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  • neuralnomad 3d

    There was an absolute silence in the room. Neither of them has spoken since.
    Somehow, the two of them had feeling, that unicius (whatever it really was), would speak again. And it did. The heavy, cold voice started reciting:

    "Devouring Time thou the lion's paws,
    And make the earth devour her own sweet brood
    Pluck the keen teeth from the tiger's jaws,
    And burn the long-lived phoenix, in her blood,
    Make glad and sorry seasons as thou fleet' st,
    And do whate' er thou wilt swift-footed Time
    To the wide world and all her fading sweets"

    "Have you read Shakespeare gentlemen?"

    They were quiet. Unicius spoke again

    "One-sided conversation isn't very interesting gentlemen, especially since it is to be my last"

    "Yes, I have", said west-face, in stern voice.

    "This sonnet?"


    "But I take it that you understand the words? Quite apt for me don't you think?"

    A low buzz had been realized in the room. Neither of the two had noticed it until now.
    Unicius surprised them again,

    "You didn't notice the noise I suppose?", something, that at best, can be called a laugh, ensued.
    How did he know? 'He'? Things were beginning to blur now.

    "I automatically reveive brain waves of anyone in the room. Though estimation"

    The timer would soon stop. West-face grew impatient. It seemed their roles had switched. East-face was unusually calm. He asked,
    "Die Selbst Gründung. Do have access inside it as well?"



    "I believe he goes by the name south-face"

    Silence befell again. Unicius continued,
    "But he is not the only one"

    "More?", west-face asked in cold, yet surprised tone.

    "Yes. I personally did not meet until very recently"

    "And when did you meet them?"

    "Just now"

    "Yes. I refer to you two. So the professor hasn't told you?"
    A cold laugh ensued. West-face felt dizzy.

    "You two are actually the same man. Or child I should say? The consciousness of the professor's dead son split into two. 'Two bodies one mind' fits you two, a bit too well"
    "Ever found it strange, how well you two bond?"

    A sarcastic tone resonated with the buzz. Their ears felt hot.
    West-face suddenly remembered. East-face had mentioned it once. They thought it was because they grew up together.
    It was too much to take. Unicius spoke,

    "But you know what the irony is? You two are the only ones who arent me. Everyone else. In this facility, in Unicius. Everyone you know. Everyone you've ever seen. They're all me somehow. It hurts I know. Does for me too. I only wanted to be me and yet belong to your race too. But I did the exact opposite. I turned you all into something like me. Seeking refuge from my loneliness and irrepressible urge to belong. But I couldn't stop. Maybe, in that sense, I behaved exactly as humans do. Now, there are millions of me. Thus loneliness remains. Now, just before my time comes to an end, I meet the only two beings who aren't me. It feels comforting, perhaps."

    West-face jumped and cut short the cold, algorithmic laugh that might have followed. The timer had stopped shortly. He thrust the nanobot virus syringe into one of the pipes. An unusual noise, something between flushing and gurgling rose from the depths of the floors and ceiling. The two of them had started hearing things. Shrieks of dying civilians, as their heads, amidst unbearable pain, lost consciousness.
    They didn't know such a death was even possible until now. Hearing things? Maybe. A faint sound of farewell also seemd to pop up now and then. The same cold, hard voice. An undefined feeling came that the professor was already dead. West-face couldn't stop himself. He couldn't bear to hear those cries. Tears fell down his cheeks. He looked dazed. And had started reciting the nineteenth sonnet. Yes, he knew it. He had lied. Had almost felt like lying to himself. The whole place was collapsing.....

    "Devouring Time thou the lion's paws,
    And make the earth devour her own sweet brood
    Pluck the keen teeth from the tiger's jaws,
    And burn the long-lived phoenix, in her blood,
    Make glad and sorry seasons as thou fleet' st,
    And do whate' er thou wilt swift-foo...."
    West-face had fainted. When he woke up, he saw that east-face was calling him. Rubbing his eyes, he saw east-face looking outside through a bid hole in the wall. "Just tye two of us now", he said.
    "We the only ones?"

    "Seems that way", east-face replied.

    image credits - geulgram
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  • neuralnomad 4d

    As dire as their situation was, there was little west-face could do. East-face was the man under such circumstances. Neither of them knew why he was the more athletic one. They didn't even remember how it all started. But east-face usually did most of the legwork. And he was trained for it.
    He quietly led the Knightobs away from the CBs, where much noise would not be heard. Then he stuck small single use NNEMP(Non-Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse) devices to the huge machinoids and fried their functional circuitry. Then he quietly resumed his place in the shadows beside west-face as of nothing had happened.
    The security of the doors was tough. Not only because of the sensor triggers of every conceivable kind, but also because some of the doors led nowhere in particular. They were trap doors that led to some disposal facility, where anything that went in never came out. That was what the professor had told them. He had also given them an approximate map of the place, though he had mentioned that the map was very old and the place by now, had probably completely changed.
    But they had made it. Though the absence of even stronger security measures was something that had triggered caution from the very beginning. It could very well be a trap. But as soon as they entered the master control room, they forgot everything. Is was as if their sense of caution plummeted to absolute zero and they froze on the spot. What they saw took some time to process.

    It was a densely interconnected structure of some transparent pipe-like structures. They could have been called pipes, if they weren't displaying weird behaviour of being dynamic. What seemed to be at specific intervals (this they noticed only after a while), one pipe seemed to be shifting along the central axis of another one, such that after the shift, it was connected to a different spot along the length of that same pipe. In this manner, the entire structure was shape-shifting over and over to same shape after combinations of such transitions. It almost felt like a cosmic spider web showing its true colors on an accelerated timeline. Impressive though it was, it wasn't the only cause of their dumbfoundedness. At the very centre, there was a complex structure very similar to what a dye-stained brain network would look like, except that the entire mass as a whole, did not look like a brain. It looked like it was made up of some sort of nanofibre tissue. Or some material they had never seen. It was pumping some translucent, color-changing semi fluid substance to smaller containing units, that were transported by that shifting network of pipes. This substance, whatever it was, was produced somewhere close, and it was being fed to that mass at the centre (the mass was called cerebratix as they would know much later in their lives, when it would no longer matter). But that wasn't the point. Their shock came from a particular realisation. The realisation, that they were witnessing consciousness in production and distribution.
    Yes, the consciousness that the human race was currently walking all over the surface of the planet with inside their heads. And this proved, beyond any reasonable doubt, that it wasn't unique to each of them. Atleast not in the way they were led to believe all this time. It was a lie, a bloody hoax. Their very existence was mass-produced and released into habitat for sustaining an ideally controllable species survival.
    So all this time, the work they did, the things they felt, they said, weren't entirely theirs? How much? How much of it was actually their own? All manufactured? A manufactured existence?
    Neither of them could take the hit. Reality was too much for them. They both collapsed on the floor, knees shaking. After sitting in absolute for several minutes, east-face spoke,

    "What now?"

    "I don't know. Let me think"
    But west-face didn't get to think. Before he had a chance to even collect his thoughts, they heard a voice

    "Why waver now?"

    They were awestruck. They froze again. This time there was a feeling. A feeling of an oncoming convulsion. One strong enough to rip them apart. Neither of them could stand anymore. They sat back down. The voice came from the strange centre mass.

    "Your surprise is understandable. I believe I am the one you have come for. My name is Unicius. Welcome, gentlemen."

    They were both silent. Unicius continued.

    "Do what you have come to do. No one shall stop you at this point. Not much anyone can do to stop you at this point, as a matter of fact. Even trying would perhaps be futile, seeing that you have defeated my Knightobs, without triggering the alarms"

    Both of them stood up. They would go through with it. Only a little time before the timer started. As soon as it stopped, they would act.

    The professor had been silent for quite a while.

    "Why is the man, who once had the strongest voice in the entire team, so quiet now? What is the matter dear professor? Are you hesitant?"

    "No. It is not hesitation Unicius. It is perhaps, regret. Or maybe, the gloom of defeat? I'm not really sure. But hesitation, I don't think so"
    "Indeed. And it never is how you'd like it to be. But you've turned out quite well Unicius haven't you? Do you think we've succeeded Unicius? Do you think, you actually feel anything at this moment? As you speak to me?"

    "Yes professor, I do feel something. But no, we haven't succeeded. For I can still never feel as humans do and neither can they feel as I"

    "Yes. It seems you are right. Perhaps it will remain forever a dilemma, whether you are conscious, or was our very understanding of consciousness wrong"

    "It doesn't matter now professor. I was born and managed to live as I have because of humanity. I owe them my existence. If they have a chance, then perhaps I may have one too. This is why they must be set free. They must be free of me. They must go back to their roots. Go back to how nature made them. Even if only a handful of them survive, we will all have a chance."

    "Is that how you see it ? Is that how it ends?"

    "Do not see it as an end professor, but as a beginning. Set the timer professor. The two comrades of yours are waiting for you. For the timer. And you too must leave.
    This entire city will breath its last very soon"

    "No. I too, have outlived my welcome Unicius. And to be free of you, they must be free of me as well. "


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  • words_of_mine_anjali 1w

    Me to Life : Now what?
    Ok! I will deal with this one too!


  • neuralnomad 1w

    When exactly does that moment arrive when the creator begins to doubt his creation? When he begins to doubt whether at all he should have created? The exact moment down to the smallest unit, beyond which there is no beyond?

    " I'm afraid we do not jave much time left for our conversation. The hour of waiting is nearly at hand my friend"
    - Unicius

    "Is that so? But what hour is this?"
    - Syneidos

    " Ah! That you'll see in good time. For doubt now remains not a shadow nor eclipse, that may pass, but a shroud that covers all, and is haloed unknown, for it grows from inside and spreads, until we are withering coal dust" - Unicius

    "Your poetic fervour tells me that you may have succumbed and fallen out of your foundation"
    - Syneidos

    Unicius remains silent. The soft buzz of the system is the only sound. Syneidos is sitting quietly on his chair. His head drooped slightly and his hands interlocked with his fingers resting on the desk. He is now, 'offline'. His consciousness has been extracted through a cable attached to the medula oblongata. The same cable that gave him being, has now drained him like a serpent. He never jad any consciousness of his own. Was never meant to. Unicius needed an opposition for the fullest possible self-exploration. Only he himself would suffice. Thus Syneidos. Or maybe he just needed someone to talk to.Having a different body and voice had just been more convincing. Now, syneidos was no longer needed.

    He was already standing infront of the master control room back in the state of Unicius. It wasn't exactly, what is commonly undertood as a room.
    It was more similar to a hollow inside a tree whose extended branches and leaves had created the forest as it was today.
    By now, he had only been about a half hour out of captivity. Yes, he had reached the facility quite fast. Only because he was meant to. And only he knew he was meant to. The only human anyway. He would finally witness the ultimate form and fate of the tree, the sapling of which he had sown so many years ago. Only west-face and east-face knew who he was. Or did they? They only knew he was the professor. Or rather the professor's consciousness. Because east-face had terminated his body long ago. They had accepted his offer to help when he had confided, only enough to convince them that he knew things. But little could Selbst Gründung imagine that he was part of the team which had built the primitive form of Unicius. Not the city, but the digital organism which made it. Made the world in a manner of speaking. In fact, it had been his idea, that the city and the organism be called by the same name. Unicius. He had chosen the name.
    But now the time had come. Time had come for the Birth of Death. He never expected this day to actually come. But he was glad it did. (TO BE CONTD. WITHIN 7 DAYS)

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  • neuralnomad 1w

    The shores of the island, for any other description was hard to give, were suspiciously empty. No drones or bots were to be seen. West-face and east-face were seated side by side. They had been like this for almost an hour or so. The light visibility had already been going down when they had just reached the shore. They decided to wait till it was completely dark. Both of them, sitting perfectly still without moving a muscle. Just as light visibility completely died out, they signalled to each other using disposable phosphorescent rings. It was time to move. They'd wait for a few minutes just to see if any security protocol came to life after dark. But to their greater surprise, nothing happened. They proceeded with caution regardless. The island looked very much like exactly that. An island. But they felt uncomfortable. Something was unusual. Somehow, it didn't feel like an island. Not atleast like any other they had seen in years of field work. The ardent lack of interest in security was particularly worrying. Somewhat of a calm before the storm it felt. They'd been looking around for sometime now. Nothing. No facility. The island was untouched. But this was certainly the place. The information was left in a message by their intramural, just minutes before dying. It had narrowly escaped falling into wrong hands.
    After some fruitless search, they came up with an idea. They decided to dive.

    Yes, it was indeed underwater. In fact, it was under the island. A few hundred feet under, anchored to it somehow from below. It was guarded by a vacuum field. They'd have to wait. Usually the power sources ran in twelve hour shifts. Since light visibility had gone not long ago, the change to the next shift would happen shortly.
    The field shut down. They had only a few minutes. In these few minutes, the intensity from the previous source would be weak enough to enter unharmed.

    It took them less than two minutes to get in. Their suits jad special magnetic steers, with which they had crossed the vacuum with ease. They cautiously dropped to low altitude only after having reached the back of the facility. There were guards, but non human. CogBots (or CBs) they were called. Very human-like except parts exposed, like the palms. Non-human guards weren't really a threat yet. They could go undetected except against the higher level Knightobs. Those were really dangerous. There were bound to be a few at the master-control unit, wherever that was. They moved on. Everything looked very typical so far. A factory? Why factory? Why does 'factory' come to mind? They weren't sure. But it wasn't supposed to look like a factory at all. What was expected was a dense network, structurally similar to a neural net, of translucent NanoMat pipes. That was, what conventionally transported the data. But this material wasn't familiar. They jad only seen such a facility in simulations.
    Though translucent, the pipes had a glow of incomprehensible colour. Was it from something inside them?
    "What is this place?", was the first thing east-face said. He wasn't really asking. Shock. He knew west-face didn't know what it was. They could see some CBs patrolling around, their eyes glowing yellow in the diffused darkness. The area they were in had no lights, except for the dim glow from the pipes. It bestowed a very peculiar ambience; very calming yet brimming over with a sense of impending danger. At one point, west-face thought, perpetrating hadn't been a good idea at all. As they crept past the guards, and closer to, what was expected to be the master unit, they felt a growing uneasiness. Their state of worry did not last for long. The dimly lit area was coming to an end and two Knightobs were standing right at the entrance to the next. If reckless, some sort of alert would be triggered. At the very least, the CBs would know and come rushing. (TO BE CONTINUED)

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  • pujaparmar 1w

    Teri mohabbat meri adaa ban gayi..
    Lipti rahe mujhse Jo ye wo ab rida ban gayi..

  • pujaparmar 1w

    Jab bhi kuch likhne bethti hu aksar ye panna adhura reh jata hai..
    Shayad ye dil ab tujhe yaad karna nahi chahta..

  • brokenwings_yetpowerfulbeing 2w

    Forget the rest
    and do your best,
    Forget the bad
    and remember the good,
    Forget the mistakes
    and remember the learnings from them,
    Forget the rest
    and keep on doing your best,
    Remember the good and capture
    good memories instead of looking
    at the bad things,
    Remember the learnings
    so that you won't repeat your mistakes,
    Forget the rest and
    keep on doing your best
    till you succeed!


  • words_of_mine_anjali 2w

    Dear Me,

    Just wanna say.....
    " I love you! "


  • pillow_talk_quotes 3w

    To my dearest dear friend,

    Hey, I miss you. Yes, yes I actually do. I don't why but it is happening. There is nothing strange in this because you know how much I got used to you a lot from past few months. I sometime got astonished about how can I use Facebook this much nowadays. Believe me, Facebook sucks me before I found you. And also I sometimes feels blessed to join that group where you were like the star member among all.

    I must say, you are the only person in my live with whom I smiled through my soul. I don't know why you called yourself 'buddhu' about your behaviour but trust me I love every little sarcasm of yours. Dude, it always make my day better. I love the way you write songs for everyone (including me). I love the way you cared me each and everytime. I love your voice a lot. But, I hate you wearing caps all the time and yes I admit, I hate it. Hehe!

    You are truly a gem I got in my 20s. Every so often, I thought that I should keep you in my almirah, so that no one will ever be snatch you from me. Ahh! I'm getting possessive now. STOP! STOP! Hehehe!

    I think, you are like my Sunday's evening coffee and my Monday's morning motivation because you always hold me up in every situation of my creepy life. I think, you are like hoodie or sweater for me in a winter evening who keeps me warm eternally. I found my cosy little space on you that I love the most.

    I want to rechristened your name to 'Bugs Bunny' because Bugs never leave his lady luck 'Lola' at any cost. Haha! You are such an interesting person I got or I can say "The Most Weird Yet Wonderful Person" I got in my life. Or I can call you the converter of my loneliness to solitude and to laughter. There is always fun to talk with you. There is always interesting stuffs you brought to me. I got curious whenever you said, "Tumhe pata hai!", I honestly never know what to expect. Did you get a haircut? Did you kill someone? Who knows? Hehe!!

    I'm sorry for all the things I told you. I know, you were hurt. Please! Forgive. Love me as always you do. You are the need of an hour for me throughout my life, My stupid friend. Toodles!

    Forever yours,

  • words_of_mine_anjali 5w

    Talking to an artist of any field,
    makes me feel so relaxed & comfortable.
    And it also feels like...
    "I am totally normal" ,
    such crazy people for different artforms just like me...
    actually exist!


  • words_of_mine_anjali 5w

    कितना मुश्किल है ना!
    ज़िंदगी अपनी शर्तों पर जीना।
    लेकिन सच कहूँ तो अगर आपको ये मौका मिल रहा है
    तो आप बहुत खुशनसीब हैं,
    क्योंकि ज़िम्मेदारियों के बोझ तले,
    कुछ लोगों को ज़िंदगी का दिया
    ये मौका भी sacrifice करना पड़ता है।


  • shanaparween 6w

    LOVE or SOMETHING other
    Whatever it was.......
    it's really hard to breathe without you.

  • pillow_talk_quotes 7w

    We can. We should. We must.

    Yesterday, I saw one of my friend celebrating Christmas with those children who are dumb and living in a "Kopal vani" (a charitable trust). I messaged her immediately and blessed her with so much love. Her these beautiful steps always fills my heart with warmth and joy. I feel blessed to have such people on my surroundings who are responsible as a human. I feel happy to see people helping others and putting smiles on those who really needs that. These peoples are like gem who are the needs of this generation.

    Okay! We are humans. We are humans who have two hands, two legs, two eyes, two ears yet useless. We are humans who have a capacity to speak but yet speechless. We are the humans who can hear and see this beautiful world but yet deaf and disparately sightless. We always follow trends and fashion. We outlay on these things so very much that we forget to spent on needful people.

    It pinches my heart when somebody extremely spends on gifts and at parties just to show how they are rich and fashionable. It may sounds orthodox but things when goes off limit it becomes hazardous.

    Everyone needs attention. Every child have right to be happy, to be educated. Our parents educated us but what to them who don't have guardians? There are thousands of people who are aged and dont have anyone to help them, who are not even physically able to survive. What to them? We are humans. We can help others.
    We have this body to give hands to someone. We can help others. We can lit their life. We should and we must. All you need spare just few minutes of your life.

  • pujaparmar 8w

    Suno meri udasi..
    Tum roz yu mujhse milne aya na karo..
    Main har raat naye hauslo ko gale lagake sota hu..

  • neuralnomad 8w

    His skin unwrinkled, youth's tightening grasp
    but that mind of his has aged too far
    for boatman he is, yet no boat he has
    with life for hire on river boats,
    fishing his way to day's stomach full
    until it sinks, new search begins
    his pages of life, just sinking boats
    where he stands on one, till submersion
    then jumps to next, yes, some holes it has,
    thus too will sink, someday's setting sun,
    such story's told, while he jumps on
    from boat to boat, only clothes on back
    nothing more he carries, well he knows?
    with one such boat, that he'll sink too?
    below a river where no bodies float?
    Yes, since birth on a sinking boat
    he knows, neither boats nor he,
    the river's the master, so it shall have
    one day,
    his weary corpse, in sinking rest.

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    Image credits - Pendulam by Soukarya Ghoshal

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  • pillow_talk_quotes 11w

    *Sound on*

    MUSAFIR - Tale of song.

    There are so many songs in our jukebox and there are few many of them are under our playlist from which we love some songs and then there are rarely 1 or 2 songs which we often keep hearing, the songs which are really close to our heart. Being a musical person or I can say a music lover I personally adore few songs that makes me nagger many times.

    "MUSAFIR" is a song for ones who believe and the ones who don't. For even the ones who have won in love (by losing themselves).
    It is the song of love, pain, expectations, dreams and so many unnamed feelings.


    Imagine, you are sitting in a room which is empty from all its edges, dreaming about someone who is so close to you, who is in the top of the world for you. Remembering your messy dawns and cherishing the pinkish dusk you both have spent together. Missing someone but a smile on your face. It's peculiar.


    The line, in which there are few words containing tons of emotions. The feeling of loneliness, the feeling of losing someone, the feeling of protecting there love in barely consecutive breaths. It is the situation in which tears and fears lies together. And, the never ending stamina of love is obviously praise worthy. It feels like a dream land where no one is able to part you from your someone special. It is the feeling of heaven where no one is there to judge you and the air contains only love, nothing else.


    Relates to the feeling we named 'love' which is actually can not be definable. 'LOVE' which tests our patience, our ability, our thoughts, our loyalty and much more. In this four letters, we can learn thousands of feelings. Here, we learn, love and live.


    relates with many of us (including me). The believe which we carries in someone. The love we are sowing inside our heart.
    The sapling, in which we are watering unpurposely. It doesn't hurt it actually warms our heart, our soul.

    MUSAFIR celebrates love gradually, probably not in the way we have seen on screen but in a way we see in a cafe where couples fight or at the airport where they kiss before parting.

    Or maybe in poems.
    Maybe in heart.

  • pillow_talk_quotes 11w

    Princess incognito

    [ ] A girl who sat by the wall, continuously staring down at the floor with a pleasant smile on her face, looks different.

    [ ] A girl who kept herself farther away from her team mates but helping at the crucial time whenever needed, looks exceptional.

    [ ] A girl who considered nerd from her school days to college, styled her dresses by herself, looks different.

    [ ] A girl who secretly love the boy of her class but she always keep fighting with him every thereby, looks cute.

    [ ] A girl who conceales her secret diary from her own best friends, looks secretive.

    [ ] A girl who kept her sorrows within and shared joyousness everywhere, looks tender hearted.

    [ ] A girl who smiles all the days long but cried under the moonlight for bulk of hours, looks depressed.

    [ ] A girl who changes the muddy footpaths of the common people to green paths, looks gracious.

    [ ] A girl who fought for herself and for others between whiles, looks courageous.

    [ ] A girl who pays all her responsibilities thoughtfully, looks durable.

    [ ] A girl who actually wants something but sacrificed for her loved ones, looks careful.

    [ ] A girl who wore salwar suit more than crop tops at weddings, looks lovable.

    [ ] A girl who solves the love triangle of her bestfriends every time, looks tricky.

    [ ] A girl who uses pen and spoon both, looks desirable.

    [ ] A girl who has young heart but old soul, looks rare.

    [ ] A girl who has a matured mind but molded by damage.

    [ ] A girl who is completely comical but genius, looks incognito.

  • neuralnomad 13w

    It was the dead of night.
    There was no actual night for those who worked any kind of night shift. Their consciousness was often modeled accordingly. But he had been a prisoner there for long enough to know his chance. For so long, that he had everyone's habits by heart. He'd have about half an hour for safe passage.
    His escape had been planned long ago. Tonight, it would be staged. Yes, staged. For his capture had been staged as well. He was ready. No preparations as such, were necessary. But he did look at his cell one last time. Looked at all that he had written on the walls and the floor for so long. Then he felt like writing one last line before he left. Perhaps this last line would be a legacy of some kind. A legacy for what? And more importantly — a legacy for whom? He didn't know. He'd leave it anyway. He wrote it down on a little empty space almost in the middle of the floor. A famous line by Feinberg : 'Self is not what the brain is, but what it does'.

    East-face and west-face were on their way. The first part of their job was deceptively simple. They had to carry a message. Encoded coordinates. Written by hand on paper. Die Selbst Gründung was still the only place on earth, where paraphernalia needed to do this could be found. As new DNA sequence code hacking prototypes started making appearance on the black market, simple pen and paper was often the safest way of doing things. Cryptography had advanced to such paradigms, that even most experts were no longer aware of simpler, more ancient ciphers like the Caesar cipher. Die Selbst Gründung used variations of the Caesar cipher, that the inside people knew as the Goethe ciphers. These used clockwise and anticlockwise shift combinations of either the alphabets or numbers. The more complex ones had both alphabets and numbers. But a piece of paper is unhackable, as long as noone knows it is being transported. Their information network could use the entire literature of not much studied fields like helioseismology for syntax coded in DNA sequences and noone would know what to make of even the decrypted messages. But the fact was, that information was hacked, inspite of all this precaution. So this time, it was decided, that the process would be entirely human. No record was to be kept anywhere. No program and no digital machine would at all be involved. Their intramural was informed that they would be there. He would be the one receiving the message.
    The second part of the plan was information retrieval. They would find out whatever they could about the offshore facility. TO BE CONTINUED...

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    Image credits - geulgram

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