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  • piyushjha0 2w


    आज फिर कुछ पल के लिए उसी आगोश में जाया जाय।
    नज़रें सब से सीमट कर उन पर झुकाया जाय।

    कुछ ईश्क का नाम तो हर एक जुबां पर।
    कुछ खुद ही को ईश्क समझाया जाय।

    कुछ उनकी उम्मीदें छोड़ी जाय।
    कुछ खुद ही से कोशिशें की जाय।

  • insearchoftheseaandthesoul 6w

    I sat by the river,
    Gazing across at the horizon.
    Grey clouds floated in,
    And you started to pour.
    A few drops at first,
    Then in sheets, then a torrent
    Until everything became a blur.
    The tall bridge across the river
    Was nothing more than a faint grey line
    I could no more see anything
    but a grey pall
    The outlines softened
    making the skyline and
    the horizon softly blurred
    Everything around me
    was melting right into you.

    And as you began to fall in me
    my blues danced to your tune.
    I could feel the skies clearing
    the one over me and
    the one in me.


  • scribbled_pieces 16w


    आले दाटूनी आभाळ सारे
    भावनांचा कल्लोळ माजला
    उरात विरह-भीतीचा
    कडकडाट वाढू लागला

    आली हळूवार एक झुळूक
    अन अंगावरी रोमांच उठले
    अलगद होता स्पर्श तयाचा
    चिंब चिंब भिजू लागले

    नाजुक सुंदर कळी जी मुळी
    विरहामुळे हिर्मुसलेली
    पाहूनी त्याचे मनोहर रूप
    हळूवार ती फुलू लागली

    सखा सोबती हा माझा
    गाई प्रसन्न सृष्टीचे गीत
    घेई तो मज त्याच्या
    प्रेमाच्या ओल्या मिठीत

    केवळ आस्तित्वाने जो करी
    प्रसन्न साऱ्या आयुष्याला
    असा साथी जन्मोजन्मीचा
    माझा पाऊस भेटला

    -Supriya Bhide

  • badastoor_alfaz 1w

    Chai aur mehbooba

    रंग देशी, कडक मिजाज, पर मिठी भी हो
    बारिश की चाह और दोस्तो की वाहन मेरे तुम ,
    खुदा कसम एकदम चाय जैसी हो

  • scribbly 18w

    बादल ⛈️

    दुखी मैं था,
    पर रो पड़े बादल बारिश बनकर।
    गुस्सा मैं था,
    पर गरज रहे थे बादल सब पर।
    अंधेरे में मैं था,
    तो बिजली बनकर चमके बादल।
    अकेला मैं था,
    पर दोस्त बनके आए बादल।
    ज़िन्दगी बड़ी छोटी हैं जनाब,
    तो इससे जीयो खुलकर,
    यह कहकर चले गए बादल।

  • the_alluring_soul 19w


    Everything in the house felt a bit damp, the wafers and crackers turned a bit soggy, some aromatic scent hit our nostrils with a sudden realization of it being petrichor, that's when the first droplet of rain hit the solid surface of earth... Within few moments a melodious harmony was formed.. This sound created a beautiful smile on everyone's face, from a underprivileged farmer to a prosperous businessman...

    And that's when the monsoon arrived..


  • konvivial 21w

    वो पीले फूल

    बारिशों के पहले, वो उड़ती वो धूल।।
    उसी में खिल खिलाते, वो पीले फूल।

    कभी इठलाते, कभी बलखाते।।
    हम पर मुस्कराते, वो पीले फूल।

    ना कोई रंगभेद, ना कोई अभिमान।।
    हर किसी के सामने सिर झुकाए,
    दिए जा रहे वो सम्मान, वो पीले फूल।

    मधुरवेला में झड़ते, अकस्मात गिरते।।
    हर किसी के तन पर रहते वो फिसलते।
    कभी कभी किस्मत से, जेबों में मिलते।।
    वो पीले फूल।


  • ashis007 22w

    Let this time our emotions flow independent and unstained.......
    Let this time be no one except us...
    Just us...
    And let this ecstatic rain carry us away.....

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    Let this time,the shower
    Bring myself to you....
    Let every pacifying drop
    Crave your youthful hue...
    Defying is your fragrance this time
    The heavenly one of earth...
    Let this time,the falling west
    Symbolize a delicate rebirth..
    Let's not step back this time
    And let's not fear to be one...
    Let this luscious rain carry us up,
    With our ceased out span.....

    ©ashis007 #LET_THIS_TIME

  • sahil_sankhe_1796 23w


    As the thundering sky came crashing down
    My mind started to flood with the memories of monsoon...
    Jumping into the puddles
    And getting drenched in water
    Making Paper boat as it waddles
    Finding its way until it flows to nowhere
    Gotta find the end of the rainbow was my mission
    And off I and my squad go..!!!
    Only to find there is nothing in our vision....
    As we grow up
    Paper boat didn't last
    And glee wasn't enough
    puddles was now a past
    Things got clear
    But with no time to spare
    Wealth became the centre
    With soul got lost in despair...


  • aclumsypoet 24w

    #thingsineversaid #poetry #monsoon #floods #rain
    #writersnetwork #mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

    Everytime we feel sorry for ourselves, all we need to do is look around and find inspiration.

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    Monsoon Magic

    Allured by the fragrance of wet sand
    I toss around on my cozy bed
    Waking up to the sound of torrent rain
    How do I get to work in this flood, I dread

    On my way out, I meet an old fragile lady
    Collecting trash from door to door
    She smiles at me with weary eyes
    Disturbed from her sleep by the downpour

    She tells me she had to stay up all night
    Sweeping off the water flooding her hut
    Yet here she is cleaning garbage bins
    Carrying on with her daily rut

    I manage to get a cab with great difficulty
    "What crazy traffic" I start to complain
    Over a distance I spot a traffic policeman
    Guiding vehicles to stay in their lanes

    All he has is a yellow rain coat with a whistle
    And a strong will power to give what it takes
    For doing his job, serving the society
    He never complains about needing a break

    I'm looking at the skyline hidden by clouds
    In the comfort of my air-conditioned office bay
    There are poor little birds seeking shelter
    To dry their wings, longing for the sun's rays

    I remember the story my father had told
    About what eagles do to avoid the rain
    They rise above the clouds, firm and steady
    In face of adversity, we need to do the same

    We often grumble about small discomforts
    Without realizing how fortunate we really are
    Look around, you'll find real heroes everywhere
    In a sky without moon, spot the shining star


  • 11maria 24w

    Thunder calls
    Fascinating rainclouds
    Scattering across the blue sky
    Sweet Earthly fragrance
    Flurry breeze and fine raindrops
    The air as cold as ice
    Listen to the sighing of the wind
    Can you hear it whispering ?

  • vagabong 25w

    Monsoon '19

    Lessons from Monsoon '19: Never give too much of yourself to others. You tend to lose your worth in their eyes.

  • dr_scolly 25w


    So melancholic is the rain!

    Drench in it... Watch the drops roll down the window...

    You'll never know when you'll go to a world where nobody exists but you!!!

    ©Dr Scolly

  • ummeammara 25w

    #rains #monsoon #waterharvesting
    Picture credited to the owner

    The much awaited
    first drizzle of the year
    and the petrichor so divine;
    putting away hot flames
    emanating from the Earth;
    enhancing the greenery
    of the now remaining trees
    which survived the brutality
    of deforestation.

    Shining droplets of water
    dripping from the leaves
    reflect the aura of pearls
    just derived from the shells.

    I had waited for this moment since long
    And now that it has arrived
    I want to get absorbed into it.
    So I run to the terrace,
    my hands outstretched,
    drinking in the droplets
    and romancing the cool breeze.

    The rain first penetrating
    the different layers of my skin;
    then my muscles and my bones;
    finally soaking my heart
    with the colours of the rainbow
    it paints on the
    colour deprived canvas of the sky.

    The cloud drained off
    every single drop of water it ever contained; the same drops now dripping from my hair;
    I move towards the balcony
    and see the fountains of water
    erupting from the terraces of buildings
    onto the road,
    which itself is hidden beneath
    the newly formed murky stream,
    carrying with it heaps of garbage,
    neglected by the authorities;
    and distributing it uniformly
    throughout the length of the street;
    in a day or two which would become breeding grounds for mosquitoes
    leading to viral fevers
    under which the city
    would reel for months.

    Meanwhile in another two months,
    the city would also real under
    the shortage of drinking water,
    having failed miserably in harvesting
    the water sent down from the heavens
    and letting it all go down the drain.

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    The much awaited monsoon


  • maxxakshat 25w


    uhno ne mujse kha tha
    ane se phele hume bata diya kro
    kyu ki apke intzaar mei hum ghadi ni
    ayina dekhte hai

  • raahi_rv 25w

    मुझे रातो को नींद नही आती कोई लौरी गुनगुनाओ ना
    तुम्हारी यादों में खोया हूं तुम वापस लौट आओ ना।।

  • shivammishra007 26w


    ये बारिश मुझसे कुछ केहती है
    की ये सबके दिल में रेहती है
    कोई इससे अपनी दुनिया सजाए तो
    कोई इसे अपनी दुनिया बचाए
    अब होता क्या है चलो ये देखा जाए
    कौन अब इसे बचपाए तो
    कौन इसे अपनी परेशानी सुलझाए

  • oodles_rainbow 26w

    सहमी हुई है झोपड़ी बारिश के खौफ से,
    महलों की आरजू है कि बरसात तेज हो|
    श्रेया सिंह

  • atulprayagi 26w

    सुहाना मौसम
    #life #love #monsoon #rainy #nature

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    ऐ खुदा! सीखा दे वो पैंतरे जान पर बन चुकी है
    मौसम जालिम और फिज़ा कातिल बन चुकी है


  • kavi_aatma 27w

    Patter patter sounds,
    Of the rain falling in the grounds,
    Trickling water flowing everywhere,
    Puddles and rivulets coming up anywhere.

    Funny are the men who suddenly run for their lives,
    As though they were being chased by a dog or their wives,
    All you are doing is getting a little drenched,
    While several farms and people's thirst is getting quenched.

    Trees swishing and swinging to the wind in all glory,
    Green leaves of theirs as though narrating an entirely different story.
    Annually, this is the time they get a wash and a total makeover,
    While after monsoon, they simply seem hungover.

    One must take time to relish this season,
    Make some tea/coffee without a reason,
    Sip by sip you relish and relax,
    Hot pakodas with a cruch you munch for snacks.

    For jumping into puddles you call them kids naughty and mischievous,
    In my thinking, there is nothing more ridiculous,
    They are at the age of carelessness and know nothing else but, to enjoy,
    We must learn from them, quit our worries & dive in because, somebody did say "it is the little things that bring utmost joy."

    #poem #poems #poet #poets #season #poetrycommunity #monsoon #rains #love

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