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  • why_cho_serious 8w


    Sometimes when someone don't

    Wanna express how they really feels


    Instead they says HMM..

    It's not only a word, it's an emotion.

    Which conveys a lots of Untold things!

  • atoofa_ 17w


    Maybe when you saw me in pain that was the real me.

  • philiaginviole 33w


    မင်းက မင်းဖြစ်နေတာကိုက မင်းရဲ့ အားသာချက်ပဲ။

  • missmissy 59w


    My every thought circles,
    How can this be so true?
    Smiling cute with those dimples,
    Even rocking the Jew tattoo.
    It's the little things I notice,
    Bringing me so much nearer.
    Very ambitious and so contagious.
    Who knows maybe your my Anchor! ⚓⚓

  • shaikhnizba 60w

    Tumhare naam mai hamara naam chupa hai,
    Hamsafar hum saath hokar bhi juda hai.


  • shaikhnizba 61w

    Karta raha fareb koi saadgi ke saath,
    Itna bada mazak meri zindagi ke saath,

    Shayad mili saza iss jurm ki muje,
    Ho gaya tha pyaar muje ek ajnaabi sath...


  • mmpoetry 62w

    The pen is my mic
    to echoe
    these words
    to the world.
    The world, my stage.

  • _mishi_ 63w

    दुबारा फिर किसी को दिल तोड़ने का हक़ दिया।
    उसने बखुबी अदा किया।

  • _mishi_ 67w

    Hey Alexa! I need him.

  • gayatrie_reddy 71w

    I dont know unintentionally at what time he was written this . But , finally this is what happened #hisfirstletter#MM the only leftover memory.

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    I still remember the first day I saw you, a pretty expression & good impression.
    I thought I was a smile on your heart, but I dont know that making me is your art.

    I cared less about me , But I remained as careless for you.
    Though I had some memories to share, you became a nightmare.

    But still
    Your smile will be as plain as air at evening seashore,
    Your face will be as cute as the moon trying to be behind black cloud.

    Dont worry Im a stupid to dream about the beautiful things
    I realised that beautiful appearance will be only outside.

    Whatever is happened just leave & maintain the smile.

    This doesn’t mean that this is the last love , but I remind that this was my 1st love.

    Iam stupid , you scolded me while im drinking , but it was my only friend to forget your sweetness.

    I dont want to kill your time though you killed me with your cool poison !


  • gayatrie_reddy 78w

    7,65,59,57,369 smiles on the planet ?

    His’ was her favourite!


  • mehak12 87w

    I was 15 and giving my board exams. The thought haunting all of us was the same what will be the result? What will our future hold for us? It was a really unsure and crazy time. I had no idea that there were so many other options like journalism and mass communication because what was embedded in my mind was doctor,engineer or a bank job(CA). I loved novels and as we all know many writers love to keep suspense and end their novels without giving the exact information of what happened to the characters(writers are fuc... umm lets just say enjoy seeing their readers suffer) and I had no problem imagining and making up the ends. I knew writing was something I enjoyed but the one event that made me go I can actually persue a career in this field was very small but had a big impact on me.
    There is this instagram page the scribbled stories. They used to put up challenges about writing microtales in the comments and I would always participate in them never thinking about winning just because it was fun. This time the theme was #funny and I made up a micro tale. I thought it was lame and never thought I would win so after a few days when I saw the notification that I was mentioned in a comment I was shocked. It was the first time I had won an actual cash prize and the fact that almost 2000 people had participated and I was in the top three made me actually stand up with confidence and tell my parents that I want to persue English honors.
    #mm @anonymous35

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    My Microtale( challenge by anonymous35)

  • anonymous35 87w

    Oh right I am posting after a whole 2 weeks? but I will try to be regular from now on. As we have just started a new year I thought it would be a good idea to remember those who inspired us in the previous years.
    For this challenge you have to write about the people or series of events that inspired you to start writing. It can be as big or small you want and you can do anything just use the hashtag #mm and #inspire and do tag me.
    All the best everyone?.

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  • anonymous35 90w

    Hello everyone this is my first post I will be posting occasional challenges but you can tag me in any of your posts.
    So the first challenge is called #dictionary and #mm.You can take any word of your choice and make your own definition and post it.
    For eg :- Procrastination(define):- Backbencher's favourite pastime.
    Use the hashtag #dictionary and do tag me . There are no deadlines you can take any of my challenges any time you want. Languages english and hindi

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  • mehak12 93w

    #dictionary @anonymous35 #mm
    Ps I hope you don't mind me using a previous post as you know I am lazy? and also I need to do my economics work?

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    The 9.5 cgpa person getting a 9 to 5 job and leading the same monotonous life while the 7 cgpa person doing their dream job.

  • mindfulmonkey 96w

    No kidding .

    I miss you more than food .


  • mandeep_kaur40 108w

    Follow me instagram - Mandeepkaur1509
    Support share nd comment
    ♥️ use #MM♥️

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  • the_kmm 123w

    #kma #yours #MM #Mac #ILY ��❤

    4:21 a.m. (PST)
    I wish I could save you from this world. :")

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    Mujhe likhna to bohat kuch tha ussey
    Mujhe kehna to tha haal e dil aakhir
    Magar ik larzaa meri rooh se guzar gaya
    Jo hosla tha mera sab toot k bikhar gaya
    Safhon pe mere lafz girne se phele hi
    Ankhon se ashkon ka ik darya utar gaya
    Kis waasty zinda ho tum ab tak Maham,
    Jo tum mein aik 'Main' tha, wo to mar gaya.

    -Maham A.

  • the_kmm 123w

    5:00 a.m. (PST)
    Likh raha hoon tum ko, mar mitne se phele ��
    #MM #Mac #Love #ILoveYou.

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    Mein dooba to wo nazrein bhi doob jayein gi
    Sahil pe koi to mujhe doobte huwe dekhe ga
    Shayad wo mujhko sahara bhi de deta apna
    Magar is darr se ruk gaya, zamana kya kahey ga
    Ain wast mein samandar k ab koi sada na hogi
    Ab wo lehron mein jaane kis ko dhoonday ga

    -Maham A.

  • moon_and_me 133w

    #hindikavyasangam #hindipoetry #mm #hindiwriters @monikakapur @pariii @mrunaalgawhande @laughing_soul @geraldine_kumar @mrigtrishna @scribbler_sampada

    क्योंकि,कुछ सवालों के जवाब नहीं होते ।

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    मैं संदल की आग हूं, जानेमन
    लपटों में ख़ुद की
    भले हो जाऊं मैं फ़ना
    रूह के आईने पर तुम्हारे
    अपनी ख़ुश्बू
    की छाप जरूर छोड़ जाऊंगी ।