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    Mind : Did you study?
    Brain : Yes
    Brain : Are you nervous?
    Mind : Absolutely
    Brain : Why??
    Mind : Because you act clueless when I read the question paper!! Even starts with music!!

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    Hello human
    Life creates life .......✨
    We 'Sapiens' travelled a long road of evolution
    And we still are evolving at every moment .
    From the endemic species in Africa , this species
    Spread throughout different places .....it turned to be the most evolved species in animal kingdom

    Now, let's take a split second to acknowledge our evolution .... throughout the course of history.
    How wonderfully we developed as 'human' from homo sapiens

    It's the time to cherish every possiblity of being a human . Since birth to death , we go through different moments of happiness , sadness , angst,envy,death and rebirth .........these moments may just be a blip on the radar of existence......but these moments are the moment that makes us this homo sapiens more humane.

    So don't buy the illusion of powerlessness
    We are the life here to be alive .....at each moment we have the power to be alive ......
    So choose your moment
    And also let the moment seize you��

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    Omnis cellula e cellula

    Whirling between the stars perpetually
    Human craves answers of its existence
    Whilst both replicate eachother
    Creating life 'alive' together
    To cherish humanity ......in all its aspects

    To simply live fully than to just exist

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    ALJ: Affirmation: Joy goes where I go

    ALJ: I Joyfully prosper wherever I turn.

    ©work2rise Affirmation #251 Day 251

    People show people certain sides of them that they want another to see based upon whatever they're trying to get out of that relationship with that person._ Love Dorsey (Youtube title: People Act DifferentlyIn Every Relationship)

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    All you handsome men and beautiful girls out there. This valentines I want to do something special for the person I love. Need your help your creative minds. Please suggest me 50 reasons of being in love...

  • journeyofsouls 4w

    Jinke aap kadar nahi kar rahe ho na
    Yakeen maano kuch log unko duawao main maang rahe hai...

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    Just for today don't think, don't look at the truth.
    Just for today let's get lost in a dream, let's get lost in a lie.
    The truth will eventually come, and then there will be no running away from it.

    So just for today, just for now, confront me with a lie.
    A lie that the word has love.
    A lie that there is a beautiful place with no pain, loss, betrayal.
    A lie that you will stay.
    A lie that you care.
    A lie that everything we believe in will eventually come true.

    A lie that you love me.
    Because I love you, and I wish it was a lie.

    #soulwriters #mirkaee #writernetwork

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    Just for today


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    #mirkaee #rap Writeup for dear toppers if you can't write that doesn't mean no one can. You guys are good in studies doesn't mean you are superior.
    That's all from my side

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    Blue-collar scholar

    Toppers I hear you talking shit,
    I'm just too big to respond to it
    "Adarsh is fake he copies hits"
    Wow bitch you'd tore me in bits.

    Do I sound aggressivist? its not a word
    I am not red thats angry bird
    murder you with my rhyming?
    I don't commit felony,
    one more finger at me
    I'll show you my adrenalin

    Dis Rap

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    This is called an fake love and fake world.
    #mirkaee #mirakeeworld
    @mirakee @mirakeeworldwidewriter

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    Acha tareeka hai
    kisi ko maarne ka
    Pyaar karke usko
    Akela Chor do !!

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    The darkness that sets in early,
    Just like those days of winter, I
    Also explored the world humbly,
    First out of curiousity and a blind eye
    Just like a child who's never defeated
    But only moves in search of newness
    I too searched among the scattered
    questions that laid with its emptiness
    I wondered why no one knew,
    I thought maybe it was meant for me
    And i began my quest with a new
    Hope until i fell and began my plea;
    I was dreaded by those tricky trusts
    I was prisoned by those lying loves,
    This is your answer. This is what happens
    the real world is dark with its pieces
    That is nowhere to be found and you
    With your innocence, there is no bliss
    And do not trust those with true love's kiss.
    The world is broken and there are no answers but the queries that's still,
    What and why that are laid to rest
    With no answers to be found but
    only the silence that fills the wreck
    Just like those calm old wintery nights.

    #poem #quotes #love #mirkaee #she
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    The wintry nights.

    Only the silence that fills the wreck,
    Just like those calm old wintry nights.

  • gkranthi 7w

    When I thought that I am all alone
    You knocked the door of my heart, asking me to come out
    When I hardly found a reason to smile, you became that treasured reason to laugh out with heart

    Life definitely needs a companion like you❤️
    Pure love is one which you hardly get these days and having found one, don't dare to lose it!!


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    You knocked the door of my heart


  • adarsh_original 8w

    Question's quest

    As a writer I ask you something
    What would you choose between pen and food?
    Now you think what kind of a question is this but as a writer you can't question a question


  • garima_fountainpen 9w

    Goodbye To The Past
    Hello To The Bright Future

    May this New Year bring Hope
    So with deadly Corona we can cope.
    Tomorrow let there be light and positivity in every life
    As the year gone was full of depression and strife.
    May the coming year we work towards humanity
    Less we will have populace drinking the essence of profanity.
    May this New Year brings in everyone's life happiness and great health
    Because this is the only required wealth.

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  • sayurisingh 11w

    Sad Reality

    Look around everything is moving at a fast pace.... You are not at the Precipice you are at the Center looking around at people running just leaving you behind.... Life is held tight...
    Things are going fine for everyone and when they move they push you a little so you lie down by the impact of that push... They Don't trample you just kick you a bit but you lie down in the middle of nowhere...... You just can't get up, you just can't join the run, you just can't hold on to it...
    The flames are dying.... It's flickering like a flame before it's about to end.... You don't want to blow it but you know there is no use for it to burn anymore....
    You tried holding on to a hand which will make you run but then when you look back isn't that the same hand which left you there "In the Middle of Nowhere".

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    What to do when you fall in love with someone? You go out of your way to make them happy. You try to do you everything perfectly for them even though sometimes you feel you haven't done enough. They feel special because of you and that's a feeling you cannot explain... it's like all of your life you are on the edge.. and they have the ability to pull you back whenever you lose control. And just like that you fall in love with them and you don't want to want to stop yourself. Sometimes their smile is what makes all of the pain bearable like it's not even there in the first place place. It's ok if you never confess your feelings for them, for they know how it's liked to be loved by someone and not getting loved in return.

  • adarsh_original 11w

    It took me 28 minutes To find the gravitational force between a planet and seven stars. And it took me 3 hours to figure out the answer given in ncert was wrong!


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    I will keep declining until it's exactly what I want.

    And that goes for everything !


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    Wishing a stay safe and soft social Diwali to one and all

    #mirkaee #Writersnetwork #hoorbanu98 #Diwaliwishes

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  • orotund 16w

    तुम जितना दूर जाओगे मुझसे जन्म,
    उथना मैं तड़पाऊँगी जीने केलिये सनाटा।

    है प्यार मुझे उस खुदा से जिसने बनाया तुझे,
    है नफरत मुझे उसी खुदा से जिसने तुझे दुर किया मुझसे।

    मारूंगा य मार मिटूँगा में उस खुद की चरणो पर
    की है खुद की तु बता मुझे क्यों ल

    तरस्ता हूं मैं उस चाय के लिए जिसने है मुझको बचाया
    लेकिन घाहा हूं मारता हूं जब तेरे किए कमो ने मुझे रुलाया

    क्या मिला तुझे उन बधे खदमो से जिसने कते मेरे छोटे पेरो को
    मिट गया था में उस दिन जब तूने छोड़ दिया मुझे मेरी आखरी सासों में।

    क्या यही था तेरा वादा, या तेरा प्यार
    मार दिया और खतम कर दिया उस दिल को जिस में तेरा प्यार।
    © भार्गवी aka डॉली

    Ps: i literally don't know what I've written back then. Lol
    Also, I've written this in 2018.

    Pss: हां मुझे पता है इस में गाल्टिया काफी जायदा है, bare with it.

    #mirkaee #readthisJ #genuine_readers #hindi

    Check out my hindi writings at #bp_hindi

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    क्या यही था तेरा वादा या तेरा प्यार?

  • hoorbanu98 16w

    Being connected
    with classic

    Classic is in my blood
    Which is my Bud.