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  • esse_pastels 5m

    Does it ever make any sense at all? Time. Seasons. Years. Memories. It all fades away. Leaving behind only dusted heaps of loneliness, dried flowers and dead brain-cells.
    My mind sews in itself a million odd deranged postscripts entangled within themselves. All about You. Only YOU. My heart's been broken. Quite a bar above too many times. Still. Still I fall for you. A precisely calculated, yet logically & emotionally defined action justified for humans. Yet not for me. The Heart. It didn't come with a signboard disclaiming, not to love you in the first place. Not have my dreams & desires coincide in your beautiful brown eyes. The heart, it's a dangerously fragile organ which functions more than just pumping blood to other organs. It forces into my veins- emotions, passion, sensitiveness & desires to hold your hand. It passes in numbness yet a piercing trail of thoughts, all reminiscing YOU. And it's quite enough to fathom my beautifully collected life, trash into pieces, with sharp snappy edges. 'Cuz today is the first time, I saw You with her...
    My heart. A trillion pieces. Each stabbing a different section of my brain, making it paralyzed. Each flashing up a different memory. A different diary entry. And today's the first time, I ever realised, all my diary entries are about YOU. It's been all about you.
    Time. Seasons. Years. And... Memories
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    Dried Seasons_

    Does it ever make any sense at all? Time. Seasons. Years. Memories. It all fades away. Leaving behind only dusted heaps of loneliness, dried flowers and dead brain-cells.


  • amantes 17h

    There was a part of me nobody cared about,
    And then it was you who loved them the most.....


  • rajbaishya 1d


    Pta nhi aap kha se aake mere khyalo se ish kadar behne lga
    Ki aab sase v tere izaazat mangne ko Dil kehne lga

  • the_broken_echo 1d

    Left Me

    You left me for you're own selfish reasons... Did you once think about what it would do to me... No, no you didn't because of you i thought i ment someone who loved me but instead i ment someone who now has me under his control and i have no way out... All because you left me

  • amantes 2d

    So what if I'm not yours, you will still be mine
    Coz i have loved you with all my heart and mind.
    I know it was not your mistake neither i was wrong
    But where there's love, hurt has to be born....


  • ehsaas007 3d

    Tu chahaton sa Mil...

    Dhoop si duniya main thandi chhanv sa mil
    Bhagti daudti duniya main fursaton sa mil
    Dard hain bahut is zamane mein...
    Tu falak ke us paar ik nayi duniya main rahaton sa mil..
    Nafratein hain duniya main gar to kya
    Tu Chandni raaton mein chahaton sa mil
    Khwaabon mein milna koi baat nahi..
    Tu muskurahatein lekar hakeekat sa mil...

  • ehsaas007 3d

    We the Writers..

    We want to write Bandishon se Pare
    We want the ink Ki wo ankahe jazbaat kahe
    We want the words Wo humare dil ka haal kahein
    We want to tell ki is khamoshi ko akhir kab tak sahein..
    Its quite a difficult way to express jo nahi samjha gaya..
    We still try and do perfectly jo nahi pehle kaha gaya..
    Lets keep playing with words and never with someones emotions..
    And keep your self happy in the world of words..

  • ehsaas007 4d

    An Appeal....

    It was 46 degree hot in Jaipur yesterday..
    Roads are as hot as burning lava..
    We should be thankful to god that we are living in our rooms with A.C. or Air Coolers..
    But there are stray dogs on the streets near you..and they face all the heat daily
    They dont have water to drink or food to eat..
    If possible Kindly place some water in a plastic container near by them..
    If you can give them some food..that will be too good for a human to be called a human in true sense!
    Please save lives save them from dying!

  • sinan_km 4d

    I Quit! (Corporate Job)

    A job after graduation seemed to soothe me,
    But then, I didn't knew what the end would really be

    I worked like a slave, yearning for them to see,
    For I saw, working 24/7 made them happy

    I desired nothing but provide for my family,
    But what I received was nothing barely

    I was a fool back then, without a dream;
    Three years like a machine and lost all esteem

    Though a glorious gladiator up in their sleeve,
    The lack of money made me grieve

    If all the time in the world could be mine,
    I wanna start again, rise, and shine

    My longing made me vulnerable and stressed,
    So, I started part-time to keep my home blessed

    My occasional income distressed the firm,
    But why? I never missed any work in my term

    They tried to license my research in their name,
    But under the promise to offer me the fame

    Fake promises were to just keep me on their heel,
    My efforts, their fortune, never cared how I feel

    Nor did they spell my name neither any fame,
    Success was shared but with the family to claim

    All of a sudden, I became a novice,
    Nor did they had time to think of it twice

    For them, my abilities had faded away,
    And all I risked for them went astray

    My boss started shouting and shaming at me;
    But after all those years, I knew it was a strategy

    The strategy they once used to throw someone away,
    I think they forgot I knew it some way

    I quit like they wanted and walked out with grief,
    That's when an evil smile lurked out like a thief

    After all, it was a happy ending for me,
    But you might simply doubt "How shall it be?"

    The genius of corporate shaped me well,
    I plotted all the plan and enacted it like hell

    For them, my memory and, expertise faded,
    Even the works degraded,
    But, never knew that it was I who decided

    All they ever knew was they made me quit,
    But they didn't learn that it was all my wit

    The puppets were played too well, they didn't knew;
    As to what I became, I'm a competitor that outgrew


    Moral: "Sometimes you gotta play role of a fool to fool the fool who thinks they're fooling you" - Unknown

  • vswrites97 4d


    रोज कमा कर रोज़ खर्च करने वालों में से है हम, यूं
    किश्तों में जिंदगी जीना हमें पसंद नहीं.....

  • tathagatkaushik 5d

    �� bolo kaha h ����
    Where is my Oscar for
    Acting like my life isn't
    Falling apart ???? #where #my #oscar #acting #mylife #falling #apart #thoughts

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    Where is my Oscar for
    Acting like my life isn't
    Falling apart ????


  • vinit___ 5d


    An empty soul, with a deep strife in his
    mind, in that chilling winter night.

    The warmth of the blanket, that's
    sometimes unable to revive.

    Those thousands of thoughts running on
    rewind, in the backside of his mind.

    That's He was all about...:,-)


  • vinit___ 1w


    AFsos...ki yeh baarishein bhi
    hissedar hai uss ahsaas ki,
    jo mujhe tujhse jode rkhta hai...:,-)


  • tathagatkaushik 1w

    Meine jinka Likha tha unhone bhi kisi aur ka likha tha ��
    Story of my life �� --- std---5th

    My insecurities started when my
    5th grade hindi teacher asked
    The class to write a letter to our
    Best friends and no one wrote
    My name..... #story #mylife #insecurities #started #hindi #teacher #letter #bestfriend

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    Story of my life --- std---5th

    My insecurities started when my
    5th grade hindi teacher asked
    The class to write a letter to our
    Best friends and no one wrote
    My name.....


  • tathagatkaushik 1w

    Even if we can't be together in the end ��
    I'm glad that you were a part of my life �� #we #not #together #end #glad #part #mylife #thoughts

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    Even if we can't be together in the end

    I'm glad that you were a part of my life


  • lakshmi_sou09 1w

    Your sound was once my healing power,
    But now it doesn't even have value,
    In my life......

  • ehsaas007 1w


    Media:Humein Mazdoor se koi sarokar nahi..humare liye ye log mehaz TRP Badhane ka zariya hain bas..

    Politicians: Marta hoga mazdoor..humein kya..haan waise is bahane hum Rajneeti poori karenge..is madad ke samay mein bhi kamiyaan khojenge..aise kaise bhejde mazdoor ko gadiyon mein..Thoda politics to khel lein..

    This is the true face of the two pillars of our democracy..painful..but they are hopeless worthless..and senseless.

  • loveherless 1w

    It's not that I don't trust you-- I just don't trust myself. I'll end up hurting you if this keeps going on, it's facts.

  • dailyspeakingmind 1w

    #mother #love #mylife

    The fragrance of my childhood,
    Hides in the folds of your embrace,
    which will cannot be replaced
    from another.
    The smile in your face when you see me
    was the only hope I have
    I pretend not to cry when I get
    the feeling if losing you
    because it couldn't be imagined
    My childhood was spent well
    But it needs to be revised back
    when your love was enough to me
    to make my whole world look brighter
    like a lighted lamp
    which will enlighten the darkness
    The memory flies back and forth
    giving a sign of the feeling
    That the emptiness of my life
    The isolation
    The neglection
    The suffocation
    without you in my life
    The light to my life
    Dear mom !
    you are the light to my life
    you are the happiness of my world
    you are my everything
    you are the hope I have
    which will make me strong to live
    with hope for tommorow
    My life is much comfortable
    when your warmth is in my life
    the love would fill the emptiness
    the affection would
    fade away the isolation

    My childhood the fragrance of it
    will be wrapped tight in you embrace
    and sealed forever in my heart
    with much love .

    All rights reserved.
    Rashmi Roshini Gunarathne


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    I pretend not to cry


  • aditidas 2w

    Hello everyone this is small article written by me to convey the message of equality amongst everyone and I would really appreciate if everyone would read it and think about it and if there is any mistake then pls write in comments ����
    Note-: this message is not trying to violent or misbehave it's just try to convey the message of equality amongst everyone #mirkee#writtersnetwork #equality #noinequality #life #������ #article #me #mylife #nointerference

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    Equality in our society

    Hello everyone ,
    I hope everyone must be doing well. So guys what do you think equality means in our ? Okay so let us take a basic meaning of equality , equality mean that everyone should be given equal rights and opportunities . Right? So do you think is this meaning true ? Is this what society does ? What I think is no society has never practiced this equality and you only 5% of people practice equality it's a quite bitter truth but ya this is only the truth . Few days back there was news that a widow was trying to help the village people by feeding them during this pandemic but the village people refused eat from her handmade food as she was a widow and you know the magistrate of that village set a example of equality amongst everyone by eating food from her hand and that was really heart touching. I felt really grateful for him . Now you must be thinking why did I gave this example? So let me answer your question , I gave this example so that I could try to explain the people who think they are too rich and they are the most big people in the world but, they are not so because they don't have a heart they don't understand the meaning of equality . The one who understands the meaning of equality , love , faith , generosity , poverty is the one who is the most biggest person in the world. Most of the times I saw that people deny taking something or giving something to lower caste people . That is what another problem in our society . In the caste system there are 4 groups :
    1. Brahmins ( pandits)
    2. Kshatriyas ( kings and the warriors)
    4.shudras(the labours)
    So as the above mentioned caste system says that there are 4 groups and the most lowest caste is shudras , earlier there was another caste was there called Dalits or the untouchables as per the society it was said that these people are too much polluted and even if someone touched them so so they got polluted . Even educated people also practice this even after knowing that the father of Indian constitution , Dr B.R Ambedkar was a dalit and he wrote the indian constitution but still it is practiced . according to article17 untouchability has been totally abolished and the 6 months imprisonment + 500/- fine but what I think it is not a good Punishment for them what I think is it should be more than one year and the person during imprisonment have to eat, live, talk and drink water from an lower castes hand cause he/ she should also understand the how it feels when you are treated like that but who am I to do this I am not a political leader nor above 18 to speak about this I am just a 12 year girl who wants that equality should be spread with this message I would like to conclude and say that who so ever is reading this article should try to convey this message to each and every citizen thank you and have a good day .
    Jai Hind Jai Bharat