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  • _kushagra 1d


    The only seed that natural produce is all pure and alluring. Inspite of the fact that everyone already know, throw that seed in trash. Out of society and that little not knowing anything make his way back not like what he before but by becoming more diabolic.
    He only wants to decipher what he truly is and do he really have that some person to whom he can look up to?
    He is all lost but still his roots are all growing making to the deepest end to get that one grip from where no one can budge him.

  • _shubhangi_ 3d

    Har Raat aankhein moond leti hu main is ummid ke sath
    Ki haqeeqat me naa sahi sapnon me hi mulaqat ho jaae tujhse.

  • neeluv2 3d

    Miss you alot...
    Her imagination 2 kiss him
    #long distance❤️��
    #mirakee_world #love #nature #thoughts

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    सुनो "जाना"❤️
    एक बात कहनी है तुमसे...
    "जब भी तुम आओगे खुले खिड़की पर तेज़ हवा के दीदार को!

    उसमें एक झोंका मेरे नाम का ,धीरे से आके तुम्हारे होंठो को चूमता होगा"

  • tamanna3 4d


    It's only when you are away for long enough that you realize what you're really missing and what's really missing you.

  • wintersplash 4d


    Many people spend their lives
    searching for their person,
    but I found my better half in you.
    Many people spend their lives
    not knowing what real love is,
    but I have you to show me that.
    Everyday, I wake up feeling hopeful
    because you give me the strength to do so.
    You are my rock, baby, and I love you so much.
    I can always count on you and you'll be there for me. We've gone through some pretty rough times and they made me realize a lot of things. I can't thank you enough for the patience and love that you have for me. I can't wait to feel your arms wrapped around me, inhaling your familiar scent that I missed so much. How I wish we could be together on this special day, but you're worth every mile between us. I can't wait for the day to come where all this distance becomes just a memory of the past. Happy Valentine's Day, my love.


  • zamscott 1w

    Sometimes we need to go
    home the short way and
    other times the long way

  • 6to7am 1w

    Khuli kitab k 2 panno mai kuch hi
    Kirdar najar aayenge meri jindagi k
    Par un 2 khule panno se meri jindagi k
    Pure panno ko jan jao ye mumkin nahi
    Mukesh Rikhadi.....

  • love_dumbo 2w

    Dooriya ❤️

    Kisi ne kaha dooriya bahut hai hum dono k beech....

    Per vo Kya jaane

    Dooriya humdono k beech nhi ,
    Dooriya toh do shehro k beech hoti hai..


  • onebornon911 2w

    The way is forward. Even if you feel broken or at a standstill, just keep going.
    #forward #keepgoing #long #dayandnight

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    The day will rise and the nights will fall.
    Whatever happens just keep going on.

  • _sanjaysingh_ 2w

    बहुत याद आता है

    वो सुबह उठकर तयारी करना।
    बहना बनाकर ना जाने की जिद करना।
    वो रोते रोते पापा के साथ गेट तलख जाना।
    फिर एक टॉफी दिखाते है मान जाना।
    बहुत याद आता है...

    रोते रोते कक्षा तल्ख जाना।
    वहां खिड़की पे चड़कर पापा को हाथ दिखाना।
    फिर मैडम का चिल्लाकर उतारना।
    बहुत याद आता है....

    दोस्तों के साथ टिफिन खाना।
    पूरे मैदान में दौड़ते भागना।
    बहुत याद आता है.....

    ना वो पल लौटेंगे ।
    ना वो बचपन ।
    ना वो दोस्त का याराना।
    बहुत याद आता है वो पल पुराना...
    -संजय सिंह

  • pagal_ladka7013 2w

    #long distance relationship

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    तेरे #heart ❤में क्या हैं .... #i_dont_know ...... पर मेरे #heart ❤में सिर्फ तू ही तू हैं ... पर #u_dont_know


  • thepluckysoul 2w

    What's that???

    "What my eyes do to you, your smile does to me"

  • monica_m 2w

    " Never let anyone
    wait for you so long
    that they finally forget you."


  • sumi_de_dazzler 2w


    I dig into the past that the day
    we had first met,
    when you approached me right,
    That day belongings so bright,
    Then why did you leave me in pain,
    What was your gain?
    Why all this despire
    And why I'm deprived,
    Wont be able to love forever
    again in my life,
    Wont be able to trust you again
    because love gives only wretchedness,
    As there is no ere long,
    In my true feelings of my true love.

  • nikkisrivastava 3w

    #सम वन वेरी स्पेशल
    #long distance #love

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    न जाने कब वो घड़ी
    मुक़म्मल होगी...,,
    जब हम अपनी मोहब्बत से रूबरू हो सकेंगे ...||

  • ayushi_verma 3w


    hone k to srf do ghnte ki duri h
    pr fir bhi ye doori nhi naap skte
    khne to ek hi desh h
    na samay ka frk na chand taaron ka
    phr bhi pal nhi baant skte..
    kitni ajeeb hai ye zindagi
    ki hum srf do ghnte door hokr bhi
    ek dusre ko aapas mein nhi baant sakte

  • harishlabana 3w


    आओ पिछड़ जाते है, हम ,
    इस Attraction
    की दुनिया में ये आम बात होगी,
    अपने सपनों से पिछड़ना और
    खुद को भड़काना आसान है इस ज़िन्दगी में,
    ना चाहते हुए भी Art Of Distraction
    मे जीना आसान लगता है हमे,
    फिर हम अपना Carrier
    ही क्यूं ना खत्म कर दे ।।
    चलो पिछड़ ही जाते है हम !!


  • vineeee 3w

    Living your life

    "Remember that person that you thought you would never be able to live without the same person you'd believed you would die without them in your life? Well look at you, living your best life. You didn't die, turns out you're completely fine without them around and I know some nights it hurts to be without them but it's taught you so many things. The constant games and lack of Interest in you that they showed, taught you to value yourself more and care about yourself more than you could ever care about them. It has nothing to do with being vain or selfish in a bad way and it was a decision they made on their own and all you could do was the best you could to pick up all of the pieces and carry on. It's exactly what you did, the amount of times they've left you after all these years months hours have only taught you that you can and will strive even if they're no in your life. Remember who you used to be, before they came along and corrupted all the good things about you? Well you might not ever be who you once were and that's not a bad thing, it's Important to grow and change from experiences that Impact you this intensely. Discover who you are born to become with the help of who you once were, you can still be happy and joyous even with the trauma you've had to learn to overcome in the past. You will not able to change the past, accept this and learn to live in the present so you know how to enjoy your future when it arrives. Remember that person that you believed you would never be able to live without? Look at you now, living your best life."

  • thesilentone 3w


    Love is so short,
    So long is forgetfulness.

  • dev_ray 3w

    I cant tell if your smile kills me more....
    or your love is a bigger reason to live,
    but one thing for sure,
    your emails keep my heart beating hard everytime....❤