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  • jasirah 35w


    Almost tangible,
    Visible and there.
    Moving, asserting
    Claiming its declare.
    Ablaze lay houses,
    Swelter, losing fear.
    Nomads scrabble,
    Looking for share.
    Smothering the harlot.
    Her forgotten bird cages,
    With dead doves, resisting,
    Left unattended,
    On some burning sill.
    Who cried that night,
    Are not sleeping, still.
    False truths, fantasies,
    And such witty will.
    Scratched skins,
    Graves left unfilled.
    Lost, invisible, unseen,
    Broken houses, petrified.
    Massacred natheless rescued.
    Through windows
    With burned muntins,
    Followed gazes.
    "She's a monster,
    Hence, banished."