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    Dear My Friend : Agust D-2

    Let's be honest here, the song makes you feel sad. Whether it's being sad for a friend you've lost yourself or being sad even for Yoongi. To think that we know people whereas we really don't. Not when Yoongi so beautifully and in such a melancholic way expressed yet another story of his life to us. A story wherein he lost a dear friend of his. Dear My Friend is personally a song I can relate to because I've lost a friend or two in my life, whether it be because I've simply lost contact with them or because they're not here anymore.

    The song starts with a simple line, "Ajekdo Yeojhoni" literally meaning "I still miss you" or "Even so, I still miss you" and then goes on to describe the entire incident which takes us back to Yoongi's ordinary life, one where he wasn't Suga and was Min Yoongi. The song continues telling us how Yoongi had a close friend with whom he had shared his thoughts, his ideas, basically himself over 'soju' or beer and how he had lost him when one day he received a call letting him know that his friend is a prisoner at the Seoul Detention Center with Yoongi visiting him once in a while. The song doesn't tell us in detail what exactly his crime was but I believe Yoongi left that to our imagination. Music is what the listener deciphers it to be anyway.

    Even after being released from jail, Yoongi particularly mentions that his friend 'offered him some' which we can only imagine to be some kind of drug and the moment Yoongi declined, he knew he was never gonna see his friend again, he knew how he had changed and that this wasn't the person he was once soulmates with. Although a rap song, the music has a retro vibe and the rapping is done in a slow way letting the listener understand the words sung, with the chorus beautifully brought to life by Kim Jong Wan of NELL with a really catching hook saying "I hate you but I still miss you dear friend." The mixture of guitar, piano and drums in the background makes it perfect and probably one of the things that made me really fall for the song.

    The entire lyrical content gets deeper and more profound whenever the lyrics speak of how good of a friendship they had, exchanging ideas to change the world, passion in both of them that held the power to turn things upside down and whilst Min Yoongi very much has achieved those dreams in his life, he still aches on the fact that his beloved friend isn't there by his side anymore. The vibe is soft but intense at the same time.

    Speaking of the bridge, it has nothing but just the instrumentals playing. The drums and the guitar providing a feeling of both peace and sadness ( according to me ) and it's when the same chorus is sung again, is when you realize that Yoongi didn't really have anything for us to learn from here. He just wanted us to listen to his story and when he's done, he's done, leaving you wanting more. The lines "Even so, I still miss you" keep repeating and you know that's how the story ends. It doesn't get better, it doesn't get worse, it justs ends and so does the song in a matter of a few minutes. Guess good things really don't last long ;)

    In the Break The Silence Docu Series, on the latest episode, Yoongi speaks about how he is envious of people who get to go out with friends and do ordinary activities such as the movies, dining etc, throwing light on the fact that he doesn't have any personal friends. Maybe this shows how an idol's life really is from the inside while all we see is the sparkly appearance of fame and money. Somewhere along the song, we realize that Min Yoongi sometimes misses Min Yoongi and his old life. The life where he had friends and an ordinary schedule. The life where he hasn't lost his dear friend. The life where he is not Suga for a while, where he's not always in the spotlight. The life which is normal.

    In conclusion, Dear My Friend helps us to get to know our idol better, to learn a little more about his life and how not everything that glitters is gold. Not everything that looks happiness feels like it. The way Yoongi expresses himself through his music really makes you think and realize how much he has gone through. If I had the power, I'd tell Min Yoongi that he's got a friend in us, in ARMY. That he's not alone and that to achieve one's dream, you have to lose some and you have to gain some. Dear My Friend is a deeply personal track and the least I can say is that I'm eternally grateful for Yoongi to be able to share this with us considering how reserved of a person he is. I'm sure it took him lots of courage to present this for the whole world to listen and I'm proud of him for that. Now it's time for you to listen to the song again, what're you waiting for? Let's get going! :)

    Hope you enjoyed this. For those of you who don't know this song or haven't heard of it, I suggest you to really take some time and listen to it ( the full album if you want ) because no one has ever composed and sung songs like BTS. Trust me. ��

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    The entire lyrical content gets deeper and more profound whenever the lyrics speak of how good of a friendship they had, exchanging ideas to change the world, passion in both of them that held the power to turn things upside down and whilst Min Yoongi very much has achieved those dreams in his life, he still aches on the fact that his beloved friend isn't there by his side anymore. The vibe is soft but intense at the same time.The lines "Even so, I still miss you" keep repeating and you know that's how the story ends. It doesn't get better, it doesn't get worse, it justs end and so does the song in a matter of a few minutes. Guess good things really don't last long ;)


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    BEST FRD...♥️

    My dear bestie sunn
    Tujhe pta h zindagi mein
    Mujhe Bahut saare dost
    Mile Par tujh jaisa koi nahi
    U are the only one that i call
    My best frd...♥️


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    New wind

    On our street hidden, like evening moon
    a new wind will come blowing fear away
    cold, calm like white washed morning mist
    A new wind.
    Baptised with refreshing new beginning

    A new wind will light candle scent,
    on our uneven evening steps.
    It will sing, cricket songs deep into restful nights.
    As we slept unafraid to let body touch with both eyes closed.

    A new wind will welcome restless sailing boat
    to calm shores of lands.
    Where palms like dreams flourished on favored lands.
    A new wind greeting us soon, with gaysome burst

    Lets hold sail stills amidst troublesome seas
    A new wind will wake us up soon.
    A new wind, in an undisguised better days.

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    He is like a drug that she couldn't quit !


  • itscutewriter 6w

    | seeking for a home in her,

    i fell for the cage |


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    If we were the season,
    I'd choose you as a daffodil flower of early SPRING
    If we were the season
    I'd choose you as a late night of WINTER
    If we were the season
    I'd choose you as a warm morning of SUMMER ❤


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    I believe in doing what feels right. What your heart says. If you feel like kissing each other right now, do it, create the right time. Right moment. You want to make love right now? Do it. Live in the moment. Live in the present.
    At times, we should create right time. And not wait for the right time.
    What if the right time arrives at the wrong time? What if it's too late now?

    In case someone is thinking that the guy wasn't really in love with the girl because how can he fell outta love? But consider what if the girl did unintentional things, things which hurt the guy, things which helped him fall outta love with her, things which she thought she was doing because she was waiting for the right time.

    In the end, that's my perception. You can obviously disagree.

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    All this while she waited for the right time to arrive,
    Right time to fall in love with her lover,
    And when it was finally there,
    He was no longer in love with her.


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    I am least interested ( ohh sorry not at all interested ) in you
    TILL ,
    I saw you being interested in saving my stuffs.


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    Hello everyone,
    India has 4000+ cases and 100+ people died. The whole world is badly affected due to this pandemic.
    Our Hon'able PM Modi ji, requested each citizen to light up diyas or flash on 5th April 9:00pm for 9 min. I respect him for taking this beautiful step to lighten each and everyone's heart but again it was very saddening to see people on street, along with small kids shouting"go Corona, go China virus" this is very sad. I'm not saying virus didn't come from China, even now if we're being racist at this moment where people are dying. What kind of human are we?
    We were asked to light diya inside our respective home, not outside on road, people going out in groups with small kids it would not only risk your life but your family's too. Bahar mat niklo, gar bhaito. Jab school tha college tha kam tha roz sochte honge gar kab jaane ko milega, muje sona hai, muje tv dekhna hai. Ab mauka hai gar bhaito tv deko, family ko time do. ZINDAGI BAHUT KEEMTI HAI.

    #mirakee #gocorona #noracism @mirakee @mirakee_words #mirakeeworld #mirakeewrite @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli #writings #hindi #writers

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    Aaj kal to log kam, laashe nazar aa rahi hai
    Ye jaanleva bimari ke wajah se mohabbat nahi nafrat nazar aa rahi hai
    Cheen se aaye bimari, ya America se
    Log yaha bhi bimar hai aur waha bhi
    Diye ke sath sath agar nafrat bhi jalaya hota to kitna acha hota,
    Hath tham ke, sath chalke hume hi ye bimari se sath bachna hoga.

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    When we were little & we played in the yard,
    we'd go sit inside & play cards.
    You'd look at me & smile,
    smile used to stretch a mile.
    I miss cooking you breakfast,lunch & dinner.
    I miss the way we fought & played.
    I miss seeing you here & there.
    It hurts me to see what you're going through,
    hurts even more because there's nothing I can do.
    I just wish I could make it all Ok,
    but all I can do is pray.
    Pray for you every night before I go to sleep,
    everytime I think I hear you creep.
    Look at the door & wait for you to appear,
    it's like you're still here.
    And go back to feeling so alone,
    realize you're not home.
    You'll always be my little brother,
    no matter what.
    I love you soo much;
    you just don't know!


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    As much as I do curb my expectation
    I can't help but hope for sweeter fortunes
    Sweeter than your fortune cookies -
    That you split with feverish anticipation

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    If it’s meant for you, it won’t be toxic. It won’t bring out your insecurities or your fears or the worst in you because it will bring peace into your life and into your heart.

    If it’s meant for you, it won’t feel like a burden. You won’t have to explain to anyone why it’s not as bad as they think it is and you won’t have to go to sleep wondering if you’re lying to yourself because you’d be sure of it. You’d be sure that it’s right for you.

    If it’s meant for you, it won’t feel like a war. A war with yourself because you’re letting it drag on or because you can’t get out of it. A war with your friends because they can all see that you’re settling. A war with love because part of you knows that it shouldn’t be this hard but the other part just can’t give it up.

    If it’s meant for you, you won’t have to constantly question if it is.

    You won’t have to look for signs or ask for advice or look for confirmation that it’s right. You’d just know. It will feel like home. It will make you feel safe. It will give you one less thing to worry about. It will be healthy for you.

    If it’s meant for you, you won’t have to chase after it. You won’t have to try too hard or turn your life upside down for it to work. You won’t have to lose yourself so you can keep it.

    If it’s meant for you, it will bring you closer to who you really are. It will enhance all the beautiful parts of you and make you more open to love, more nurturing, more compassionate and more forgiving.

    If it’s meant for you, it won’t break your heart. There may be disappointments or letdowns or conflicts but it will never break your spirit, it will never close your heart off and it will never let you suppress your innermost feelings.

    Because what’s meant for you doesn’t come around very often, but when it does, when it’s not another lesson or another mistake, when it’s finally yours after everything you’ve endured and everything you’ve been through. It comes to fix what you broke. It comes to heal you.
    - Rania Naim

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    Oh dear,
    You were looking for the sun,
    In a sky full of stars.
    You blame love,
    For all the scars.


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    Wo puchte hai ki Meri aukaat Kya hai,
    Hamne kaha
    KE bajaar-e-ishq Mai agar neelami Teri hogi,
    To Meri jaan har keemat par tu sirf Meri hogi.

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    "So, how long did your relationship last?"

    "5 years."

    "5 years, huh! Quite a long period of being in love."

    "Nope. We weren't in love for 5 years."

    "Aah! I get it. Falling in and out of love. That shit? But still 5 years of togetherness is amazing."

    "Nope. We weren't together for 5 years."

    "Wtf? But you were in relationship with her for 5 years?"

    "Yes. I was."


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    If you cheated me
    I am not cheating back
    My loyalty gonna hurt
    You in the end.

  • itscutewriter 13w

    Few years back when I was all broken, both emotionally and mentally, I had no clue about how to come out of all that. I won't really say I was in depression, because that's a huge term, but somewhere I was under that umbrella of "depression". I was afraid of talking to people or friends about it as I thought they would not understand what I was going through or would end up joking about the hurricane of imbalanced emotions I was stuck in.
    Slowly I started reading about experiences of people, real people, who went through the same situation I was going through and how they recovered from their situation.
    Right now I am part of a study being conducted at IIT Kanpur, where they are trying to see whether people with mild depressive symptoms when reading about the recovery of someone with depression and the battles the person suffered, that may relate to what the reader is going through, can cause the symptoms to be a little less severe or not. This did help me in past, and it might help you as well.
    Do give it a try. Leave your queries in the comments.
    All this is completely anonymous. Nobody would know who you are , yet you might be helped.

    Do take part in it and share it with people who might need it. Spread the word.

    And yes, there are rewards for you once you complete the experiment.

    Smile :)

    Also you can hit me up at Instagram : @itscutewriter for any queries

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    An UGLY FACE is Thousand time’s
    Better than an UGLY SOUL


  • kumazy 14w

    On the road to Akure

    The crimson shone of the sun,
    dress Akure with humid
    pleasant glow.
    Few mountains with elbows edging the roads
    and heads raised high.
    Dropped at precised points of nostalgic terrain.
    Seemingly carved from an uncertain painting,
    As if the maker was playing dice with beauty.

    Akure O loye mekun
    Here, where the proud line of their faces
    Hide the pleasantness
    In their heart.

    Omo Deji, where the sword is sheath.
    And the mouth sharp as razor slays.
    Akure holds a lovely place in a poet's hearts.

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    Dekho JAANA Tum jaha bhi Jana
    Mujhe sath lekar Jana...
    Sathi main hu sath Mera nibhana.
    Kisi ke do pal ki bahon mai ja kar
    Mujhe bhul na jana....