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  • soul_scriber 11w


    For me, happiness was You!!!
    You waiting for me, You caring for me, You not letting me know this.

    But then I knew of how You cared and I knew I had to leave.

    Because you see, this only I always knew, You deserved something better and I was never meant for You.


  • the_biggest_looser13 116w

    You held my hand all the way to my place.

    Like you never wanted to leave.

    You pulled me closer and hugged me tight,

    Like it was our last meeting eve.


    You looked into my eyes and kept looking,

    Like it was the last glance.

    You kissed my lips softly and never stopped,

    Like it was our last beautiful trance.


    You danced with me and sunk in deep,

    Like it was the last song of the night.

    You made love to me with all those emotions,

    Like it was going to be your last love bite.


    O’ baby I don’t have the count of the days you made me feel this way,

    Let us never leave each others side, come what may!!!