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  • zeee_zephyrs 6w

    A dusty bundle of Photographs
    Fell off, while arranging the old almirah
    Shattered, sprinkled on the floor
    With few cassettes and a camera.

    Betwixt those pictures of trips,
    horse rides, long drives and friend groups,
    I discovered an old memory photo
    Brought it forward and gave a look.

    My mind's eye recalled the reflection of the journey,
    You were taking yourself off to another city.
    I accompanied you, for this was our last
    Night aglow with street lights, at around nine fifty.

    Every second of that night had an imprint in my mind
    Every word of goodbyes, had my tears in them.
    Waiting if somebody would stop you from departing,
    Still I greeted your departure but inside I condemn.

    Your departure left me brooding
    In front of the hearth, with coffee on the table,
    The days of togetherness were ephemeral
    The memories of those journeys were only eternal.

    Later I comprehend, why you preserved,
    The silliest of memories in those slim papers
    Keeping them as souvenirs of our friendship,
    Lullaby of our merry days each whisper.
    @writersbay will you consider this����

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    Journey to Photographs

  • the_speccy_outsider 12w

    I wish there was a vintage rustic telephone booth wherein we could just blurt out all our deepest and darkest secrets. Relieving us from this dangling sword above our head that once coercively prohibited us from letting the words flow from our mouth.

    Most of us have this annoying habit of blabbering things just in order to please our audience. To orchestrate a fake mellifluous rendition of lies, for the truth might upset them and we'd be left forlorn. That is what we fear, loneliness.

    We sing the same lullaby to pacify our inner selves, sleeping, not peacefully, but with a sense of caution. Wishing that there was some kind of elixir that'd help us relinquish this nugatory habit of ours. But even though such potion is right there in front of us, we incline more towards ignoring it not because we are audacious enough to endure the setbacks, but the cowardly ruler inside our mind refuses to bow down and still please the people who don't even care.

    Sometimes I feel like shouting at the top of my voice and let go every chest of drawers that I'd locked all this time, not fearing this feeling of being alone. I want to tell them that hope feels like a phone call to an ex-lover. That sunshine tastes like liberty as I've released those inner demons to a yonder land where iridescent unicorns heal them with alacrity. And moonlight smells like the sweat of a passionate lover who allows you to hover with ebullience during the daytime and protects you in the night showering the scintillating mangata amidst sheer darkness onto the sea of your feelings. Giving a fair chance to those unheard voices inside you.

    Speak out! Dial the numbers of your past and call Anxiety. Telling her that she's more of a muse. Catch-up with those quixotic Nightmares who tried their best to haunt you in a retrospectively daunting journey. Laugh your heart out reminiscing the jaunty rendezvous with Humiliation who never left an opportunity to pull your leg making everyone else laugh, and sometimes you too. There are a myriad of compadres in the pool of your past, waiting for their turn to meet you again. Perpetually reminding you about their existence. Proclaim them as the pearls of your present. As they are the reason for the construction of the current You.

    Never let them take a detour. Keep them close, as a souvenir of the journey that you've had. Enameling them onto the blank spots of your broken crown. Let it be broken, for perfect crowns never stay for too long as the novelty fades. But the ones that are broken have the opportunity to mend its cracks.

    Thus, ensuring a sesquipedalian longevity. Ironically so.


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    Picture credits: To the rightful owner.

    Edit: @writersnetwork Thank you so very much for the sixth repost! ��

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    Unheard Voices

  • say_me_krish 14w


    Tonight, when my balcony doors bring some phosphorescence towards my stygian heart which is busy enough in intonating the verses I once wrote in the rustic pages using a lit matchstick, it refuses to get some newfangled air inside since it is already addicted to the hallucinations accompanied by the aroma of wilted roses which smell of melancholy and nostalgia all around. The very axiom that some signs are overlooked when in love is being reflected to every wall of my rooms so that it echoes to the extent where death feels inevitable. I've undressed the golden attire faith wore and burnt it down to ashes near my graveyard holding wild sunflowers in the garden where blooming was prioritized earlier. But for Satan's pleasure, everything has changed over time.
    /Ninety nine, ninety eight and walking towards the balcony where nineties and eighties are drinking champagne together/

    The mellifluous melody which sung lullabies resting my head on those solacing laps and ruffled my blonde hairs with smooth hands has started roaring like a werewolf in search of a prey with paws clenched to grip the feast tightly by 12 of the blue moon nights. The clock ticks slower than before so that pain flows through my bloodstream the slowest way possible, sucking all of my halcyon days inside, while small cyanide doses of memories eject out from the lymph nodes and end up harming my thoughts and expectations, bringing death ten steps closer.
    /Miles ahead come sixties accompanying fifties n' forties n' all dirty numerals sleeping in between/

    I go deep inside the warehouse of my brain cells and find happiness stuffed inside a box with the toughest lock ever found, while scars are wearing high heels and finding their couples and cousin danseuses even in absolute darkness. Memories are sidelined in a separate corner with legs broken and face distorted by acids of rancour, and the screams of those are making me feel my fairy sides flying away towards the stellars, the ones, which children fail in counting with their elfin fingers which cannot hold more weights and numbers.
    /The distance from thirties to twenties was just a kilometer, the end of my survival is not afar from my toes/

    Nineteen, eighteen and seventeen, handling the pressures of my resumed life is no more possible as those cameras which once captured smiles has negatives which are haunting me day and night. Months feel like hours passing away from the hourglass slowly and silently; the sands seep down with the air holding my survival. Thirteen, twelve and ten, I'm choking with blood in my mouth. I try walking upstairs, but crawling like a toddler is what all I can do, but unlike the innocent one which then knew nothing but happiness in the roses back then. Nine, eight, seven, my legs disagree to move forward, my hands tremble vigorously, my heart prompts me to continue, but the brain sends wise warning sirens which are ignored, as always. I don't want to, but I want to, and I will. I have reached the terrace now.
    /Six, five, four, everything tastes sour/

    With bloodstains all around me, everything seems crimson and black to my poor sights; the visions, which I curse now for making me what I'm today. I somehow manage to walk to the corner. In total haste and rage, I throw the bag filled with expectations and memories.
    /Three, two, one, and thud! I fall too; I'm finally dead/

    ~S r i K r i s h n a  P  S | Oct 22, 2020.

    @raika Thanks a lot for helping me out with this ❤️

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    @mirakee @writersbay @sangfroid_soul @laus_deo
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  • daphnae 14w

    I fumbled with my words, my lips voicing the deepest silence suppressed under myriads of lumps on my throat. It was time to share, share him with the world. And only if I knew, one person could be the fountain to shower you with so many memories, or ideas. How one person could change the way you looked upon the world with: vision they say.

    I begin, "He used to tickle me with his eyes, now with his memories. His smile was that unsung lullaby I would paint my sky with to fill in my eyes before sinking into your dreams. The next time you say something about my smile, try listening to the tune, it syncs along his composition. While you would adore the crescent new moon, he would confront me with the conundrums revolving around the dark void, lurking behind the shadows on its remaining. While you would cherish the pristine green of the leaves, he would crave to touch the calloused and parched barks of the sturdy trunks. You would chase the butterflies of happiness, he would play with the fireflies glowing off the mires of melancholy. His eyes weren't the ones who would compell you to drown in, they would force you to fly, fly beyond the thousand skies holding you down. Be it the beguiling rainbows or the appalling thunderstorms, he would wrap his arms before the blink of his eyes. That much, was his countenance to my existence. I tugged in poems on the corners of my diary, he taught me to encase the diary inside my oscillating ribs. He.. he.. wa-.. was... different..." I don't stop.

    This might continue under #himandmypoetry
    Bear with this.
    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #mirakee #wn #pod #octoberodyssey #lullabyc #melancholyc
    Inspired by @shashagilbert_ 's recent post.��

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    He could be the grimmest of the stars, but I won't abandon the search for him among the bright crowd.

  • sarcasticbong 14w

    #lullabyc @writersbay
    "Smoking is Injurious to Health".

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    "Why my 2am thoughts are so complicated?"
    I said myself Holding the cigarette box
    Staring at the last doobie
    Searching for the lighter
    "I think I lost it again, its my favourite she gave me. Why do you have to bring her in every thing gosh!".
    Found it in the left pocket
    It was engraved with my Initials 'DS'.
    I light up the last doobie
    Closing my eyes inhaling the darkness
    A Crooked smile ran over my face
    " Do I look like Chandler while smoking?"
    Every inhale light up the Dark room with Tiger Orange leaving grey and black ashes of memories behind.
    I hear voices of silence, colours popping
    Leaving trails of a entity unknown to humans. Inside my head neurons started to fire
    Hold a little longer, I will save you
    I took my phone opened ITunes and played
    'The Shadow of Your Smile'
    Throwing myself in the bed, closed my eyes as the lullaby played in the background, thoughts came to an end.


  • bhawna__ 14w

    M I D N I G H T ♡ T A L E
    ..................... .............. .......... ......... ...... .... ... .. .

    // H A I K U

    And the moonlight smells like that microtale,
    Everytime I talk to you and look at its bright side,
    He (moon) plays the hide 'n' seek to make me ecstatic every time,
    Whenever I get comfortable with,
    He just hides..

    And I smile with pain to live a half life..
    And I search for new one with bleeding heart to make the flowers my close friend for a while..

    And the moonlight smells like my midnight tale.
    I'll write more tales in the garden when I sit on the bench,
    Gracefully, life is mocking at me and I'm smiling at it,

    You aren't next to me but all I'm talking your grace,
    An intimate beauty that I'm gifting through my ink,
    Just live through the fairytale words and leave it free to feel the greenery of love.

    Breathe deep and smile more,
    I'll take care of myself with every thought of yours.//
    ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

    I gifted him a paper was having my wishes for myself because I couldn't ask for him.

    He is constantly scribbling some of my annoying beauty that he didn't define annoying.

    Well, for the obvious reasons. And then some counselling kind of words which was not actually counselling but my concern for his constant stabbing on some chaos. He agreed with me to disagree.

    And said that he is not afraid of this universe and I heard that he was the universe of living some of more smiles and more of some broken hearts that he gonna write on the clouds with the pen that he invented with his shining eyes, I don't know how there was some magic in his words.

    Maybe he was just saying it out of numbness or just for my smile, but he said with his sober eyes and the vibes that don't pain, yes I won't call it that way.

    He told me a midnight tale.

    He told me about the unsaid love that he didn't tell but I still write those verses.
    ......................... ................. ..... ..... ... .. .
    In his words:

    // when I ask her if he is angry with me,
    Then he gets angry with my question,
    For he can never get angry with me
    Because I'm insane love for him.

    When I tell him about my fears and I'm scared,
    He also feels that pain of getting in despair,
    Because he can not tell me looking into my eyes
    What he wanted to say that I have those vibes in
    this universe,
    He calls them the most special in this whole

    He thinks I'm innocent, he reads my big dreams
    through my eyes.
    He senses my chaotic vibes, for him I have little
    Somehow I told him the stories,
    Where I sketched some of my childhood
    And then he smiles for my kiddish rhymes,
    For him, he is a grown-up man and for that sake
    I called him a sober child,
    Yeah, somewhere in the lines with the huge
    I laugh slowly and smile peacefully and he
    feels my anger when I scold him passionately.
    And then he wishes for me the powers of the
    For the greatest strengths and to give me the
    heart with the strongest love,
    And he was praying for me when his eyes were
    his heart was numb and he stopped thinking
    about the countings that do not count anymore
    until he sees the
    new colours of dusk to dawn and the new
    rhythms to have
    a poem with renewed vigour.

    And he prays more, he smiles more (I don't know if he does but for me, yes)
    He wishes for me that I'll walk on the shores with the strengths that I have a love for,
    But the power for me, he wishes for my sanity
    the journey when I'll be walking to make my powers my armour too.//


    // He scribbled some love and counted that in uncountable
    He wished me for my day,
    That is yet to come in the hope of a new ray,
    I'm still there standing on the shores,
    And I wish he'll come there to wish me having his hands
    with the beautiful flowers.
    Lilys with white haze or the orchids in purple shades.//

    // and he reminded me to be free,
    To create the courage out of fear to live the words for me,
    He painted a portrait again,
    He told me with my incomplete pen,
    The colours are learning to make its shades for the times,
    But for me it's my scribbling portraits that do a complete rhyme,
    Still sketching more but in the wholesome skies,
    We are friends for universe if you know the little beauty of timeless sober wine,
    Don't panic for the beauty you have created to make some teary smiles.//

    //And I'm still waiting for you in the midnight sky,
    Of the yellow, purple and green garden where the leaves are forming the stars to make the moon swing for a lullaby,
    To sleep peacefully and to wake up next morning,
    With the beauty that your smile have,
    With the flames that sunshine fly in the oceanic wave with every beauty of its tide and with the mointains of reassembling my scars,
    From the moonlight that I talk to,
    I talk to through its light,
    And I know when it doesn't shine,
    You're still there having the another world for a while.//



    October 20, 2020.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #pod #writersbay #lullabyc #readthisJ
    #midnighttale #writers_paradise #abstractc
    #mirakee #poem #story #clown #microtale #life
    #talk #lettersc
    #humblebee @kehta_hai_joker
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    H A I K U

    Midnight tales,
    I'll say for you,
    for the beautiful days.

  • stelly 14w

    #life #love #music #lullabyc #writersbay
    Pic credit to the rightful owner

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    You are the kind of music I'm addicted to
    A song which remain classic in my heart,
    Your every words and smiles creates those beautiful lyrics
    I listed you top in my favourite playlist,
    You are my sweetest lullaby
    When stars dazzling in the night sky.

  • starrdust 14w

    She is coming!!
    Creeping, crawling under my bed
    Rolling her eyes over her crooked head
    Every night when
    I roll under my blanket
    She crawls out my closet,
    I scream for help,
    With all might I yelp
    Its all in vain
    She relishes my pain!
    /Its okay, there is no one here/
    The window! She's coming!!

    ''Sing me a lullaby, I wanna sleep
    Carry me like a baby, I am terrified
    Come here and laugh with me
    Play with me and go to sleep
    Sing me a lullaby''

    Do you hear it?
    /Hear what?/
    Her honeydrop voice!
    /I don't hear anything dearie, its all your fantasy/
    I am not crazy!!
    /Come on I'll sing you a lullaby/
    No, Nooo!

    ''Sing me a lullaby, I wanna sleep
    You are ugly, you are a dork,
    No one loves you, no one cares
    Come with me, play with me
    Sing me a lullaby''

    I'm stupid, I am a jerk
    I am a misfit.
    *head under knees*
    No one loves me!

    /Breathe! Calm down,
    Look at me, feel my love
    You're safe, you're brave,
    You're loved, you are caressed,
    You're beautiful, you are the best!/

    Save me! Do you love me?
    Do you hear me?

    /Ofcourse I do. I believe in you
    I trust you. I love you.
    But do you trust yourself?

    "sing me a lulla...''
    Shut up!!!
    I do! I do!! Hear me I'm loved!
    I am different, I am unique
    I own my flaws
    I am myself!!!

    *No cracked window, no shattered glass*


    The monsters under your bed are nothing else than your insecurities and fears. You're loved. Hear me, you're loved and you matter, so do your fears!
    Trust in yourself and own your uniqueness and hush that little devil!
    You can always slay your dragons, just pick up the damned sword!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay #lullabyc #genuine_readers #readthisj #flaw #trust #love #night

    Thanks a lot for your kind words and repost @writersbay����

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  • anush18 14w

    //Strangers (n)//

    They are the visitors, who leave.
    Leave scars, memories, hues, advices.
    Above all, they're listeners.
    They are there for you, when no one
    even bothers for you.
    They don't judge for they know all the pain
    You've been suffering through.

    You can share all you want,
    They can hear all you say.
    It's not about formalities,
    It's about the unspoken love you do.
    You can find a guide in them,
    They can find a lost friend in you.
    You don't connect forcefully,
    You connect to each other unknowingly.
    Unknowingly: so pure & strong
    when they leave, they make you strong.

    They are the ones who will make you laugh,
    They are the ones who will make you cry.
    You are the one who can find a friend in them,
    You are the one who can sense their silent screams.
    They are the ones who will sing "lullabies"
    Even when you sank in your cries.
    They are the ones who will make your sleep deprived and unending nights unexpectedly beautiful!

    And the best part is you've nothing to lose.
    Because All the moments you spent with them
    Was the time when you were so busy being yourself.
    The best part is Even when they leave, their is nothing to grieve.
    The best part is Even when they hurt,
    They end up bringing a great start.

    P.S.- Telling your pain is not the only way you can get rid of it. Telling your scar is not the only way you pour but opening up to a stranger is a way where you can feel better. Better than before. In this process of opening yourself, don't lose yourself, don't fake yourself for fake sympathies. After all Your emotional states are only real to you. But the marks they leave will always be shining bright. To make you shine more! We are writers, we are friends, we have families, we have bday's, we have emotions. But before everything, we are listeners! For someday when we die remembering that we saved someone else's life!


    Thank You #writersbay for this challenge.
    I know that this is...

    #lullabyc #Flyhigh #listen #pain #stranger

    @cosines @colourfulgreys @kehta_hai_joker @starrdust @theultimateinsane @writersabode @thesunshineloves @fromwitchpen @souravmudgal

    *This post to all the strangers I met!
    Thankyou beautiful souls once again ����*

    This was for you J.

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  • madhushree 14w

    Moon is lonely again today this very night
    Stars lined in his way; still he yearns for the sun
    Stars tease him everyday coz he is alone
    Yet he smiles and says his day will come..
    The moon knows deep inside the true fact
    That sun does not belongs to him anyways
    But still he loves to believe that:
    Even in his farthest of dreams; he is together with sun
    Can enjoy the piousness of his one sided love
    Sun doesn't even know...that there lives a moon
    Who comes after sun leaves
    and loves sun until he leaves the earth.
    #lullabyc @writersbay @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod

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    Moon's love


  • the_moustached_poet 14w

    like a lullaby,
    you have silenced
    my chaotic mind


  • bonitasarahbabu 14w

    A lullaby was sung to her,
    But it wasn't soothing.
    The voice of the singer was menacing,
    It was subtle, but she felt the undertones.
    Sometimes lullabies invoke fear,
    And today, the lullaby triggered her to sleeping with her eyes open.

  • my_tiny_chapter 14w


    Sing me a lullaby
    As the day slowly fades
    And, darkness reclaims the sky
    where the stars dance and cascade.
    Sing me to sleep once more,
    Let NO shadows take me
    to the place
    where sorrow dwells
    with the soft caress of tears.
    Just let these faeries
    sing their melodic tintinnabulation,
    As the wind whispers through trees
    Secrets on the midnight breeze,
    Swirling around me.
    And when morning comes
    I promise to arise
    from my tear-stained bed,
    and remind myself once more
    that you will never come back!

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    Lull Me!

    Sing me a lullaby
    where faeries sing
    their melodic tintinnabulation,
    to lull me to sleep
    while darkness reclaims the sky
    and the stars dance and cascade,
    when daylight breaks,
    My dreams will die.

  • sproutedseeds 14w


    When the Autumn season sing LULLABY
    to the nature,
    the trees shed happy tears
    of dry leaves dropping on the earth
    making it look beautiful more after
    the fall, for which everyone yearn to see
    as it is getting ready to bid good bye
    and the winter is waiting to hug the trees
    with its chill arms and make it freeze.

    Autumn is my favourite
    when the leaves decorate
    the woods in crimson and orange
    the beauty takes a different range
    due to the season change.

  • eurusgrey 14w

    I fell asleep in the back seat of the car and had a dream that I painted the sky green, it still felt the same, calm and soft.
    In imaginations we don't care, we run, we fall, we get up again, cause we know we have nothing to lose there. I wish life was a dream too, if not a beautiful one, at least a soothing one.

    I had another dream too, we usually forget most of it but I catch the fading fragments and create a whole new one from them.
    I was standing in a field of lilacs, wearing my favourite pine coloured sundress which had a few pale blemishes from the nightmares that I couldn't scare away, nonetheless, it looked lovely. I plucked one sunkissed lilac and adorned it in my braid, just because.
    I gave myself a little twirl and watched the creased hem of my dress play hide n seek with the dewy wind, and when it softly caressed my cheek, none of my worries could cease the blithe laughter that followed.
    It was an ethereal moment, but just a moment.
    I saw a large oak tree a few miles yonder and its gloomy appearance piqued my curiosity and so I ran towards it, almost fervently.
    How ironic, a black dahlia amidst the red roses.
    When I touched its withered bark, I felt the sorrow hidden under the veil of gloom. Something within my heart swelled when I heard the cries of the parched leaves, and bloomed into a metaphor that flew away with the tears that never made it to my sullen lips. And so I started singing a honeyed lullaby, hoping to alleviate, if not annihilate, the agony of a being that breathed life into me.

    Suddenly I was lying down on a soft mist of blue and a bunch of lucid stars were twinkling above my eyes, was there anything more beguiling than the night sky? Maybe I faded away with the lullaby too.
    Neptune, it was, I decided. I laid still for a few more moments, taking in all that I could to later hide between my verses.
    I could see the moon spiralling around earth, in search for their forsaken love, in vain. The scars weren't visible from this distance, but that did not mean anyone could deny their existence. Beneath the rosy glow were hiding burns of scarlet, I'd written poems about them, how I wished to actually see them. Then I remembered, I could just undo the stitches of rhymes on my skin.
    I hurriedly stole some stardust and poured it in my vinaigrette, I'd sprinkle it on the painting that I left midway, maybe a little magic was all it was missing.
    I just wandered around aimlessly and stumbled across a few allegories, abandoned by the fallen ones. I pressed them neatly between the rusty pages of my diary and promised myself to read them on a moonless night.
    Dawn seemed to be approaching and it was time for the dreamer to bid farewell to the celestial beings.

    I woke up feeling a bit restless and a bit tranquil. Maybe somethings are too pretty for the reality and are just meant to be felt from within.
    Even if it was a just dream, it was beautiful indeed.


    #lullabyc #mirakee #writersnetwork

    pc: Pinterest

    @shashagilbert_ @zohiii @_aesthete_ @veloc1ty_ @_rainfrost_

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  • lucent_muse 14w

    Little baby
    Talking to shady
    Shouldn't you be in bed?
    Slow your eyes
    And breath lightly
    Mummy needs you in bed.

  • ashamurali 14w

    Writersbay Word of the day #lullabyc

    However old we are, dont we love to be whispered a sweet lullaby? Who doesnt like to be told that you are precious and loved? Read this and sleep well tonight and let tomorrow see you fresh as the morning dew.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #daadigotyourback #pod #readthisj @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee

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    Lullaby for you

    You are safe in life's bosom
    Leave your troubles
    Leave your fears
    Rest my dear baby, you are special to me.

    You are strong, very strong
    You are brave
    Ways will pave
    for things to improve
    Give me your sweet smile, believe in me.

    Open your heart, wide
    People wait for you
    To shower their love
    All you have to do is to allow
    Best is yet to come, agree with me.

    Wake up to a new tomorrow
    Full of cheer
    Full of hope
    You will find a way to cope
    Trust me my sweet child, trust in me.

    You are born to fly high
    Come on find your wings
    There is no stopping
    When you find your calling
    Remember me then baby, remember me.


  • _anaan__ 14w

    sings lullaby
    in a hurry
    that's not heard by

  • pallavi4 14w


    Can you see the starry sky
    Filled with billions of little
    Lights , lit just for us tonight?
    Do you feel the chill in the air—
    So that you can hold me close
    Hold me tight .
    As the wind plays softly
    With your hair I wonder.....
    If I say the words I’ve been
    Meaning to tonight, would you
    Consider it a complete blunder.
    The gentle swish and swoop
    Acts like a lullaby , makes me
    Want to cuddle up to you....
    I hope this is a start
    To something brilliant
    And brand new —
    We’ve only known each
    Other a little while I know,
    But I’d do anything just
    For you to let me be
    Your beau.
    Contrary to the steady beat
    Of your heart , my own
    Is filled with anxiety and
    Flutters every time I think
    Of my vault into the unknown.
    I hope you’re there to catch
    Me as I leap onto the other side
    Because no longer do
    I feel the need to,
    From you my feelings hide ....
    I wonder why people akin
    Love to a disease ....
    Because if this is love every
    Moment I’d like to seize
    To tell you how much I adore,
    Respect and admire you too
    How much I like your little
    Quirks, how much
    I love you


    19th of October, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Our love will light the night” by Adrian Borda

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  • rekhuu 14w

    The sun beams of morn pierces the thickest foliage and trickles down into my room through the screen. The day unbearable with the scorching heat as I cherish the ice cream, bringing back memories of the halcyon days. After a while I go back to my desk to perspire syllables for an impending article.

    I lay cozyly snuggled in the blanket of ignorance during the lazy winter mornings. The aroma of the invigorating morning cup of coffee comes wafting into my room from the kitchen. Soon I would be sipping it slowly and reverentially without rushing. The fireplace warming up my room.

    The rainy nights drench my sonnets and the petrichor sweeps in through the window as I enjoy a platter of hot snacks. The verses of a romantic novel I read not long ago, sails through the bylanes of my memory as the rain sings me a lullaby and induces me to fall into sleep.

    I adore the fallen leaves on the hideous path rustling around with the zephyr. Those dry leaves stirring the hope in my heart and narrating the tale of sacrifice on the part of the tree that held them tightly for so long, but had to shed them to make space for new leaves.

    //I'm a writer and I like all the seasons as I need the sun, the rain and the fall to keep my imagination ticking and to help my mellifluous syllables and the metaphors in flowing//


    Thank you so much @writersbay ❤️

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    Our redolent memories,
    still sings lullabies
    for me every night

    fuelling my hatred for you,
    which keeps me going
    in all the seasons round the year