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  • zayanacullen 4w

    Dear First Love

    Hi. Hope you are doing well. It rained hard here today. Did it rain in your place, too? I don't know why but the rain just made my drizzling thoughts of you pour heavily.

    Well, it's been months since you deleted my number and haven't readded since. How do I know? Well, my friend told me that your WhatsApp profile pic and about shows but I ain't able to see. By chance I saw you online a few times which concluded to the fact that you deleted my number but didn't block me for a promise that you made me do, not to block your number no matter what happens. I don't remember if I made you do the same, but it seems either I asked you to do or you made up your mind that way. Whatever the matter, thank you for not at least blocking me.

    I deleted your number as well for the fact that your number would just give me pain and again distract me and put to my previous situation of choosing, which I don't want anyhow. But, after all, I still have a soft space for you even after all these five years. We weren't in contact for long after break up, but when we did, it was too late to go back. I readded your number today knowing that most probably you wouldn't have added my number but still with a broken hope I added your number and checked just to find out that I was right. Boy, you are really strong to control your emotions to this extent. I wonder if you added my number and deleted within moments.

    The first time you deleted my number, I was still hopeful of you readding my number. And you did. But the second time you deleted, you haven't readded since.

    You may wonder why am I telling all these if I didn't intend to text you. It's because just seeing you online and staring at your profile picture and reading and re-reading your about was enough to know that you were there, though we both know we can never go back as our paths have been parted so wide that there's no chance of them crossing again.

    You uploaded your status twice and I know those were meant for me. I asked my friend but he told that he wasn't able to view any of your status. Those were meant for me. I decided not to view them, but finally did. You may not know, but I took screen shots of all your status that were meant for me.

    I still open your chat and wait hoping hopelessly that you might come online, but you don't. I, too, want to be as strong as you to be firm in my decisions about not looking back at you. Trust me, I tried; I tried several times but I failed. I failed each time I tried.

    Our paths are separated with new people walking on with us. While I have a pair of hands to hold on, I couldn't and would never be able to replace you. Even you have to agree, first love can never be forgotten and replaced for it taught and made us feel what love is for the first time, right? And you? You took a dozen of pairs of hands but they weren't and you didn't have them to walk with you. You realised what you did and you are alone on your path, leaving all those hands for which you once left mine. You wanted me to get back, to hold your hand once again, I wanted, too. But as I said, our paths have been separated really wide to be crossed again.

    Hope one day you come before these letters and realise that these are meant for you. I will wait just as I wanted to, though you didn't leave a chance back then.

    May you always be happy, healthy and prosperous.

    Your well wisher
    Someone you once knew

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    Dear First Love


  • revathi_rangaprabu 5w

    A tall girl's love letter

    To the one that fell for me,

    When mum kept ranting about how difficult it would be to get me married, I always thought someone out there is waiting to be mine. I'm glad that I met you. And even more that you've become mine. I'm sure that we are going to be very romantic and will have those cute moments. But then, the moment you know you've fallen for me, stuff all your ideas about having a conventional love life in a huge as fuck bag and throw it somewhere far away. Our romance will never work that way baby.
    Congrats first, because you've won without a competition. Nobody hits on a tall girl. I still wonder why it is that we only inspire older sister or boss lady vibes. Tall girls can be childish, cute and bubbly. Understand people.
    On the brighter side, you needn't bend down to look me in the eyes. We can look at each other just like that and it's gonna be eye to eye. We can take turns in taking selfies, and no one's calling you a 'selfie stick'.
    But, get ready to sacrifice those aisle seats in buses and movie theatres because, even my knees will bang against the front seat honey. I'm never gonna look cute in your shirts. I wonder if they'd be small for me. Neither will I drown inside your hoodie. However, I might borrow your shoes from time to time. Get ready to spend extra shopping hours darling, it's as rare as an unicorn that I find the perfect match. I know. I found you. But clothes baby, are more complicated. I'm not that short chick who's only as tall as your waist, that when walking side by side you can wrap your hands around my shoulders. When we walk with each other, our shoulders will brush each other and will be almost in level and you'll have to feel proud about me. I can never give you those compact hugs where I can fit inside you like a puzzle piece and that my head against your chest thing is not happening. And in no way are you stopping me from wearing my pretty little 3 inch heels only because I'm gonna look taller than you.
    But you know what baby, I can give you a shave effortlessly, because I've got longer hands too. I can understand the trouble that you'd face in normal sized beds, where the feet will be left hanging out hopelessly. I'll share that trouble with you darling. When you feel low and need a shoulder to cry on, or when you're sleepy and need a shoulder to doze off, you know that I can lend you one without hurting your back and not causing you neck stiffness. 
    Finally, when our magical moment happens, you'll never have to lean in to kiss me. Remember my lips will be right there waiting for yours. I'll never have to be on my toes to reach you. It's not gonna look filmy. Nonetheless I'm sure it is going to be as special as it will always have been.
    Not everyone gets a girlfriend as tall as themselves. So, count yourself lucky to have me. Hoping that you're as tall as me.

    Waiting for you,
    Your Tall As Fuck Girlfriend.


  • purewine_75 5w

    #Eternallove #Loveletters

    Though i never tried writing love letters
    Hopefully this one makes sense ����

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    Love letter

    My lover Sun ☀️
    You always Breathe fire
    How i am suppose to save myself
    From the burning desire

    My beloved Sun☀️
    You always Shine brighter
    How i am suppose to stay away
    From your Sparkling warmth

    My sweetheart Sun☀️
    I choose you over the world
    How i am suppose to break promise
    Of this eternal love
    Sending you kisses and hugs
    ~Your beloved Moon


  • arrzee 8w

    Dear love,

    When I think of you and me, when I think of this bond we share, the love we have, I believe what bought us this close is the heartbreak we've experienced. If we could stop it from happening, obviously we would've. But we couldn't. Our pasts are not just a figment of time we've spent before, but it's a bridge through which we could reach the depths of each others hearts. Whilst sharing how broken we were, we built our own wills to heal. Heal so that we could love each other. We built a universe, OUR universe full of love and acceptance. We did not make each other complete. But we encouraged each other to complete ourselves, to be whole again, to become strong enough independently such that nothing would break us anymore.
    We lost our innocence with our first heartbreaks and I think that's where our connection comes from. And we'll ALWAYS cherish this connection for the rest of our lives.


  • supahnassar 8w

    You are like the full moon, my love
    In the night sky full of beautiful stars
    And my eyes still notice you first.

  • supahnassar 9w

    Time is ticking
    I'm just waiting
    Morning comes with birds chirping
    I just keep counting...
    ...every nightfall and the Sun's rising.
    Helpless as I am, I keep hoping
    That soon, all this will be ending
    And towards you, I'll come running

  • supahnassar 9w

    As I'm stuck indoors
    I miss the freshness of the wind in the woods
    I miss staring at the sky in the night
    Waiting for shooting stars, to make a wish
    I miss talking to the moon,
    although it never spoke back
    I miss thelong walks to the lake
    & the view of the sunset while there
    I miss all these but what I want most
    is to have you in my arms,
    and yours wrapped around me.

  • nasa_cf 13w

    Dear Hunigcamb,

    These days have been difficult because our hearts seem to be at different path ways and I take responsibility for it.

    Owning up to my mistakes and apologizing for them doesn't right things, I can tell from the ache in my heart and the distance stretched between us.

    A zillion questions and solutions fill my thought but none is you. I miss the way you were with me. I miss you loving me. I miss you so bad and nothing can make up for your absence.

    Your absence fills me with dreads. Fear that my world will capsize without you, fear that I will build it right back and miss out on having someone as amazing as you.

    I love you and as long as the ever we can create last, I hope it is one that's devoid of the other's absence and questions of whether you are loved immensely by me or I am loved immensely by you.

    While parting ways might wreck each other's ship for a while, I hope when our ever elapse, we can walk our separate paths with support for each other, strong as soldiers full of vision and thankful for what has been not weary and broken by hatred, lies and manipulations.

    It is difficult expressing my thoughts when it is you. And I like to think it is as a result of the intensity of my emotions for you. But this time, I hope these words show you how miserable this discord makes me.

    I hope we right our universe soon before the world suffers...

    Love; irrespective

  • the_village_poet 15w

    -Dancing With Words-

    I often
    If I’d ever
    A man
    I would
    Simply because
    of the way
    His voice sounded
    When he danced
    With words…
    I finally

    Stacey Welsh

  • ckfilvan 16w

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    #julietscorner #ceesreposts #writerstolli #writersnetwork #humor #valentine #loveletters

    It's about a humourous saying that when somebody has a crush on you, you grow pimples on your nose.

    I'm attending the church (evening service). I won't be able to respond right now.
    Excuse me.

    Thanks for reading.
    With love.


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    pimple & proposal

    Hey, don't be shy,
    Just say it to me,
    Give yourself a try:
    (Say you crush on me).

    Don't dilly-dally,
    Neither flirt nor beat the bush,
    Teasing me with a pimple
    On the tip o' my nose.

    Chocolates, gifts and roses
    Are (trust me) on their way;
    I'll invade your cheeks with blushes--
    So would you just confess
    And exile my pimple far away.

  • writer_chick 16w


    If the letters I write are too long,
    It's only because the heart demands to be heard.


  • rakibsheikh 18w

    Likhey khat maine bhot saarey
    Tujhey lagey bus khali kagaz

    Mehsus karega jab baatein meri
    Tapkege aanshu , rang badlega kagaz


  • arrzee 19w

    When I lost you...

    When I lost you.
    Everybody said this too will pass what they didn't know is I didn't just lose you I lost myself. I lost my happiness, my joy, my contentment. I lost the zest for life. They didn't know how special you and I are. They won't understand that ever. They didn't know that even death wouldn't do us part because we are so much more than just flesh and bone. They don't know we share not the usual bond but something which only you and me could understand. They don't know that the attachment of souls is an eternal phenomenon that a very few people could experience. They don't know we were one of the few. And they dont know that now I'm just a body... purposeless. They dont know that I didn't just lose my soulmate but I lost my soul too. Because it'll ALWAYS reside with you.❤


  • smdc__ 20w

    Dear You,

    I don’t trust my feelings anymore. They’ve consumed almost all of me and now I feel like every breath of mine carries nothing but your name. And every time my eyes caught yours falling for another’s, my hands would deliberately fall short of reaching for the letters you wrote to me every summer. Because I didn’t want to read another sentence of how much of a better person you were because of me.
    Have I turned you into something I most feared you’d turn me into?
    My feelings don’t trust me anymore, do they?


  • priya_29 20w


    When I saw you first, it took every ounce of me not to kiss you. When I saw you laugh, it took every ounce of me not to fall in love. And when i saw your soul — it took every ounce of me.

  • arrzee 22w

    I wish I could tell you

    I wish I could tell you how much I love you. I wish I could tell you how much I want you. I wish I could tell you how hard it is not to fall for you. I wish you knew how much I crave for you. I dont want to let go everytime you hug me. I break into a million pieces when I realise I can't have you. I could write a million words but it wont suffice the love I have for you. I wish you knew when I saw you the very first time I couldn't help but notice those mesmerizing eyes of yours. I wish you knew I saw a million words left unspoken. A hundred stories left incomplete. I wish I could hear them. I wish I could know your deepest darkest fears. I wish I could be the sunshine in your darkest days. I wish I could share your pain. I wish I could give you all of the happiness in the world. I wish I could have you. I wish I could hold your hand forever. I wish I could be your ALWAYS.....

  • untold_diaries_story 34w


    पटाखों को नहीं.....
    उसके दिए खत को जलाएंगे हम
    कुछ इस तरह इस साल दिवाली मनाएंगे हम

  • vishalkr 35w

    मेरी पूर्व प्रेमिकाओं और तुममें बहुत अंतर है, वे सब मुझे अपना बनाना चाहती थी, उनका लक्ष्य था मुझे पूर्ण रूप से पाना। तुम हमेशा मेरी होना चाही, जितना होना संभव था उससे कही अधिक...तुम मुझे पाने से अधिक उत्तरेजित रही मुझमें समा जाने के लिए, जैसे कोई दरिया उतरती है समंदर के सीने में...तुम उतरी और दरिया से समंदर हो गई.. और मैं समंदर से बादल...बादल से बूँदों में बदलकर फिर तुममे मिलकर जल रुपी जीवन हो गया।।
    तुम जो ख़ुद सरल हो कितनी सरलता से मेरी होकर मुझे अपना बना गई।। बहुत अंतर है मेरी उन प्रेमिकाओं और तुममें ...।।

    (तुम्हारे लिए❤️)

  • arrzee 35w

    Dear love,

    You're perfect to me. Way too precious than you realise. When I come to think of it no amount of words would suffice the love I have for you. Seeing you smile is my favorite sight. Seeing you happy gives me peace. Seeing your face makes my day. And being with you is all I crave. I don't have the courage to talk to you in person but I really need you to know, you're perfect the way you are. Please don't change. Don't let anybody get you down. You might think that I'm crazy, that I don't know you enough to be this crazy about you but I know one thing for sure: YOU'RE A BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING.❤ You're way too good at hiding your feelings but I still understand when you're sad. I wish I could tell you how much I love you. I wish you knew that I can't stop thinking about you. I wish you knew me enough to see that I'm not so stupid after all. And I wish you knew that I'll love you ALWAYS.❤


  • diwanatera 36w

    महक उठती है मेरी तन्हाई
    जब तेरी यादों की मुरली मेरी साँसों ने बजाई
    चली आती है तूँ राधा बन के
    इस कान्हा के मन में बस तूँ ही है समाई

    महक उठती है मेरी तन्हाई
    जब-जब तूने अपनी पायल है छनकाई
    चले आते हैं सुरों से भरे गीत मेरे
    मेरी हर धुन में बस तू ही तो है जो समाई

    महक उठती है मेरी तन्हाई
    जब तेरे प्यार की खूशबू है यूँ लहराई
    चली आती हैं बहारें इन फिज़ाओं में
    मेरी ज़िन्दगी में बहार बन के हो तुम यूँ समाई

    महक उठती है मेरी तन्हाई
    प्यारी सी तेरी बातें लगती हैं इतनी सुरीली
    कि खामोश निशा भी गूँजने यूँ लगती है
    जैसे बज रही हो चारों तरफ शहनाई