she wraps herself in unwavering confidence
    So she wraps herself in a hardcore shell
    Because she is like chocolate
    Easy to squish and chew,
    Fun to manipulate such soft texture
    To satisfy yourself

    I'm the exact opposite
    I'm the fucking jawbreaker, bitch
    Remember? Gotta get through me first

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    Don't loose sight of the destination, in your mind,
    And always rememeber the journey, for your heart

  • liathekitten 60w

    Fun fact: A dull knife is more dangerous of a sharp knife because it requires more force and pressure and if it slips off your hand to any flesh itll have great force with it and cut deeply. A sharp knife cuts easier and quickly

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    THE Throne OF Rose AND Blood

    My Fair Lady,
    Put down your dull sword
    Carved from a hooded blacksmith
    For such dullness forces you
    To use your strength
    In order pierce through the heart
    Of ugly, demented, evil, demons
    You need a sharp sword
    That can make a fast an easy kill
    That is, if you were a soldier

    With no disrespect, my princess
    You think you are the defensive thorns
    That would prick anyone who goes near
    But you're more like a gorgeous, deadly rose
    With us soldiers to protect
    Every petal that lays on your head
    So take off your armor of vines and thorns
    For you fought for so long and are pained
    For we have enough men to be your thorns
    Let us protect your dear petals

    The blood from every demon you've slain
    Has dirtied your white dress,
    And made it a bright red color
    For outside your city walls
    Are pools of blood, locals call it
    The Blood Sea, of those who've lost
    But inside these walls are civilians
    That adore the frown and serious care
    That paints your face
    And knights bathed of your sweet roses
    Knights with the dry blood under their boots
    Knights who will stand by you

    So, I assure you, walk upon your throne
    Made of pure sparkling gold,
    With designs of vines and roses
    On your armrests and backrest
    Put on your mothers sweet heavenly crown
    For it thorny appearance wont hurt you
    But whoever tries to steal it will
    For the red rose in the center
    Ain't any rose but a gem made of the blood
    Of your father, your grandfather, etc

    My Queen, Of Blood Rose Kingdom
    For if any king or queen challenges your highness
    For if any kingdom doubts your merciless knights
    Will have their blood be the paint of your castle

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    Honestly I'm fucking tired and I have no other way to explain the last 2..I might answered it wrong...oh well

    1) what is importance of love life?
    2) how had education been any help to u?
    3) why is importsnce of goals and dreams?
    #asktime_wt #love #education #goal #dream #liathekitten #writerstolli  @ujjraghav @laughing_soul @k_kshitij @mirakee #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #ceesreposts

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    Interview Pt 2

    "Retry, take 2, one more chance
    what is the importance of your love life?"

    Experts in soemthing need to fail it first
    I was never of the girls, guy friends were my thing
    Got closer than I should, but I was only 7th
    And 8th, I was always after love
    Way too desperate, but nevertheless pain
    Made me who I am today

    First one taught me what was love
    Second one taught me what's not
    Third one taught me what's too much
    Fourth one taught me many things
    But the main one was to move forward

    Currently in my fifth, how I should be loved
    Hope it really goes well, look what I learned
    Give my wisdom to the needy or the lonely too
    There is no in between, but both is possible

    I've been hurt alot, but I'll never change a thing
    For lessons must be learned thru love and pain

    "..ok..how has education been any help to you?"

    You tell me, nothing breezy
    Tell me how they helped
    When they didnt stop the laughs
    Tell me what they did
    When kids called me stupid
    Tell me how they respond
    To being avoided

    In my kid days I never understood
    But that's old news, now?
    Its different n hard
    For I'm in a hard school
    They expect too much
    N pile on and on

    Only thing they'll help me
    Is to get to scholarship n college
    But I'm not impressed by money

    "..um. ok. Why..is it important to have goals n dreams?"

    Dreams gives you motivation
    Goals plan that path to
    Whatever u desire..

    "Hmm..ok, ma'am. Do you want this job?"

    You tell me, do I really need this
    No I dont need this right now
    I'll postpone my stress for later
    And pin my emotional breakdown to Monday
    Yuno what I need at this moment?


    A nap