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  • yours_fortune 1d

    How scary it's to see that, how badly I'm addicted to my own misery.


  • scriblost 3d

    The plague we called COVID

    My heart aches and my soul shakes
    When i remember the dread of that plague
    Its horror and its stories still keep me awake
    Millions died and millions cried but some still called it fake

    I remember when i was locked in my own house
    I felt like a prisoner who can't even meet his own spouse
    How long is it gonna be that was all i used to browse
    There were countless nights i was restless like a mouse

    I lost many friends to that scary plaque
    Everyone was fighting for humanity's sake
    Everyone united together since everything was at stake
    Millions died and millions cried but some still called it fake

    I still remember the view of crematorium from my window
    Where many dead souls were brought and burnt in a row
    I still can't believe how such a little virus can be our biggest foe
    My best friend suffered for months and then died very slow

    Now that we have almost won this ugly war
    But remember my friends another one is not far
    I thank all the heros who attained martyrdom
    We will always cherish you and bow down at your tomb

  • vatsala_m 1w


    The pain my eyes flinch away from
    The pain whose thought alone
    Faints my heart, as the sight of a ghost
    That pain, insufferable
    I know, millions suffer
    even as I speak, even as I write
    Oh dear heart,
    The Enormity of the sorrow,
    Mocks and makes merry
    out of the little the prideful does,
    Fiddles with a pebble
    And cherishes that s/he moved a mountain.

  • yaddah 2w

    The unheard cry part 3

    No sleep,No Peace...
    Like everything you think it's boolean negative "No"
    Talk about the future,all it's uncertain like a graph...
    Just gotta persevere like the perseverance travel to Mars...
    Draw lines make them even bolder to avoid skipping them..
    Get everything in order, arrange in accuracy a if you counting dollars
    At the end,
    Fall in love....

  • akshay_vasu 2w

    This misery and this happiness, they are standing opposite to each other facing the mirror that exists in between them. Constantly trying to pull each other to the place they stand at and take the place of another. In their hustle that we witness continuously, all we must care about is that mirror. We must make sure it never breaks. If it does, that line in between them would vanish permanently, creating the madness that we never wish to witness.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • linesfromshiv 3w


    Please try again with something that is a little more positive.

  • samridhi_tripathi 3w

    //My misery and I- we walk together, soul in soul//
    #misery #life
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    I don't know why do I feel so empty
    but I do
    I yearn for someone badly
    yet I don't
    I hate me
    though i love life
    No reason to survive
    yet there is,
    This suffocation never ends
    nither it ends me
    Amidst all this misfortune
    We build it concrete,
    an art of words.
    //My misery and I- we walk together, soul in soul//

  • mute_my_mind 4w

    Love is a disease that kills
    And also the vaccine that cures

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  • varun_agrawal 5w

    There is no love without misery.


  • nishutayal 8w

    Fate Like Her

    Even the stars cried , when her fate was written
    How she was so caring, that would hurt people
    Her feelings were beyond the world, people thought it's fake
    How can someone be so genuine in world full of snakes
    Her shield was all the sorrows she went throughout the day
    Heart so pure though was shattered everytime
    Trying to carry the universe on her shoulder with a smile
    Making an effort to spread compassion in heartless world
    She showered stars on those who envied her ,
    Though all she got in return was pain
    She didn't differentiate between acquaintance , friends or enemies
    Her broken heart used to love one and all
    Her words mesmerizes the world with Empathy,
    Somehow all she received were words that hit like fists
    She questioned the universe about her existence
    Little did she know if there was someone on other side to answer
    The night also sighed and hasn't slept till today
    Calming her with every inch of the sky for next day
    As there waits a millions of hearts , still awaiting for a soulful care

  • mrspectacular 8w


    I look to the skies hoping that I will see some ray of light,
    Probably from an alien ship returning you to me
    But how unfortunate is my plight
    For it was no alien that took you from me
    But it was just time that was erroneously right.

    I watched as he made of your breath, some cuvée
    But was so helpless in the sight.
    I wish I did have such a degree,
    A degree to, against such an action, fight
    But I do not have such an epee.

    I would have taken the war to whatever height
    To make sure you did not have to pay such a fee
    But I was such a helpless knight
    You will, with me, agree.

    Good night, my hearts light.
    Good night, my soul's duvet.

    Without you, it will always be a cold, freezing night
    But in a while I will be free,
    Free to come join you up there to ease my plight
    But for now, I will try as hard as I can to lee.

    Lee myself from the pain that surrounds me.
    Good night, my pretty light
    Good night, the one who held me warm and tight


  • misakimeina 9w


    Colorful afterglow caught my eye,
    Peaceful scenery as the wind touch my skin like I wanted to fly,
    Chirping birds and crickets sound,
    Everything's seems so blissful
    Yet here I am, in the brink of giving up, I felt so awful.

    In the blink of an eye, colorful clouds turns into gray,
    A cloud lit up orange and it made my day,
    Everything's gonna be alright, don't need to worry anyway,
    God is with me all the way.

    Embrace all the imperfections,
    Forget about the past and take new directions,
    Even if it's painful and making you feel dreadful,
    That's life, accept it, be hopeful.

    Something's bothering you every night,
    Yet you're not aware, why is that.
    You're wondering what's weighing behind your back,
    A mystery that even you can't figure it out.

    What's wrong? What made you feel miserable?
    Everything seems so just fine,
    It seems, yet it is not real,
    I'm in misery but it's totally fine,
    I'll overcome this and look for reasons to smile, so I'll be fine.


  • davinci 9w

    a single tear
    that's all it took
    her single tear
    caused a raging torrent
    that engulfed us in her misery
    and drowned us in her sorrow

    her pain became our pain
    her loss our loss
    and the breaking of her heart
    the perishing of her soul
    reverberates through us


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    a single tear
    that's all it took
    her single tear
    caused a raging torrent
    that engulfed us in her misery
    and drowned us in her sorrow

  • shalini_guha 10w

    this year hasn't been great, nor has the years before this. But I would like some hope. Something to count on. But all is dark... A vast land, so vast that I can't see a thing. The Almighty left me here or I walked into it, to stay alone, to be buried in unrest. With only the footprints of the one I recognised as my.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
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    A Question every passing

    As I get closer everything fades ,
    The stain on this paper,
    The curves of these letters.
    Your hand that could hold mine,
    Couldn't tell the ink anymore
    The pen became too heavy,
    Your heart became so weak
    What happened?
    What was happening?
    Why is this happening?
    As I suffer, anxious and destroyed
    with every passing.
    You stood so straight
    Such a righteous were you
    in your mind?
    But it vanished all in seconds
    Should I thank the stubbornness in you?
    Or should I call you names?
    Was it your redemption?
    Or was it our punishment?
    Such a complicated life,
    Your entwined with my
    Makes it much more sorrowful
    Makes it easier to let go
    The question is,
    Is it you or myself?

  • wifey_suicide 10w

    When All You Want To Do Is Die

    The wind shield is shattered
    Broken glass is spilled everywhere
    I’m alive, barely breathing
    I can hear faint sounds in the distance
    “I have help coming!” Said a Karen
    The only time we would be thankful for a Karen
    But why would you want that, when you wanted this in the first place?
    Only part is, you survived
    Do you want to try again?
    Does it make you stop?
    Does it make you feel more alive and accept life on how it is?
    What if it’s not surprising and it just turns back to the same everyday?

    Red and Blue lights start to flash
    As the vehicle’s body starts to get lift up off of my helpless body
    Can’t feel my legs, but I can still walk
    Insurance isn’t really understanding my story
    So the cuts just keep cutting deeper
    Until there is no flesh anymore
    Open wounds and sob stories
    Work won’t let me work until next Tuesday
    Rent’s late
    Don’t have a reason to appreciate the world around me
    Since I wanted to die, you think the government would just give me some space
    Of course not, promoting suicide is part of the human race
    Alive or not, your story won’t make any sense
    But it’ll make people who didn’t think you exist, cry
    Search your name on google
    You’re now that one guy
    Yet nobody knows what I truly hide inside
    Comments saying that I need help
    What if I did and it didn’t help?
    Like and share the link
    My life is becoming more of a prank
    While each time the doctor gives my heart a shake
    I wake up again and feel the same heart ache

    They say guns kill people
    Mine must’ve ricocheted
    While I’m laying down in a room
    That isn’t even mine
    They got a vest on me
    I promise I’ll be fine
    You can’t help what is fallen
    What falls can’t get up
    You got yourself in this mess
    Without blaming others
    Get yourself out
    Either you die or survive
    You can’t be alive when you’re not
    You’re breathing, but I must be doing something wrong
    Nobody can give you answers
    Just words of advice

    Roll the dice
    It’s your life
    Choose left or right
    Or this number 5
    And move ahead 5 spaces
    Got yourself put in jail and lost a turn
    Being told, “this is will teach you a lesson.”
    What lesson is there to actually learn
    When all you want to do is die?


  • bird_of_ink 10w

    Blessed are we.....?

    Our generation seems to be a very much blessed one
    Not because we have smarter phones and dumber people
    Not because we learn slangs before our forefather's name
    And certainly not because we have come to lose the touch of empathy
    We are lucky because now
    We can experience "pure, unadulterated love"
    With as many as we like,
    Break hearts same as breaking promises;
    We are lucky to have
    A large number of 'ex-es"
    And not being tied down by a
    Single soul for the rest of our lives,
    As we have seen with our father
    And his father;
    Alone on the park
    Have I come to realise,
    We are lucky enough not to experience the taste of empathy, honour and a faithful
    unadulterated love...
    For those who get to have even a whiff of this toxicant
    Are forever trapped in a phantasm of a blissful life.


  • miss_poetess__ 10w

    I really believed this time
    Happiness gonna stay with me
    Life proved me wrong again
    And left me with my misery

  • bird_of_ink 10w

    Smile or Cry ?

    Smile and the world smiles with you
    (Smile and the world burns with envy)
    Cry and you cry alone
    (Cry and the world rejoices your misery)

  • nishutayal 11w


    I feel like having a good deep nap everyday,
    But I fear that I might loose out the seconds
    That I have to miss you and live your memories
    Cause sub consciously I am counting milli seconds
    Just to know in how many such seconds
    I would get to see you all over again