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  • mountains_lost 1d

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    What have I become?


  • nehabhavsar_quotes 2d

    If the day is a "Word", the night is"meaning".

  • messenger777 2d

    Scream Out Love

    She was screaming inside yet no one heard. She tried to be nice but it just didn't work. She follows the path having only the Universe to guide her way. She vibrates on love. She knows that is the only way. She screams out load still to no avail, they just call her crazy and walk away shaking their heads. She's not screaming for the attention. She's delivering a message for those with ears to listen.

  • lifeonweb 3d


    Yet the worthiest thing in the Universe.

  • crazy_gal_36 4d

    #meaning of love for us

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    Mere liye pyar ka mtlb khush rehna tha,
    aur tere liye mujhe haasil karna pyar tha,
    shayad isliye humari zindagi ki raahe ab alag hai.

  • drina8282 5d

    Only life can grant an open door to time, for love is accustomed to the flesh at heart.

  • rochand 1w


    Through the window,I just peep
    I see a plant, that not so stiff
    Then I look with my eyes so deep
    I saw a cocoon on its tip

    It is a warm sunny morn
    And furious wind blowing from all,
    Anytime he may reborn,
    He is just a tiny small.

    He is oval and colour in green
    Attached to the plant with a small string
    Any ways he could be hardly seen
    After a while,he will flutter his wing

    To every worst condition
    He had stay ready and claim
    Then, I have a cognition
    Why we must not be just like him?

    Through your life , you must be claim
    To every situation, you face
    To be ready just like him
    Accepting everything with all your grace

    It could make you patient& strong
    To be truth and know what is wrong
    May be you could achieve many things
    And someday open your bright wings

  • rochand 1w

    A crooked plant

    A beautiful plant
    Tall as one inch
    He is little bit bend
    Because of someone pinch

    When he grown up to a tree
    He have became so large But he is still crooked
    Now with other,he couldn't merge

    If I try to make him straight
    He is hard & no bird could beak
    If I strive and take great force
    He will not be straight and could break

    But when he was small
    If I could try it
    And tied him with a stick
    He could be straight with my deed

  • deeptirshanker 1w

    My eyes, your eyes

    Just when I think
    I have it all figured out

    You look at me with those eyes
    With such joy and curiosity

    And I remember
    The feeling of wonder
    That comes in seeing
    Life as an adventure, as a journey
    New things to be discovered
    New things to be learnt.

    In the questions
    Lies the greatest of quests
    The answer is just the pot at the end
    It's the rainbow we all secretly really chase.

  • psychoteju 1w

    Keep Claim and
    always believe something
    wonderful is about to happen.
    Challenges are for making life
    interesting and overcoming
    those leads us to more
    meaningful and beautiful destination.
    Don't forget to Smile

  • cracking_glass 1w

    #nostalgia #meaning #smile #thankyou

    Sitting here makes me wonder
    Why the world seems more
    Beautiful today. Did I see something
    That made me smile on the tour?
    Was there a compliment given
    That has brighten my usual daily bore?

    Glancing at the driver's seat brings
    A shy smile to my face, knowing
    The reason why the world is worthwhile.
    Although he can't see me smiling,
    I send a silent thank you to him,
    Knowing he gives this world meaning.

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    Gives Meaning


  • nitsuj 1w

    I spend my time hypothesizing the future possibilities of where I want to be in life

  • mountains_lost 1w

    There are a great great many people
    Who, in their entire existence
    Do not stop and consider
    The real direction of their lives
    Nor question why they think what they think
    Or why they feel the feelings they experience


  • trevordemello 1w


    Sometimes you wonder if you're significant
    After all there is 7 billion of us, how am I any different?
    Maybe there is someone out there that is just like me
    Talks like me, walks like me, thinks like me, but isn't me.
    The ego we have to think we are special
    A speck of dust made of star stuff on aboard a giant vessel
    Hurdling through space at magnificent speeds
    Yet going no where, just staying still it seems
    The moonlight seems real, the sunlight warm
    But does it matter? It doesn't mean much after all
    You start dying the moment you were born
    Start your journey as a rose just to be a thorn.
    In a thousand years we'll be long gone
    maybe what we write here would live on.
    Ten minutes after this is written, ten days a year or a hundred
    Would you have been the last person to have read this I wondered.
    Seems insignificant doesn't it, quite demeaning
    So enjoy the little things in life, maybe that's what gives us meaning.
    A nice cup of tea or a good book to read
    Telling a loved one how much you love them, for that moment would seem insignificant, but to them it would mean everything.

  • madalasa 1w

    Value of Words

    Words should be like a burning matchstick.

    A matchstick has value only while its burning to give flame.

    Similarly words are valuable only when their intended meaning is positive, properly conveyed and received.


  • mountains_lost 1w

    There is no joy
    Only grey

    Time barely moves forward
    There's not much point in it doing so
    The next day will be just the same as today

    Activities may be done
    Art, form and visions witnessed
    But no fun is felt
    No beauty seen

    And without purpose
    As I always have been
    There is no direction to go in, even if I could

    It would be better
    If everything was silent and still
    You can't struggle against that

    There's still a blue sky out there.



  • writeweird 1w

    ARTICLE 370 ( Education 101: What's happening in j&k ? )

    Article 370 was important. Here's why:

    In 1947 India had more than 550 princely states - 565 to be exact.

    Every state had to sign an instrument of accession in order to accede to the Dominion of India or that of Pakistan.

    This instrument of accession gave the power of Defence, External Affairs and Communications to the Dominion exclusively, and nothing more.

    In layman terms the Dominion of India or the Government of India could only control three Aspects of a state - Defence, External Affairs and Communication.

    Every state was free to make it's own Constitution and was free to reject the Constitution of the Dominion of India
    at the time of agreement and In future.

    Most states instead of making a new and local Constitution for their own selves - instead chose to accept the Constitution of the Dominion of India as it is.

    J&K did not do it.

    I would like to point out that every state signed the same Instrument of accession and enjoyed the same and equal rights.

    J&K was no different in that regard,
    Nor it had any special privileges to speak of, Everything was within the Instrument of accession.

    Due to J&K not accepting the Constitution of Dominion of India and instead choosing to opt for it's own constitution a problem arose.

    How to implement any new laws and other provisions in the future passed by the Government of India if the people of J&K so wish to do so to their own constitution ?

    In layman terms how to implement those provisions or new laws that are passed by the Government of India to the Constitution of J&K ?

    In other words J&K would've been cut off from the rest of India.

    The Answer was Article 370.

    Article 370 acted as a bridge between the rest of the country and J&K.

    It was not only important, but the very reason J&K is an 'integral' part of India today and the very reason most laws were applicable here too as they are in the rest of the country.

    People who don't appreciate Article 370 for what it was obviously are not aware of the history, and do not understand the grounds on which this nation was built.

    Article 370 should've been gradually phased out and it was infact diluted upto a point that there was very little that separated both Constitutions.

    But to suggest it was the root of all evil and the reason for the lack of development is not only mischievous but also wrong.

    We cannot and should not dilute history to suit our own narrative.

    We should learn from it and make a better future for ourselves and those around us.


  • quotes_by_akz 2w


    The way I see it may not be the way you do.

  • writeweird 2w

    page 667 ( the Indian night )

    why do men die for other men ?
    what compels them to give up their lives for the lives of their fellow men ?

    is it love ? is it duty ? or is it just plain madness ? is it that bond of blood ? or a promise to be better ? or is it simply what being a human is ?

    the same men capable of destroying a million lives in pursuit of their own ideology ? the same men who for the purpose of their own greed and need can ignore the very definitions of civility and liberty and justice.

    can we still call them men ?

    what is happening at this hour in this nation, a nation which is thousands of years old and in making; isn't different from what has happened in the past and unfortunately that is going to happen in the unsuspecting future.

    people are turning to an ideology that not only imprisons the free bird in the sky, but also retaliates if it so chooses to lay on a different branch.

    diversity isn't celebrated anymore, but rather is frowned upon by the masses, who believe that past holds no relevance over the future.

    acceptance, and the very creed upon which the great men who came before us, and made us who we are today - their legacy and wisdom is being demolished, like cards in the winds; and just like the structures of the ancient, for they no longer are painted with the colours we are familiar with today.

    sheep and wolves alike, are being chased by the blood hounds, cornering every whisper with words of the system, a system that has been diseased from the inside, infecting the very veins of this great nation that has stood the test of age and it's many a poisons for millennia and more.

    bit by bit the great walls of knowledge and of the enlightened spirits are being razed down by a mere fool in different costumes, performing in a circus build upon the ashes of the innocent and the innocence of the communities that now long for blood.

    the very nature of this great and grave divide, is unnatural, passed down by the same set of hands that once pulled the chains and carried with them - forcefully, a plight of millions, suppressed and then set aside fanatically, all in the name of a devotional creed.

    lizards in boxes pretending to be voices of the free and humane, casting their spells on the fragile and a blind audience, numb by all the back and forth between the gods, and as always, only the peasant suffers.

    how many more homes must vanish before we realise there's no magic in the disappearing of colours, and the despairing remains of the one's gone, painted across the streets in black and white, begging for somebody to give them their proper funeral.

    it is men who take life, animals don't kill for their sins, they never have, for they don't know what it's like to be tamed by fire.

    they'd rather burn, than become more like us.

    maybe that tells it all, and maybe that is why, the devil may have horns and hoofs, but it never haunts and hunts the wild.

    we are what we love, but we become who we hate, always - in the end, until something worse comes around to make things better.


  • karthikrayakar49 2w

    I can be your whore
    I am the dirt you created
    I am your sinner
    And your whore
    But let me tell you something baby
    You love me for everything you hate me for