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    I want to leave that shit
    I'll be ok with it
    But I don't want to lose you like this
    Maybe you never be knowing
    The words you said
    I'll let it going
    The pain they sow
    I'll never be showing
    I hate your lies
    but I am spoilt thinking
    It's been so long
    We sang the love song
    I never changed my way
    Seeing you going away
    Chasing something new
    that's not good on you
    I'll be fine
    Running through miles
    Protecting our relation
    So fragile

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    Pic credit:- @nehahemaraj
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    ~a workshop
    She makes smiles
    Like she runs workshop for repairing hearts

    What makes her smile?
    She owned a business of laugh and cries

    She makes smiles
    loveing breathing eyes, and broken sighs

    She costumes herself beauteous and mild
    She is what you live in,The cause of demise

    She burns the light, into playful sunlight
    You love her because you rejoiced

    But there comes, the chance you survive
    Meeting his mate, exploring its price

    You leave the shop, saving the cost
    Nor you get slave to your past

    You think you stopped at her workshop
    But the world still goes on

    You met him in her,you start working to another
    You shop now to sky,range every night by

    You left with some coins,and works dies
    You live by her register,the address changed to soil

    A different perspection of life and death��

    Ps:-Maybe life repairs the moment and when the lady done with her work ,we leave this shop(world) to sky where we will buy a different life

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    It's all good
    through the wood
    Far from city
    to a small town

    Ye! that's the village!
    with Muddy house
    like a still picture
    green and brown

    Fields too big
    green and thick
    the cool breeze
    running against my feet
    the shady trees
    holding fruits so sweet

    The narrow path
    with Mud and stone
    everywhere freshness
    and nothing more

    The melody in the air
    all birds flutter down
    the sun baked me
    but cool was the down

    Here No man sleep
    with big dreams
    they work in field
    with nature's deal

    Their work to tough
    with no machine
    the awful privilege
    is no technique

    And still satisfied
    in the mind
    here one finds
    animal with mankind

    The lake glitters
    and ponds milky white
    daffodil dances
    on either side

    Here,I freeze in
    Frost winter night
    and burnt in hot
    Summer light

    Now I am in city
    but back to say
    "the village life is must to pray"

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    let me free, let me go,
    With crumbled heart
    And shaken soul
    Comforted by trust the lustre with dust
    Years that passed by
    We are saddened grief apart
    With a thousand splendid memories in heart

    I know you'll miss,
    I understand
    But don't let grief
    stand by your side
    The eternity of love you hide

    Get in freak
    To the ground bed
    Garland perfuming my death
    Till the last breath
    Get the vibe ,so deep
    Don't think of it
    Hug me quick
    Shed some tears
    And let it go

    I drove to my last view
    My last sigh was you
    The love we sowed
    I am into
    I am moored
    I left my soul
    But remember I was all yours,..

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    Even if I am gone
    Don't wait for me
    Leave before the sundew
    Feel I held your hand amorphously
    Don't turn back
    I have etheraeal love
    Let me free,let me go
    While,i leave my heart with you.

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    I don't count the stars
    I don't worry what's far,
    I pass away giant ocean
    With majestic bars.

    I supine to Arora
    Then the night,
    What I see, overwhelmed
    a star or saber
    Which can fill the heart of lover
    Or wound it with death funeral flower,

    Hope that is acception
    Perhaps, my broader perspection
    What people say 'beloved
    They show the star
    brighten their love
    When it burns and it break
    Look like saber in shape
    It scatters the light
    and then erase
    Making the sky glaze.

    Like the love, mystery betray
    Lovers are drown
    Virtually as its prey
    It was cold twinkle, love lived by
    Now its sword not sapphire.
    Still people do amire.
    What I see,
    Star or saber
    To kill the love
    Or at sky forever