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  • battleofminds 12h

    It's nothing about Luck
    I am Blessed.

  • gaamir 1d


    Jiski baate Marham si lagti zakhmo par
    Unhone hi Kuch alfaazon me ghaav dediye
    Ajib kismat hai janaab hamari bhi
    Dur Chale jaane Ka Sochu to yaari bich aajati hai
    Or paas Jaane Ka chaahu to khuddaari
    Dard hai dawa bhi hai,
    hum hai or wo bhi hai
    Par ab naa haalaat wo rahe
    na wo baat rahi
    Ab to bas Jo hai wo jazbaat hai

  • nightsurfer 3d


    A lottery ticket
    whose lucky digits
    we search for,everyday
    A wise man called it life.


  • jan_balan 5d

    Love is luck all in the purest and abstract sense

  • roel_gonz 1w

    Tomorrow when you wake up
    Just look at the sky and smile
    Not everyday will be the best
    A thundering feeling that never rests
    Write down your innermost fears
    And feel the wasted tears
    Take a look the future ahead
    Perceive the things that never felt
    And push your blessed luck instead

  • d_soul_capturer 1w

    24th - 31st, "Ultra Long Pro Max" টানা ছুটি নিয়ে Darjeeling , Sikkim, Shimla, Manali, Shilong, Uttarakhand, Mt. Everest , পারলে Himalayan Range টাও ঘুরে আসা ভাগ্যবান সবাই ।
    আর এই #HappyHolidays time এ leave apply করেও approve না হওয়া "Ultra Long Pro Max" বেচারা অভাগা আমি !

    আর কে কে আছেন এরকম অভাগা , যারা আজকেও "Working on it, will get back once done " করে চলেছেন, হাত তুলুন ।।


  • close_stranger 2w

    Lucky guy

    Everyone says that I'm so lucky coz I got everything they wanted
    But what I want is no longer available!!

  • haquikat 4w

    Hitt on the time

    "hitt on the time _"

    "be ready for the time and hitt on the time, "
    if u miss,,, dint regret, ‍♂create new hitt moment‍♂ then use last experience don't repeat the mistake that u did in the last hitt
    by changing the way just hitt again ..""

    "hitt on the time and kiss your crown !!
    "miss the hitt and lose your crown.""
    "choice is yours "
    "if you have a moment and your duty is to hitt the opportunity and you are capable and ready but miss the hitt so now here is not the mistake of world or any person..
    in this prepared situation u miss the hitt it's alll because of you. and
    if you miss your hitt in an prepared situation here is all because of you.

    sometimes you can't get success but you have everything that is needed in order to get the success.

    sometimes having everything that is needed,,,, you failed
    sometimes having nothing that is needed in order to get success,,,, you succeed
    it simply means!!!
    "what you have, can't decide what you are gonna get," don't live in this misunderstanding that you only can be successful when you have everything.
    ...." having everything doesn't
    mean success"..........
    and sometimes you have everything but still u are not satisfied but
    something you have nothing still you are satisfied even happy in your life.
    ...."means having everything does
    not mean satisfaction"......

    its all about what's inside you?
    ,what you expend ?
    what's your beliefs? assimsion?
    because your inner world is the greatest court..
    niether court of money nor court of worldy success can stand alone without the court of inner world
    your inner world is the highest &biggest court of this world if you can rule that ,you can rule any court of life...
    it's all about your inner mindset because
    your physical world is just a reflect of your inner world which includes spiritual world,........
    mental world, ...........
    emotional world .............
    in itself.
    your assumptions, method need by one or more people or group of people. a mind set can also be seen as arising out a person 's world view or and philosophy.. your resources can't alone make you succeed unless your philosophy about success is wrong.. or not prepared.

    "what you believe effects what you achieve ."
    when you change your inner world view, your whole life will change to you !!
    "your beliefs are the root but the good news is that these root can be planted again, you can believe anything and your mind is free to adopt and plant any thought seed your mind have freedom to make it's growth.
    it's always the choice of your beliefs that you go for your dreams or you enjoy your life being like everyone else and simply let life push you into submission because you have no guts.. "

    what is in your mental state right now?
    what is your spiritual state right now!
    what is your emotional state right now?
    decides what will be your physical state, what's your physical state?
    your physical state decides what will be your actions and, eventually your action drcides your results.

    thoghts >feeling >action =result.

    ###############this hand can help you to understand how our 3World and state effect the world &life in which we live and all these tnings proceed and happened by the interaction of our thoughts and the universe and these states are the hidden court of your life.
    if you can be the king of these state, you can rule the world, this world in which you live physically is just a reflect of the causes that generrate in your inner world 'court ...
    "be the master of these three world and hitt all the opportunity moment that is waiting for you in this world.."

    your collection of thoughts which is invisible like your inner world effects your all thoght habit and then your thoght habit effects how do you feel? what do you do?
    how you tnink?
    and these three effects the most precious gift of this universe, the beats of the universe, and the most amazing creation of god called LIFE
    mindset is an inner game the problem is we are the slave of our Mindset ,not the master..

    your inner elements called believe, thoghts ,ways, method, feeling, mental, spiritual state are rooted in your experience education and culture from which you form thoghts which establishe beliefs &attitude, that leads certain actions ,with those actions you have experience, those experiences gives your mind new information to process.

    mindset can be change
    your thoughts and state can be change
    your feelings can ne change
    these are not fixed but only depend upon you and your choices and it craetes all the difference..

    a belief is an attitude that something is the case or that source proposition about the world is true.
    in episteminology philosophy used the term" belief "which refers to attitude about world which can be either true or false.
    "belief is an attitude which can be either true or false"

    to have the confidence in truth the existense or the reliability in something although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so only if one believes in something ,can act purposely.

    "interpretation creates believe "
    observe your interpretation because a collection of interpretation will make your experience. and the root of your experience ,slowly create a believe and beliif affect your life.
    now the question is "how to be focused and change interpretation?
    answer is make small choices because when we are not giving to proper attention to the small things and deciesons that absolutely affect the big decision so we are creating many interpretation that will create your belief,and belief will effect your life....

    si to change your beliefs change your interpretation and to change your interpretation focus on small choiced that calld key choices. #keychoiced .

    put a huge question mark over your beliefs and catch the source
    . so if you are making effort but can't succeed so listen! you have a lake "lake of right mindset "
    success is 5% efforts 95%mindset .
    so mindset and innergame should be your first priority.

    mindset is internal.
    efforts are exrernal
    the basic problem we are making is we are making effortd our first priority we are unknown about inner game that turns our efforts into success .we are as busy in effort as we have no time to think about mindset and inner game.

    "life is struggle between what you want and what you get "
    but is only external game we play but we also have to be responsible for inner game.
    world n. 1 is what you want and the world n. 2 is what you get.
    and you are making efforts but
    but cant make them one .because there is a" missing link"simething that you don't know famoud2 writer harv eker talk about it in his bestselling book'' the secret of Millionaire Mind"

    he called this inner game a" toolbox" and outer game" a tool "
    he said you can have the greatest tool in the world but if you have got a tiny leak in your Toolbox so nothing will going good.

    dive into the unknown make it known and turn this known into a weapon that you can use for the next platform of life.

    conclusion = hitt your goals at the moment, fullfille the games need and be a master player of life.
    what you think is more matters what u have.....
    written by haquikat

    © Haquikat

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  • veerakanellore_bhavana 4w

    Game of dice
    You feel happy when you get a correct number
    You feel sad when you get a wrong number
    Few moves give us rewards and few moves don't
    But every single move matters because at the end it leads to success.
    Life is also like a game of dice
    In life, all that matters is your hardwork and the luck you have
    Roll the dice and thoughts in a positive way such that success shakes hand with you
    At times dice might make you shake hand with failure,
    Just roll it again and turn it success
    But never try to manipulate your thoughts and the dice,
    Because someday you would pay for it and even your success would turn to failure.
    In life all one needs to do is survive, rise and succeed but never manipulate.


  • backstorypoetry 6w

    If you give all you have to an experience, no matter what the result, the takeaway is rarely regret.

  • deepikachoudhary024 7w

    कामयाबी के
    तराज़ू में
    किस्मत को
    भी झुका देती हैं

  • pradeepkumar_radhakrishnan 7w

    One's mistake is another's Luck.


  • yours_fortune 7w

    The person who tagged you here. Wants you to know that your good luck is on the way to you. You're strong, beautiful and yes you handle everything gracefully and yes you can take care of yourself and everyone around you and will fight back to anything


  • saqlain_14 8w

    " LUCK "

    Even some Good Beginnings
    Lead you to the Destruction

  • sandeepparihar 8w

    #नियति #luck

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    जिनका मिलन निश्चित हैं,

    नियति उन्हें किसी भी रूप में मिला ही देती है |

  • the_secret_pen_style 11w

    Social world isn't only talent anymore,

    It's luck, fame and showbiz.

  • matsonic 11w

    #pyar #intezar #luck
    By unknown writer

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    Zindagi do paal ki , Intezar kab tak

    luck se pyar na mile tab tak

  • kuukki 13w

    Manmaniyo se bhari subah
    Daanto maine lipeti shaam
    Ek bar aawas sunke haan bolne
    Ke aadat se hue anjaan
    Aakho se dekha par fir bhe yakin na
    Hua kal tak jis par hakh smjha
    Aaj woh itna door kyun hua!

  • recycle_bin 13w

    Finding love isn't tough.
    Having it till the last is.

    Meeting a perfect person for you isn't actually luck.
    Being with that person for the rest of the life is.