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  • daisypd 3w

    "Heart can sink into each other" like once we have said. I still hear those echoes tremendously childlike love - wild, young, and free, truly how breathtaking!!
    Deeply breathing like you are free from the fell into an ocean. You are free, free at each other hearts, like it was free in the city of capital. You can call it flight of doves or call it shore and the ocean, looked alike one of the lost family. Some things strikes into my head and I see pale of lights , high on life , karaoke nights, late nights, road rides,chilled weather and midnight hungers. It was some kind of fairy tales, it exist. How mesmerizing it is to recall the beauty, irreplaceable.

    "The triumph of beauty will just blow away
    It shall brush away those wounded scars
    Under the roof it shall fade
    With those gentle carefree love".

    I wish sometimes I was a man like you. I wish sometimes it was free, I wish sometimes I was free just to feel free. It does wakes me frightened and shaken. It is never a dream, I wish it was. For many times I feel drowned but deeper everytime. Only one knows the pain abides and I know she does. Painfully I saw people running away from the fear of people, from the loss of themselves, from the loss of us.
    Nights are the darkest hour, it is the howling hour.
    "We hear cry
    We never ask why
    Blood floods
    And word venoms the double
    We paint pain
    Yet we still stand sane "

    I have felt a women once again. I have to understand unvoiced, mostly to understand betrayed. You can call it "The End" like many other do, like you do leaving me freely into the restless hours where only loneliness haunts, damands pure attention, and everything fades, you and I fades. Nothing did really ended I tell you except for the trust we build. I wish you could read it in my eyes, you could sink it into my heart. Reason I had I didn't see the roadside, it all lives false daylight. Perhaps there remains all the scars. It is all an illusion I taught to myself. It is like those broken chains faded words rips off from the chest.

    Ignorance pleasures you nothing

    Daisy PD

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  • sanjanaganguly 14w


    The mirror is stained today,
    By the tears shed
    Bearing your name and you,
    Are long gone.

    The curtain rises slowly,
    Piercing light
    The Sun penetrates,
    Into the room.

    The room is fully lit,
    By the inner fire
    And the Sunlight,
    That dazzles the eye.

    The soul burns,
    Emitting no smell
    But a fume of dishonesty,
    That clouds the sky.

  • in_fragments 14w

    Nothing like a global crisis to reveal people's true character... ��‍♀️
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    Now people's true colors
    are beginning to bleed through.
    Veils are being lifted. Masks
    are coming off.

    We are reflecting
    on the things we used to know,
    realizing that nothing
    is ever as it seems,
    and that the threads of life and ego
    to which we cling
    are fragile,
    so fragile,
    and always have been.

    Flimsy illusions
    are being torn apart everywhere.

    Idols to enemies, enemies to strangers. Wolves exposed
    in sheep's clothing,
    and real heroes revealed
    to be nothing but ordinary.

    Some seethe, some soothe,
    some recoil and never move.
    Who were we before
    these special circumstances?

    Do you remember?
    Do you even care anymore?

    Such developments the world
    is struggling to keep up with,
    such long
    and arduous adjustments
    humanity must make.
    Old ways falling off the grid
    faster than leaves
    from their branches-
    making space for new foundations
    to rise up
    and redefine it.

    Will you own your growing pains?
    Face the change,
    take responsibility
    for what you're made of,
    or will the force
    of all this flux
    expose it ungraciously
    for you?


  • docsurbhi 15w

    Few countable notes,
    million Prayers,
    And uncertain
    days of lockdown
    in the country.


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    Pulling out two
    notes of hundred,
    tugged safely
    into the inner pocket
    of his filthy greyish
    blue shirt, he entered
    into the room.
    With silence and
    hopeful wet eyes,
    the wife took out
    three notes of ten from
    the old wooden box.
    An air of melancholy
    surrounded them
    while they stared
    at their children.

    Few countable notes,
    million Prayers,
    And uncertain
    days of lockdown
    in the country.


  • sanjanaganguly 16w

    All of us, at some point of time, have fallen down and physically injured ourselves. Some of us ,unfortunately, suffered grave injuries but everybody had to sustain the injury however little it might be. We had to miss our schools, colleges, offices, sit back at home, rest for some days before we could practice our daily routine. Nobody ever questioned it.
    Today, similarly, the Earth has fallen down and has suffered a grim injury and is trying hard to sustain it. Our ruthless attitude towards the Nature led her to this suffering. She is striving hard to free herself from the virus. She needs rest, just like we need at times of distress. We can provide her with the necessary rest by not stepping out of our house and violating the lockdown measures. If we do our bit, then we can not only gift her a good health, but also gift ourselves a happy Earth.
    Stay indoors. Break the chain.

  • upturnedturtle 17w


    A pulse is building
    Held down for so long
    Justice is thirsty
    Denial has made it stronger.
    Time has sharpened the blade
    And history, a circle, slowly closing in.
    Since creation of creation,
    Our war has always been the same.
    Fight, fight, fight.
    What are we fighting? Ourselves
    Or our demons?
    Be careful which you choose
    Either of them could be the creator.

    As long as human consciousness
    Strives for progress for Progress's name
    The demons shall stay,
    In bullets or disease.
    Our intelligence was our crown,
    Is that crown now made of thorns?
    Do we really condemn war?
    Or do we have a tragic romance with disaster?
    We glorify the parasite,
    And wonder when did our minds get so sick.
    Is it wrong for me as a youngster,
    To wish for our minds, to become a little more quieter?


  • itsmylifebook 17w

    Dont feel for people !
    Lets pray for the people !
    Praying is more powerful than anything
    Despite corona patients , during this quarantine ..
    Person being poor without having any roof over head and rice on the plate are also suffering. !
    Helping may be small or big ! But powerful weapon to be .!?

    Put your hands together

    Pray for protection from pandemic !

  • flickrinflame 17w

    The Desire

    I look out...the sky's a beautiful colour...well atleast in my perspective it was...not the light blue...it was a greyish blue... the one you see right before a drizzle. I walk to the window and a light breeze ruffles my already unkempt hair and suddenly it dawns on me ..I have been locked up in my house for almost a month now.. And all of a sudden a strong gush of desire fills my heart.. a desire to go out again..to take my abandoned scooter for a ride through the greener side and to feel the wind stroke my face again even though I knew there was no way out... Ah! I regret every second of my life when I forgot to look around me or worse ignored a chance to admire the beauty that Nature offered so willingly..so lovingly... I regret it.. I was maybe too proud of my freedom then..there's always a tomorrow I thought..and...I regret it...the tiniest of living beings..the ones too tiny for the naked eye are curbing us...eating away our freedom, trying to uproot the entire human race and we thought nothing could destroy us! Ah! The irony!
    But this whole crisis has kind of reinforced the existence of Karma.... It has forced agnostics like me to frame our doubts from 'maybe there's no God..it's just us' to 'maybe there is a God and he's trying to say I have had enough of you people'. Yaaa..Maybe..maybe it's high time that the other organisms get their share of freedom..Maybe...
    No! I have to stop...keep the desire a desire...let the birds fly gaily...let the forests grow greener..let the animals roam around..let the Earth glow in her regained glory...because it's short lived..once we are out...it's done...call me a gloom-monger...but we are humans...we never change...Yet I do wish ..wish sincerely that I am wrong..

  • lingualremedy 18w

    I haven't learned any new skills
    Or found new hobbies
    Haven't been productive every day
    I haven't risked my life to help others
    And I don't know how to make this end


    I do grow this baby in a pandemic
    I make dinner with a loving husband
    Call to check on my mother and brother
    Ask how friends are coping
    And offer a listening ear
    I don't go out to get groceries
    Instead I order them in
    I do small things to stop the curb
    And hope it is enough

  • in_fragments 18w

    "Your clan, your pride, your tribe, your pack,
    your pod of dolphins.

    We have a second chance to meet each other
    for the first time.
    To tread water, exercise that muscle,
    strengthen our limbs,
    adapt to deepening oceans-
    to lap further lengths than we ever imagined before-
    with more awareness, understanding; an enduring sense of unity, a honed collective direction;
    wisdom of what we need and
    what we don't;
    a distinction between
    the symbiotic and the parasitic-
    the passing things we allow to attach
    to the back of our heads.

    You'll soon swim in the currents of the world once again.
    Who is it you want by your side?"

    Nice to meet me?�� Some thoughts for while you are quarantined...
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    Your clan, your pride, your tribe, your pack,
    your pod of dolphins...
    Who is it you want by your side?


  • inborn_scribbler 18w

    It’s World Health Day, whether it is physical health or mental health, both equally matter for your well-being. Stay home, stay safe and stay healthy!

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    Hall of Suffering

    The blade is drooling over the blood it has, your blood. Unperturbed by your gig of screaming, I chopped slender slices of your thumb. A minimal percentage of the deformed finger is left for you because you can suck on the fear till you graduate from my world-class school. The laptop on my desk is fully charged and I have to watch a documentary on Charles Sobhraj but you just won't shut the thumb up. You're putting ideas into my head...Sushi out of your tongue? Fuck it, I am not a fishy person. I am good, I am your expert guidance.

    Blabber in silence, my patience is running thin.

    I have done a great job on this short slideshow. Without wasting my energy put your eyes and ears on my presentation. The second slide shows the picture of a man with a burnt palm and the third one is of a woman who lost her wrist because a robber had demanded for her Apple watch. She had to pay a bomb (I mean a working wrist) for not spending her attention on his command. The following photograph is of a boy who eats with his feet because he has no hands. Poor guy, his hands were too delicate to bear the despotism of forced underage labour. Yes, the first slide is blank. That is your place in the Hall of Suffering.

    Why are you crying? Is the thumb hurting you that bad? Okay okay, the slideshow, look at it closely. The fellow with a burnt palm, the woman without a wrist, the boy whose feet are his hands...They are not crying like you, such strong humans.

    Ah you cry baby, you have to be grateful because these people have suffered more than you. What? You need a dressing on that tiny cut? Antiseptic also? Man up brother, such a weakling!

    What are you mumbling there?

    'Pain is pain...It isn't about how big or small it is and what the hell is man up? Do men not have the testicles to cry? Please do not do this comparison business about who is a qualified sufferer. Is this a competition?’

    Impressive, you got the catch. Quite a fast learner! The first-aid box is in the cupboard, I'll get it before the vortex of suffering snatches you away and the world loses another growing mind to mental illness.


  • itsmylifebook 19w

    Virus vanished the violence of world


  • inborn_scribbler 19w


    Secularism is when you can roast your friends over Tablighi Jamaat and they boil you on Gau Mutra. Partition is never going to be invited in. If you have not let down your guard in friendship then isn't your mindset in quarantine before you knew the etymology of this buzzword. These are not even #friendshipgoals, this is just as regular as it should be, like the way you comfortably fit into your favorite clothes. Friends don't let you follow a politically correct crash diet to reduce your humor, they go for a 'humor-a-thon' with you instead.


  • in_fragments 19w

    "Spring has sprung,
    more zealful than ever!
    Less pollution, commotion,
    trash flow to the ocean,
    less footfall stomping flowers,
    less material devotion.
    Less danger
    by the likes of us;
    sent off to their rooms
    to think about what they've done-
    and as we sit in our
    conniptions and mourning-
    while the whole world is confined inside their growing pains,
    nature is free to breathe again,
    to release a bit of fever
    from her bones,
    to thrive and amplify,
    to rest her heart
    and purge her spirit
    of the chaos that we made.

    Spring has sprung,
    but not for us;
    Such equitable retribution!
    Humbly now, we wait
    for absolution."

    Continue self-reflecting, continue being grateful, continue reminding people you love them. My heart goes out to anyone going through a tougher time right now�� We will come out of this a better species.
    #lifeinthetimeofcorona #spring #earth #world #nature #mirakee #climate #change #writerstolli #pod #poem @writersnetwork

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    Spring has Sprung! (Wait)

    while the whole world is confined inside their growing pains,
    nature is free to breathe again...

  • mariyamsara 20w

    Life is a beautiful game In which you've got no idea what's going to happen next.

    All the hardships shall pass
    Give yourself some time
    Just hold on
    For there is more to come
    The good, the bad,
    Became the unidentifiable contrast
    Isolation became the priority
    The sacred bonds became far off
    Pain became so constant
    And tears the best companion
    That she could no longer
    Distinct any other emotion
    This time shall pass
    By God, very soon.


  • inborn_scribbler 20w

    Guroor ka kya hai,
    aapke khatir hum use tod bhi dete hain
    aur uski zillat bhi karte hain,
    mohabbat mein aapke hum har virus se jung larhte,
    log samajhte hain ki hum aapke ifazat mein mashroof rehte hain,
    na waqif hain vo iss raaz se ki hum toh apne jaan ki lakeer ko mazboot kar rahe hain.


  • anishmathew 20w

    Expressing Personal Views...

    ‍‍‍War Time Activity Plan #COVID19 #coronavirus

    1) Healthy Diet...... 2) Physical Fitness......

    3) Mental Fitness.‍♂️.... 4) Current Affairs......

    5) Family Time.☎️..... 6) Decision Making.♟️.....

    7) Entertainment..... 8) Knowledge Seeking....

    9) Next Day Plan....

    #Anish Mathew

  • hajaryussuf 20w

    Maybe nature asked for a pause
    Times when people are locked in and the other occupants could come out and make their presence

    Not every disaster comes with a warning call
    We are given time-
    To prepare for the worst ;
    And that’s the dangerous edge to it

    Maybe most of the damage is already done
    All of the efforts are to unfold the baggage-little at a time

    No other illnesses and calamities would step back thinking corona is already doing the damage
    So the hugeness of the disaster can be foreseen

    If not all
    Sit back home
    You will be given not another chance to do something great without actually doing anything

    Be safe
    And maybe if you cannot change the world
    You can change a lot about the world inside of you !

    And if the answer to ‘who you are?’, ‘what you have achieved?’ and ‘where you are heading to ?’ becomes more clear ..,
    Your days have been well stretched

    Hope for the best
    But prepare for the worst !!


  • manasaa 20w


    Hither ,
    I see monsters in human disguise
    meaninglessly massacring mankind
    in the name of religion and race.
    I see people cutting wrists to
    escape from tasting bitter reality.
    Too fed up to face another difficulty.
    I see cruel creatures killing innocents
    to satisfy their ego & greedy desires,
    to show their power, money & muscle.

    Thither ,
    I see humans clad in white coats
    Striving hard to safeguard
    the lives of moribund crowd.
    I see mortals mourning miserably
    when the merciless mortality
    embraces them and loved ones.
    I see anthropoid bodies enduring
    treatments of torture and trauma
    to keep breathing and blinking,
    to keep their soul from leaving.

    //Sometimes, life is treated as valueless//
    //Sometimes, life is treated as priceless //

    Why is it so? The answer, I shall never receive.

  • uttkarsh_15 22w

    The Talkin Dead

    Life still in progress,
    Feeling like 007,
    No time to die ,
    Even not to rest,
    The walking dead ,
    I'm playin at season 2,
    What is it,
    None of my friends knew,
    Waiting for the sunday ,
    To get relief from homework,
    Or to hang out with the zombies,
    With the dreadful lurk