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  • thisis_avimaurya 48m

    A moon

    Whenever I see myself in Mirror , I see..
    A moon of two world's most beautiful persons life.
    No matter how is the structure,Colour of the moon but he is still a world for them,...


  • heartful_quotes 2d

    Mother's Love

    Single piece left in the bowl
    She said:
    "i don't like apples"
    by keeping that last piece
    in my mouth.


  • ayushgoyalbhushan 5d


    हर मुसीबत को दुआ से हरा देती है,
    ये माँ है जो हर दर्द सहकर प्यार देती है,

    हर परेशानी को चेहरे पे ही पढ़ लेती है,
    ये माँ है जो बिना मांगे पूरा संसार दे देती है,

    किसकी तारीफ करू मेरे रहन-सहन में,
    ये माँ है जो समाज में जीने के संस्कार देती है,

    ना दिखे गर थोड़ी देर तो बेचेनी लगी रहती है,
    ये माँ है जिसकी मुस्कान मन को मन से भर देती है,

    दुख हो गर मन में तो पास बुलाती है,
    ये माँ है जो खुद में दुनिया के तमाम सुख रखती है

    ये माँ ही है जो हर दर्द को सहकर प्यार देती है।।।

  • _the_introvert_boy__ 1w

    बेहला रही है भूख को पानी में उबाल कर
    ज़नाब वो माँ हैं
    दिखा देगी बच्चों को पाल कर

  • innakansara 1w

    Ammi ka dard

    Meri ammi ka dard me kam nahi kar skti
    Par dard ki hissedari me jaroor krungi

  • herscribbledfables 1w


    Remember the day when you were at your most vulnerable?
    You were surviving on her blood under her shelter defendable.

    With the pain of 57 dels of utter moan,
    She tries her best to make you grown.

    With thousands risks on her health and life,
    She shaped you into a being granting you life
    The only day she smiles when you cry,
    That smile is the one with relief and tears in her eye.

    She makes a promise to protect you from that very day,
    She cares about you in everyway.

    Fulfilling your every need,
    she teaches you to do good deed.

    She fights and beats you for doing wrong
    Later on, she cries alone for long.
    It is your exams but she is tensed
    You feel sad, she can clearly sense.
    You fall sick and the whole night she is awake,
    She easily recognizes your friends and your snakes.

    The world asks how much you earn?
    She's the only person that asks "Did u eat yet?" with utmost concern.

    You go to expensive restaurants for delicious tastes,
    But nothing matches her cooking at any place.

    Take region, religion, or race whichever,
    Her language is common, you go wherever.

    Her speech is mother's unconditional love
    A love so pure with no one above.

  • wordsofjanu 1w


    Today i had a talk with my mother. After a very long time we talked with each other. It really felt nice. Sometimes or i will say in today's life, we forget to give time to our parents. The little 5 mins. talk with them gives more stress relief than listening to a song❤

  • pujagupta 1w


    MAA, you are the love of my life
    Whenever I see in your eyes
    I see the purest love
    Which I have in my life

    MAA, you are the blessing of my life
    Wherever I go with you
    Everything becomes all right
    As you are the lucky charm of my life

    MAA, you are the master chef of my life
    Whatever you cook for me
    Everything becomes Soo nice
    And I miss your food in my hostel life

    MAA, you are the light of my life
    Whenever you go with me
    You take your brightness in ur right
    Because you are the sunshine of my life

    MAA, you are the strength of my life
    Whenever I see you in trouble
    It becomes hardest part of my life
    Because your happiness matters most in my life

  • kiratrai 2w


    tujhse sneh toh bahut krti hu maa
    lekin himmat kaise juttaoon yeh chand bol kehne ki
    Jee toh krta hai k lafzon mein kaid krlu tere pyaar ko
    lekin tere pyaar jitne sundar lafaz dhundkar kahaan se lau maa
    yeh bhi likh rahi hu bass yahi umeed se
    k shayad kbhi kisi din tu kone mein pdi kitaab khol k pdhle
    aur jo teri beti muh se bolkar nah keh skii vo tu jazbaaton k rahii hi smjhle

  • shouryavarma 2w

    Mom's lap
      Yesterday with all hope
      There is much to breathe
      How far away is the jubilee
      Wherever you are
      Jolali below the cradle
    #motherlove #shouryavarma #motivation #love #life #poetry

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    Mom's lap
      Yesterday with all hope
      There is much to breathe
      How far away is the jubilee
      Wherever you are
      Jolali below the cradle


  • shouryavarma 2w

    माँ की लंगड़ी
      कल अवास्तविक उम्मीदों के साथ
      सांस लेने के लिए बहुत कुछ है
      जुबली कितनी दूर है
      तुम जहां भी हो
      पालने के नीचे जोली
    #shouryavarma #motherlove #motivation #love #life

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    माँ की लंगड़ी
      कल अवास्तविक उम्मीदों के साथ
      सांस लेने के लिए बहुत कुछ है
      जुबली कितनी दूर है
      तुम जहां भी हो
      पालने के नीचे जोली


  • sehersayed 2w

    "One day I'll be gone..."
    "When I won't be around you will realise..."
    "I'll leave you some day and you will know..."

    Some of the most common sentences our Indian mothers utter. I used to laugh them off because mothers don't go away. They can't go away. They're not supposed to. They don't leave their children alone. Or so we think.

    Because society has taught us that mothers live for their children. A woman lives for everyone else but herself. She cares for everyone in the family from her own mother to her mother in law to her husband her children and all the relations that we have ever known. She knows how to maintain them all. She knows how to take care of everything. Everything but herself.

    We take this blessing for granted.
    Have you ever argued with your mother for something as petty as not cleaning up the room? Or staying on your phone all the time?
    Have you argued with her for going out with your friends?
    Have you argued with her for other people?
    I have. And when I look back I think how stupid I was. Because everything that I argued with her about changed with time. I learnt how to clean up my own home and people friends drifted away. People came into my life and left. The only thing that remained constant was her unconditional love for me and the family. Pure selfless love. Which asked nothing in return. Which knew no measure.

    So today when I see everyone around shopping or teenagers just arguing with their mothers I want to tell them how lucky they are. How blessed they are to have their safe Haven. And I want to tell them to stop complaining about life being difficult because life isn't even 1% difficult when you have your mother around. You don't have to worry about life. What you're worrying about is just small things that become better or go away with time.

    Life actually starts when your parents are no longer alive. That's when you realise what you had been protected from. All the hardships and issues that you never faced because of their presence.

    Today when you see your mother hug her and hold her tight. Tell her she is the best and how much you love her. Take care of her. Take her out for a day at the spa . Give her an hour of me time. Ask her to relax while you take care of the dishes tonight. Because tomorrow isn't promised. And what you have today is so very precious.

    When your mother dies a part of you dies with her. The child within you. You can never be the same again. And that is when you realise that the world is a cruel cruel place and no one can ever love you like she did. She was the shade that protected you from the harsh sunlight and the wind and the rain.

    And sadly you will realise all of this only once she's gone...

    #mother #love #motherlove #life #reality #love #life #thoughts #diary #inspiration

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    Some of the most common sentences our Indian mothers utter. I used to laugh them off because mothers don't go away. They can't go away. They're not supposed to. They don't leave their children alone. Or so we think.

  • era_of_words 2w

    From Slippery Steps,
    To Perfect Run Chase !

    She Guided & trained his Athlete to Finish Best In The Marathon of Life.

  • _unsusual99_ 3w

    Still that hands mixed with hardwork and sweat brings salt and sugar to the stomach.....

  • writer_in_flesh 3w

    Soldiers in Hijaab.

    Getting shattered after burning her dream.
    And standing again for the sake of her toddler's dream.

    Hey mom, how come you didn't scream?

  • naina04 3w


    तु ही मेरी दुनिया है,तु ही मेरी जन्नत है।
    तेरे बिना मेरी जिंदगी,एक बिना उजाले की रोशनी है।
    माँ तु ही मेरे लिए सबकुछ है,
    खुदा से पहले तेरी पूजा मैं करूं,अपने लिए कुछ मांगने से पहले
    तेरे लिए सबसे पहले दुआ करूं।
    तेरे पास कोई गम ना आए,मेरी खुशी तेरे चेहरे पर खिल-खिला जाए।
    यहीं बस मेरा दिल कहता हैं।
    मां तु मेरे लिए वो सितारा है,जो हर समय चमकता है
    दिन मे ऑखो से नहीं दिखता और रात में दिखे तो गायब हो जाता है।
    ऑखो में तेरे ऑसू देख ना पॉऊ,तेरी खुशियों को कभी नजर ना लगने दूँ,
    तुम ही मेरे लिए वो हीरा हो जिसे खोने से सबसे ज्यादा में डरूं।

  • amequills 3w

    #mother #motherlove

    Read my thoughts on YourQuote app at https://www.yourquote.in/ame-quills-busxz/quotes/dear-mother-you-most-instinctive-philosopher-your-love-than-2er4k

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  • blank_ravi 3w

    अपना पेट काटकर उसने मुझे पाला है
    मेरे टूटने पर उसने ही संभाला है

    रातों को जाग कर, लोरिया सुनाई हैं
    जो कभी मैं रूठ जाऊं, उसने ही मनायी है

    पापा की डांट से, उसने ही मुझे बचाया है
    कौन अच्छा, कौन बुरा, सब उसने ही समझाया है

    रात को ठंड में, वो मुझे अपनी चादर ओढ़ाती है
    जो ठंड लगे उसको तो, वो बगल में ही सिकुड़ जाती है

    घर का सारा चिंता, वो अपने सिर उठाती है
    भगवान को वो भोग भी, समय पर लगाती है

    बड़ी मतलबी है वो
    मेरे हिस्से का दुख भी, खुद ले जाना चाहती है

    लोगों को मेरे सारे अच्छाई बताती है
    जो मैं अव्वल कर जाऊं, फूली नहीं समाती है

    मेरी तरक्की के लिए
    भगवान से दिन-रात दुआ मांगती है
    मेरी गलती का वो
    नादान कहकर, भगवान से क्षमा मांगती है

    मेरे भविष्य को लेकर, बहुत चिंतित हो जाती है
    जो मेरी नौकरी लग जाए, खुशी से झूम जाती हैं

    घर से दूर हूं मैं
    हर पल उसको चिंता मेरी रहती हैं
    जो समय पर खाना ना खाऊं,
    वो फोन पर ही कहरती है

    उसने मुझ पर सारा प्यार लूटा रखा है
    मैं जो थोड़ा काबिल हो जाऊं,
    मेरे लिए जीवन साथी ढूंढ तैयार रखा है

    मुझ पर गुस्सा जो होती है,
    मुझसे प्यार से ही कहती है
    मुझ पर अपने गुस्से का सजा, खुद को ही देती है

    क्या पता कैसे समझ जाती है वो,
    परेशान रहता हूं मैं
    हंसते चेहरे के पीछे से उदासी भाप जाती है

    कभी कुछ मांगा नहीं उसने मुझसे अपने लिए
    शायद इस मतलबी दुनिया को वो आईना दिखाती है

    मेरे लिए अपना पूरा जीवन वो त्याग जाती है
    भगवान होता है माँ, तुम्हें देख ये विश्वास हो जाती है !


  • mahamantri_writes 3w

    माँ बाबा

    उसने जब मुझे गले लगाया
    तब जाकर मुझे सुकून आया
    इतना आराम तो सिर्फ माँ के
    करीब होने पर मिलता है।।
    उन्होंने जब सर पे मेरे प्यार
    से भरा हाथ चलाया तब
    जाकर मेरे मन को करार आया
    इतना अपनापन तो सिर्फ पिता
    के पास ही मिलता है।

  • areesha__07 3w

    Meri taqdeer main koi gam na hota
    Agar meri taqdeer likhne ka haq meri maa ko hota