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  • teriknows 3h


    Broken down and broken heart,
    A boil on the flesh that has been ripped apart,
    A fractured heart unable to immobilize long enough to mend,
    All I needed was a real friend,
    Funny but it seems as if I was cast aside,
    As you told me lie after lie,
    I am not good enough for anyone so it appears,
    As I have been looking for love for so many years.


  • bclark2681 12h

    Never Silence Her Voice

    I hope her voice is never
    Silenced by the heavens
    Before I leave this world
    For if my ears lose her
    Beautiful tones, deafness
    Shall fall upon my world

  • bclark2681 14h

    Enjoy the Silence

    I adore and appreciate my silence, it
    Allows me to enjoy the little things in
    Life such as the wind within the maple
    Trees, the buzzing of the bees racing
    Towards their honey flowers, the crackle
    Of the red hot embers dancing within the
    Summers fire pit, and the voice within
    My mind whispering life is delightful

  • teriknows 15h


    I am powerless over the actions of others!


  • teriknows 1d


    When we have finalized our time here on Earth,
    The time spent should have made some kind of impact or change our being or worth,
    A legacy left for our descendents,
    Just maybe brought wealth in our hearts as well pockets for instance,
    To be remembered in a good light not bad,
    Be remembered as happy not sad,
    Hopefully not a lifetime of sorrow and pain,
    The time we are given to live our years out,
    This time is a blessing and passage to the question, what is life all about?


  • teriknows 1d


    Thinking back on the choices I have made,
    All of them made while I was enraged,
    I should have waited and worked problems out,
    My life would have turned out different without a doubt,
    In times of trouble I run from confrontation,
    And I cannot give any explanation,
    Not knowing what hand will be dealt to me,
    I wonder sometimes if I had only let things be,
    My life would have turned out much different then it is today,
    Having lost so much by walking away,
    I tell myself over and over again that I have learned from my past,
    And then I do it again, how long can this last,
    Things will be different this time, Oh just you wait and see,
    Then again repeating history, and like always, FUCK ME!


  • indianbard 1d

    Quote 166

    "Careless wind blows restlessly for freckles to shine on her face."


  • truman 1d

    Vote ( मत)

    गलती से भी मत का प्रयोग गलत मत करना।
    भविष्य इसपर टीका है , मत प्रयोग सब करना।
    उम्र 18 होते ही मत सूची में नाम जुड़वाना।
    अपने साथी दोस्तों को भी साथ ले जाना।

    नाम जुड़वाकर इसका उपयोग तुम्हारी जिम्मेदारी है।
    लोकतंत्र के तुम रक्षक हो, इसमें तुम्हारी भागेदारी है।
    हर एक मत का लोकतंत्र में बड़ा महत्व होता है।
    मिले कम एक ही मत तो दूसरा विजय होता है।

    अपना भला जानते हो तो उम्मीदवार का पता करो।
    कौन , कैसा है? कितना पढ़ा लिखा है ये जान करो।
    अपराधिक पृष्टभूमि जान नैतिक निर्धारण तुम करो।
    लोकतंत्र में विश्वास रखने वाला हो ये परख तुम करो।

    जानकर सब ये सब अपना मत प्रयोग तुम करना।
    किसी बहकावे में आकर मत को तुम मत बेचना।
    आस पास के लोगो को भी मत प्रयोग के लिए कहना।
    जिम्मेदार नागरिक बन सही उम्मीदवार को ही चुनना।

    बदलाव की ये क्रांति अगर तुम ला पाओगे
    हर एक मत का मतलब तब तुम समझ पाओगे
    मै अकेला क्या कर सकता, ये तुम जान जाओगे
    देश में एक जिम्मेदार सरकार तब तुम बना पाओगे।

    जाग इसलिए , समझ क्या है मत का मूल्य।
    लोकतंत्र की नींव यही है, तेरा मत है अमूल्य।

  • teriknows 1d

    Exhausted Life

    My life is all about availability,
    If I am not right on point somebody will take my spot inevitably,
    The early bird catches the worm so to speak,
    I may act frantic but I am not a freak,
    Expendable quit true when I think of my day to day,
    Running errands and making sure everyone's okay,
    Exhausted to the point of dropping when I am off the clock most days,
    Burning my candles at both ends,
    Making sure by the end of the day we remain good friends,
    A thankless job but I cherish each and every moment of the day,
    But I like to think I am important in a weird sort of way.


  • bclark2681 1d

    Serenade the Moon

    I wrote a song about her
    And I serenaded the moon,
    For the moon seems to be
    The only artifact that cares
    To listen to me praise and
    Glow about my enchantress

  • nittipathak 1d


    Rejected by some, selected by none
    She was excused from all the dreams and accepted by no one
    For she did not fit in the mold, that they used to quantify her assets
    Her worth was evaualated by her looks: the pinkness of her cheeks, the size of her waist, shine of her hair, the color of nails and the softness of her skin.

    The kindness of heart, the empathy she held within, the warmth and joy she had to spread and share meant nothing in the evaluator's eyes
    She was pretty and humble with a kind soul, but still rejected for not being able to fit into the mold that looked pretty.

  • teriknows 2d


    The memories we keep stored in our mind,
    The are usually the memories that are kind,
    Not the bad, dark, and evil memories that have altered our structure,
    Nor have we forgotten these life changing events that's for sure,
    The memories that we keep are not chosen I suppose,
    Are the ones that stick with us and someway should expose.


  • teriknows 2d


    Superficial are our wounds,
    Visible to the eye but not like the moon,
    The wounds of many are so deep,
    These are the secrets we keep,
    Some are taken with us to the grave,
    But others we wished we saved,
    Wounds are a blistering sting,
    Ones that we hope we will never feel again,
    Wounds that have altered our future,
    Wounds that can never be cured.


  • bclark2681 2d

    *So very excited as this is my 500th writeup on Mirakee. Thank you for the support from those who supported my journey.
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    #oppression #obsessed

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    Oppression Obsession

    Throughout the globe and
    Within the green and blue,
    So many are obsessed with
    Oppressing the many with
    Rules of idiosy and bullets
    Yet rewarding the very few
    With clear drink and nutrition,
    They, the oppression obsessed,
    The rot in the guts of humanity

  • babershaik 3d


    The altitude of fame he climbed was so high, but he never ever shown to the world about it, he forgotten and blown it just like bubbles in the oblivion and took a corner seat much to his credit.

  • bclark2681 3d

    Surrendered To....

    Passion intensified within her eyes
    Peircing my soul and my intentions
    Drawing me into her stare,
    Pulling me towards her lips,
    Pushing me deeper into her warmth,
    Unable to remove myself from within
    Surrendering to her ambitious hunger

  • satyaraj29 3d

    Saccha Pyaar

    Hume to aapse hi saccha pyaar hua tha par shyad aapko koi aur mil gaya humse aacha. Isliye to aapko abb humse baat nahi karna hai.

  • 1solitude 1w


    If i have to fight for your
    then fuck your attention.

  • teriknows 1d


    It is always harder to confess to a crime than say I am innocent..
    But a confession would be a admittance of guilt,
    Sat in a Jail a few years back,
    Took a plea and pled guilty to a crime I didn't commit as a matter of fact,
    You see this little town had one docket day a month so it seemed,
    So just to be released I admitted to a crime and got reamed,
    This judicial system we created has jailed so many,
    So many innocent people paying for something they did not do I am one out of millions in that company,
    To be sent to prison or become part of this system,
    Just because they were not wealthy and were unable to hire their defense, just listen,
    Unjust to say the least as I have seen first hand,
    How our Courts prey on the poverty stricken people each day across the land.
    Now we shall all sit by as Mr. Trump is Impeached,
    This time I think the accused can't fight his way out of this septic tank he has leached.


  • nittipathak 15w

    FAT Girl

    In a world of skinny people and fitness freaks,
    Lived a "Fat Girl"
    She was looked and trodden down in the past
    Names tagged to her, by people, some of who still remain nameless to her
    The world around her painted a picture of fixed unrealistic beauty standards

    Pushing her to hate the one thing that was truly only her's: HERSELF

    Her skin shining with all it's brown glory, under the summer sun, isn't enough...
    Her beautiful smile, with shinning bright eyes, wasn't pretty enough...
    Her playfulness and loyalty, goes unseen
    Her work ethics and outlook to life, means nothing
    She is a good person, but who cares, that weight is a big turnoff, she has heard a few times.

    But today she is seen, her hip dips, the damn curves, those love handles, bulging out of that bodycon she is wearing
    How can she?
    Dress according to your size, she is told

    Unruffled, by the comments today, she is for the first time ever, and a bit slowly, but surely; falling in love with HERSELF
    Not glorifying obesity, just being kind to herself
    Baby steps towards self love ❤

    Not your normal pretty, yet?