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    Its hard to believe the words,

    When you exactly know the truth
    and the way it makes as you had
    already passed through..


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    यूं तो बरस पड़ने को बेताब हैं ये मेघ कई दिनों से
    अम्बर में कभी उमड़ते कभी घुमड़ते जिरह करते।

    फकत कुछ तो हुआ है ऐसा कल से जो समेटा था
    कल तलक तक कौंधती बिजली संग बरस पड़े हैं।


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    The beautiful things,
    The beautiful people
    Come and go
    Life goes on...

    When you reach at the top of your destination.
    When you learn to 'be yourself' instead of bieng everyone's.
    Life goes on...

    The sun shines the world rises,
    The sun sets and the strong aspirations arises.
    The aim higher , the adore
    And the life goes on...

    The beautiful "You" hidden in these beautiful wide world.
    Life goes on and the time never stops...

    When you grow from a child to teen
    And a teen to adult.
    Learning the difference between Minors to majors,
    Life goes on...

    Standing on toes
    Holding Head always on high,
    Bringing an unimaginable life
    With unexplainable emotions,
    Keeping my dreams alive
    And believing in magic,
    Until inside soul sparks,
    Life goes on...

    Everything I've learned about life in a span of 20 years is - IT GOES ON and Goes On.
    No one wait for us.

    ~Priya Varma

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    Ever felt.....

    Comes with Pain!

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    Life is all about not giving up

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    Like an echo in the forest .
    the day will come
    As if nothing had happened
    yeah , Life goes on

    Like an arrow in the blue sky ,
    we're flying Another day
    On my pillow , on my table ,
    Yeah , life goes on like this again.

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    The life is getting harder
    For those
    Who are working very hard

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    I was getting high, but falling low.
    Stayed afloat, then drowned slow.
    I was vibing hard to soften the blows.
    By embracing mistakes, one grows.

    © Poetically Yours

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    Life goes on but nothing like before

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    Life goes on

    If you have been shattered and still feel like going on
    Trust me you have courage
    It's not the winter of your life yet..

    Courage if you have in your heart, I'm sure you must dare to love
    Because a true loving being would never cease to radiate love!

    And love, my dear , if you have in your heart and life..
    No mountain will be insurmountable!
    It shall crumble at your feet

    And Life will stop hitting you hard someday and smile at you :)


  • neha_jaiswal 9w

    Yes I am Best in my Area.
    #LifeGoesOn #IamBack #LetsTalk
    #SpeakYourself #LoveYourself

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    Self Worth

    You are not you define yourself as or others define you as.
    You are what you and your mind defines your ownself.

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    How do you listen to a song?

    You play the song. The beat starts off like a ripple slowing gaining momentum, then it flows, the beats slowly humming at your eardrum, then it makes its way through your ossicles, then via the fluids in your tympanum, all the way to your cortex. The beat sinks in, your brain cells interpret the ripples in air as sound and if they manage to resemble your frequency, your heartbeat starts resonating to them and before you know, you fall in love, all at once, to that perception of yours that in this world, is called a song.

    Every song isn't same, neither everyone listens to them in the same way. The physiological mechanism may yet be the same, but every individual has their own criteria to select a song that'd suit best to the needs of their respective moods. Yet we can't help thinking, somewhere deep in the core of our perceptions, we're all yearning for a single song that'd say to us, " No, you're not alone. I know how you feel. I know you. I'll speak for you. Just listen to me, accept me as your own and I'll comfort you. No matter how hard it gets, we'll go through it together. I'll never abandon you. So let me play on, I'll smoothen your edges and cover your wounds. If you let me, I might heal you too. Just let me, just let you be me. Just for today, just for now. "

    With this, every song I've added to my playlist until now has spoken to me, in the exact same language of the heart, a word or two less or more at times, but never any different. Each of them has traveled with me, through me, along tunnels, too long and dark, never letting go of my hand before I let go of theirs. And I've entered many, gone through some, and submitted myself to most of them. The tunnels know me better than myself. But I doubt they'd recognise me ever, without the beats hanging on my auricles like passes that bear my name and the destination I sought to reach until my playlist ends.

    I've loved every song that came into my life like the most beautiful flower I could ever have, knowing well enough, it'd someday wither soon, for seasons pass through me faster than I can know when I'm to bloom. I've loved roses, daisies, peonies, daffodils and chrysanthemums, each of them has lend me their own colors at times when I ran out of rainbows to paint my greys with, and I can't help but keep them within my closet, even when they've retired to being nothing more than dried carcasses of their older blooming selves.

    Now songs live in me too. We exchange smiles and shed tears together. When seasons change, we wither and bloom too. Perhaps me and songs were always meant to be this way.

    [ You can't be alone when songs live in you. The most beautiful thing in this world is to grow old together with the songs you love. You never walk alone 'coz when songs hold your hand, you live within them forever. ]


    #songs ( 방탄��콤벡 ~ 20.11.2020 )

    Today couldn't have been any more better ��
    #lifegoeson & a POD :')

    Thanks a lottt @writersnetwork @mirakee ��

    I'm unable to be here. But couldn't help writing this today :)) Hope everyone's doing well .

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    This song "Life Goes On" by BTS made my day.
    This one's to thank them (BTS) for reminding me to love myself.
    Thank you for giving me this hope.

    #bts #lifegoeson #be #mirakee

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    When I had a feeling of losing myself
    You gave me a feeling of trust
    You said, good days will come back for sure
    So wait for a while longer
    When I was searching for love around me
    You said, I am the only one who can love myself
    Yeah I know, this world is full of hate
    and love has no space...
    You made me realize, to never stop loving myself
    Though this world has changed
    There is nothing changed between you and me
    Though this world has stood-still for a while
    Life still goes on...
    Sometimes good days doesn't take time to go
    but remember, seventh heaven is on its way
    Remember, life still goes on!!

  • beapavlova 10w

    This B Side : Answer

    This side is a lonely Part of this road
    It makes your heart heavy
    It takes you away from the place you wanted to be
    It leaves you with undefined purpose
    When you have lots
    You may stay
    Stay only for a while
    And say goodbye
    There is longer side of this life
    One that you need to go on
    It was never meant to be, it's Just there
    Say sorry and leave
    This side is dark and uncertain
    But you are a certainty
    Take back your heart, your soul and your mind
    Leave to the other side
    Where there is light, love and warmth
    Don't stay here and don't ever look at this side again.

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    Horizon of my peace


  • sumita_panigrahi 13w

    Sometimes even if u don't want to let it happen, things never work on your favour. You have to let go the jewel that you loved the most. You are forced to and that's called "destiny".

    Though it is very heart wrenching and maybe you will become the culprit. But that's fine. Sometimes holding things gives more pain than letting go.

    Though you wanted to be with someone forever. Sometimes destiny have kept different things for u, hurting you both badly.

    Just don't harm anyone, gallop the pain and keep moving.
    #life #heart #hurt #painful #truelove #lost #love #keepmoving #keepgoing #lifegoeson #everythingwillbefinesoon #mirakke

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    Though I know, I am losing the string but I am helpless, I can't see you in pain.
    Though I know that I loved u whole heartedly and wanted to hold you forever for eons but have to let you go because somehow unknowingly I am harming you.
    It is rightly said that, "if you couldn't do someone good, don't do anything bad to them either".

  • wordsofoleander 14w

    Hope Still Holds

    Her heart was broken and shattered,
    Beyond pieces to be held back.
    Yet thrived to survive in the run,
    Of life, dreams and colours.

    Across the long flowing river
    Of time and burnt moments.
    It met a man of pleasent smile,
    Lingering through his glowy eyes.

    Came towards the broken pieces
    To touch and leave a trail of gleam.
    Colourless stood the pieces in light,
    Yet, conceled its lost fragrance.

    Stood he beside not in collecting
    The shattered, but to accompany.
    Not to hold on. Not to heal.
    But just to be there. Nameless.

    Moments stood inexplicable.
    Never did he ask the tales,
    Nor the read beyond the ashes
    Of the long and deep footprints.

    Filling the void with voices,
    Of happiness and innocence.
    Made he the piece lose its path,
    Just to vanish in the thin air.

    Took he the brushes of respect,
    To draw the tales of companionship.
    Love is yet a long road to meet.
    Eventually, one day.

    Colours never returned
    Nor the fragrance back.
    Yet there was a life.
    New life of new tales.