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  • nancy_15 1d

    Won't you help me? Oh Lord!

    Dear loving lord,
    It all started to fall apart
    I feel like giving up from the fight
    Teach me how to keep going
    Help me to heal my wounds
    Won't you help me? Oh Lord!
    Pain is bothering me day by day
    Tired of pretending to be happy
    Tired of pretending to be strong
    Oh Lord! How much more can i take?
    Fill me up! Lift me up! Restore my hope!
    Free me from anxiety and stress
    Hear my cry.
    Won't you help me? Oh Lord!
    It's all complicated and dense
    Why is this happening to me?
    I need you so much right now
    Bring peace to my life
    Show me the light
    Give me courage to do what is right
    Set my feet firmly along the path
    Pour me out with your love
    Pour me out with your spirit
    Won't you help me? Oh Lord!

  • towardseternity 2d

    Working for Jannah, Striving for Jannah, Perseverance for Jannah.
    O the prophets UMMAH, this is the only hard work for which success is guarenteed, no fate(TAQDEER/qismat) to come in between and the garden is kept decorated, your servants are waiting in welcome..
    #jannah #home #smile #lord
    @asmairshad @fajr_fajr @waizhq @writersnetwork

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    This world

    is just a station, not our
    Final destination.
    Keep striving until you reach
    Home (الجنة)

  • cardelljhardy 1w

    Yahweh Yahweh

    Yahweh, Yahweh, you are LORD almighty!
    We shout Your name throughout the city!

  • lindyinternational 3w

    My Time

    My timing is your hands Lord,
    Teach me to trust,
    Teach me to believe and never doubt ,
    Teach me the true meaning of life,
    An exemplary life,
    Of giving all and leaving none.

    Teach me how to portray you ,
    How not to judge,
    How to be selfless,
    Accommodating and understanding.

  • iam_rawwn 3w

    The Mightiest Magican

    Sapphire Complexion,
    With wisdom's perfection.
    Sweet Symphonic flute
    Which expressed the spiritual truth
    That guided pandavas to win,
    That makes us Still Shatter our fears within.
    Show your miracles. Show your magic,
    Save us from getting our lives tragic.
    Oh Lord ! I know that,
    Materialism is lethal trap, and
    Our greed Always get us collapsed.
    So to seek you I shall pray,
    This poor soul wanders directionless
    Please show my way.
    My ultimate destination is,
    to end up at a place where your bliss stays.

  • sid0861 3w


    ಕಂಬ ಒಡೆದು
    ಬರುವವನು ಹಳೆ ಹರಿ ನಾರಾಯಣ
    ಥಿಯೇಟರ್ ಪರದೆ ಹರಿದು ಬರುವವನು

  • mayank0706 4w

    The Journey - Part 2

    For continuously 2 hours, I read the gossip and pictures I could adore
    But admittingly, I became little bore

    With a huge sigh, I looked around
    And on the opposite wall, a portrait of lord Krishna I found

    I tried to think how many things about him I knew
    I was surprised that I could recollect only a few

    I opened my mobile again and searched "Lord Krishna facts unknown"
    The facts started pouring up from the time he was born

    I was hooked in my mobile, intensely intrigued
    And I clicked all the pages and articles where this page was linked

    At 2am when everyone was in deep sleep
    I was taking my knowledge about lord Krishna to another leap

    I was reading all the facts point by points
    With lot of curiosity, I was having little pain in all of my body joints

    I scrolled down and reached to the bottom of the page
    I had teary eye and I was filled with rage

    With just a curse, the mighty god was put to an end
    And he wrote his death with his own hand

    The only question surrounded whole night in my head "How such mighty god can fall?"
    With no answers, I kept my phone aside and leaned my head on the wall

  • khwahishaan 4w

    मंत्रों और उपदेशों को रटा दो
    आज इस मौनी अमावस को जगा दो
    ये दुनिया भी ना चाहे अमावस
    कोई हो ऐसा माँ-बाप सा पूनम,
    बस इत्ती सी है तमन्ना तुमसे
    उस शिव से किसी दिन हमें भी मिला दो
    हमें भी मिला दो.....

    #mauniamawasya #amawas #love #prayer #lord #shiv #mirakee #mirakeeindia #mirakeeworld #mirakians #instagram #instagramwriters #tweeter #khwahishaan

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  • redefine_soul 5w

    #��#श्याम दीवानी#lord krishna��
    #राधा ऐसी हुई श्याम दीवानी ;
    ब्रिज की प्रेम कहानी हो गई!
    मैं नाचूँ ऐसी हो मगन;
    तेरी दीवानी हो गई ,��
    की तेरी रानी हो गई!��
    #5:53am #love

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    राधा ऐसी हुई दीवानी ;
    ब्रिज की प्रेम कहानी हो गई!
    मैं नाचूँ ऐसी हो मगन;
    तेरी दीवानी हो गई ,
    की तेरी रानी हो गई!

  • poornimagowda 6w

    Prayer Is One Way Through Which We Can Reach God

    ©Poornima Gowda

  • poornimagowda 6w

    Face Hardships
    Respect Relationships
    Make Friendships
    Ensure To Your Gods You Worship

    ©Poornima Gowda

  • jeitendra_sharma 7w

    Revolution, my name

    who knows
    who is the one
    one, who would fight
    raise voice
    against atrocities
    injustice, inequality
    the blood of revolution
    flowing in veins
    the warmth of ideas
    the misery of reality,
    See the footprints
    here I come
    talking with legends
    dead friends, poets, all insane
    long live revolution
    the birth of an idea
    death of mortality
    and immortal similarities,
    find the ruined castle
    excavate monuments
    or hear about it
    millions of coins or
    the plight of a common man,
    a dream shared by many
    thousand of births
    and one aim
    again they will hang him
    stubborn man will rise again
    sing the red songs
    a madness that life brings
    and chaotic order of a sacrifice
    see the chanting slogans
    and the dead playing violin
    sleeping future of the next generations
    a few would fight again
    rest will die old,
    revolution is my name
    I award them the pain
    a vision of insane
    who choose to die alone
    no hell or heaven
    not even the grace of lord of cloud seven
    a reality of pain
    Share it in my name,


  • tejaswita_dansena 7w

    Uncertain Life

    Seems like everything has stopped,
    But strangeness of life has again popped.
    It's static but uncertain at the same time,
    Maybe it's the fact or contain a different rhyme.

    Nothing has happened in a while,
    But when I turned back, time smiles.
    A lot have already changed,
    Maybe the experiences I have gained.

    Learned a lot, lost a lot, pleased a lot, cried a lot,
    Life! Well done, you've tried a good shot.
    Made me broken, made me feel helpless,
    No wonder, it has become a clear mess.

    Its okay, if sometimes I loose hope till night,
    Next morning you'll find me again ready to fight.
    Maybe it's the strategy to make me strong,
    O lord, give me the courage to live beautifully long.


  • jeitendra_sharma 7w


    सोचा खोज़ लूंगा
    जो ग़ायब है
    ढूंढा फिर उसे उसके घर,
    पैदल चल दिया
    जब पता चला, उसका पता
    हुजूम था लगा वहाँ
    नाम बदल रहा वोह
    न जाने कितने घर है उसके
    हर गली एक अलग पहचान
    फ़रियाद कहा करता
    आँखे भरी, धुंधला मंजर
    घूमता रहा फिर दर-बदर
    पूछना था उससे
    पर वोह मिला नहीं
    थक फिर बैठ गया मैं
    कैसे न करता यक़ीन
    देखा था लोगों की निग़ाहें
    उम्मीद से भरी थी
    सबको कुछ चाहिए था
    मुझे भी कुछ पाना था
    हसरतें मेरी छोटी सी थी
    दुआ मेरी भी थी
    सांसे मेरी भी रुकी थी
    दर्द मुझे भी था
    ना उम्मीद मैं भी था
    कुछ टूटा मुझमें भी था
    नशा मुझे भी था
    वक़्त का सितम था
    या मेरी सज़ा
    मुझे सब कबूल था
    पर उसके अश्क़ नहीं,


  • rutvi6 8w

    //I am handicapped.//
    I am handicapped between the bells of the Mandir and the inner sanctum.
    My lord, a step forward will take me seven steps back. Back to my dreadful past.

    All around me is a smokescreen.
    But you, my lord, are crystal clear to me.
    Are you able to figure out my silhouette?
    My ears are clogged.
    Clogged like drains.
    The sewage struggles but flows.
    But your vibrations are not reaching me.

    My lags are skinny.
    They have come a long way.
    My paths had ups and downs.
    Pebbles and stones.
    Blood and stains.

    But my hands.
    That's hands have murdered, cheated, bled.
    They are evil, my lord.

    As the priests drags me down the stairs decorating my flesh with their curses, there is just a single question which resonates from the silence of my dry lips.

    Is this a sin, my lord?
    Can sin itself not enter your sacred sanctum?
    Can a sinner wash his hands in your immortal river?

    -guts (Rutvi)
    Can a sinner get rid of his sins??
    Also What is the worse sin according to you?

    #sinner #sin #bells #handicapped #pod #lord #shiv
    #ganga #immortal #brevity
    Pic credit -to the rightful owner.

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    I am handicapped between the bells of the mandir and the inner sanctum.

  • shradhhaa 8w

    जब भगवान को ये पूछा जाता है की "प्रभु कहां मिलोगे आप ?"
    तोह भगवान कहते हैं की
    "नाहं वसामि वैकुंठे योगिनांहृदये न च। मद्भक्ता यत्र गायंति यत्र तिष्ठामि नारद॥"

    न में बैकुंठे में रहता हूँ,
    न में योगियों के हृदय में रहता हूँ,
    में तोह वहां रहता हूँ जहाँ मेरे भक्त मेरा प्रेम से कीर्तन करते है।

    #lord #worship #writernetwork

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    कहां मिलेंगे ?

    जब बिना किसी वजह आपके
    हृदय आनंदित हो जाये,
    तोह समझ लेना भगवान आपके आस पास हैं।
    जब अपने आप आपके आँख आशुं से भीग जाये,
    तोह समझ लेना भगवान आपके आस पास हैं।
    कभी अचानक उनके याद आ जाये,
    तोह समझ लेना भगवान आपके आस पास है।


  • pravesh_pandey 8w

    Oh Lord! I seek freedom

    Oh lord! I cannot bear the pain anymore everyday negative thoughts come in my mind.
    Oh lord! I seek freedom from everything.
    Oh lord! Please forgive me for every sins that I've done but I swear my heart was pure.
    I felt very insecure and possessive. The fear of losing you was haunting me. But now I want to be free I seek freedom.
    Oh lord! You have always been with me in my good and bad times. Please! Show me a path to end this.
    Oh lord! I know I'm living in false hope.
    Oh lord! Make me strong enough to accept the reality or either you break the myth.
    Oh lord! Please be kind
    Oh lord! Please forgive me
    Oh lord! I cannot suffer anymore
    Oh lord! I cannot bear the pain anymore.
    Oh lord! I cannot breathe anymore
    Oh lord! I'm broken
    Oh lord! I'm alone now and therefore I seek your company
    Oh lord! I seek freedom
    Oh lord! I will never force someone to stay in my life.
    Oh lord! I will never see happiness in someone's eyes.
    Oh lord! I am exhausted of giving love and getting hurt. I cannot give anymore
    Oh lord! Take me out of this hell for I cannot breathe here anymore.
    Oh lord! I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart.
    Oh lord! Please forgive me.
    Oh lord! Please! Give me Freedom
    Oh lord! Please! Let me fly.
    Oh lord! Please! Hug me tightly, kiss on my forehead and let me cry on your shoulders.
    Oh lord! Please!
    Oh lord! I saw a relationship falling apart
    Oh lord! I saw expectations decline.
    Oh lord! I saw efforts not making sense.
    Oh lord! My world was broken before me.
    Oh! Lord! They didn't feel pity on me.
    Oh lord!All they gave me is ignorance and hate.
    Oh lord! I want to tell you how cruel this world is.
    Oh lord! Please give me.
    Oh lord! Please free me from everyone and everything.
    Oh lord! Please forgive me for now I seek freedom ❤️


  • bhavyagogia 8w

    #mahalakshmi #vishnu #shrihari #narayan #mylordvishnu #my_letters_to_God #waiting #after #long #Lord #hari #ram #govinda #krishn #God #hear #prayer #father #daughter #reply #stay #ceesreposts

    By him going I mean my mind is not thinking about him. He doesn't leave although. �� Jai ShriHari! ❤������


    @drinderjeet @shraddha_suryanarayana @biswajitdev @krishn_ratii @deepak_pt

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    My Letter to God

    Hello sweet Father! How are you? Since you left me(I know you didn't) my mind is not finding its peace. Seriously, are you my sanity? If no, then why do I become really mad when you are not in my thoughts? I know that you have decided that you won't come in this birth of mine, but can't you even stay in my thoughts for every single second? Is that so difficult for you? I have heard that your grace extends to even the lowest of jeevas, then... Why not me? I am eagerly waiting, either reply or just stay in my mind forever, after all that's not too much for you, the Lord of the whole cosmos?

    Your Little girl

  • jeitendra_sharma 9w


    the dark red color veins
    the darkness, dense forests
    roses, rising deads
    sucking blood, buried in depths
    a madness, a smile
    chilling bones
    feel the beats
    agony of past
    the chaos of time, future is dead
    run backward
    rise above towards heaven
    a battle with Gods
    fear not, they will bleed
    the same red color
    chariot, riding the beast
    uphill, rising on the clouds
    feel the power, I am the Lord
    kneel down
    fear the darkness, the sun is dead
    run, unleash the anger
    fight with them, break the bone
    need more red roses
    a collision, mighty armies
    the sea is dead, no more rains
    fire, falling from above
    moving so fast
    sliding wolves, on ice
    chasing death to conquer it
    revenge, old enough, a taste of own medicine
    pull the hell above
    and heaven down
    pouring hell in the heaven
    sit back and smile
    and smell those hundreds of roses again,


  • createit 9w

    Philosophical Poems

    No Hope No Past by (Prince)

    Life not living
    Life not what is
    Life a curse
    Love a myth

    I seek refuge
    In thy arms
    I come to thee

    My eyes closed
    Life a cruse
    Why I ask
    My eyes closed

    Walking bare
    Walking blind
    Trust a myth
    Faith now lost

    My heart has burst
    Love is past
    Lust has come
    Bare I come

    My eyes closed
    Death at last
    My lord
    Finally I come to thee