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  • mik_gunn 1w


    I am breathing in the space,
    Until i can turn to human,
    I am covered with the frost,
    Of guilt, grief ,
    Oh god i am so lost,
    I know i am going to hell,
    To be burned in the blaze.

    My mind is full of craze,
    You can call me a monster,
    All the dirty things embraced,
    You can call me a monster,
    I am riding through the hell,
    With demons on roller coster,
    And i don't find, no praise,
    You can call me a monster.

    Through the cold nights,
    Warm breeze blew,
    Turn the lights of hell on,
    My sins are not very few,
    It was all my fault,
    And i don't know god,
    Why i was cursing you,
    Why Bursted the good me,
    And a Monster made a debut,
    I feel like monster,
    And no one can be in my shoe.

    My mind is full of craze,
    You can call me a monster,
    All the dirty things embraced,
    You can call me a monster,
    I am riding through the hell,
    With demons on roller coster,
    And i don't find, no praise,
    You can call me a monster.

    I will take the charge ,
    Of whatever i have done,
    I regret i raised the bars,
    Of doing bad,and made me burn,
    I regret,from the mistakes i never learned,
    I tried capturing the stars,
    And again got myself burned.

    I couldn't see it,
    I can't be it,
    There was a lesson beneath it,
    I spit the fire ,
    But now i can't breathe it.

    My mind is full of craze,
    You can call me a monster,
    All the dirty things embraced,
    You can call me a monster,
    I am riding through the hell,
    With demons on roller coster,
    And i don't find, no praise,
    You can call me a monster.

  • beensn 2w


    Is power such a great thing?
    For which people are ready to do anything.
    They don't mind selling even the self respect,
    Take pride in building bunglows on other's graves without regret.
    Power enjoy respect when it is hard earned,
    But majority of the times it is just conquered.
    It can transform humans into animals,
    Makes us forget even the relation threads.
    When power start ruling us, leads to disaster,
    Let us try to limit the extent and not allow it to become a monster.

  • eclairer_thoughts 2w

    Sun setting is the most beautiful scene in our mother nature,
    But what happens after this is major,
    Why things never turns in my favour?
    Ever pain is like, my skin has slit with razor.

    Ever night it makes me paler,
    Every time I see it, it just looks bigger,
    Is there no way to end it or at least make it calmer?
    Look! I'm sorry for becoming a failure, look my hands having blisters,
    It's just hard and tiring okay..!! To fight with your own monster.

  • deepflowsoul 3w

    I deemed myself a monster
    For having feelings and being hurt.
    Like a typical human I caged the monster,
    Shun it, hate it, kill it.
    I almost succeeded,
    Until my compassion came for me.
    They said: never make yourself bleed!
    I said: I thought I deserved to bleed...
    They said: you need love only love
    I said: but then I'd have to give myself a shove
    They said: everyone needs it climb above.

    Kicking your open wounds only makes you die faster. Please accept when you need help, and help yourself.

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    Not a Monster


  • alexi_silver 3w

    The greatest enemy of my life,
    The nemesis to my story,
    The only unbeaten saboteur I've encountered,
    Lives right inside my head,
    And how do you beat a monster that understands you?


  • little_sad 5w

    Not every monster looks dangerous, some looks so damn angelic.


  • deepflowsoul 8w

    Cycle monster

    Everyday I release more of you,
    Sometimes the glue releases old fumes.
    I'm left once again with gouged wounds,
    The acid squelching into my emptied rooms.
    Suffocating, I flail for lone holes dripping light,
    I catch a whiff, and breathe in center by night.
    Again and I again encounter this monster,
    Until we become friends in my downstairs.

  • bumble 8w

    When the voices in my head get too loud
    I bury them one by one in my pillow
    Some resurrect the next night
    shrieking louder than before
    My axe and hammer
    Keep slitting their throats
    i cut one
    And they become four
    So i wait for the morning light
    Maybe these monsters
    thrive only in darkness
    Alas! How do i forget
    The darkness they feed upon
    Lurks inside me
    No sunshine can kill them
    Unless i want to
    And how do you kill your own children?


  • you_and_me0 9w

    Isn't it relatable?? Comment below ⬇️ if you've went through this.��
    #writter #love #writerscornor #monster #btsmylove #letskillit #poemoftheday #innerthoughts #king

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    A letter to the monster inside me

    Hello monster,

    I beg you to spare my loved ones from falling into your magical trap,

    You can take control over my entire life except hurting a hand full of people

    I've lost alot of people already before I realised you were controlling me.

    I'm not strong enough to chuck you out of my mind as you control it!

    A monster who dwells in me,! I don't have anything to spare!!

    Don't dare to go any further..

    I'd rather end my chapter than seeing my people suffer.

  • saba_alvi 9w


    Tonight start a journey towards the inferno inside you to confront the monster controlling the cosmos.

  • little_sad 11w


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    Wow, you grow up so fast.

    It's my monsters not me.


  • ssunayana 12w


    Do you remember the times when you were afraid of the monster under your bed as a child? Do you remember imagining the face that scared the hell out of you in darkness?

    We grow up. But this doesn't change.

    Even now, when left in dark, we imagine the scariest monster hiding in the darkness.

    In most cases, nobody knows how your monster looks like. Does it have big teeth or big nails? Only you can say.

    So when it comes to your loved ones,
    Speak up. And listen. 

    Really, listen.

    You have no idea what their monster looks like.

  • write_it__out 13w

    Real You

    Strip away your name.
    Strip away your money.
    Strip away your fancy cars, your fancy devices.
    Strip away all the material things.
    Strip away your job ,degree and profession.
    Strip away the perfect body ,your pretty looks..

    Now what's left.
    Look into the mirror , go within.
    Start Peeling of your masks .
    Slowly, Layer by layer
    Reaching the bottom.
    Stare deep into your eyes.
    Who do you see?
    A monster who knows all your secrets.
    Someone hidden away from the world.
    You know him but are afraid to acknowledge.
    He is the real you .
    Who creeps into dark when the world is asleep .
    Who knows your other side unseen from the world.
    He is everything the world hates.

    You are not what you do when everyone is around,
    You are what you do when nobody is around.
    He is your deepest fear .
    Sometimes your biggest ally or your scariest enemy.
    He is your worst addiction, your deepest secret.
    He is the real you.


  • pallavi4 14w

    Black and white

    I am sorry I wasn’t able to see
    How wonderful you were inside
    Only a hazy view I had of you
    I deliberately took gauze and covered my eyes

    I am sorry I couldn’t evaluate
    The passion in your embrace
    Never let it warm my cold heart
    Or transport me to a better place

    I am sorry I couldn’t accept the vividness
    Of your colourful personality
    How you could change the mood in a room
    Blur the lines between fantasy and reality

    I am sorry I turned into a monster
    And our dreams into a sham
    Perpetrated your descent into despair
    Thought you were a crook and your love a scam

    I am sorry you exist now only in photographs
    Instead of being here by my side
    Because I scorned at your kindness
    Forcing your fervour to subside

    I am sorry for being mean and heartless
    Cruel, unfair, unjust, the cause of dismay
    I regret every moment since you’ve been gone
    And how I made you live through painful days

    I am sorry for always seeing your actions
    In the colours - black and white
    Never once did I stop to see the grey
    Or consider the insults I hurled at you slight

    I am sorry we aren’t together
    Like how we once were in happy times
    I ought to be whipped for who I became
    Punished and incriminated for all my crimes


    22nd of November, 2020

    Pic credit: writersbay

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  • xx_nerdypoet_xx 15w


    Empty bottles on the floor.
    Shall I drink a little more?
    I became what I had to for my survival.
    I’m in a crazy house and all there is are monster with these words written in red.
    Knife to my head like I’m the headless horseman
    Am I the next victim of a murder from a monster that’s inside my head?
    There’s more than enough blood to go around. Making sure not to use my words and make a sound.
    I was lost and never was found.
    And that’s not even the worst part
    I’m around people who don’t even know me.
    Strangers and dangers
    I was told not to speak, I was told to tell a little white lie like it was good.
    Am I the villain of this story?
    The venomous rage and the urge to do wrong.
    I will keep on and remain strong.
    If i am the next victim of a killing that is not mine then I will still be that monster they won’t be able to define.

  • jodi_writes 15w


    It's taunting me. It knows me well. I pretend as if I'm immune to it. But my soul owns no fraud. It's my monster. My demon. My friend. My redeemer. It uses what's in my view to push me towards it. It laughs at my temptation. It has no mercy. It's full of danger. Full of wrath. Full of hatred. Poisonous. Vengeful. A murderer of strength.

    Yet, it knows me. It comforts me. It's my soft feathery pillow. It's my blanket of peace. It takes it away. It gives me love. It gives me rest.

    Shamefully, the face I see is torn and broken.

    Lovingly.... It sees beauty.


  • sarahrachelea 3w

    For you, Mr. Killer, are a zombie's sweetheart
    Messy kisser, thriller lover

    Surrender in her serene
    Cause every night with her
    Feels like a Halloween

    Cuddling with your lover as a monster
    Be her muffin, you lay with her in the coffin
    Offering a warm crime and creamy
    Placing kiss of the death without a wrath

    For the only one rotten flower
    A heart stealer and soul hacker
    Monster Muffin Mafia Mumma
    You want to decay with her, forever


  • thornsarose 17w

    Moon Drunk Monster

    The moon drunk the monster
    Who’s both beautiful and strange,
    How your melancholy questions
    At the stars and moon with rage.
    So stand there dear and tell me,
    Which one do you fear more.
    The echo, or the silence?
    Or the violently slammed door?
    Do you fear your growing age,
    Or is it your thinning hair?
    Or perhaps your body weight,
    Or the clothes you chose to wear.
    The moon dust in your lungs
    And the stars shine in your eyes.
    The creature of the cosmos
    Who dreamed to be up in the skies.
    But the stars are not all gentle.
    Unlike you, they writhe and burn.
    While they seem pretty at first,
    They’ll explode when it’s their turn.
    But they see how it’s unfair,
    They never saw that’s what they chose.
    Who’d caught up in the monsters
    Who try to be their own heroes.
    The moon drunk the monster
    On its way straight down to Hell.
    For the path with good intentions
    Might just lead you there as well.

    #cosmos #monster #stars #Hell

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Moon Drunk Monster


  • tan_ami 17w

    This pandemic really changed me, and its so sad to know that I lost myself again.
    #worstme #monster #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod

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    I dont know me anymore
    Maybe, I'm no longer me

    Someone I don't wanna be
    Now resides in me

    No longer me,
    Now I'm myself's enemy

  • purplerose 18w

    You made me a monster I am today
    And now you're begging for mercy..........