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  • vrushmahi 80w

    The world is in you as you are in this world. Remember that and then get up when you fall.... Because this is just a one planet , there is infinity to explore.....

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    World will be running...
    Running behind things, chasing surreal dreams...
    Some of them are not even worthy of your capabilities...
    Others are running, falling......And still running....
    But you should stop...
    Stop and see, see and think , think and create....
    And atlast world will reverse ..For YOU❣️

  • vrushmahi 85w

    Well i can write but he can demonstrate love with his words...
    Well i see world but he feels it....
    Well i can see myself in mirror he sees my soul...


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    I lay in my bed and think about you.
    I love you so much' I don't know what to do.
    I feel your warmth at my side.
    The pain in my heart moves to my eyes.
    So far away, yet always so near.
    You are the reason I am still here.

    I await the times when we can talk
    I await the times we can finally hold hands and walk.
    To feel you for real... so close to me.
    The happiest person in the world is what you would make me.

    Your eyes shine like a million suns.
    You shine more brightly than anyone.
    Your smile so sweet can't help but make me smile.
    It stops my world, even for a little while.
    I await the time when my hand is in yours,
    To hear you say those 3 little words.

    There are still no words I can say to describe.
    My heart, it aches; and my eyes, they cry,
    But when we talk, my heart flies.
    You always wipe away the tears I cry.

    Even though you aren't here,
    And I miss you so much, my dear,
    I'll love you forever and ever.
    I'll always love you, my far away lover.....

  • vrushmahi 120w


    Writing is letting know the world about your feelings in a hidden code..
    Some can crack it and be with you and some can just read it and leave it....