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  • loneink 1d

    They say rain feels like
    a partner in romance ..
    But,alas !'m a heart ,
    always seek summer 's grace .
    For me ,
    rain feels like tear drops
    that Sky sheds for Earth
    when it comes ..
    Rain always talks
    about an incomplete love story
    between endless sky & eternal Earth.


  • sarahrachelea 2d

    I always get whoever the fuck I wanted
    If I can't get you,
    It's defo because
    I don't wanted you that much

    ~ absolutely facts

  • yours_fortune 3d

    My love was true
    Why don't you let it glow
    Why did you cheated in love
    Why did you break my heart
    Why did you let me go away ��
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    My love was true to you,
    But you made our love full of flawed,
    And all you gave me was a bad name,
    My wandering heart faced failure at every step.
    All my dreams shattered right before my eyes
    I feel shattered trying to keep everything together
    And all I feel today lost n defeated for falling in love with you.


  • porcupine 3d

    A Love Story (edit)

    He can see her in the distance
    He is captivated with no resistance
    The world goes quiet for a moment
    He's thinking she must be heaven sent
    He wants to scream up at the clouds
    He wants to yell out so very loud
    He thinks that she is so mesmerizing
    His body heat is rapidly rising
    Slowly as he walks in her direction
    He seems to get a nervous condition
    He trys to speak but he is silent
    If only he could get his message sent
    But the words do not come easily
    If only he could speak more freely
    He knows what he wants to say
    But nothing comes out from his way
    But just as he is about to give up
    She stumbles into his coffee cup
    There it went on to the ground
    Still so smitten he looks around
    The lady is holding out her hand
    I'm so sorry what was your brand
    He seen she was holding some change
    And thought I must not act strange
    He senses a kind of connection
    As they looked in each others direction
    No need ma'am it was just about done
    Calmly he said do you have to run
    Her eyes sparkled a tiny bit there
    He said let's go get a drink somewhere
    With no hesitation she had agreed
    He thought what a great day this will be
    They talked together for many hours
    He then stopped and bought her flowers
    They were married the following year
    And to this day
    Are still in love and call each other dear

  • dosbambi_kingdomstar 3d

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    You ever been in a relationship with someone, and it feels like...you are the only one in that relationship?

    Both romantic (courtship/dating) and platonic (friendship), any relationship whosoever that must work out well, requires the parties involve to be active and take responsibility.

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    Truth is, sometimes
    I refuse to call
    to see, if you will call
    I want to know the mutuality of these feelings.

    Truth is, sometimes
    I too want surprises
    I want gifts, and love messages
    I want to feel special, like I'm your one and only.

    Truth is, sometimes
    when I'm around you, I hide my smiles
    hoping you will search them out
    like I always do for yours, when they are missing.

    Truth is, sometimes
    I wait for you to text first
    it takes two to tango
    so, I shouldn't always text first

    Truth is, sometimes
    I'm in doubt, unsure of your affection
    this thing we have seems one sided
    feels like, you're pulling the wool over my eyes!

  • travel_motivation_love 4d

    आज उसका हर लफ्ज़ शर्मिन्दा हुआ,
    मेरी चुप्पी ने वो कमाल किया।

  • medusas_child 5d

    A love story if only?

    It took place on a river,
    Salty and disturbed.
    I realize I am swimming in my tears...ugh!
    How am I supposed to be havoc without my chaos?
    I knew I would be your harley to your mister J.
    To my chucky from your Tiff.
    You left me here with nothing.
    But a broken heart and unanswered questions?
    We we're gonna journey through hell together.
    Fuck up the world, it's you and I forever.
    You are the darker to my darkest.
    Your pain is my savior.
    The way you understood me.
    Leaves a burn on my heart everytime I remember.
    You've made promises as soon as you made them quickly you forget.
    I was the chick of the moment.
    Not the ride or die I thought you wanted.
    As I adjust to being monstrous on my own.
    I still ponder on what could've been.
    Lilith is nothing without her satan.
    We could've bee A bomb to an apocalypse.
    Ride off into the sunset.
    Damaged and destroyed.
    Bonnie and clyde ain't done yet.

  • rhythmic_beats 1w

    When everyone says love is just a myth in this generation, I have seen love very closely. Love seems myth because love is rare. Love is truth and truth is love. But our eyes are fooled to see adulterated beauty and it's the reason we fail to see true love and what is not love we try to put a stamp of love on it which anyways not gonna accepted my soul though social media can accept it!

    We say moon is so bright and shines so beautiful because moon knows to illuminate in darkness! But ever wondered that maybe the moon is loving the sky; yes that pitch dark sky flaunting its navy blue shades to darkest of darkest black! Living in darkness the whole night. But the moon is silently loving, caring, making night's darkness more beautiful by giving it's light to the sky. How innocent it is, right! Loving the sky so much in her darkness, the moon tries to spread it's all light throughout the horizon but still the sky is unknown about the fact that the moon is in love with her. She enjoys the light but is always unaware about this silent love, the untold love.

    May be the moon told the stars to be with her when it's new moon, after all moon never wants to see the sky; love alone. All those stars blossom at night flourishing the fragrance of moon's love to the sky, the sky totally enjoys this love filled waves but unaware about the fact that moon's love is none other than her♥️

    I hope the sky and the world soon realise that love is true and beautiful but it's silent, untold! As the universe is so vast, in every corner of the universe, love like moon and sky exist.

    Love is so simple yet undiscovered and rare♥️

    © rhythmic_beats

    PS. After a long time here. Hope you all doing great ✨��
    Coming to all slowly ��

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  • dosbambi_kingdomstar 1w

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    Most people, like me...have plenty of wishes concerning love, and relationship.

    If wishes were horses truly, non of us will have any worry with love and relationships...right?

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    If wishes were horses,
    you will be right here with me
    blessing my eyes with your beautiful smiles
    and directing laughter to my face
    like a traffic police in traffic
    by just your presence plus your dry jokes.

    If wishes were horses,
    anything from the past won't be a thing
    worry won't have a single thing
    on either of us
    and our love will be worry free.

    If wishes were horses,
    this love thing won't be too much of a work
    everything will be clear as day
    we won't have to be blind to fall into love
    melding broken hearts won't be some people's work.

    If wishes were horses,
    I won't be here wishing all kinds of wishes
    I will be sure, you are the very one for me
    my eyes will be finally made single
    I will no longer be one bad single fella.

  • sarahrachelea 1w

    May you love a person
    That love you back
    At the same time


  • sarahrachelea 1w

    Not in Baghdad, Bordeaux,
    Budapest nor Bandung,

    In the day that not today
    When your festive kiss landed on my lips
    I pray we'll be seeing
    Silver sky and golden sunset
    A nirvana in Alexandria
    With your hand in mine

    Now until that day finally come
    Just hold on and don't be sad

    ~ A nirvana in Alexandria

  • my_words_for_u_ 1w

    I fell in love

    She was wearing a white coat
    Her hair, put into a perfect bun
    Her face wore no makeup,
    all it had was an elegant smile
    And yet that was more than enough for me.

    Her arms, busy holding an
    adorable new-born baby
    And her eyes, fixed on that sleeping
    baby's closed eyes
    And my eyes, fixed on her...

    That day,
    I fell in love, not only with her
    but also with the entire nurse fraternity.


  • _zoya_khan_ 1w

    Her reality, his illusion

    The very early when a glistening baby was bloomed...he was heading everyday to a reality...
    Heading towards grave
    Heading towards funnerel
    This boy was a idol of enthusiasm and cheerfulness
    He was a known champion towards living and letting others live
    Since a day when he encountered emotions of grief and desolation
    Reality was shoved on his throat, he was declared a loser
    It's shattered him down completely...
    He collected his broken pieces and began his life again..
    He shortly had a friend so had his mother as his best friend.But life has different plans for him . It took his mother from him
    The reality jolted through his body like jagged edges of a shattered dreams, while being a cheerful kid he beacame a mournful lament..
    His eyes bleeding, his heart was numb and he was closed to deadend..
    But this was not end as a hope entered in his life making everything beautiful...
    She loved him as the sky loved the clouds...
    She loved him as the music loved rythem..
    ... As the birds loved their freedom..
    She created herself a world for him...
    As the air belonged to the life.. She belonged to him...
    She gave him all over that his pain of desolation fade away...
    She gave him so... that he didn't dreamt of living without her..
    And so one day she came up with moist eyes and heavy breaths...
    She laid his hands on her waist and asked, "love, hold me" . As soon as the boy holded him.. She closed her Stygian eyes and laid her lips upon him... She holded him so tight that there were hardly any space between them was left...
    She cold feel the soft of his lips... He could taste the sweet of his mouth... And slowly she closed her eyes and her body went blue and cold...
    The soon boy realised that his love accepted the reality of life... He denied to live in illusion . ...

    Sometimes destiny had beautiful plans for lover's...
    Its just take life at the cost of love

  • shilpagk 1w

    It was getting complicated
    Our intertwined hearts
    Were unacceptable
    To this world with less love
    And almost no empathy
    For them, it was contemptible
    Why did you listen to them?
    Give heed to them?
    Why such a coward?
    Such a prostrate?
    But I don't blame you either
    For your giving up
    Instilled in me the anger
    The frustration,
    Asking me to give up on you too
    You left,
    Saying nothing
    I left too,
    Waiting to hear nothing
    We could have a whole new sky
    Above us
    Only if you had tried harder
    Only if I had waited longer...

    #wordsofsh #untrue #lovestory @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    The untrue love story

    Only if you had tried harder,
    Only if I had waited longer...

  • chinelorom 1w


    One day I'd write a love story, but it won't be about finding or being found by love, it would be all the other way round.

  • subhanshuojha 1w


    उसने मुझे मेरे भाषा के कारण छोरा है। मेरी सकल की वजह से अपना मुह मोरा है न।
    ऐसा नहीं है की मैं बदल जाऊंगा बस सिख लूँ फीर तुझे सिखाऊंगा।


  • ms_shayara 1w

    ⠀ Explore me till you find yourself in me.

    - Nancy Uppal


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  • revathi_rangaprabu 2w

    Make A Wish

    Daffodils in the air
    I shut my eyes and spread 
    In a breath,
    Did they touch your fingertips my love?
    A jar of fireflies 
    I've kept,
    In the magical wood of our dreams
    Where no moon light shines,
    Did you see them flitter my love?
    On falling leaves I wished upon you,
    To shooting stars I asked for us,
    I catch flying feathers 
    Blow them away,
    Did they find their way to you my love?
    The shining rainbows 
    I ask,
    To come and become a bridge between us,
    No distance is too distant,
    But let there be none.
    That full moon 
    Listened to all our conversations,
    Inside those craters are buried
    Our lovely little secrets.
    Did you see them bright in the night my love?
    At eleven hours and eleven minutes
    I wished for time to pause,
    That all the forevers on this Earth
    Became ours,
    That we finally are each other's
    That we forget the rest of the world
    Not having to make another wish.


  • ak_2021 2w

    These tips r found from Google. I loved them so I thought share them with u guys.

    Btw also tell which one u liked the most...❤

    #prompt #love #lovestory #love_story_prompt

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    Love story writing PROMPTS

    1. He has already been ruled out. She made up her mind long ago that she would never date a man with his title (doctor, biker, lawyer, etc.)

    2. This one is pretty straightforward but can go in any possible direction. Write a story about any supernatural species - vampires, werewolves, aliens, or something you make up yourself. Write a romance either between the species or between a supernatural and a human. More often than not these are forbidden and/or dangerous romances but the characters go after it anyway.

    3. Your main character is a vivid dreamer. Some are wonderful experiences and others are horrible nightmares. Suddenly, the terrible people and events from their dreams start appearing in real life. Their partner then dies suddenly in a tragic way. They are devastated but hopeful because their dead partner starts appearing in their dreams. They spiral into the tragic existence of frantically searching for their partner in the real world during every waking moment.

    4. Time travel is a theme that has been explored over and over again throughout the history of storytelling, but it never seems to get old. Perhaps this is because of the completely endless options you have with the idea. Write about a protagonist who travels through time and meets the love of their life in a different era. They are clearly meant to be, but one of them refuses because of where the protagonist is from.

    5. While visiting your grandmother in her nursing home, she tells you that her high school sweetheart, who broke her heart by marrying someone else before she met your grandfather, just moved into a room down the hall. One day, you meet the man's grandson, who has been told a different version of what happened between them. You compare notes over lunch, and as you fall in love, you help your grandparents rekindle their own romance.

    6. Growing up, there was a knock on the door every year at midnight on your birthday. With everyone sound asleep, you would always go and check who's there, only to be met with nothing. On your 20th birthday, the knock happens as usual, but this time someone is standing in front of you. It is the handsome man from your nightmare last night—a person who wielded powerful magic and saved you from a dark being during your dream. You hope that your dream was not a premonition.

    7. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? On Earth, such a question is a game. On Planet Desalia, it's reality. Everyone gets to choose their magical power on their 18th birthday. You choose invisibility and quickly start a one-sided relationship with a love interest you follow around town. Things get awkward when your love interest chooses the power of x-ray vision and confronts you about following her.

    8. Raised in an orphanage, you know nothing of your magical heritage. However, when you reached the age of maturity, you discovered that you possessed the powers of both the light and the dark. You don't know how your dark powers came to be, but they could get you killed by the magical enforcers: a group sworn to remove black magic from the world. That's why you fled the orphanage in the dead of night and never looked back. You survived on the streets, using your wit and your grit as well as a little bit of your dark powers, but only when absolutely necessary. Now an adult, you still remain in the shadows, keeping to yourself. One fateful night you stumble across an attempted murder. You refuse to watch an innocent man be killed. With no choice but to use your dark powers, you save his life. Little do you know that the handsome man you saved is, in fact, a magical enforcer.

    9. Betrayed by your own brother, you are cursed by a spell from the ancient tomes you were sworn to protect. Now branded with the mark of the Serpent, you are cast out from your clan and banished from your beloved country. As you wander the outer lands, you hear rumors of a powerful sorceress with the knowledge of the curse that lives within the caves of the Hindral Mountains. You venture there and find that the sorceress is a young and beautiful maiden. After hearing of your plight, she vows to help you remove the curse. However, the ingredients for the cure lay deep within the caves—deeper than even the sorceress has dared to venture.

  • a_girl_inkings_her_emotions 2w