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  • lilkayla 5w

    — m e n t a l a w a r e n e s s —

    As the night falls and you plunge into an abyss of darkness.
    Stuck in your mind feeling all sorts of hopelessness.
    Your vision starts to blur as you start to panic.
    Your heart pounds as you start to feel manic.
    U become weak and faint as you hyperventilate.
    As you tremble and start to hesitate.

  • rodriquezantonio 5w


    After the rain, the sun begins to peer through my window, rubbing against my pale skin.
    The light glistens over the entire room, illuminating the darkest corners.
    Everything seems so calm, so peaceful.
    Feeling as though I can hold my head up beyond my shoulders again.
    Feeling without burden.
    Feeling light, almost weightless.
    No longer attached.
    My heart pounds with pride and now I feel alive again.
    This is my rebirth.
    My mind still struggling and fighting this good feeling.
    Leaving me to doubt my little bit of happiness.
    Maybe this is all in my head and now melancholy has set in again.
    I think I'll take a drive
    I want to feel the breeze roll across my face.
    I want to watch the waves crash into the shoreline.
    Wanna soak my feet into the water.
    With tears of joy, I cried.
    Further and further into the tide, I walk.
    Sinking lower and lower, I died.

  • epistlesofapsychopoet 23w

    Mental State cannot be measured by -
    an endearing smile,
    a hearty laugh,
    a warm hug,
    a jovial deed,
    a sound advice.

    It is a venomous sardonic poison that -
    erodes the smile,
    crushes the laugh,
    chilling the hug,
    kills the deed,
    deafening the advice.

    It is a masquerade of social delusion of "what we want our society sees on us" and "how we want society perceive about us". In contrary, "inside" we are crushing, burning and lamenting with our own duplicity.

  • thecoffeeink 24w

    It is okay

    I try to seem tough , but sometimes
    I am just not strong enough
    And It is totally okay
    To sometimes not be okay

    I try to stand up t all wrong , but
    sometimes i am just not that strong
    And i learned it soon enough
    That you don't need to
    Always seem tough

    It is totally okay
    To sometimes not be okay
    It is okay to not be okay


  • her_pen_speaks 25w

    #mentalawareness #suicide #saynotosuicide #live #breathe #bismillah #sistersofjannah #muslimahsontherise

    Everyone seeks a reason to live.
    The only difference between you and them,
    Is that you've found yours, and they haven't.
    Or maybe they have, but have forgotten it.

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    Ours is a Ummah of brothers and sisters.
    Ours is a Prayer, said side by side.
    Ours is a greeting of peace upon peace,
    Hand in hand, and chest to chest.

    Because ours is a world that's full of trials.
    Because life is hell, for Muslims on earth.
    Because this is a journey,
    and all travellers are weary.

    You need no reason to be your sister's keeper.
    You need no excuse to be your sister's shield.
    Be your sister's smile, her laughter.
    Be the reason she lives today, to see Jannah tomorrow.


  • kamilevilk 35w


    He stole not money
    Or expensive things
    He stole her dreams
    Skined body
    Hounted dreams

    Burned flower garden
    Sacred one
    Where only chosen
    Could see it bloom

    He ripped her
    Left to bleed
    With no awareness
    How she may live

  • sweedle 45w

    It doesn't make you less of a grown man nor does it make you an immature woman when someone spots you dripping tears you've been holding on for so long. Who knows the root cause of it ? Who cares that you cry alone ? It is in our nature , something unavoidable and to never do it ? Impossible. Why would you cheer machoism and heroic anger but taboo tears and depression and tell the poor soul to gulp it all down and move on?
    Your tears mean a lot, they really do. They are the trapped emotions that you set free and I'm so grateful you shared it with me. You're not alone, you never will be. You matter, your existence makes a difference to someone's life and that my dear, makes you a true human.


    Please stop judging the sensitive, the emotional soft hearted people in your life. It's how they are, we must accept them. Let's not judge even the depressed for they didn't choose to be like this, let's be a real human and help them out in their difficult times.

    #mentalawareness #mentalhealth #may2019 #sweedledsouza #human #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod @mirakee @writersnetwork #sixwordstory

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    You're still human,
    when you cry.

    © Sweedle

  • poeticpen 46w


    Some days are hard than others,
    The days I want to be alone,
    Days that all my thoughts are negative
    Days that nothing can cheer me up
    Days I struggle to leave my house
    Days I feel like my thoughts are drowning me
    Thoughts I can't explain
    I know I need help
    But a afraid of judgement
    I can't talk to my friends either,
    Am their shoulder to lean
    Their 'Superman'
    The others will post on social media
    Now tell me who to run to,
    Am out of options.

  • preranasrinivasan 49w

    The Twilight Zone

    Here resides a phantom menace,
    Consuming everything in it’s way,
    It lies in the nick of time,

    Knowing what to do,
    Blinding my senses,
    Committing the the perfect crime,
    Masking the lies with laughter,
    Making me insane,

    I see your learning to play the game,
    Yet strategy is not your forte,
    Sinister you are but not tamed,
    You’re misunderstood,
    And yet framed,
    Mixed emotions rotting our brains,

    But as the sun begins to rise,
    My battle scars remain bright,
    As they decline it renders you as nothing,
    But a space,
    Sought by fire,
    Burned by might,
    Learning to play the game,
    Yet untamed,
    You are the twilight zone in my head,
    Bred for disaster,
    Killed by reality

    Prerana Srinivasan

  • _nushh 54w

    Thou art the beauty of sea
    An angel they see
    Who never fears to flow
    Whom the whole universe love, that's she
    Beautiful soul with a radiant face to glow !
    But alas, poor soul
    Afflicted curse.. everything was turned black
    Got the unexpected , it was a kind of heart attack
    Nothing she could do , nothing she could say
    Jealous from happy faces
    So helpless to keep the curse at bay.
    Still tryna believe.. she got a curse as a grief!
    Broken from inside
    Every night darkness was aside
    Engulfed in a search of an answer
    Was it her sins
    Which led her to her destruction ?
    Faded smiles, isolation side by side
    She found herself lost
    For the curse , death was the only cost !
    Hiding tears
    From the world
    She got frustrated
    A raging fire she got for which her soul badly waited
    Say no to negative vibes her conscience cried
    Go out and show the world there's nothing to hide
    In the hope of living her dreams
    She knew she needs to be extreme!
    Life wasn't her choice
    But death is
    Dying in the place of some you love is the best way to go she found
    Knowing the truth that hers is written from an excruciating pain she frowned
    She's proof that you can walk through hell and still be an angel
    She's was suffering from cancer!!!
    #mirakee #cancer #cancerlife #cursedangel #mentalawareness #lifeprecious
    #writings #spreadpositivity

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  • chibianna 60w

    Stop Trying to Make it Trendy

    When someone doesn't see you and heard you have depression, you're making it trendy

    When someone hasn't met you but heard you discuss your mental health, you're just making it trendy

    No matter what a person does to bring awareness, they're not, they're just making it trendy, right?

    "Oh, you don't act like this, so you're just sad, stop trying to make depression cute or trendy" hiding it away and pretending you're fine when in reality you struggle with the battle of depression, means that you don't have it right?

    Or how trying to bring awareness by speaking through your experience even though it's scary means that you're not depressed, just trying to be cute or trendy, right?

    No matter what, someone belittles others who have mental illnesses, believing that they don't actually have it and is just being "sad" or "hyper" or "just being moody" all because they met someone who deals with mental illness differently then others do.

    No matter what, no matter what you say or do while telling others your journey through the tough battles of mental illness, it will always only be there to be "cute" or "trendy"

    Bringing awareness to serious issues and just trying to be "cute" or "trendy" are different.

    Understanding or belittling is different.

    Mental illness will never be trendy, it will always bring awareness to the many different battles it gives people.

    So how about others step back and let people speak out about their battles and struggles through their lives and through their minds.

    How about people stop making excuses about avoiding the issues of mental illness and let them speak.

    How about those who belittle others for speaking out about mental illness, stop making it trendy to keep the people who speak up about awareness, silent.

  • thepurplediaryofsecrets 61w


    You were so nice they said
    You were so strong
    What happened fine woman
    Is there something wrong?

    She didn't know how to explain
    The fear in her soul
    The need to protect herself
    From the world so bold

    Living on the edge
    Like she's drowning in cold water
    That was how she was living with Post Traumatic Disorder

    Millions of people live with PTSD but only some get diagnosed and treated for it properly. If you think there's a person u know who might need help. Pls help them.


  • h_taylorpoetry 61w

    #bellletstalk ! Need someone to listen? Feeling alone? Today reach out.to someone to talk to. Or someone who may need to talk. Mental illness is still a stigma. And it needs to end. Depression is real. Suicide is real. Mental illness of ANY kind is REAL.


    #talk #reachingout #mentalillness #mentalillnessawareness #mentalawareness #love #people #notalone #bellletstalkday

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    You are not alone!

  • ajmalkovitch 67w

    I danced in your games
    Breathed in your fire
    Heard you whisper other names
    As I lay in your desire.

    We were able to drown oceans,
    Or even scorch deadly fires.
    Instead we fell into the flames again,
    And only one of us can be called a liar.

    I emptied myself for you,
    Believed you to be the sire.
    Disregarded all the cues
    That told me leaving you was dire.


  • geniuseene 68w

    #escape. @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite
    Mental awareness.
    I think we should be nicer to people and more understanding. Maybe we should hear their story before we judge them. Cause the way we treat others can determine what they think of themselves.
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #repost #mentalawareness #suicide #death #bullying #insecurities

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    Once again she went through the day with dread in her soul
    She heard the whispers as she walked past them
    She was a shame to herself and everyone else.
    They laughed at her and scorned her at every chance they got
    Everyone saw her as the villain
    No one understood her pain
    One mistake ruined her reputation
    She wished she could just leave
    But How do you run away from your very own self.
    The only means of escape she knew was death
    Since She didn't know how else to live
    She decided to take her own life.
    The girls were right when they said
    The world will be a better place without her
    Cause she had nothing else to offer but her death

  • o_herrada 71w

    My view on depression.
    The Abstract Structures we keep have their Sensations and Dynamics. As Humans we are not always the age we are now, we grow up. So at some point in our early childhood we autonomously set up an encompassing Abstract Structure for the main purpose of are objections, who we are, the "Self Structure". The beginning of Personality. Embedded in each personality are the structures that make up the unique individual we all are. This Self Structure is behaviorily set up meaning each objection shares an aspect for the stimulus causing the reaction. The structures within are well defended, or structures in which the sensations magnitude is relatively high compared to others. Structures adjust through time from Abstract Progression, this is when the dynamics of another structure influence one kept by the person changing its dynamics, its sensation, or both. What happens is we end up going through the needed Abstract Reactions that cause enough of the stuctures within to change their sensations and dynamics through abstract progression. I use the sign progression in this concept because I believe its improtant in understanding everyone acts by objections not truths. Truth is another sign but objections(though being represented by a sign) are absolute. If someone objects in a manner it was understood as the objection meant for the specific reaction. Well since Objections from the Subconscious are reacted by sensation and objections from the Conscious are reacted by dynamics you end up getting a loop. Stimulus reacts with the structure starting the sensation, this can last for quite some time and is dependent on the dynamics of the structure in reaction. At any point where sensation has eased and Conscious can affect objections again the dynamics to the Self Structure have changed, so even in this state the person is only capable with what the dynamics of their structures allow. The fix is through Abstract Progression and just like it took specific reactions to cause depression it takes specific reactions to influence the sensations and dynamics to readjust the Self Structure. This is where the complexity of the Personality needs to be understood.

  • yash23 87w

    Mental health - Not just a joke.


  • hoop_scoop 89w


    In your world,
    You're shamed, you're criticized.
    In my world, I am only
    Praised and complimented!

    Your world is drowned
    In sorrows and hardships,
    Well, mine is flooded
    With joys and laughter!

    Your world is full of people
    Burdened with hatred and revenge
    My world, it has only them
    That I love and hold dear!

    You suffer, each day
    Coz of goals you didn't reach
    Coz of the shaming you face
    Coz of people you let down.

    While I, only soar higher
    In my drunken joy,
    My smile growing wider
    For there's none to judge me.

    Yet, you're the one that goes on
    A 'normal' person in a normal world
    And I confined, constrained
    Being the schizophrenic I am!

    Honestly, who's suffering?
    Which one amongst us needs treatment for real?
    The happy soul in me?
    Or the groveling creature in you?


  • ayesha23 103w

    Monsters of my Mind
    Part Two

    "You'll never be worth anything."
    "You are a disappointment."
    "What have you accomplished?"

    These words haunt my dreams.
    I'll never escape them, it seems.
    I'm slowly, coming apart,
    At the seams.
    Because I have no one,
    but they are in teams.
    All of them, against one of me.

    I'm haunted,
    I'm taunted,
    Where is my confidence, my hope?
    My success, has no scope.

    I smile, but don't be fooled,
    It's a ruse.
    On the outside,
    I act obtuse.
    (Because that is better than a pity party.)

    ~Ayesha Ameen~


  • nefelibata_syafiq 104w

    Keep on living, for a brighter future ahead ☺
    Unfinished work..
    Follow me on IG: @nefelibata_syafiq

    #writer #poet #nefelibata #dreamer #mentalissues #mentalawareness #life #featured #poem #noname

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    I wonder if I write, will anybody read that?
    because all they can see me out in the open
    struggling with a mysterious fight.

    Everything that I am, they took me for granted
    But when I write, they see me as their light
    Smiling through hardship, but in actual truth; it is tainted

    Scarred and broken, falling apart is who I am
    But through my pen on the paper
    I'm a vigilant who fight for a no name; like mine.