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  • mizzle 2h

    TO YOU

    Give me your hand
    I'll take you out
    Where the wind is soft
    And freedom to shout,
    I'll keep you warm
    Just give me one chance
    I've longed for you, my dear!
    Just spare me one glance...

  • revathi_rangaprabu 16h

    Darker Nights

    So long it has been,
    And I haven't felt home.
    Hovering through distorts of existence,
    Unaccounted, chideless 
    Thanks to having nowhere to go to.
    For lives now,
    I've wandered
    Longing to be hurt,
    Hurt by the one I choose.
    The one I choose to suffer for,
    To suffer because.
    To be detached, left off
    Yet held tied up tight
    In the middle of somewhere, 
    Somewhere from where 
    There ain't no escape.
    To live in pain,
    The pain that we inflict upon ourselves,
    And name it love.
    Give it shape and space within.
    Let it consume,
    And finally give the power to break.
    The pain shall come tomorrow,
    If not now.
    But until then
    Even if it is two seconds until then,
    I seek a home.
    I seek a home
    In people and places,
    I never belonged to
    For as long as it has been.


  • roadsihavetraveled 1d


    निगाहें सुकून को तलाशती हैं,
    हसरतें जुनून को तलाशती हैं,
    इस बिके हुए समाज में कुछ धड़कनें,
    ज़मीन पर गिरे ख़ून को तलाशती हैं,
    हादसों से गुज़रना फितरत हो गई है अब,
    कि हाथ जोड़े, चीखती, बिलखती कुछ साँसें,
    आँखें मूंदे हुए इस कानून को तलाशती हैं


  • london_sky 1d


    Drowning in my thoughts once again I start hallucinating that everything around me is fine, and that it's not returning.

    However I open my eyes under this water and see a chaos of storms and demons.
    A mirror meets my reflection, leaving me to cause self-destruction.

    No way I could just let this all go away, I let it force me to see black and grey.
    Then I hear your voice and in that short moment I saw light, colors, and could finally breathe.
    Then it all began to sink once again and I was left alone to stare at my sin.

  • roadsihavetraveled 3d


    तू जिस तरह मेरी सोच को अपने आगोश में ले लेती है,

    ज़रूरत नहीं होती मुझे उसे लफ़्ज़ों में बदलने की


  • bazeela 4d


    The citadel of time never lets the hands move backward,
    Never lets it move faster, never slower

  • eddyteddy 1w

    I miss home and I miss you
    And often times I wonder what exactly differs you two.


  • princessesierra 1w

    The Constant

    It feels like the world is turning
    Turning on its head
    In a time when reality fails
    To live up to its name

    Find my goals slipping
    Away unimportant
    Like thieves in the night running
    Away with my life

    And yet I find myself searching
    Distant horizons for forgotten dreams
    And yet I find myself waiting
    For the dead to come home again


  • spadesunderground 1w

    My heart sleeps softly in the tower
    Oblivious and unaware
    While my mind breathes fire
    A pillaging dragon.
    Will anyone dare to venture the bridge
    Up to the castle gates, I wonder.
    And place their hand
    On the snout of the dragon
    And whisper "I have come for him."


  • lunalight 1w


    My dear
    "I love you"
    I don't know
    why are you looking me like someone
    This someone is longing to talk to you
    This someone is waiting for hours to see you
    This someone knows what you love

    I request you to
    Please show some love to this someone


  • bellemoon99 1w


    I never realized how much I longed for the sound of rain and the feeling of your lips on mine.

  • unstable_equilibrium 1w

    मौत तो कमबख्त मुआय्यान है एक दिन,
    उस दिन और इस दिन के बीच में जो है,
    बस वही कर जाना है।

    किसी अजनबी लड़की के
    प्यार में पड़ना है,
    जहां से ज्यादा किसी पे मारना है,
    लड़कर भी,
    सदा किसी के साथ रहना है,
    एक ही थाली में खाना है,
    और एक दूसरे हो बाहों में लेके,
    चैन भारी नींद सो जाना है,

    वो बोले तो सुन ना है,
    ना सुने तो मानना है,
    दुनिया की हर खुशी मिले उसे,
    बस ये ख्याल रखना है,
    उसके दर्द को अपना समझना है और
    अपने खुशी को
    उसका कर देना है,
    जो कभी ना टूटे,
    वो रिश्ता निभाना है,
    और एक दिन,
    उसी के साथ परमात्मा में
    विलीन हो जाना है,
    मौत तो कम्बक्त मुआय्यान है एक दिन,
    उस दिन और इस दिन के बीच में जो है,
    बस वही कर जाना है।

  • juimui 1w


    Part of me forgot it's your birthday
    Part of me wants to celebrate
    Part of me thinks birthdays are overrated
    But all of me wants you back!
    Happy Birthday Dad.

  • bazeela 1w

    Does the incense of my love nudge them away?
    Do the vales of my heart frighten them?
    If not, then why,
    What I touch withers away.

  • mrspectacular 2w


    We use to be so much of a wonder
    But now our love is something we both want to be victim of the thunder,
    Struck down and destroyed
    In the same way, it was struck up and employed.

    What happened to all the moments we had?
    We used to be such a fad
    Oh well, I guess it is what it is,
    A short moment of bliss.

    No, I refuse to believe that is the actuality
    I refuse to believe that all we shared is now a casualty.
    I mean we loved each other so much
    We never liked to lose touch

    But right now, it seems that is the only thing we have come to passionately hate
    Isn't that rather sad and unfortunate?
    I hate you now, you hate me too
    Who would believe we once upon a time called each other, boo?

    I mean we had dreams of a future together we wanted to be actualized
    But it seems to me now that we have both those dreams, trivialized
    I would have loved to say a goodbye to you, if only it were that easy
    For My Love, a large part of me is still for your heart fizzy.

    Please do not let me go
    For life without you is something I do not want to know.


  • roadsihavetraveled 2w

    ढूँढता हूँ

    इन अधूरी शामों के साये में तुम्हें ढूँढता हूँ,
    मुफ़लिसी में गुज़रती रातों में तुम्हें ढूँढता हूँ,
    तलबगार हूँ तुम्हारी इक झलक का कब से,
    मैं अनकही बातों में तुम्हें ढूँढता हूँ


  • ananya_aiswarya 2w

    If only the breeze could talk,
    it might carry the melodies of my heart.

  • the_village_poet 2w

    Somewhere out there
    High above all
    In the sky...
    Tears are shed
    Rain falls down
    Drumming out
    One last goodbye.
    Somewhere out there
    Eyes gaze upward
    In the night...
    Hope is alive
    Moon shines on
    Shooting stars
    Explode with light.
    Somewhere out there
    Two empty hearts
    Wait to meet...
    Time brings love
    Love moves us
    Dancing now
    To one heartbeat.

    Stacey Welsh ☘
    Shooting Stars

  • _a_k_s_h_ 3w

    As long as I know,
    And as far as I go,
    I look back to you.
    It's you my memories ,
    I lie in bed bashing my head
    Trying to relive ,
    Those moments I spent

  • cessara 32w


    Sometimes, when I am lonely,
    I go to the far edge of the desert

    And touch the stars.

    I run my fingers over veins of black
    and orange
    And travel miles within seconds

    Through walls I can't breach,
    Over borders I can't cross.

    I want to be Erythra
    That I may reach for you while you sleep.