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    To my fellow mates,who lifted me and praised me for my write-ups I wholeheartedly glad.Berry berry thankyou everyone. #500followers (✷‿✷)
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    The intense blue sky meeting the sapphire ocean and carnelian sun ready to set down .Leftover sky is filled waves of yellow flowers of cloud I can see green lofty tree dancing with wind shedding the leaves of melancholy .The chirping of birds and susurration of waves. I sat on the soft sand and incarcerate the irresistible view via writing it in diary.The world is incorporate of myriad human, diverse feelings, umpteen ways of expressing it . The pulchritudinous way to articulate is writing .Just like string of guitar I play notes of words through my finger.

    From fathomless ground to elevated sky,
    From Nunavut to Antarctica,
    From birth to quiteus,
    From Felicity to Malaise,
    From snow of winters to sunlight of summers.

    Everything is confined in writings.No curb for verbalizing oneself.Every human is elegant in their own course of action likewise there way of expressing too.when human miscarry to puzzle out then destined a Trek from veins of your heart to ink of the pen.

    ~Shaik Maryan

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    @_hessa_ Purple inspirations.. I tried your style, is it good����
    @_thewordplayer @veloc1ty_ @petrichor_tales Thank you "Interview Inspirations" ��

    I tried to write something good, is it a fail? ��
    Any favorite lines?

    1. If you like to write a reply letter, tag me with #paramour_writes (I feel nobody gonna write��)
    2. Purely Fiction ����

    ~Penned and Posted on July 24, 2020.

    *NO TITLE*
    (If you can suggest, I can add the title��)

    LETTER ✉
    The dear someone called 'MINE' in the drenched past,

    These mizzles by 7.52 in the evenings are something which always bring me to your doors of agapes, which are closed forcibly by you, forever..... After these senseless betrayals for three great years, the meaning of love I got was only this - "Choking PAIN in hearts and brains"

    Do you remember? We had seemingly built up our own universe- a serene one, filled with felicity. Our love was something which would sometimes be crushed roses- smashed by rough hands. Yet, the gentilesse stems of bonding always had place for new roses to bloom wide, attracting heartfelt souls. But now, things have seemingly changed, just as you moved yonders away from me. Over the days, being novaturient is what I want, but changes never swept my way.
    //Distances bring changes in the mind as well as the heart, for every garden has to lose yellowed grasses and drooped flowers as soon as time goes away from them//

    Days passed on and on, but our love never passed on to the next level. Our love just dusked as the sky does, but never appeared at its beauty; just faded out to vantablacks. 12 am had to gift me dark boxes though. The 6am  mornings and the sunshines just stopped embracing me; such a painful soul I was. Embracing me would perhaps make even sunshines darker; it had rays of glistening joy, and I had rays of excruciations and depressions. My perception that our saga would stay amaranthine also dusked; it was the same love which was iridescent- now became the darkest book, which none preferred to leaf into. I just learnt yearning to you over the years, but never got a step to move up. The susurrus zephyrs which seemed to caress me so gently have now become rageous storms for no reason, hitting my already fragile heart and shattering it to the tiniest smithereens. I am just left with just one question, "Why?"

    Now I understand- even an elfin chaos amidst the salt and sugar can hamper the taste of a delicacy made with utmost efforts. I'm still left with many questions though, which would perhaps never get cleared. My possessiveness, my emotions, my solicitude, what was the reason? Those initial days spent with you, a diary titled "Mine forever" filled with blank pages, a rose you gave me, now almost decomposed like my heart, and most importantly - PAIN, is what left with me now as mere memories. Maybe my unflappable nature was always misused by you, and many others too, who just left me barely nude with myriad agony all around.

    The blood in my arteries has stopped flowing, but still, this heart pumps a crimson- hued thing called BELIEF; an ethereal belief that you'll come back to me, realizing that I am a selcouth and a true soul. My heart has bore much pain than me myself, I wanted to transfer the pain to something else; how much can a 340gram weighing muscle bear? But, nobody can take this much, is the sad reality now .............

    They say, wine turns medicinal as it turns older. But why didn't our bonds strengthen and soothe as time flowed? The ineffable kalon in you is what my senses have already experienced, but this greedy soul wanted more, just a bit more. If not this, then what?
    I need answers, once and for all. If you can't get me out of the well, just don't. But don't let me drown into by digging it deeper.

    //I keep finding wrong ones,
    but I want love,
    Again and again//
    (lines from BOYFRIEND of Selena Gomez ❤️)

    Your betrayed one, Krish.

    ~S r i K r i s h n a P S
    And yes, my favourite word is PAIN.
    (Experience and pain relate��)


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    @writersbay I merged many challenges. I hope it isn't a mess...
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    This is:
    "Lost the Words" Part 3
    "Perhaps Hope in a
    Poet’s Purgatory" Part 2
    (Through a different POV)

    Click this tag> #blue_block to find the other parts ��

    I was too lazy to see if there was a word that meant this, so I just made my own:
    Lavaic (adj.) - reminiscent of lava; related to lava in some way

    #blue_challusion #cyanentry #bluepup
    #yearnc #myriadc #aubic @writersbay

    P.S. I discovered that all synonyms of "sand" suck �� lol that's why in the part before this, I referred to it as "deathly static"

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    Perhaps Hope in a Poet's Purgatory Part 2

    Still reflecting on past experiences,
    I relive those harsh times in my imagination:
    We had to decide what was the best solution 
    To liberate the sentient concepts,
    Abducted by a beaver wearing human skin
    From behind the dam on a deserted, desert island,
    Across from a decaying city settled in lavaic sand.

    We scouted for days- ones we couldn’t spare,
    For a way to save us from the tragic end
    Of a dream yearning to be more.
    When we couldn’t last any longer 
    Without determining a decisive course of action,
    We ultimately decided, “To hell with it!”
    And planned to demolish our alleged enemy
    With the only way we knew how.
    Digging, digging, digging, digging,
    We dug into the concrete until, and after still,
    The flesh of our hands slipped off,
    As if we weren’t attempting to strip away
    A wall, piece by piece, with bare bones,
    But, instead, imagined gathering soft earth
    In preparation to construct a sand castle. 

    For years, we persisted in gravedigging,
    Not noticing how we were already living skeletons-
    Was there even a reason to hope for survival 
    When death had already overtaken us?
    No, not us- me
    I was the skeleton pointlessly burying myself
    In a hope I lost long ago
    But still pretended I believed in out of habit,
    And like how I realized too late
    The state of my mental and physical being,
    I didn’t comprehend the betrayal
    Of my one and only companion, Emma,
    For, at some point, when I paused to glance up
    From the task I’d repeated gazillions,
    Staring back at me with an evil smirk of triumph,
    Body unscathed- with flesh and all, was she
    Who was my travel buddy for almost a lifetime.

    Not two seconds later, 
    After her eyes and the sockets 
    Where mine used to be held met,
    The water blocked by the dam 
    Burst out of its prison-
    An eruption I should’ve been ready for,
    Washing me away with the tsunami.
    It happened too swiftly-
    I could barely perceive 
    My own lack of breath 
    And the dam’s debris storming at me
    As I was shoved, dragged this way and that,
    By the thoughts I never knew could drown me.

    The flow calmed eventually,
    Leaving me to rest on a bed of wet sand
    Like a seashell discarded on the beach.
    I couldn’t move what was left of my body,
    Only able to gape at the bleeding sky of purgatory:
    *Sigh* it finally rained brutal irony-
    Why did it have to rain at that moment?
    How fitting for life blood to fall down on a corpse
    When all it wished for
    Was the right timing for it to grant life.
    My final breath was whispered to the downpour
    Betwixt my jawbones peeking out 
    From underneath the desert island shore-
    Fortunate to breathe until then, I guess 
    (Imagine a skeleton who could live 
    Until the last of its flesh was rinsed off).
    The last sensation I felt was of the hot zephyr 
    Carrying over myriads of sand
    To bury the last of myself in oblivion.

    Apparently, however, death was not the end
    For when my body died- my soul remained.
    Now I haunt the traitorous poet 
    Who chose words over me, Writer’s block,
    Patiently waiting for the perfect moment
    To strike back into her living days
    Like Earth’s assassin, Lightning.
    I’ll dive into her head, erasing her everything
    Like she did to the me who believed 
    In the friendship we, perhaps, 
    Infinitely could have sailed along in 
    If never ever we found ourselves in Purgatory,
    And this time, I’ll construct a dam obstructing 
    Nothing but what I’ll make her believe is behind it,
    So that when she aims to kill me again 
    With hands still stained with my blood,
    What she’ll find after shoveling into obstruction
    Will be the realization she dug her own grave instead.


  • sangfroid_soul 12w

    • in the end it's you against you •

    To Billie Eilish,

    As I lie supine on the ground staring scrutinizingly and casually at the clouds forming different patterns in the mauve sky above my head, wearing the wind on my whirling hairs whirlpooling the soul.
    Recently I saw your extraordinary short film which I had heard the news this March. So, I decided to read the comments people had written under it. This was the first time I ever visited your Instagram handle and the moment I opened that post of yours in which you’d posted the short film the first thing I saw was an unethical comment of a certain Lisa. It was so disturbing that I reported that comment. An hour or two later I got the message that her comment had been reported thanking me for reporting and all. The next day I saw the same person’s message and again some more hurtful words. But what I noticed was that along with the myriad hateful comments the comment box was sprinkled with optimistic and caring and comments saying how brave you have been and how much they all love you.
    Billie you are amazing and amazing is an understatement and you’re too power-packed and good and mature for your age. I was reading the transcripts of your interviews and there was a line that stroke me.
    “I don’t even call them fans. I don’t like that. They’re literally just a part of my life; they’re a part of my family. I don’t think of them as on a lower level than me. I don’t think I’m anything but equal to all of them. So yeah, they’re basically all of my siblings.” “Nothing really scares me, to be honest.”

    You are extraordinary and the reason why people hate you is they feel threatened by the immense power of your heart and art and voice that stops people on their tracks as it did to me last year when I first heard your song, ‘bad guy’. As the youngest person and the first woman to get all major annual awards at Grammys, and to get six nominations there, Billie, I must say, you’re doing more than great, girl. People love you; people accept you; people respect you, people understand you. People understand the intensity of tremendous baggage of expectations and pressure and hope, people of all age all over the world, especially the youth have on you.
    Sometimes we have bad days and other times really good days overpowering them, the brightest rainbow comes after the strongest storm with rays of sunshine falling on the drizzling raindrops.
    Let the haters hate 'cause that's the only thing they know how to do properly when they feel intimidated by someone so young, influential, famous, different, unique and being oneself authentically despite everything. Do know that when I have a bad day all I do is listen to the addictive selcouth tunes of your music, your angelic voice and the depth of the pain in your mature lyrics. I understand you, Billie Eilish.

    I love your name, Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell. You are my inspiration. Before you, I didn't consider anyone who inspired me enough to spark something powerful, the one that coerces you to change the world in even the tiniest way. The second I'd heard your song, bad guy, I knew this girl who's singing is right away going to be my favourite singer. You're someone I could always look up to. The unabashed way you're yourself that's a really tough and brave thing to do. Someone who always wears what she likes you shatter every stereotype and unjust opinions of people on Body shaming. Being just 2 years senior to me, I feel I've got a lot to learn from you, your interviews, your ideas, your songs and idea about life.
    You look a lot beautiful when you smile. I love your smile though you seldom let the corners go up genuinely, making it so rare and out of this world kalon.
    I love you Billie Eilish. I adore you. I respect you. I know life can become tough and understand it becomes tougher when you're young, famous and yourself and being a teenager makes it more difficult.
    But you've got the back of millions of people of almost all ages. Do what you are doing and when things get a bit difficult you can take a break to come back sturdier and mentally stronger. We love you. I love you.

    One of your admirers
    sangfroid soul

    A note to Billie’s haters.
    She’s just 18. Stop spreading hate. You shouldn’t have sexually objectified a minor on the internet. Do you know the consequences of your actions? It affects mental health. Someone who always had put on layers of layers to disallow people from judging her, and her body can you imagine how she felt when the photo of her wearing crop top was trending on twitter. I'm disappointed. And every one of us is unique and she’s just being herself without following all the opinions the society smacks to the face of its people. You have to accept her the way she is and if you can’t well, it’s your perception that is damaged. She’s a teenager who has won 4 Grammys and is proud of the person she is yet through and through humble and has struggled a lot. If you don’t like her then don’t listen to her music and kindly shut that judgemental mouth of yours minding your own business. And do not spread hate for her. She’s an artist and all artist need to be respected for who they are and what they do. And if still you don’t like her and feels she’s unworthy of every attention and fame she is gaining, tell me what have you done with your life till now?

    #mauvec #endc #selcouthc #kalonc #worthc #myriadc #inspirec

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  • scribbling_wanderess 12w

    The traffic light turned red,
    Cars, buses, all the vehicles stopped
    A car's window went down
    "In sabhee samaano ki kitani keemat hai?"
    ("How much cost for all these stuff?")
    Somebody from inside asked.
    She bought everything and even paid a bit extra.
    The poor kid smiled and thanked the Lady humbly
    Myriad dreams were depicted through his naked eyes
    In which one was to feed his family today
    and that was accomplished!

  • _musks 12w

    Myriad of thoughts flows
    Round-the-clock at same thing
    Whether sunshine,bubble wash or rainbow
    Your focus of life lies there
    Although existence
    As metaphors are crafted there

  • bliss__ 12w

    P.C to the rightful owner ��

    Myriad - A countless or extremely great number of people or things.

    #myriadc #writersbay #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #ceesrepost #feels #fireflies #darkness #myrrrh #illuminate #scribbles #poetry #staysafe #stayhumble #blessed ��

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    She danced all night
    Surrounded by myriad of fireflies
    Oh! such a delight
    The Illuminating fireflies
    Soaking in all the darkness around her
    Soul reviving to the smell of myrrh
    She danced all night
    Wishing the fireflies would never leave her sight

  • bclark2681 12w

    Break the Chains

    Myriads of people scream for change,
    Pray for miracles that someday, our
    World will be as one, break free from
    The chains of racial altercations

  • nivey14 12w

    #pod #ceesreposts #myriadc #angelordevil #Choice


    My life is very much interesting inside my head.
    You know, the struggle in my head......Goes on
    A place finer than heaven.
    Fire hotter than the hell..
    The endless fight there doesn't takes the name to
    Give a stop.
    Spinning round, round and round and round..
    Getting louder, louder and a more louder....
    Two voices so noisy there.
    Who stands - the horns or the halo?
    Black or white? Which color shine..
    Please do stop, it's getting me to worries.
    Tell me how can I make it stop
    Tell me what should I choose.
    Or why don't you be the judge...?
    The myriad of fights between..
    The struggle in my head goes on..


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    Two voices so noisy..

  • mirakeewrites_ 12w

    I saw him hanging full behind a misty veil,
    he kept spreading that silver aura all night without fail.
    Now I waited for the night,
    just to have his one sight.
    He came and went,
    all the time looking at him I spent.
    One day I found him a little small,
    I wondered if he had a fall.
    He kept getting smaller by each passing day,
    I was too concerned about its decay.
    I finally asked him why he was fading,
    or was he still whole and masquarading.
    He winked,smiled and they were only phases,
    he is always full just sometimes lazes.
    He goes through the cycle of waxing amd waning,
    Its just his way of sustaining.
    I was confused but too amused,
    how everyday it looked a little diffused.
    Days passed by and he kept on shrinking,
    Will he not come the next day, I kept on thinking.
    After a few days,he seemed too thin,
    as if he had no face just a chin.
    I asked him if he was not feeling well,
    he told me tomorrow was his farewell.
    Oh I see! I said,
    feeling sleepy, it was time for bed.
    But when will you return to your own self,
    today you look so small as an elf.
    he just smiled and saild away,
    I didn't see him until the next day.
    The next day almost gone,
    just before the crack of dawn,
    he crept by the window pane,
    peeked a little and went by the lane.
    as though ready to sail to galaxies through the dark sky,
    oh he went away without saying goodbye.
    He has such myriad forms,
    everyday I see him,he transforms.
    Again the surge of silver will rise,
    He sure is a blessing i desguise.
    teaches us to change yet remain the same,
    Sometimes a fleck of light,sometimes scarlet ball of flame.


    @writersbay #writersbay
    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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    Sprinkling sleepy dust in my eyes,
    Wearing stars as trinklets, moving through the skies.
    lips of amber never apart,
    moon is always close to my heart.....

  • the_speccy_outsider 12w


    Picture credits: To the rightful owner.

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    Myriad of evanescent epiphany still makes you wonder if it is still natural to live in a dreamland.


  • _thelunareclipse_ 12w


    a myriad of
    different colours
    in front of your eyes,
    choose wisely
    every tone,
    before you create
    your own specter,
    think twice,
    before you select
    In which shades
    your life
    to paint.

    { Image found on Pinterest }

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  • silkreads 12w

    The myriad of swirling words
    Churning in an attempt to be
    Gathered together on a radiant wall
    Best described as a paper
    To overcome the plethora of darkness
    To pay a visit to the blissful soul
    Indeed to remind me
    Of the worth cherishing memories
    Locked in that diary
    Lying on my bedside corner
    Forever unlocked to my heart!


  • szareinna 12w


    Your eyes sparkle like the myriad of stardust that bursts in the universe.
    I feel like a shooting star⁠—constantly falling in the ocean of your eyes.
    You're like a black hole, I can never escape you.
    You always find me everywhere—even in my thoughts.

    You're like a whole universe
    It would take a lifetime to understand you
    You hold so much mystery and marvel  
    I will never get tired unraveling you.


  • vidya_01 12w

    M y r i a d

    I sit and I stare at the blank piece of paper
    Or the black computer screen
    My mind wanders to thoughts of the past
    Or whatever in front of me I see.
    Trying to pull just one single thought
    Out of the web of strings
    Challenges me to concentrate
    On just one of the myriad of things.
    How many thoughts get lost in the transit
    Numerous in the process of thought
    Notebooks and pens all over the place
    Recorders too many I've brought.
    If not written down and finished just now
    It is gone to the world of ink
    If lost to the moment it shall return
    And be better next time I think.


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    today my mind is dripping with myriad of challenge post ideas.
    #myriadc @writersbay

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    #cees_dsm_chall #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #myriadc @writersbay
    Last line credited to Roger Waters - "Brain Damage"
    Joon means soul/spirit/life

    8 July 2020 9 am

    Dark Side of the Moon

    When grey clouds gather around the moon
    No light reaches your abode, looming gloom
    You, who pushed away everyone too soon
    Escaped to the island where no flowers bloom
    To weep and sleep away life alone in your room

    Through the window you witnessed the doom
    This world you adore fading out as you zoom
    Blood of life lay thick on the surface maroon
    Your eyes search for a soul alive, with whom
    You could share your grief, sorrow that loom

    Down memory lane, plays that dulcet tune
    In sync with your erratic heartbeat intune
    Here lies lives who left dreams in the tomb
    Craved to feel life to its fullest, stamped loon
    Myriad of colors embellished in their Joon

    No race where you fail before you try, so move
    No place you miss like the heart of your home
    Even if great words of praise flow from noone
    You should try your best, no life is picayune
    Hold life in your hands, let buds of hope bloom

    When the deed is done the lonely heart croons
    " I'll see you on the dark side of the moon "


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    Dark side of the Moon

    When grey clouds gather around the moon
    No light reaches your abode, looming gloom
    You, who pushed away everyone too soon
    Escaped to the island where no flowers bloom


  • smily_aina 12w


    There was a cloud, cute and fluff
    Like cotton candy, sweet & pure
    It roamed the sky in different shapes
    Enjoying life in myriad ways

    The one's tied down couldn't see it free
    To drag it down, was their spiteful reverie
    With pointing fingers and hypocritic skits
    Made its life a bottomless pit

    It changed it's form, holding its cry
    Turning black, still in the sky
    A giant cloud hovering over the city
    Filled with guilt it overshadowed the vicinity

    Those earthly beings still cursed at it
    For it blocked all the sunshine warm
    While it stayed without rain or storm
    Showing that it means no harm

    Day by day grew thick and big
    Covering the entire town
    Whilst humans were all busy praying
    When will this obstacle be gone

    It stood there hoping they realise their misdeed
    Yet no-one noticed the weight it carried
    The time came, it lost all hope
    Decided to vanish and not to cope

    Dropping down its last tear
    Bidding adieu to all those dear
    The giant raindrop flooded the town
    To wash away all the notions queer

    //The sun shone again & the cloud was gone
    While some rejoiced, some were left to mourn
    Later on, a new cloud is born,
    The cycle continues, and the story goes on//


    #aubic #myriadc
    #smily_aina #rain #anxiety #ceesreposts

    Pic credits to the rightful owner.
    I wrote this poem as a way to depict how society and their
    notions affect a person to the point of ending their lives, or how it leads someone to depression. Had this idea for a while.
    The cloud metaphors as the one in depression & humans as in the society.
    I don't know whether I did justice to it.

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    Story of the RainCloud

    (Read caption)

    came, it
    lost all hope
    Decided to vanish
    and not to cope; Dropping
    down its last tear, Bidding adieu
    to all those dear; The giant
    raindrop flooded the town,
    To wash away all the
    notions queer.


  • pinknpurple 15w

    I was a lonely
    lost wanderer
    seeking light
    in the woods of dark .

    Lost in the thought
    of what to search
    I heard someone
    whispering secrets to me .

    The susurrous night
    the burble of a brook
    the magic in the wind
    took me to you .

    A silver moon glade
    lighting my path
    I saw you there
    moonstruck at once .

    Ethereally fabricated
    by the eesome night ,
    you were a blue moon
    never meant for me .


    #blue #myriadc

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  • starrdust 38w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Myriad

    #myriadc @writersbay #pillowtalk

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    Me: Dear pillow, every night a myriad of thoughts haunt me.
    And do you know what do i do?
    Pillow : No one knows better than me sweetie.
    Me: yeah just wanna say thankyou!
    Pillow: You know its my job to help your heavy head rest and be light.
    Me : I know but this thankyou is for that extra inch of effort you make by embracing my face burried onto you.