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  • yours_fortune 1w

    Why it's so painful
    Why don't the love stay
    Why do we have to deal with tears
    Why it's always the lover or the loved ones.
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    A dream lied, in my eyes,
    A name resounded ,in my breath,
    A heart beats in his love,
    But all turned into tears and then vanished
    Leaving my heart despondent


  • infiniteconfusion 10w


    My sense of reality is warped.
    If I stare out into space long enough, there's a moment in time when it all goes silent where I can actually feel you.
    Sense you.
    Hear you.
    Am I on the brink of insanity?
    In denial?
    Or is it really you trying to comfort me?


  • sleepy_hollow 11w


    He has passed he is gone. There is no time to dwell. My family is broke. I know I must be there.

    Your absence is felt it is truly heard. There is only questions why you're not there.

    The power the feeling to take ones life. Is a feeling that must not be for the right.

    Lost with out feeling numb to this pain. My family has lost a loved one. I must stay sane.

    The man of the house from a young age. The feelings of not knowing. Are you in a devils cage.

    The sorrow the pain the rage.

    Numb and in pain the power of playing God. Give and take life. This power seems odd.

    Crying alone to show that I'm strong asking and praying too show me a sign.

    With my soul and my mind echoing in time. begging for you to give me a sign.

    The power of spirit the strength of my aura. I feel your love this one last time.

    Hand on my shoulder not touching but there this feeling is power. I know you'll always be there.

  • ussayyedshah 13w

    As you walk away

    I know we talked;we agreed
    heart is sinking to my feet

    I wish i could take it back
    make you sway
    Every step echoing
    as you walk away

    What would It take to make you stay?
    Love ,Lust money Or greed just say.
    Don't walk away.

  • tryingtolovenimisha 19w

    Two years ago I still remember waking up at 5 in the morning, staring at the ceiling, knew that would be the last time we will see each other curling up to you without speaking a single word just thinking about the separation. Time flew by it was time for you to leave.
    When you were going through the security check, I remember sending you a pic of our room telling you how empty it was now and I already feel lonely.
    Times flying by but still staying with the same dilemma when will we meet again?
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld
    #pod #separation #fear #love #lovedone #distance #lonely

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  • forgotten__wings 20w

    It's a haiku guys....
    Who are missing ur buddies....??
    Let the worries fly away from u...
    #forgottenwings #imissyou #lovedone #love #letter
    #worry #care #trust #brokenheart #broken

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    I miss you

    He didn't look at her once
    She wrote a letter...
    With love,'how are you?'


  • vishnusumi 23w

    Hard times will always reveal true friends♥️

  • kirubamkparoles 23w


    Every heart have many memories but when you feel lonely ...
    It's remembering ...

  • word_artistry 26w

    ~What does heaven feels like?

    In Summer autumn winter rain,
    You and your dearest sharing the pain.
    Jokes giggles care love in the family,
    When it is the only reality.
    Money isn't the tool to get peace,
    Hug of mom is ready when you are at your least.
    Siblings sharing the secret,
    Father been the loveliest.
    When you can heart out yourself to friends,
    Without any doubt of getting drained.
    Oh humans , when this is actuality,
    Your mind will be at tranquility
    Your heart sings songs of bliss
    And your soul is free of glitch.
    That's how heaven feels like.

    ~Shaik Maryam

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    Image credits to the rightful owner.


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  • mysterywords 28w


    Business stress
    Life kicked you
    Think's about a dark past
    Always running in life
    Even though in your busy schedule you never failed to text me
    That remembrance is more enough for me

  • wilsongelder 30w

    February 17

    I hate this time of year and I am a hostage to it
    There is no escape unless the captor pulls the trigger and theres not a chance itll do that
    I am stuck in this prison of tears as the memories flood my brain like a monsoon
    I am sad
    I am nostalgic.
    I am weak.
    I just want to be better
    But I can't
    Fore you are gone and my captor continously reminds me of that.
    I cant ask you what to do since we are separated by 6 feet
    And your teachings leave nothing but tears in their path as I remember them
    How to tie a tie is a lesson I remember but now it's a noose and it looks so good around my neck but you cannot hang yourself on bars of tears
    We are Vikings was a joke you said and like Vikings you are lost to time now.
    I want to go back to the history books but I cannot read underwater.
    You were great at dodgeball and you were a superhero on the court but superman isnt supposed to die that's not how good guys end.
    These little things I keep in my back pocket in the wallet of memories and I still have your picture on my phone because I dont want to forget your face like I did my dad.
    You were my dad though in a way
    You nurtured me and grew me like a mustard seed and told me that I was ok
    When my parents didnt want to deal with me they'd call you and I remember Culver's and peanut butter in my ice cream and now I cant eat it because I will throw up due to motion sickness induced by time travel.
    I remember your suit and how goofy you looked but now I wish youd see me in my goofy outfit when I got my diploma.
    I remember the van you drove for work and i still wanna cry when i see it because it's a painful reminder that's it's a ghost driving now.
    I missed your memorial.
    I was supposed to speak on what you taught me and others but since I never gave that speech did I learn anything.
    Did I learn more than christian dogma or was it just that.
    I remember the day you died and I cried leaving bullet holes in my skin and I remember hugging your sister and saying sorry because she held your dead body.
    When she holds her son who shares your name does she get flashbacks.
    When I see him I do I because Erik he is beginning to look like you.
    What would you say to me
    Would there be anything to say at all?
    I wont know unless I convince my captor to pull the trigger but I'm only talking to the mirror. Plot twist right?
    It's been me that's holding myself hostage but what else am I supposed to do.
    Cope by talking to a therapist who didnt know Erik like I did. How can you tell me to get over him you didnt even know him
    Now I play in graveyards and talk to the stones of those I knew. These stones tell me to escape to run but I dont want to instead I shall be persephone and he will be hades so after my time I will be free to play in the fields. But for now its winter and I need to mourn.

  • terror 34w


    It hurts
    It hurts that I forget your laugh
    And that you felt you had to go...
    It hurts I have to be, on your behalf,
    A ray of shine, to always glow.
    It hurts
    It hurts I’m used to not seeing you everyday,
    And that only good ones go too soon,
    It hurts that you’re so, so far away,
    Farther than Mercury or even than Moon.
    It hurts
    It hurts I feel alone and empty
    When I dream about you and I cry...
    It hurts I know your soul was achy,
    So achy you felt you had to die.

  • _heart_whelming_quotes_ 39w

    A proper conversation with loved one at the end of the day makes my day complete


  • aashriti 40w

    Your only

    You say you are alright
    As you hide
    Those big fat tears behind that smile
    You say it's all good
    While you know it is too soon
    To forget or to forgive
    The one you loved whole heartily
    You wish him to live well
    Darling, will you think about you instead?
    Everyday is a struggle
    For you to get out of the bed
    While you bluff others
    But you won't fool me with fakeness
    You loved too deep
    Every wounds cut open
    With every word you bleed
    It might be toxic
    Your relationship
    But it was yours and yours only

  • aashriti 43w

    Dear loved one

    Dear loved one
    I hope you are living off well
    I don't want to be remembered every time
    But I hope my memories cross your mind every now and then
    When walking on the same streets
    Do you pause for a while to smile at our memories?
    Was it hard letting me go?
    When you hold her hands
    Does she make you feel warm?
    Dear loved one
    I hope she does make you smile with her silly jokes
    I have no regrets, I am glad it happened
    I am glad it was you I opened up to
    And no I don't regret meeting you
    I love the way I loved you
    Dear loved one
    Are you happier these days?
    Has your heart ache slowed down the pace?
    Dear loved one
    I have no anger left, no sorrow or regrets
    I have forgiven you
    And now I am in process of forgiving myself
    Dear loved one
    Will you forgive me for hurting your feelings?
    Will you forgive me for putting you in misery?
    Trust me loved one, I never wanted to hurt you
    Will you smile thinking of me at times?
    Dear loved one
    Please do forgive this naive girl for being ruthless
    For hurting someone she loved
    Dear loved one
    I hope you get every love you deserve
    Dear loved one
    I hope you are in better place..

  • nirav_prajapati 44w

    फिर से उफान पर चढता हुआ यह सर्द दिसंबर और उसमें ये मेरे मकान कि बाल्कनी, बाल्कनी कि विन्डो पर छाया यह कोहरा मानो किसी कैनवास पेपर के माफिक मालूम पड रहा हैं। कड़ाके कि ठंड मे ठिठुरने से मानो मेरी उँगलियाँ पेन्ट ब्रश हो गई है और उसी कैनवास बनी विन्डो पर मैं अपनी उँगलियों से सिर्फ तुम्हारी तस्वीर बनाना चाहता हूँ। कोहरे मे छिपी बारीक बुंदों को मैं सतरंगी इन्द्रधनुष सा महसूस कर रहा हूँ।उसीके दरमियाँ म्यूजिक सिस्टम मे धीमे वोल्युम मे बजता हुआ तुम्हारा वो पसंदीदा गाना! हाँ वो ही, 'छूँ कर मेरे मन को' जो कभी मेरा भी हुआ करता था और उसके अल्फाजों से,छाया हुआ यह कोहराम और भी घना होता जा रहा हैं। मेज़ पर रखी चाँय की गर्म भाँप भी अब इस कोहरे मे घुलने लगी है और सारा फसाना भी मौजूदा स्थिति को बयां करने से परे हो गया है। मानो वक्त तक कन्फ्यूज हो उठा हो कि ये कैसा वक्त हो चला हैं। रात कि चरमसीमा सर्दी कि तीव्रता को भी बढाने लगी हैं ओर कोहरे की भी! कि जैसे ही तुम्हारी तस्वीर उसके अंतिम पडाव तक पहुचती है कि तुरंत पानी बन बह जाती है! दिसंबर कभी इतना भी सर्द नही लगा कि सब कुछ धुँधला दिखने लगे..सब कुछ!!

    ©Nirav Prajapati_23

  • yourstrulybysl 44w


    Tried leaving the past,

    End up going back and dragging them along.


  • shee1212 44w


    All i wish now.. is you..
    precious mine..i love you
    How these days passby..have no clue...
    Home though filled is empty without you..
    Many our stuffs done together, all is due..
    All those fun of ma n mu..
    The lovely ustime jus we two..
    Happy moments isn't joyful, miss you..:(
    All i need now..is just you..✨


  • wasim0z 48w


    Kabhi purane
    Message mat.
    Bhaut takleef hoti hai.

  • every_moment 48w


    He makes me feel special
    Like there's no one like me
    He loves me the most
    Like there's no one above me
    And today I will tell him
    I love you too