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  • angelpie 5w

    Just become what u want #mydream

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    In My heart

    ✨✨My little heart you are fulfilled with dreames but all the dreames come true very soon but this one ... Does not my dreams
    is to become a teacher and my heart says that I will be someday soon but this is my dream......✨✨


  • s_aurabh 6w

    समस्त भारतीयों को भारत के 74वें स्वतंत्रता दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ और प्रार्थना है कि प्रत्येक भारतीय बिना किसी भेदभाव के सच्चे अर्थों में स्वतंत्र भाव से जीवन जी सके।
    #मोलस्वतंत्रताका #collab #independenceday2020 #happyindependenceday
    #स्वतंत्रतादिवस #independenceday #saurabhraj #like #comment #tag #follow #share #mydream
    Let's write our tributes to this great nation.

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    Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day to all ..
    This Independence Day, I dream of an India where the dignity of a human life stands above their identity, where justice is fair and non-discriminatory, where patriotism isn't about demeaning other countries but championing our own country.


  • artistic_writings_ 9w


    As everyone does I too started dreaming at a very early age, and of course it was not for real, my dream was to act in cartoon movies, yeah! too stupid to hear but my fantasies were my heroes. Date and taste both changed from cartoon to action movies and next I wanted to be an action hero but soon I realised it too need a lot of practice and struggle, but the most important thing was a GOD father in the industry and I had none of them to get in. Years passed with procuring realisation. And the most important thing I realised was that; An actual hero is neither the cartoon fantasies nor the action heroes, it was just my Father who played the role of a hero in my life, I understood that hero is not the one who fights with villian and saves the girl but the one who works daily to protect his family. Then, I was confused with my dream, but my father said a golden line “Don’t be a reel life hero for the audience, be a real life hero for your family.” And it was clear that profession is just a path for success and your hard work determines the success for you.

  • soyajax 10w

    A reunion to make...

    A brassbound reunion to make,
    a dream since long, for old times sake,
    recreating old memories, not for fake
    with music, champagne and cake.

    Of all mates of my schooling days
    a day to be spared from daily chase
    to relive our golden phase,
    A day full of appreciation and praise.

    Trying ten years challenge for real,
    keeping aloof, all social media deal
    to show everyone, what i feel?
    Longing for you all with a great zeal.

  • alizashamshad 10w

    I wrote this when i was not satisfied with my 12 result and i feel depressed...
    To feel happy and tension free i share my words..
    Please like comment and share...and plz viral it...its my humble request to all��������������������

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    Zindagi mai kabhi har to kabhi jeet hoti hai
    Ishq e upsc kiya hai janab pdhai hi sangeet hoti hai..
    12 ke marks ne ummeed todi to
    Upsc ne 100 ummeed phirse jodi
    Kisi k ghar ki roziya to maa baap ki khushiyan
    Jab ban jate afsar to apno ki sabashiya or duniya bhar ki waah wahiya..

    4 sal ki umar ka dekha hua khaab sach karna hai
    Mjhe mere maa baap ka naam roshan karna hai
    Lakh buraiya ho chahe mujhme mjhe upsc top krna hai...
    Har jau agr kbhi to rab ki bhtri smjhlu
    Ae rab itna sabr de ke lakh bar tut kr b jud jau..
    Ek bar ka tuta hua khaab or takleef zindgi nhi tay krti hai
    Junoon ho ankho mai or dil mai lagan
    Mera Ishq e upsc bhi hoga mukammal...

    Aj agar khaab jeet jata mera
    To name sirf school or board tak reh jata..
    Aliza ko to duniya bhar mai apni mohabbat felani hai
    District page pr nahi natinal page par photo lani hai
    School tak nahi sirf sari duniya tk pehchan bnani hai...
    Mere maa baap ki aj ki khushi se laakh badkar hogi wo khushi
    Jis din ankhon mai khushi ke ansoo or hotho pr muskurat hogi
    Upsc 2026 ki 1 topper Aliza Shanaaz Shamshad hogi...

    Meri maa ka khaab or dady g ke sath interview
    Is bat ko mjhe hi sach kar dikhana hai
    Darkar nhi din rat mehnat karke mjhe jeet jana hai..
    Bss rab ka or apno ka sath ho to
    Aliza ka ishq e upsc bht jldi pura ho....

  • ehd_e_wafa 12w

    Tere bin

    "Tere bin ab na lenge ek Bhi dammm..."
    "tujhe kitnaa chahee aur hamm............"
    "Tere sath ho jayenge khatmm............"
    " Tujhe kitnaa chahee aur hamm..........."

  • alu_shaji 16w

    I have often asked myself what's next...
    All the while it was my hope of reaching the heights that I had only dreamed of,
    what drove me forward........

  • m_u_s_s 20w

    Hey everyone! ❤
    I hope you all are safe and staying home during this hard time. Prayers for all❤

    I haven't been active in a very long time and I apologize! Was busy with stuff.

    But here is something I wrote after a friend of mine asked what do I want for my birthday, which is tomorrow i.e 12th May. Her question got me thinking and that's when I wrote this one down❤

    Hope you all enjoy it and repost as much as possible!
    And also you can connect with me on Instagram. Link in my bio❤

    Love to all❤❤❤❤

    #original #him #love #imagination #mydream #repost #like #share #comment #hearttalks #poetry #followformore

    @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    | HIM |

    Gray unfathomable eyes blazing with love
    His unshaven beard is spiky and rough.
    His unruly black hair are a mess
    Oh what would it be like to nuzzle his chest!
    He walks slowly as a predator towards it's prey
    I stand frozen in the middle of the cafe.
    The world vanishes and it's just him and me
    His presence has made the temperature rise by several degrees.
    I can hear my heart pounding loud and fast
    He's standing in front of me at last.
    Unable to speak I keep staring up at him
    Our rhythmic breathing sound like the tune of a Hymn.
    He raises his hand and his knuckles brush against my cheek
    My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak.
    A smile tugs his well sculptured lips
    I caress his face with my fingertips.
    He smiles his brilliant gigawatt smile
    I smile back like I haven't in a long while.
    We stand their smiling at each other
    While people in the cafe around us hover.
    I can't believe this utterly beautiful man is all mine
    I can't believe to my fate I once decided to resign.
    All the wait has been worth it
    Wasn't sure I'd ever again commit.
    And before I know it, his lips find mine
    The feeling is the most exquisite and divine.
    I don't care if people around are staring
    My soul and body are flaring!
    ©m_u_s_s ✍️

  • s2xxdl16 21w

    What's Your Dream?

    At this very moment,
    My only dream is to sit in front of my computer all alone
    No one will call my name
    No one will find me
    Just me and my computer.

    Maybe you'll ask
    Why? the truth is I don't know
    I don't know why
    I just felt this way all of a sudden.


  • dikshadobhal 21w

    Kash ye raat kabhi khtam na hotii

    Kash ye raat kabhi khatam hi na hoti
    Aur mai apne sapno mai hoti..
    Presan hu apne se hi
    Kash meri duniya hi sapno ki hotii..
    Pyar se rhati maje mai aur
    Na darti kisi ke kauf se.
    Asman bhi mere sath hota.
     sitaro se ghira hua..
    Kash vo sitar mere pas hota..
    Rakh pati use apne pas..
    Kash chand bhi mujhe se khata..
    Aa karau tujhj shair is asman ki..
    Vo badlo ko chute huye.
    Hawa ke sath..
    Bs yhi aye khyal..
    Kash ye raat kabhi khtam na hotii..
    Aur mai apne sapno m hi hotii..

  • _undefined_ 34w

    The wish to meet....

    I wish I could have a second chance to meet that ❤ person again for the first time......

  • madrose 41w

    You are

    I just want to say that you're the best anything that could've ever crossed my path.
    You're love for food rivals mine, you're passion for fun and enjoyment is what gives me hope; I don't know that even if I would've searched to ends of the world that I would've found someone like you. I just want to tell you that you make everyday that I get to know you a little more memorable and a little more love is added.
    You're my prayer before I go to sleep, and my wish when we met.
    You're the last thing I think about every night and my first thought every morning
    Every time my phone goes off I automatically think of you and get disappointed when it's not.
    You're everything I want and everything I need to be happy for the rest of my life.

  • perspective_matters 46w

    My World

    Our world is not doomed but our old beliefs and behaviors are, so when it feels like that world is coming to an end that's because it's the world as we now know it is shifting into a new world.
    A world where we care about each other because we stop laboring under the delusion that we are separate and start appreciating our connection.
    A world where people feel free to follow their dreams because they are encouraged and supported a world full of kindness and generosity because we finally understand our purpose for being here.
    - anonymous

  • supravadas 52w


    I want to be like my mom
    Who always care about others but herself.

  • dorothyvineetap 54w

    My only dream was!

    You are no more a friend, I feel,
    I cannot anymore share.
    My heart, my fears and doubts,
    I wonder if at all you care. 

    I am supposed to know that now,
    I have someone to fall back upon.
    But what if you are not at all there,
    Forget about even being anywhere aroun'.

    The future which becomes present,
    Still remains unchanged and lifeless.
    Every time I think that things will be better,
    My hopes and needs both seem just useless.

    I thought that would bring a change,
    Since that day we said, 'I do'
    A change in a way we shared and cared,
    Cared in the way that we vowed to.

    How am I supposed to take it? 
    Whether the vows meant anything at all,
    We seems to give up on each other every day,
    Rather than giving up on others and forsaking all.

    All I dreamt was what every women dreams,
    A house that she can call her own.
    A place to belong, cared, accepted,
    Above all someone who calls her own. 


  • pratyakshh 54w

    If you can dream it,you can achieve it

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    It's all about fashion ️
    But it is my passion
    Lakhs of people indulge in this career
    And I know I'm not the pioneer
    It is like a jungle with wilds
    Have to do lots of struggle with mild

  • weirdkorra 55w

    I wished I could be a rockstar

    Inspired by so many amazing Talented artists growing up
    I wondering if it could be one day free with the crowds and getting chased by paparazzi, be interviewed and get my songs on an album and a picture poster of me on the wall.
    I wish I could be famous like a shooting star.
    Get Someone to sing my song lyrics
    As I play on the guitar.
    But for now I will listen to my favorite albums by my favorite Artist on CD 💿
    And silently play my guitar.

  • rajahindustani 56w

    आकर्षित हुआ मै वर्दी की चमक से,
    साहस भरे उन कदमों की धमक से।

    सरहद की हिफाज़त करने जाना है,
    सियाचिन की ऊंचाईयों को पाना है।

    उन सितारों को नीचे खीच लाऊँगा,
    एक दिन मैं भी फौजी कहलाऊँगा।

  • bunny__tiny_writer 58w

    I Need

    All i need a place,
    Where i......
    Live my dream fearless.


  • _rajkumarrai 59w

    What is your happiness?

    :They asked

    Seeing "MBBS" After my name!!!

    :I Replied

    ©_Rajkumar Rai.