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    His eyes were blue and they shone even brighter
    when he was talking passionately about
    something he cared about, or adamant in
    convincing me why a shot of espresso contains
    less caffeine than a cup of coffee
    "Hey!" his voice rang into my thoughts.

    I turned to catch him standing at the bathroom's
    doorway and my eyes widened at the sight. As tall
    as the door, he had nothing but a white towel,
    wrapped loosely around his waist. His lips were
    smiling casually at me while his hand had a small
    towel to his brown hair, wiping almost vigorously.
    My eyes looked down from his face to his bare
    chest, and swallowed hard at the firm
    dampened flesh.

    Thad just spotted the V-cut on his abdomen
    when he said,

    The water was great!" and turned and began
    walking towards the closet, giving me a full view
    of his small waist and flat buttocks.

    I remembered what was said about men with
    flat buttocks.

    I turned to my side in one swift, away from his
    toned back and strong legs and I bite my fingers
    pressing my legs together in an effort to contain
    the throb that had begun to pulsate at my now moist folds.

    Spppssshhh went his body spray and I
    submerged under the scent of the woody aquatic
    This wasn't helping
    I continued to stare at the wall as I imagined him
    stepping into his briefs.

    The bed shook when he jumped into it,
    completely engulfing me in his scent.

    I was so turned on.

    "Hey, check this out!" he called, oblivious of the
    war going on in between my thighs.

    I turned my body to look at the Mac Pro sitting on
    his laps.

    "What do you think?" he asked, referring to the
    open Excel page. I could see letters and figures
    but it was all gibberish in my head as I was
    burning too hot between my thighs to make
    sense of anything he was showing me right now.

    His lips were moving - he was saying something
    but I was too dazed to comprehend. Still, i
    watched his moving lips, full and wide, teeth
    breaking forth in a smile now and then and I
    could not take it any longer.

    I reached my hand to rest on his chin, and his lips
    abruptly stopped moving. He turned to look at
    me just as I pulled my body upwards to be inches
    away from his face.

    I watched his eyes squint, first with surprise, then
    desire. He slid his Mac Pro away from his laps
    then lifted his left hand to rest tenderly on the
    side of my face.

    I felt as light as a feather.

    His thumb moved against my jaw and we gazed
    into each other's eyes with nothing but the
    hushed sounds of our breathing between us.

    I melted at this closeness... at this man, at these
    blue eyes, arresting my very soul...
    When his head began to close the distance
    between us, my eyes instinctively slid shut.

    His breath found me first - minty and fresh, his
    perfume, even stronger now, filled my nostrils,
    then I felt his lips - soft and warm, touching down
    on mine, so delicate... like butterfly wings.

    I felt his tongue tickle mine, and I gasped from
    suppressed desire, "Oh, Nor-rman!"

    Our lips merged and I swam my tongue past his
    lips into the warm moistness that laid within. Like
    rippled water, our tongues danced, slowly at first,
    and then, all at once...

    "Mai..." he groaned into my mouth and I could
    only breath, wordlessly as his tongue continued
    to twirl warmly against mine.

    He kissed my nose, nibbled down at my upper lip
    and caressed my entire mouth with his.

    He kissed my nose again and licked my chin... my
    entire face was in his palms and I was his to take.
    When his tongue met my neck, I cried softly in

    His tongue trailed teasingly, leaving heated
    sensations as it glided towards my ears.
    The heat rose in my cheeks when I felt my earlobe
    on his tongue. He swirled across my ears and my
    lips cried out his name. "No-r-r-rman..."

    He snatched the duvet away from my body and
    turned my back to the bed. The right strap of my
    red negligee was falling down my arm, exposing
    the tip of my pink nipple.

    Norman groaned gutturally and stroked the hard nipple with a finger before reaching down to lick at it.
    Exciting chills coursed through my body and I grabbed onto his hair for dear life.

    He peeled the other strap of my negligee down
    my arm and began to caress the left breast with
    his hand while his tongue continued to work on
    my left nipple, with his teeth interchangeably...
    licking and scratching.

    I lay in surrender; head dropped backwards, lips parted in soft moaning.

    I felt the negligee slide down and sweep completely off my body, leaving my white panties
    behind. I opened my eyes to watch Norman
    remove his t-shirt, except for his briefs...which was
    engorged in the middle.

    As he lowered himself down over me, I reached
    my hand and touched his chest.


    He felt as taut as a board!


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    Lockdown at Duxton hill

    Part - 2

  • blame_game_ 18w

    The lockdown has ignited our sensual
    imagination. In this women's erotica short story,
    Mia finds herself sharing an executive apartment
    with a co-worker.

    I could see the green leaves on the trees from my
    window, swaying gently to the Singapore's
    morning breeze. Chirping birds flew onto the
    crooked branches, perched and hopped, before
    flying away again - they had the freedom of
    movement, unlike Norman and I - locked down
    in this apartment.
    I thought about my dog back home, Betsy. I had
    called my mum to take her in.

    I thought about work and my best friend, Xin. She
    had chuckled over the fact that I was trapped in
    this apartment with Norman.
    "Oh my god!" she had exclaimed when I told he
    Norman and I won't be coming back to Bangkok
    due to the lockdown directive, and that we were
    sharing an apartment, for convenience. "I wish I
    were in your shoes."

    "Oh shut up!" I had laughed it off.

    "No seriously, he's like the hottest Executive we've
    ever had, and that apartment? It is so-00 cozy"

    She commented on the intimate space she could
    see via FaceTime. “You should totally for go it," she

    "I'm serious Mia, with a hot guy like Norman, and
    an apartment that gorge? I guarantee you'll be
    dripping waters in no time." she concluded and
    we guffawed at her statement.

    Now, lying here on the eighth day of the
    lockdown, watching my window, I could hear
    Norman from the bathroom.

    The sound of the running shower and splattering
    water filled my ears, and I began to reminisce on
    how much we had grown close over the past
    seven days.

    At first, it had been awkward and we
    acted just like we did at work-formal and brief
    but trapped together with nowhere to go, we
    only had each other to relate with, and so we did.
    We talked more, on lighter notes. We watched
    the news, he even made breakfast and invited me
    to join him.

    That morning, as we sat chatting over our meal, i
    noticed for the first time how the corners of his
    eyes squinted every time he laughed. He had the
    cliché beauty of a leading actor, narrow face,
    straight-edged nose, full hair... he even had the
    square chin with a dimple in the center.

    His eyes were blue and they shone even brighter
    when he was talking passionately about
    something he cared about, or adamant in
    convincing me why a shot of espresso contains
    less caffeine than a cup of coffee.

    "Hey!" his voice rang into my thoughts.


    next part after 10+ likes maybe...

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    Lockdown At Duxton

    Part - 1

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    Talk the bodies had.

    What do my lips say to your neck...that makes goosebumps run wild through your body ?

    What do my hands say to your soft orbs...that make your lovebuds tumid ?

    What does my tongue say to the labiate folds of your bodily orifice that... makes the tart elixir flux out of you ?

    What does my hardness penetrating you say to your body...that you ask for more....?

  • emotively_unhinged 20w

    Movie night.

    A cold night of December, our movie night. Both of us curled up in a single blanket on the couch. Some minutes into the movie, my eyes fell on the nape of her neck.
    I've always adored her neck...those fine nuchal hairs on her soft skin... I couldnt resist myself to slide my fingers up her neck to the base of her hairline, it made her twitch and giggle. I was now all motivated to tease her.
    I kissed her nape, as my lips touched her skin...i could feel her goosebumps rising...she moaned lightly. She looked over her shoulder and smiled with a puckish look in her eyes and reached up, to kiss my lips. I turn her around and place her on my lap. She wrapped her legs around me...and grabbed my hair. Our lips locked just like in a roiled Pas de Deux and my hands on her waist, paving their way into her shorts, to her fine posterior flesh.
    I knead her soft, warm butt-cheeks..she sighed...i could see a wild fire burning in her eyes...she pushed me down on the couch and rocked passionately on me...on my hard manhood. I knew it was time let go of our senses, our control...and our clothes.
    Our movie night turned to... love on the couch night.

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    I have been longing so long to be handcuffed to my bed

    He came in the dark night
    Holding me tight and soon my body rubbed his chest

    He was Musculine , Hard and had all the sweat
    Pushing it in so harder deep inside, Wider got my spread

    House was empty , sofa - bed - table Pleasure's at all the places is all we begged

    Climax was the means , girl on the top was the scene , I got so wild he pleaded like a child , I gripped him by my nails , gently chew his genitals.

    Faster I went , harder he got , extreme was the feeling , bondage was so hot , looking in to his eyes we made the cum shot , slower got the motion we expressed our emotions.

    He kissed my forehead and bid me the last bye , I don't even know him nor would I ever say hi

    We met for pleasures and the pain which I would never forget.


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    Guilty Pleasure


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    Hardened by a physical labour; picking up bricks and cement, his life had a major influence on sunlight, or rather the heat from the Sun. His moods swung by every change of climate. One such mid day, his work gave him a time to hit a break. But wait, before that being said; He was neither skinny nor a hunk, but undoubtedly a Man with high testosterone and a pumped up guts to take up bets for fights. Often he would lose but made sure that he'd Knock off his opponent's teeth or would make an impact anywhere on the body which could never be forgotten regardless of bout's result.

    Yes, The mid-day break from work. There was a woman from modern talkies- an old theater, with whom he found a sort of soft corner and comfort. The theater is old fashioned, dramas and rarely cinemas would be screened. She worked as a server at the cafeteria session. He went to see her and had a cup of coffee. It was Unclear what the conversation was but both were in the same mood and had same intentions. Something uncalculated worked out well for a swing and finally ended up being in bed together. The hard working man under the hot sun is extremely dominated by roughness would never lose an opportunity given as he started off to make the bedsheets sweaty and ruffled up. The Woman is no surrenderer, she played her game equally well, her intense feelings towards him was ready to take him to the extreme level but she knew the harsh truth that sex isn't fantasy as people call it, it's sheer pain especially when virginity is fucked for real, exotic was the pleasure she felt too.

    Minutes later they realised that sweat was burned out completely and made them both and also the sheets wet, they exhausted. Bodies weakened and minds slaved by laziness made them attain pleasure from the heat and breath. He lit up a smoke, they shared the puffs with each other and that's when she said; "this kid we gonna have together is gonna be hard-core."
    He smiled and said, "I'm gonna make the kid realize that this world is filled with filth and blood which is to crave a piece of paper called 'money' and it's not as shinning as it looks like, so to fuck it."
    He takes in a drag of cigarette again and says;
    "I would also tell that, Kid, I saw your mother so beautiful admist of filth and we found love under a broken roof, timless talks and dirty sweaty clothes bought from bricks lifted and cleaned up dishes. I would also tell, to have sex on a tiring afternoon in a condo surrounded by mess to experience the greatest pleasure and joy of life."

    Woman: without condoms, if not fucking could become a sport and she'd find nothing special in it.

    Man: How do you know for sure it's gonna be a "she" ?

    Woman drags the last puff and exhales, it's proven, I'm smarter than you in bed my Man.


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    And when you're cooking in the kitchen, I'd like to come and wrap you in my arms from behind.
    And when it's a Sunday morning, I'd like to wake up before you to make you breakfast on bed.
    And when you say "I'll take shower", I'd like to come in and make out under shower.
    And when you're dozing on the couch with TV remote, I'd like to put my shoulder under your neck.
    And when you're ready to go out, I'd like to check your mascara is proper and suits your eyes.
    And when you're sick on bed rest, I'd like to be a home maker and see how you manage things.
    And when you put me first of all, I'd like to appreciate that you come first for me too.
    And when you say "I feel lonely without you", I'd say "Let's make enough babies so you'll never be alone"

    #You #Me #Us #Cooking #Wrap #Hug #Sunday #Breakfast #Morning #Shower #MakeOut #Dozing #Shoulder #Mascara #Eyes #Sick #HomeMaker #First #Lonely #Babies

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    And when life happens to me

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    Let's give these lights a long long vacation,
    And let this night stay a lil longer.
    I want to desire you like you've never been,
    I wanna admire you like a masterpiece darling.
    #relationshipsadvisory #191 #related #grind #on #me #you #love #baby #make #makeout #hot #passion #need #desire #want #light #vacation #long #day #night #like #masterpiece #darling #dear #admire #give #quote #quoteoftheday @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    Grind on me;
    As you love me baby,
    I'll fill all your needs;
    As i love you baby.

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    She was beckoning me to come closer,
    I did.
    As I crawled onto the bed from the bottom and worked my way up to her legs.
    My hands caressed the smoothness of her shaven tender legs.
    She moaned with every touch.
    I moved on top of her.
    She pulled me closer.
    Lips met, once more, and, somehow, it was even better than before.

    #Legs #Body #Kiss #MakeOut #Carassed #Tender

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    Read the Caption!

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    She melted
    When their lips met
    Her heart elated
    When their eyes met.

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    The feeling and the passion we have when we kiss each other is the same feeling and the same passion we had the first time.


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    #orchardhouse #novel #serial #serialnovel #romance #love #couples #lovers #desire #passion #longing #redemption #destiny #fate #drama #romantic #america #music #writer #south #sexy #steamy #countryliving #loneliness #writersnetwork #authors #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite
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    Orchard House & The Heart Of Everything

    Part 31.1: Under The Apple Trees

    Summer was in the kitchen, having finished her bath and gotten ready to go to the orchard store. She flashed me a smile, but she knew something had happened. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

    “I called my brother.”

    She stopped what she was doing and looked at me. “How did it go?”

    “Well, it got some things off my chest, but it’s one of those things where you wish you would have said more.”

    “I know what you mean.”

    I nodded. I knew she felt the same way about talking to her father.

    “Did you tell him when you’re coming back?”

    I hesitated. Now wasn’t the time to tell her I wasn’t going back home. “No, not really, “ I replied. I flashed her a smile and reached for her hand.. “You ready to go?”

    She leaned to me and gave me a kiss on my waiting lips. “Yeah, I’m ready.” She looked at her bags by the door. “But I haven’t taken these up yet.”

    “It’s okay; you can do it when we come back.”

    “You’re not scared I’m going to try and leave?”

    I stopped. “Should I be?”

    She smiled. “Nope.”

    Hand in hand we stepped out the door onto the back porch. Closing the door behind us, we stepped into the sun and went down the path through the orchard, as if we were following the yellow brick road to Oz.

    No matter how many times I walked through the orchard, with or without Summer, I was always amazed of how peaceful it was to me. Out here on this apple farm it seemed I was worlds away from the life I had lived, worlds away from anything I had expected to be. Some would probably say it’s just a farm, just a normal walk among apple and peach trees, nothing special about it at all. But I was learning it was very special indeed. It wasn’t just the fact you didn’t hear the sound of horns and traffic, or the shouts of people arguing in all the apartments around you. It wasn’t just the fact the air was cleaner, more natural, or that the sky looked bluer with bleach white clouds racing across the sky. No, it was more than those things. It was the knowing that this was the kind of life you always wanted – carefree, simple, slow paced, no concern for tomorrow, just this moment of walking through God’s beautiful acre. Summer made it even better. Not only was this the kind of living I always wanted, but unknown to me, this was the kind of girl I wanted – down to earth, beautiful inside and out, with a way to make sun shine out of the darkest clouds that could ever hover overhead. Spirited, compassionate, smart, easy to talk to and even easier to fall for. Maybe this isn’t the right way to say it, but Summer was everything Ashley wasn’t. The latter was one of those girls that when you were with her she had a way of making you feel you were the most important thing in the universe. But when you were away from her you weren’t sure, or maybe you didn’t even think about it. It was only after she ditched me at the altar that I began to think of her and all the things she had been and all the things she hadn’t. Ashley was pure city girl. Trendy restaurants, parties to be seen at, expensive designer clothes, hundred dollar hairdressers. She wouldn’t have been caught dead tubing on a river, sitting on a porch and watching a sunset, or even walking through an apple orchard on the way to a little country store that didn’t have a latte machine.

    I looked over at Summer as we walked among the rows of trees down the dirt path. I didn’t have to do much to please her. She didn’t need to have expensive things or be seen by all the important people. It was enough for her to be walking hand in hand with me on a beautiful clear morning without a care for what the day would bring, other than that I would be there to share it with her. I couldn’t imagine Summer as the kind of girl that on the way to her wedding would decide the groom wasn’t good enough; she would have already known that. She would have known the depths of her heart and how much her husband-to-be meant to her. Ashley’s problem was she didn’t know what she wanted because she didn’t have a mind of her own. Too concerned about what everyone else thought or wanted for her, I don’t believe she ever took the time to ask herself what truly made her happy. She would never do anything out of pure love, or even out of wanting to be loved. As long as it kept up appearances, any relationship, close or distant, was good enough for her. Now, with summer’s hand in mine, for the first time I felt happy I had been left to stand at the altar. I know I would never have been this happy walking beside Ashley, and my life with her would never have been my own. Happiness, love, contentment, peace – it would have all been pretend with her. But not with Summer.

    I stopped. We were almost at the store. “Summer,” I said, turning her towards me. “I want you to know how happy I am right now this very instant.”

    She smiled and it lit up her whole face. “I am happy too, Matthew. There’s nowhere else I would rather be than here with you under the apple trees.”

    Technically speaking, we weren’t under the trees, but one look in her beautiful brown eyes told me what she was thinking. She moved into my arms and kissed me soft on the lips. If a man could melt in the morning sun, I would have been a puddle. She took my hand and led me off the path until we were, in fact, under an apple tree. She eased me down onto the ground, tenderly pulling me on top of her. Slowly and ever so sweetly, we kissed and touched each other’s faces, so lost in each other we didn’t hear the approaching truck until it had passed by on the path we had just left. We could hear a few giggles as it went by, and I thought I heard one member of our rolling audience exclaim, “Tipo con suerte!”

    It was twenty minutes later that we made it to the store. After the Latino workers had driven by in their truck, we had lay there together curled up under the tree. Staring into each other’s faces, we didn’t say much of anything. There was no need to. We both knew what we were feeling, even if we were still too scared to put it into words. Instead, our conversation was held with the eyes and lips, until we knew we had to get going to the store again.


    Orchard House &The Heart Of Everything
    Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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    Orchard House 31.1
    Under The Apple Trees


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    #orchardhouse #novel #serial #serialnovel #romance #love #couples #lovers #desire #passion #longing #redemption #destiny #fate #drama #romantic #america #music #writer #south #sexy #steamy #countryliving #loneliness #writersnetwork #authors #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite
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    Orchard House &The Heart Of Everything

    Part 30.1: Slow Down Tiger

    Back in the house it seemed different. The air of dread that hung over us both that morning had dissipated, replaced by a reprieve that would allow us to relax and find ourselves, and indeed each other, in all the turmoil that our lives had been. We closed the door behind us, and as she sat on one of the stools around the kitchen island, I poured us both a cup of coffee. “Would you do me a favor?” I asked as I set her cup in front of her.

    “Yeah sure.”

    “Get those bags away from the door and back up to your room.”

    She followed my gaze to where her packed bags had sat by the kitchen door.

    “In fact,” I said, “unpack them so I know you’re really going to stay.” I sat down beside her with my cup and took a sip.

    “Okay,” she replied, with a little smile. “Would you do me a favor, too?”

    “Yeah sure, anything.”

    “Shut up.” She leaned towards me and planted a kiss firm on my lips. I closed my eyes. This was so wonderful. If I’d known her kisses tasted this heavenly I would have shut up the first moment I met her.

    “You know I can’t let you pay my way though,” she said after we parted for breathing exercises.

    I sighed. “Well, in actuality you don’t have to. And neither do I. According to Helen at the store, the price I paid to stay was for double occupancy. So you could just stay as my guest and nobody owes anyone anything.”

    She seemed to think about that one for a minute. “That may be so, but I should still offer to pay them.” She looked at me with a teasing smile. “That way you’ll know I’m staying for sure.”

    I smiled. “I’m really glad you decided to stick around, Summer. “

    She put her hand on top of mine. “I’m glad you wanted me to. No one has ever tried to get me to stay when I get that flight feeling in me. They just let me go and don’t try to convince me otherwise. It really means something to me that you are….well, different than anyone else.”

    I squeezed her hand and leaned close to her. “I have a feeling,“ I said. “A feeling that the both of us have needed someone to be honest with us. And that’s one thing I promise you right here, I will always be honest. You can count on me; I’m not going to let you down or make you regret your decision to stay.”

    She placed her lips soft against mine and we closed our eyes. The kiss was wonderful, sending butterflies through my stomach and making me dizzy with the need to hold her and kiss her for the rest of our days here. When we parted, she smacked her lips together as if she had just put on some chap stick.

    Smiling, she said, “Now that sir, was very nice indeed.”

    I grinned and touched her cheek with my hand. She leaned her head into my open palm, and I found myself gazing into her beautiful brown eyes.

    “If you only knew what I was thinking,” I said.

    “You’re thinking that you want to kiss me again,” she replied.

    Without another word, I lifted her from her stool and set her over in my lap. I wrapped my arms around her, enveloping her like a cocoon, and she in turn straddled me, wrapping arms and legs about me, two lovers desperately trying to be one. Her mouth full upon mine, lips parted and tongues darting, I rose, carrying her across the room, her legs and arms still wrapped around me, until we reached the hallway where we collapsed against the wall. Pleasantly pinned, her hands groped my back, and I found my hands sliding down her backside, as well. She grabbed my butt, giving it a loving squeeze, and I pressed myself against her, placing her back to the wall. I could feel her breasts pushing against my chest and our breaths grew louder and ragged, mouths devouring each other, hands exploring bodies through our clothes. And then just as suddenly as it had begun, it ended. She dropped her legs from around me and let them touch the floor. Gently and without much force, she separated herself from me, her breathing still hard as she took a deep breath.

    “Give me a minute, tiger,” she said. “This is moving pretty fast now.”

    “I’m sorry,“ I said. “I…I couldn’t help…”

    She put her hand to my lips to hush me. “I know, I couldn’t help myself either. I really am enjoying this…but let’s just take it easy for now, ok?”


    I took a breath too, and she gave me a reassuring smile to let me know I had done nothing wrong. She was just not used to things going so fast. After all, just minutes ago she was prepared to leave, and now we were making out in the hallway like there would never be a tomorrow. In this day and age it may not have been unusual for a relationship to get heated and go to the next level in such a short amount of time, but I don’t think either of us were emotionally prepared for that. Perhaps our flesh and passions were, but we needed to take a time out and think about this. She was afraid of being hurt someday soon by yours truly and I was…Well, I needed to get some things out of my system before I could let my heart completely open and allow my desire for Summer to soar free.

    She ran her fingers through her hair and straightened up her clothes, before letting out a long sigh. “I think what I need is a bath, and then I should go on down to the store and pay Helen for my extended stay.”

    “I’ll go with you,” I said. She looked up at me with a look on her face that said she wasn’t ready for communal bathing. I laughed. “I meant I’d go with you to the store.”

    The shocked look left her face, and with a little embarrassment, returned my smile to me. “Oh, okay. Guess you can tell where my mind is at.” She looked away so I couldn’t see the red growing on her cheeks. “Yeah, well okay, bath time,” she stammered.

    “I’ll be in my room. Just give me a shout when you’re ready to go.” I leaned towards her and kissed her on the cheek. “See you in a bit.” Then I headed to my room and the task I had been avoiding ever since I had arrived at Orchard House.


    Orchard House & The Heart Of Everything
    Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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    Orchard House 30.1
    Slow Down, Tiger


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    #orchardhouse #novel #serial #serialnovel #romance #love #couples #lovers #desire #passion #longing #redemption #destiny #fate #drama #romantic #america #music #writer #south #sexy #steamy #countryliving #loneliness #writersnetwork #authors #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite
    #farmhouse #appleorchard #kiss #kissing #makeout #fallinlove

    Orchard House & The Heart Of Everything

    Part 27: Still Got The Blues

    The music cried in the night and it seemed to mirror how I was feeling. Both lost and found at the same time. The music’s volume would increase from time to time, as if someone was opening the door to the barn and heading in to hear the music. This rise and fall of blues just seemed to add to my melancholy. The band kicked into “Right Next Door” by Robert Cray. I imagined myself back in the 80’s and wondering how life would have been different if I had met Summer then. Of course, she would have been just coming out of her teens at that point and we truly would have made the talk of the town no matter where we went. I smiled at this thought, imagining all the people speaking in hushed tones at this May-December couple causing such a scene by – gasp! – holding hands in public. I laughed and Summer looked at me with a quizzical expression. When I told her what I had been thinking, she laughed too.“Ooh, the shame of it all,“ she mocked, sounding like a little old lady gossiping at a fence. Then the music changed again, and Summer’s countenance went rigid. Oh no, I instantly thought, another song to bring back unpleasant memories for her.

    “I absolutely love this song,” she said.


    “Oh, no buts about it. It’s just a beautiful song.”

    Someone opened the barn door again and I could hear it clear as day, an electric guitar letting out a sorrowful mourn. I knew what it was. ‘Still Got The Blues’ by Gary Moore. I nodded my head in approval. He had been one of my favorites before his passing last year.

    “This song is sad,” Summer said. “But it has this romantic slow dance vibe going on.”

    “Yeah I like it,” I replied. “They sound pretty close to the original. Gary Moore. I saw him in concert once. Amazing guitarist.”

    Summer didn’t seem all that interested in my inner music nerd at the moment though. She was instead looking at me with a lonely smile. “Would you dance with me now?” she asked.


    “You owe me a dance before I go, remember. And I need to do something wild before the night is up too,” she said with a wink. “So come on, get up and dance with me.” She got up and tried to pull me to my feet.

    “Really summer, you know I can’t dance.”

    “You’re not getting out of it.”

    I allowed her to pull me up, but I wasn’t sure this was a good idea. “Remember the last time? I did horrible.”

    “That was country music. Maybe you just weren’t feeling the groove. But this is the blues. You got to feel the blues.”

    “I feel the blues. But my feet don’t.”

    “Just follow me,” she said and I couldn’t help but let her lead me from the porch to the edge of the orchard. “Here. Put your hands on my hips.”

    She guided my hands, placing them palm first against her hips. She seemed to press them there to make sure they would stay. Then she put her hands on my hips in the same fashion. Her fingers gripped me just enough to make my hips sway with her own to the slow blues beat. I tried to match my movement to her own, but the sensual rhythm of her body made me forget everything. Her hips moved against my hands and I tried not to clutch her too tight, but soon found my hands moving her in much the same way as she was guiding me. I felt both her rhythm and the melody of the song coursing through me, one through my ears, the other through my hands.

    I could feel Summer’s eyes on me. I looked down to see her dark brown eyes staring into my face. I had seen this look before, once outside the restaurant, again in the car by the roadside, and earlier today before we capsized our tube. It was a look that compelled -no implored me – to kiss her. I never once saw such desire in a girl’s eyes. I had shared a kiss before, that was obvious, but never so much with the eyes before the lips. Her deep eyes were kissing me already, and I could see the need – no the want – for me to take her in such pleasant passion. I felt myself leaning into her, first at the hip, then my chest, which pressed softly against her breasts. My face closed the gap between hers and mine.

    In the movies, the perfect kiss is rough, hard, and desperate. They grab each other in a mad assault of passion and look like their faces are mashed together in a hungry lock, but in real life it’s not mad, and it’s not rough. It’s tender and beautiful. My lips lightly touched Summer’s as if I were gently pressing my nose against a flower to catch it’s sweetest scent. Our lips met at the corners, and then fully pressed together. I could taste peach flavored balm on her lips, and knew in an instant I would forever associate the taste of peaches with her mouth. Her lips parted against mine and her tongue ran playfully across my open lips before welcoming mine within hers. She moved her hands from my hips and around to my neck, lacing her fingers together, drawing my body even closer to hers, as we danced to the music carried to us on the breeze. My hands left her hips too, sliding around to her back to clutch her to me.

    We spun, open mouths and lips hungering for the other upon them, as ‘still got the blues’ played around us. No longer did it seem like it was coming from far away, but now I could hear it in my head, keeping the beat with my steady thumping heart. Unwrapping her arms from around my neck, her hands found my face, placing her palms flat against my cheeks. Her lips left mine for a moment, and we both took a breath before finding each other again, moist lips pressed tenderly, yet full upon each other’s mouths. The tip of her tongue touched mine and ever so playful, she sucked at it, drawing me further into her mouth, until all I wanted was to be swallowed up by her; to let myself go and drown in the very depths of Summer. Still that song played in my head and ears, born on the wind and carrying us to a place where tears and joy co-mingled upon our faces, and our kiss could not remember a time when it did not exist. In this moment, I knew that unlike the song we kissed to, I would never have the blues again as long as Summer was in my arms and upon my lips.

    Her eyes, now closed, ever so slowly opened to look deep into mine. Their dark brown color had turned to golden amber as if my very kiss had warmed her soul from within to pour forth from her eyes. I wondered if my own shone in the same manner, and her smile soon confirmed that they did. In the heat of her warm touch, I could only whisper, “Summer..I…”

    She put her fingers to my lips to stop the rest from tumbling out, replaced them with a kiss, just as intense as our first, and we danced, pressed perfectly to one another as if we were molded for each other’s embrace. The music played on, blues crying in the night, as our kisses counted minutes to hours, the waning moon watching over us like a curious spectator to the first stirring of a new couple’s longings.

    Hours later, after the blues in the night had faded, and silence descended over the orchard, we retired to the comfort of the house, where we managed to stop kissing long enough to fix up a pot of coffee and stare at each other from across the kitchen island.

    “I told you I wanted that dance,“ she finally said, with a sly smile.

    I reached across the counter and took her hand. “And you did do something wild and spontaneous.”

    She winked. “So did you.”

    “Did you think I wouldn’t?”

    “I hoped you would,” she confessed.

    I smiled. “Then what are we doing staring at each other from across the table?”

    In a flash she swept everything on the table to the side and crawled over the top to kiss me again. I dragged her the rest of the way over, picking her up and carried her into the living room where we collapsed onto the cushions of the couch, fumbling hands and kisses in the dim light of the room.

    It would have been so easy, and perhaps natural, for us to go further than we were. We could have went around the hallway to my room, or she could have led me up to hers, but something held us back from letting our kisses and touches cross the line between making out and making love. Maybe other men would have done different, staying under the same roof with this beautiful woman, but it was enough for me that night just to know her kiss, to have her arms wrapped around me, feeling her breath in my ear as I nuzzled her neck on the couch, never once thinking what could lay ahead, for fear it would all end in that instant. it was enough to know for once in my life I felt truly wanted, and for the first time since Ashley, I felt good about the future.


    Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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  • coldchocomilc 122w

    tmi about my guy

    Thinking about him makes my head feel light.
    I don't know how to describe it.
    It makes me giggle.
    I'm an idiot.

    I heard from other people
    how much he loves me.
    And how he thinks
    my non stop talking when I'm drunk is cute.
    He was my first kiss.
    It makes me smile.
    Like an idiot.

    I remember how he tastes at the randomest times.
    And that secret sauce.
    He showed me how to shotgun.
    It makes me happy.
    But it also makes me sad.
    I just wanna kiss him some more.
    What an idiot.

    Sometimes I touch his dick too because he gets hard when we make out.




  • prithviraj28 130w


    No, this isn't love.
    Going back into the apartment and taking our clothes off and not meeting till the next evening is not love.

    But, then again, who's looking for it?

  • yellowroses 131w

    Keep you close

    Dreaming of a place
    Where we can be face to face
    Where our hands can explore
    And our lips can endure together
    Where our tounges begin to dance
    And our minds join in a lovers trance
    To hold eachother close
    And have you to my own
    I now have you nearing my grasp
    And know that together we are no longer
    Lonely in our desire

  • elliee 136w


    love is the word,
    you use to Lie....
    either for intimate,
    or for crime.