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  • soulsofkia 15w

    writer's block can really be a pain but i really tried to squeeze my brain cells out to make a writing !!! #mirakeeworks #mirakee #mirakeeindia #mirakeeph #poem #love #writing

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    i always wonder what it feels like
    to be near your presence
    even just a glimpse of your warmth
    which brings nothing but burn

    the tip of your fingertips
    as shivers follow through your trails
    left a sense of intoxication
    oh, how numb i turned under you

    but silly how i will always end up
    longing for your touch
    not something out of lust
    but full of innocence and worship


  • heyitsyourbinibiningfatima 33w

    Hii guys! It has been so long since my last post here and it is really indeed good to be back <3

    Keep safe everyone!!!


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    All that glitters isn't gold

    All that you see aren't shiny as you think.
    Everything was fool for material
    things indeed.

    All that you see wasn't real,
    Everything is fantasy it's just meant to be.

    All that you have will not stay for long,
    Inconsistent is true my dear, please be

    All that glitters isn't Gold,
    Cause not all things are for you, for sure.

  • acmd10 51w

    One of the worst part of moving forward is the minute you think you've finally moved on. Then you'll realize you actually have not and you'll go back from the start.

  • acmd10 51w

    You know what i've wished for everyday since the moment you left me? I wish i could see you.. i would give anything just to see you one more time.. looking at your photo and knowing that i can't even touch you... it's killing me.. everyday of my life..

  • acmd10 52w


    Im crashing down slowly
    Going down to that same old memory
    Recalling all the "you and me"

    Please, help me stop the agony

  • acmd10 52w

    Black mermaid

    I'm a black mermaid, from the bottom of the sea
    I will teach you how to love me, in the greatness I will lead you.
    'Cause I'm a black mermaid, nothing weary you will find,
    I'm here for you to love me, I've been here for all the time.

    And I will wait for you to see me and to understand
    That a woman can restore the soul love and the broken men.
    If you can look beyond the waves and just believe in me
    I am the light, I'm standing strong, I took the rocks and say

    'Cause I'm a black mermaid, from the bottom of the sea,
    I will teach you how to love me, in the greatness I will lead you.

    And I spend most of my life deep down inside myself
    I've dreamt about the possibility of someone else,
    Who could see the things I've seen and still wait with me
    To the darkness we could fade, because we know ourselves.

  • acmd10 54w

    I can't remember our last kiss
    Not because it's not memorable
    Maybe because i just didn't realize it will be our last..

  • acmd10 54w

    I wanted to blame you for all your broken promises.. but i wanted to blame myself even more for believing.

  • acmd10 55w

    He dodge the bullet by telling me lies..
    Lies that he think that can revive my dying heart
    Little did he know he already shot me straight to my head with his words..


  • acmd10 56w

    I just need one person to never give up on me

    Just one..

    But it seems like, i am that ONE i need

  • acmd10 59w

    Eventually, mapapagod din ako.. mapapagod din ako sa pag habol sayo. Sa pag limos sa atensyon na di na tulad ng dati.. Sa pag alala sa mga memoryang pilit ko namang binubura pero paulit ulit ko din inaalala. Mapapagod din akong umiyak sa kakaisip kung anong nagyare. Saan ako, tayo nagkamali..

  • soulsofkia 60w

    the loss for muse to continue your views
    is like something you used to do
    that endless caress of youth
    til the aging of what’s supposed to be pure

    you seek the concept of inspiration
    yet failed to capture the theme
    falling into an abyss of uncertainties
    waiting for words to end the misery


  • soulsofkia 61w

    so i’m currently attracted to this guy. i can’t seem to take up the courage to confess for i know i’m expecting something. because i know in myself that our differences won’t match our interests.

    #ceesreposts #mirakee #mirakeeph #sad #writersnetwork #lonely #broken #hopeless #reality

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    ‪memories of us together seemed to only be your temporary happiness‬
    ‪while i seek it for something genuine and permanent‬
    ‪lips touching as if puzzle pieces found their corners‬
    ‪but reality made way between two uneven worlds‬


  • soulsofkia 62w

    wrote this when i lost the one i thought i’ll spend my life longer with.

    feelings of loving him still linger in my system.

    but i know there are ends to it.

    #cees_speak #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeph #love #broken

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    sparks and butterflies filled the air
    as i walk inside a busy room
    i never knew what future was holding
    but i still hoped for it to be real and pure

    laughters consumed us
    as we share our stories and banters
    not knowing the effect of our sanity
    to our lonely hearts and feelings

    our love for each other
    like the ocean current flow
    splashing towards each other
    despite the different forces each release

    pushed its way to us until
    the fall of a sturdy ground

  • soulsofkia 62w

    in times of desperation of love and affection
    we tend do put ourselves in situations that we have no clue of results
    but that’s part of the challenge, right?
    gambling yourself into something that you have no idea what the outcome is
    we lose ourselves on the way
    but never lose our worth as a human being

    we may forget the track to where we’re headed
    and that’s okay
    it’s okay to lose the path
    as long as you know you’re worthy
    of something that you’ve been wanting to achieve
    you’ll know your path as if it’s written on the palm of your hand
    your map to the wonders of the world
    your story as you unfold it to show

    no matter how many times you’ve been stepped on
    your value as a person will never be replaced
    you are your own person
    and not anyone’s description

    #cees_speak #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeph

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    we seek what we lack
    not knowing its outcomes
    carelessness that we put through
    just to have that sensation come true

    words of assurance is what we need
    not the unsure caress of an unknown being
    do we really have to sacrifice our worth
    for someone who sees us as a fleeting hope?


  • soulsofkia 64w

    you promised me to hold on
    gave me chances of loving veracious
    gambled until i was left with nothing
    and the treasure of purity i’ve let you win

    how did we go here?
    from lovers to unknowns?
    still wrapped around your words
    like a noose around a neck
    waiting for it to suffocate me
    until i feel nothing at all

    #cees_speak #writersnetwork #mirakeeph #mirakee

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    one, two, three, four
    the clock ticks as i go further
    steps fading from afar
    with your silhouette stood on the ground

    the numbers on my head
    seems to follow your command
    of not moving closer to home
    but farther from what used to be yours

  • soulsofkia 64w

    it’s been, i don’t know.... two months since I last posted here?😭😭😭 i’ve been experiencing writer’s block and college has been on my head ever since it started so i didn’t got the time to write.

    #cees_speak #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeph

    here’s a simple one, though. hope you guys liked it!

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    my thoughts of assurance
    that healing and serene imagery will prevail
    and compromise my weakened heart

    but why am i still scarring
    despite forcing myself that i will be happy
    until numbness occupy my senses
    yet only pain is here to stay

  • acmd10 74w

    The four corners of the room knows
    How much im praying for you to want me back..

  • darkestlight 77w


    Sa may isang sulok,
    May isang taong nagmumukmok.
    Umiiyak, sumusuntok,
    Pagkatapos ay dadalawin ng antok.

    Gigising ng maga ang mata,
    Dadaanan ng mga makikisig na binata,
    Sasabihin nilang "mahal kita",
    Pero ang sasagot niya ay "ayaw ko na kayong makita"

    Para baga siyang nakukuryente sa daan.
    Iba't iba na lamang ang mga balitang nalalaman.
    Hinihila na naman siya ng kadiliman.
    Sinasakal nanaman siya ng kalungkutan.

    Sino ka ba talaga?
    Tanong niya.
    Hindi na talaga kita makilala.
    Dagdag pa niya.

    Dahil madalas niyang mapansin,
    Ang mga taong nagpapapansin,
    Hindi niya alam na mas maalat pa sa asin,
    Ang malamang kausap niya pala ay salamin.

  • acmd10 78w

    " MOVE ON "

    Biggest scam i ever told myself