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  • _rakhi 11w

    एक डिजिटल सर्वे के हिसाब से अगर आप अपने मास्क को बार बार छूते हो, या एक मास्क को दुबारा बिना धोए पहनते हो तो भी आपको Covid 19 होने की सम्भावना है! ( और जो medical वाले मास्क आते है दस, बीस रुपय तक उसे एक बार पहन कर फेंकना चाहिए।

  • liii17 11w

    Healing without medicines and zero side effects,
    Excercise and different therapies alleviates your aches....
    Helps to rehabilitate from pain's, spasm and other disorders,
    Can even make you walk on feet when circumstances doesn't permit...
    With a tint of Love and care to the treatment,
    A Physiotherapist won't let your sorrows & sufferings be persistent throughout life!


  • james_taumas 13w


    Amniotic darkness
    Muffled encouragement
    Intruding light
    Fluid security drained away
    Pushed into the white
    Cold sterile
    A scream
    My scream
    Alive and afraid
    Two tired faces
    Love beams down.


  • liii17 14w

    Confidence at peak,
    Helping others is what they always seek...
    Restless Days and Nights,
    Imperiling themselves for others...
    Sacrificing their personal time,
    Isolating away from their kins....
    Cheers to all the health care workers,
    Without you all we couldn't have made it till here!

  • penofsovak 15w

    A medical student..

    With a couple of bags full of books and big dreams I started my journey towards Kota. Like every other kid of that age, I was highly ambitious and wanted to grab every opportunity to be successful. Though my family had financial problems, I managed to take admission in one of the reputed coaching institutes. I was so excited.
    I contacted a broker and started searching for a cheap hostel. I had to manage a room under 2k. But getting a room at this price in Kota was nearly impossible. Even my broker got frustrated negotiating with a lot of hostel owners. Fortunately he had some connections. He made some phone calls and asked me if I believe in God. It was so weird.
    I answered him with a surprised look on my face, "No, I am an atheist. Does it really matter?"
    I was shocked after seeing his happy face over my answer.
    He said, "I have a perfect room available for you. The owner is charging only 1k for that one."
    It was a good news for me. But out of curiosity I asked the reason for generosity of that owner.
    He said, "There was a medical student living in that room who committed suicide a few years back. Now, no one wants to live there. But as you are an atheist, I believe you won't have any problem with the room."
    I never believed in any paranormal activities and had absolutely no problem with the fact that a guy committed suicide in the room.
    I said, "Oh, well I don't have a problem with the room. Let's go and take a look."
    After taking a close look at the room, I was perfectly fine with it and did the registration formalities with the owner. I arranged my belongings properly and slept with a fulfilled, happy face.
    I have been telling this to everyone since then. But I don't know why no one believes in me. They keep on telling me that I was a medical student and wasn't preparing for JEE and there's even a man who claims to be my father and keeps on telling me not to worry, everything will be fine, blah blah. This is so frustrating!

  • disha_sikka 17w

    स्कूल की यादें।।

    अब हमारा स्कूल जाने का मन करता है।
    पहले असेंबली में खड़े रहना अच्छा नहीं लगता था,
    पर अब वही करने का मन करता है।
    पहले क्लास में बैठना अच्छा नहीं लगता था,
    पर अब वही करने का मन करता है।।
    अब हमारा स्कूल जाने का मन करता है।

    पहले स्कूल जाने के ख्याल से हर सुबह रोते थे,
    पर अब ना जा पाने के कारण उदास बैठे हैं।
    दोस्तों के साथ खाना खाने को तरसते हैं हम,
    एक डिब्बे में चार हाथों को देखने के लिए रोते हैं हम।
    तू ही राम, तू ही रहीम अब कहने को तरसते हैं।
    पहले जो पसंद नहीं था, अब वही करने को रोते हैं हम।
    किसी को कुछ कह नहीं पाते,
    पर स्कूल जाने को अब उदास है हम।।

    ऑनलाइन क्लासेस में पढ़ तो लिए हम खूब,
    पर हो नहीं पाए हम उसमें खुश।
    दिन भर रहते हैं हम अब उदास,
    जी नहीं पाते है हर पल का एहसास।
    बारिश की बूंदों में भीगना हमें सताता था,
    पर अब वही पल हमें खूब तरसाता है।
    दोस्तों के काम को अपना कह कर चेक करवाना याद आता है,
    फिर से अब हमें यह करने का मन करता है।
    अब हमारा स्कूल जाने का मन करता है।।

    ऐ स्कूल अब हमें तुम्हारी याद आती है,
    अब हम तुम्हारी यादों को सोच कर खुश हो जाते है।
    दिल को बहलाने के लिए हम हंस देते हैं।
    दोस्तों के साथ खेलना अब हमें खूब याद आता है।
    कैंटीन की लाइन तोड़कर आगे जाना याद आता है।
    सिर दर्द का बहाना लगाकर मेडिकल रूम में सोना याद आता है।
    पढ़ाई को इग्नोर कर दोस्तों से गप्पे मारना याद आता है।
    अब हमारा स्कूल जाने का मन करता है।
    प्रार्थना करने का मन करता है,
    क्लास में बैठने का मन करता है,
    अब हमारा स्कूल जाने का मन करता है।।

  • rajeevdhiman 22w

    हमारे देश के नेता अगर सच में विकास करते।
    इतने लोग भूख,बिमारी,जुल्म से ना मरा करते।

  • guafevc 23w

    Pills n Bottles Pt.3

    Oxy, and hydro.
    Pop them alot.
    Tylenol, and Ibuprofen.
    Take em like back to back shots.
    Metformin, and Zryrtec.
    Sugar and sleep, not much.
    Opium and heroin.
    Haven't seen much.
    Been in the hospital.
    Pills and bottles, give me a whole lot.

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  • james_taumas 29w


    Clocks don't stop
    Florescent days
    Sleep between seconds
    The rush never stops
    Infinite queue
    Different creeds and colours
    Identical helplessness
    Dread filled coughs unified
    Choices to be made
    Human shoulders to bear
    Family grief either way.


  • new_age_ghalib 30w

    Lies shades in love ❤

    Boy - The first thing u should know about me is - I..... Don't...... Let........ Go........
    Girl - If u ever loved me then let me go......
    What ❓Wait wait wait.... Story end here or continues for this we have go and read there story and find out in this story who is shakuni, shurpanakha, hanuman and radhakrishna etc
    Chapter 1- Meetings Reality Or just imagination
    Read whole story which i have posted before hope u like it

  • croissant 32w

    You see
    My shattered anatomy
    As a masterpiece
    I see yours as
    Something my mind
    Cannot contain

    You make me feel so
    Drunk in vertigo

    #poem #poetry #vertigo #love #admiration #pod #medical #yaish_ #writersnetwork #mirakee @splendiferous @luna_poems13
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Orthostatic hypotension
    —is a form of low blood
    pressure that happens
    when you stand up from
    sitting or lying down.


  • esse_pastels 32w

    "Nurse, put the oxygen mask on the patient" It was her third successful surgery of the day. She saved them with the air they needed to breathe... Yet why SHE herself is suffocating inside? ...
    And that was the the fifth consecutive day, I woke up from a nightmare. It's almost dawn. I pull aside the curtains, and the bright sunbeam flashes up in my entire room. The sun looks different today. Its intensely radiant. Ahh! The morning sun. Something, that I have always adored. Maybe, today is the perfect day to draw out a canvas. My paint-brushes have been lying out for a while now. And my sketch book too. It's been 2 years
    Exuberant. Joyful. Even that's less of a word, to describe how I feel, at the thought of painting. My trail of thoughts somehow gets distracted. Mom came inside. "Beta, you fell asleep, while studying. Get ready. Your mock tests begin today. NEET is almost there.You have to get your name in the first lists. You have to be a Successful Doctor, na? "
    Never, did they once ask, DO I REALLY want to study medicine? Never did they once realize, these hands aren't for saving people, rather painting out their lives..
    To all the dreamers/students out there, who never got to speak out their dreams. Even, I'm one of YOU. . . . ©esse_pastels
    #inked #instadaily #dreams #pastels #chaptersoflife #teenagescripts #storytimethreads #dreams #stolendreams #lies #mylife #scrawledstories #scratchedstories #dontwant #medical #spilledthoughts #onmyown #mirakee #writersofmirakee #writersofinstagram #diary #esse_pastels #life #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    "Nurse, put the oxygen mask on the patient" It was her third successful surgery of the day. She saved them with the air they needed to breathe... Yet why SHE herself is suffocating inside? ...

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  • noor_e_zindagi 32w


    corona ka aana kitna kuch realise krwa raha h na?
    iss quarantine m khudko janiye, khudke pehluon se mulaqaat karien!!!

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    This social distancing made me realise that, somewhere we all were victims to self distancing!!!


  • jurjun7 36w

    Do not spread rumors related to Corona. Stay authentic and double-check the news before reacting. Be proactive regarding taking precautions but don't take it to the level where you need to harm someone else feelings or emotions. Stay calm, stay stressfree, stay humble and most importantly stay healthy.

    They are also people utilizing rumors for business profiting.

    Trusting anything blindly can cause other kinda lose.

    #covid19 #stayfit #stayhealthy #medical #jurjun7 #corona #positivity #travel #life #thoughts

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    Covid19 (-ve)

    "Keep the novel Covid 19 virus negative, with a positive attitude."

    Jurjun Patel.

  • eye_am_lawrence 36w


    Here I am,
    In a dark room filled with so many fears,
    Ready to risk my life, for your sake.
    Where does my fate lie?
    I know not.
    Stay safe wherever you're.

  • wifey_suicide 37w

    Get Me High Of Medication

    They say I’m dying
    I have an infection
    I have something that doesn’t fit in society
    As I’m patiently waiting for my payment

    Get me high, high, high
    Off medication
    That I can’t afford
    Get me high, high, high
    Sign the paper
    Saying I was here

    I’m losing my mind
    As I keep getting denied
    Quick, it’s an emergency
    But nobody cares
    Unless it’s urgency
    But even then
    I’m better off dead
    I’m shaken
    From the pain inside my head
    Help me please
    Even if it’s not covered by medicaid
    Here’s my address and name
    Tell me how much it’s going to be
    Hoping it’s a much as being free
    Don’t count on those wishes
    You were better off staying home
    And doing the dishes

    Work is calling
    Asking if you went to the doctor yet
    Waiting for your paycheck
    That only you can afford with rent
    You’re losing it
    You’re ashamed to admit it
    But you’re so sick
    That you’re not prescribed
    Without it’s label
    You gotta hide it
    Or you’ll have to fight it

    Get me high, high, high
    Off medication
    That I can’t afford
    Get me high, high, high
    Sign the paper
    Saying I was here

    Get me high, high, high
    Off medication
    That I can’t afford
    Get me high, high, high
    Sign the paper
    Saying I was here


  • darkened_fantasies 37w


    Sometimes I wonder if I am destined to watch the sufferings of others for my entire life, dealing with pain, heartbreaks and death. It makes me question if I have chosen the right profession for me?
    But again I know the answer. It is inscribed deeply in my soul and even in the deepest sinews of my bones that I was born to be here, to serve humanity to the best of my ability. I would rather be dead that not to be here.

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    To the ones....

    In the middle of the night I wake up to the pleas of your voice
    "Save him baideu."
    Face distraught, hair dishevelled and eyes resigned.
    A young married woman who had just lost her husband.
    My casualty evening. The patient came with respiratory distress and I was the one who first checked him. My seniors were with other serious patients. He was referred from another hospital to ours.
    His pulse rate was high, BP high and bilateral crepitations were present .
    From previous records he was a patient with chronic Pancreatitis and was on alcohol withdrawal.
    He was gasping.
    I ran towards my senior and got him admitted to the emergency ward. They stabilised him somehow and he was sent for x-ray with oxygen support.
    But he collapsed and just like that he was gone.
    I was with another patient, whose was also unstable.
    The young wife came running toward me and clutched me. Begging me to bring him back. And I stood there numb and . What can I do?
    How could I ever explain to her my own helplessness?

    It's not even two week in medicine, yet I have witnessed so many unfortunate events. And it drains you emotionally and physically too. In the process if you are ever emotionally attached to your patients, it kills you to witness their pain and sufferings everyday.

    Or the other day when I was giving the early morning rounds in the ward, checking the vitals and the progress of the patient before the visiting physician gave his rounds. Bed no 52 was empty. When I enquired about him, I came to know that he passed away last night at about 1 am. At that moment the dam burst. I couldn't control it. I should not have tgot so much attached to 'the' patient.

    C'est la vie.


  • hylzarie 40w

    (Science students can relate)
    YE SB EXAMS KE ���� KA NASHA HAI...����

    He comes in my life as Ligase,
    After seeing him my eyes stick to him like
    Histones on DNA.
    My brain started producing serotonin.
    After talking with him
    My cardiovascular system gets all worked up.
    He make my Dopamine levels go all silly.
    Not talking with him like
    Involuntary spasms of the Diaphragm.

    After some time (WHEN OUR CHEMISTRY BECOME GOOD)����
    He got to know that
    I am not a noble gas (AS AM LILL BIT INTROVERT)����
    He also need to take a step and try to understand my senses.
    My faith and his loyalty reacts together
    To give love as a product.
    We both make balanced equation with each other.
    And offcourse our chemical bond is also not visible to others.

    I misplaced some wires and didn't get the desired results.
    He helped me in the connection (AS HE IS GOOD IN PHYSICS)
    And now everything is going in perfection.
    My force of resistance and
    His gravitational pull become equal.
    Our heart ceases to acceleration and
    Continuously falling at a constant speed for each other.

    Everything seems to be perfect.����
    Opps !... What's that����
    My alarm rang,
    Oh!.. Its a dream ✨✨
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writerstolli

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    He comes in my life as Ligase,
    After seeing him my eyes stick to him like Histones on DNA.
    And my brain started producing serotonin.

  • james_taumas 40w


    Revolving door doctors
    Tests all the same
    Diagnosis never changes
    Narcotic solution
    Prescriptions the ticket
    Adult candy
    Assorted colours
    Different effects
    Silence the demons
    Take away the pain
    Serrated world in cotton.