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  • the_nonchalant_one 2d


    Death is by far the worst thing you could wish for one, but is it really? If one needs to escape....
    Scribbling words no one would hear or see,
    You are your own worst enemy,
    The tears in your eyes sit like dewdrops in a chilly morning...
    Haunted by weeping memories, Everyday calls for a joyful mourning...
    Darkness is the only creeper, your forest allows,
    You let the dark take control of you, You are powerless, yet so... Powerful.

  • deepflowsoul 4w


    Nothing makes my heart sing quite like mutual gratitude and shared love!
    We all breathe under broken wings,
    A bunch of passionate mourning doves.
    When two souls meet, and carry each other,
    We embrace our truths as sister and brother!

  • thebhavnasaxena 5w

    Little Things

    It is the little things
    That haunt me, your
    Fingers tangled in my hair,
    Redoing a braid I did wrong,
    It is the promises I did not keep,
    It will be a rainy day and I will
    Add my secret spice to the stew
    You taught me how to make
    And when you taste it, you will
    Smile that smile that makes you
    Shine like the sun on a foggy winter
    Morning, it is the dreams that will
    Never come true, you and me sitting
    Together, telling each other stories
    Of times past and people forgotten,
    I must let you go, for nothing this
    Good can last forever, but it is
    The goodbye I never got to say,
    That I choke upon; grief isn't a
    Tsunami, it is a tiny river that
    Swallows me a little every day,
    But isn't it always the little things?

  • ndichuu 7w


    The night before 25th of December.
    Songs are sang.
    They pledge no harm no pain.
    People are merucial.
    Yes, they must be convivial.
    For Jesus will be born.
    But things are not the same,
    For the dark hue of death,
    Coloured the hue-man; the black man.
    Forgetting the pright of night,

    Frostbite, bereavement, conundrum.
    All hit in an ardent manner.
    My limbs are frostbitten,
    I can't stand, I can't walk.
    I can't come to see your death painting.
    I am bereft of you.
    My eyes can show the grief.
    Red as they are,
    Resembling your death-stained bones.
    Writing off the history.
    Of a man who once was alive.
    Conundrum engulf my mind.
    Why did you leave us?
    Jesus will be born soon,
    You left without seeing the saviour.

  • sarahrachelea 15w

    Even now you're already died,
    My Bride, Hella
    With your pale dead body
    Pumpkin, you're still beautiful

    ~ The Dark Love of Mr. Frankenstein

  • raindropsoncacti 17w

    If not here then where...?

    Things can be very clouded
    When you're in mourning, one many around here don't know...and one you didn't choose.
    It's hard to not spill out your heart on a page
    That you've been gifted, with divine timing, instead, to use.

    One you more than often, just to be able to smile and exist
    Have no choice but to bury and hide.
    A place you've come to adopt, in lieu,
    As a replacement for that best friend you once had by your side...

    I only ever intended to get the emotions out here
    Rather than discuss or display them "out there", in, real life".
    I amplify what I'm feeling through poems to process and release them, rather than keep them near,
    In order to go about my business, strive to be good, never meaning to cause strife.

    Poetry in a heart beat, in my hand, became that for me...
    My new confidante. My chalice. My outlet!
    But now my words on here have tainted good things.
    For doing that, I utterly regret...

    Rebecca was my heart, soul and my spirit's escape!
    She was the only one I could discuss with rawness, the most tragic but real things!
    Between us: being held hostage, repeated beatings, and rape...
    I still listen to her last voicemail, the call I didn't manage to take. My heart still sinks every time my phone rings...

    Through my mistake, I now feel I've ruined poetry for some, and caused harm for another, by my emotions purely missing the mark;
    I upset people inadvertently; trying to turn my hurts and pain to art;
    Attempting to find my light, in my dark.

    All whist still being made to miss having
    That one person... that treasure who was "mine".
    She was the only one who knew as much, and would reassure me, as I would always her,
    That everything was going to be fine.

    But it wasn't fine for her! Life was cruel and unfair. She was far too young to depart!
    She was taken. She was stolen.
    Too passionate for this world to contain...
    Ultimately, so kind, it killed her physical heart.

    Thus I'm clouded. I'm hurting. I have no excuse, of course.
    I feel like I've ruined so much with my turning tears and fears into ink.
    Despite that I feel now so much remorse.
    Without writing to replace her it's like I don't function at all.
    I don't know how to walk, or talk, or think!

    I'm trying to lift my spirits daily; to "channel her goodness'.
    Spend intentional, present time, loving my babies, and dancing.
    So many of my poems about love are about the kind she brought into the world -
    So many are nothing to do with romancing!

    I sing daily, sure
    But there's deep mourning
    In the every line I sing from my heart of a song.
    Our phone calls, as a record, could be as much as 9 and a half hours long!
    On average, they were usually around 4...

    I'm regretting using my pen, and I'm missing my friend.
    I could tell everything to her without any worry or fear.
    Thus I'm clouded by all that. I feel responsible for my wreckage.
    I feel full of sorrow... and can't exist beyond "it's been almost a year..."

    The only altar I place myself down to isn't in a church.
    It's at home. It's Bec's small but symbolic little shrine.
    The only thing I'm worshipping at present is learning how to embody her traits, and fulfil a destiny she aspired to but never reached,
    In trying to heal, see my own worth, and to use it all to do good with mine.

    One of the first things that came over me was how it felt heaven-sent. Being lead here felt so meant to be!
    For I hadn't been able to write at all since November.
    For the timing of being given a place for my feelings and verbosity was in sync with the loss
    That I'd been playing over and over in my mind since October. Impossible daily not to remember.

    I could tell everything to Bec, without any judgement
    And I attempted to use here to do the same.
    But now I can't. I can speak to her as I do, yet silence follows, which hurts.
    All that remains is her star, and her name.

    It's such a waste that she's not here anymore!
    And I probably shouldn't continue to tell my everything here.
    But if not here then where else? Notebooks and pens = I have plenty.
    They've remained on the shelf, too, building layers of dust, for an entire year...

    It's a hard call to make.... In this wake
    Of too much harm been done now. Too much hurting. Too much inflicting. Too much shame.
    Is it safer for anyone to not write here anymore?
    For as someone that sought to help not harm with my words, I should probably instead see this as the moment to open a window,
    And politely exit via the inside, after quietly closing this door...


  • commoved_1803 17w


    Is this how things come to an end...???
    Things destined to occur yet get undone
    Tidings from the unexpected descend
    Courses self willed, make way and run...

    Your's age was of innocence;carefree
    From the worldly turmoils and unrest
    You had a whole world to travel and see
    But all in vain, indecision was at its best

    You relieved us from any expectations
    From you, but in a manner of disbelief
    Your final decision, free from revisions
    And the final act, precise fatal, brief...

    It's difficult to realise this absurd plan
    It's impossible to accept you are no more
    Your words, "nothing is impossible, I can"
    Meant more than usual,made hearts sore

    I still have in mind your demands,desires
    But I have lost my smiles in tears for you
    My dear SIS! once full of life and admires
    Never you thought of me ere the last adieu...

  • emily_cjw 20w

    Lycoris Radiata

    Flowers of the grave, soaked in blood red,
    Robbing the grief from those pronounced dead.
    A flower, such beauty bloomed through tears shed,
    Carried the lost in its red flower bed.

  • kelvin_mathew98 32w


    Lockdown Days has been going on . I don't know what to say. I am missing some of my friends . I can't talk to them through phone without meeting them . I don't know why .They played a better part in my life . They always played for me in my life . They meant a lot for me . I value them . But When Iam stuck in Home . Those old memories are still haunting me . I can't sleep for the last two months . My Mind is full of them . My thoughts are filled with their faces and smiles .I still have a hope that these lockdown will end up soon after I will rush to meet them . Its the Last. Ray of Hope I had . Still waiting for you My Dearest Friends

    Friends are Everywhere But Best Friends are Rare
    Still Hopeful making Castles in the Air

  • pillai_geet 33w

    The unaccounted are the hapless who never got to fight for their loved one's life . They never had a say to begin with. To live with the memories and a self destructive regret.
    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #rwu #mourning

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    The Unaccounted

    Battered and withered, cant further strife nor tire
    Finding no purpose ,no guiding light, just self consuming ire
    Once a blazing light ,sprung from a raging wild fire
    Blown out ;your time undue , certainly not fair
    Why? In sheer earnest I ask, trust me I do care

    A familial disturbing darkness now trails my path
    Cruel voices whisper as I lay on this thistly berth
    "What can an ugly low life be ever worth"
    The space you vacated, forgone is a good share of my mirth
    Yesterdays had more savour ,hope dwelled with more depth

    Swimming to unwittingly sink in this bleak dreadful abyss
    Alongside folk who partake in that sense of something amiss
    Pining for that forfeited moment of a goodbye kiss
    Kind words and warm hugs, had no emphasis
    Banished to anguish in an expanse of endless eclipse
    Yearning a sweet smile long gone; lost to the bane of a fatal choice.

  • amie_abrahams 36w

    I miss You.

    Its been a few years since you took your last breath.
    And I still miss you.
    I remember the day your life ended as if it happened yesterday.
    Every detail etched into my brain.

    Getting the phone call that made my tears flow like a rushing river.
    The way I couldn't concentrate.

    I still see you everywhere
    I still smell your perfume
    I still hear your laugh
    But when I turn to look you aren't there and I remembered that you are gone.

    How can you leave me alone like this?
    I miss you more and more with every passing day.

  • faerie_fox_poetry 36w

    The Fire Man

    Rabbit-friend and gentle soul
    A snaggle-tooth smile and heart of gold
    I think of all the things you've seen
    And the many miles your beans have strolled
    Black as night with tuft of red
    You truly were quite a cat to behold

    But you had to take a different path,
    Our furry little friend
    And as we say goodbye to you
    We know it's not the end
    And all our love and care
    Along with you we send

  • ice_adonis 38w


    A moment of silence and solitude
    away from the noise and pollution of the world,
    to a place of gloom and dark ambience,
    a bridge between the living and the dead.

    The moon bears witness to my grief,
    the gut wrenching pain in my heart.
    The birds scurry away,
    bearing on their wings my sorrow.

    Back and forth, back and forth,
    the wind aids my movement,
    as I mumble words of greeting to the trees,
    or to the ones believed to live in trees.

    It may seem to you like I'm basking in bliss,
    this is no peace, the sky is bleak.
    Tainted with the screams of a mourning mother,
    thunder and lightening sympathizing with her.

    The trees have lost their soul,and so have I,
    swinging ever so freely but trapped in the recess of my aching heart.

    This may, in the end, seem like a cry to the heaven to set me free,
    but then it's not, I have everything I need in this gloomy place.

  • jynxielynn85 39w

    There is no word
    For the ones like me.
    No name to justify
    Our right to pain.
    No vows, or wedding band.
    Only a promise upon our left hand.
    We are the widows without rings.
    Love stolen by fate.
    Widowed in heart
    But not in name.
    No expression to define our pain.
    Left alone on our own.
    We are merely the bereaved.

    BleedingInk Poetry
    ©JynxieLynn85 Imagery ©Burak Ulker

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  • ink_and_daffodils 41w


    You are not gone
    And neither have you passed away
    Because your memories, evergreen
    Feed you life each day.

    Memories not black and white
    But a golden, pastel array.
    Like an 80's film of a father and a daughter
    On a clear summer day.

    My elation is evident
    As I race about and play.
    For I bask not in the sun
    But in your tender, loving gaze.

    With your arms around my shoulders
    And a smile on full display
    We dance to our secret lullaby,
    A father and daughter joining the trees in sway.

    These and many more
    Are passed with laughter and chardonnay.
    A trade by barter with memories as currency
    And we keep them on replay.

    So that you are not gone
    And have not passed away
    But immortalised in stone,
    Alive in our minds and hearts
    And there, you will remain.

  • crystallong 41w

    Of all the great things
    I've ever wished to know,
    Why, when humans die
    Do they die so slow?

  • bakchod_page 43w


    Wait about a time of your life
    It's talks about a pandemic
    Where the world is mourning
    We at our house wish to get relaxed
    This is just the same part of it
    Where all feel healthy and safe
    In the end all the things happen
    Are quite the same and sweet
    Hope this mother earth
    Also get sweet sleep and heal
    Get well soon my dear mother earth " I wish"

  • cassandraamay 47w

    For my auntie. I don't believe in angels or heaven, but she did.

    #angel #heaven #restinpeace #mourning #grief #love

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    Mourning for a Morning

    All you saw was the mourning on the morning that you left. And I'm sure those tears were an emotional toll on your new wings as you flew your way up, but believe me, once you reach your lofty pedestal of pastel clouds, painted by the sun itself, you will look back to see nothing but love.


  • feelingless_soul 49w

    Long Distance relationship

    The silence between them was far than the distance

  • dragoblade007 83w

    Thunder pays its respect

    As the lighting sings its song.

    The flash of its light, a dance of farewell.

    Bright for a moment,

    Then faded to dark.

    The mourning of a family breaks the silence.

    Death visits to take a lost soul.

    Finality echoes through the household.