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    Birthday special �� ����❤

    Uffff..... Kamal tha aaj ka din mere liye..... Waise kuch khas nii tha..... Pr aap log ki wjh se bhut jyada khas lga��������.......
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    #Karishma didu..... Hayyeee didu ������.. Bhut km time hua h hme mile huye buttt..... Jitte bhi time aapse bttt kiii h.... Just muahhh��...... What I only want to say that Love uhh didu ❤❤��..... Thnkuhhh so much for all the love❤

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    #Aadu...... Babu����...... I just want to say that I love uhhh so much pglll..... U always remain a beautiful place in my heart...... Doesn't matter.... What happens..... I'll always love uhh❤

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    It all started when you let it go.
    When you let it go, your life take turns.
    Your life take turns, either a way or pit
    Either a way or pit depends only on you.
    Depends only on you Of What you choose.

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    History of love, is a sweet mystery!

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    Each ray unravels a mystery
    under the barks so veiled
    of men and seasons
    of their convenient affections
    endured rarely through sight
    mostly by countless clicks.


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    @writersnetwork @dimpictionary @manikifying @raakhaa_ #mirage #life #death #puns #stories #shortstories #shortpoetry #crime #mystery #punintended

    Did you burn thousand houses ?
    And how foolish ! The candle was doused,
    In a darkest corner, lived a lantern,
    He told , " hold me to the places you yearn".

    In a cold ridden city ,
    "Where are you"?, a scream echoed
    Were they made an object of pity?
    Lantern said, " they were all mellowed".

    Rustling leaves whispering to a wind,
    As I sighed a breathe,
    You know how many photos you pinned?
    Lantern said, " don't count when you are late"

    A cliff murdered by a raging sea,
    It cut off a side so sharp,
    On the edge I saw a symphony,
    The notes of piano lured me.

    Lantern told, " this is where you belong",
    What was this place, so long ?
    Was it a never land I had a nightmare about?
    Or a curse disguised in paradise, I had a doubt

    Mesmerizing keys soothing my ears,
    Their company I felt ,as If I have met before,
    Light in the lantern vanished suddenly,
    As a crawling shadow held my leg horrifically,

    It was a dusky evening of a conspiracy,
    For I was brought to gallows
    For a crime which was not shallow,
    Maybe, Regret is a rewind tape played on repeat

    Image credit to the rightful owner

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    Rewind tape


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    Hey love!
    Were you so alien
    that you scared my heart,
    Hey love!!
    Are you so rare,
    That I haven't seen you
    In a while..
    Hey love !
    Will you be my destiny?
    when I will get tired
    of wandering.
    Hey love!
    Do you exist ?
    Or it's just supreme
    Put us on work
    To solve

    An unsolved mystery.

  • alxita 1w

    Note: Illecebrous means "tending to attract; enticing"

    -- Illecebrous Lights --

    In the patches of darkness throughout the forests
    A captivatingly minute light in the northwest
    Shining among the insouciant eyes of such glow
    Adumbrating though is the interest being bestowed

    Illecebrous scintillations enticing the minds
    But rather too much that it may go blind
    Nearing the source is the entrance of puzzlement
    In the middle of dark greenery sparking the sentiments

    Perplexity of such origin is prevalently observed
    Though the body's functions still doesn't swerve
    The entrance just settled without a demulcent sense
    Still chilling the nerves, yet interest is of no dents

    Enticingly walking through the door with no dogmas
    Still wondering what it is as a concluded enigma
    Though since interests fuels them like the sole vehicles
    Better luck to hope, for expecting a miracle

    #poetry #interest #lights #peculiar #enigma #miracle #badluck #mystery #puzzle #sentimental #hope #life #thoughts #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 93
    May 20, 2020, 1:43 PM (GMT+8)

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    Illecebrous Lights

    "Enticingly walking through the door with no dogmas, still wondering what it is as a concluded enigma"

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    ഒരു മഞ്ഞുകാലത്തിന്റെ ഓർമ്മകൾ അവളിൽ തളംകെട്ടി..മഞ്ഞു പൂക്കുന്ന ഇടങ്ങൾക്കെല്ലാം അവളുടെ ഓർമകളുടെ ചായംപൂശി.. യാഥാർഥ്യത്തിൽ അവളുടെ ഓർമകളിൽ സ്നേഹവും ലാളിത്യവും ഉണ്ടായിരുന്നോ? മഞ്ഞു പൂക്കുന്ന ഇടങ്ങളുണ്ട് എന്ന അപൂർവത പോലെ നിന്റെ ഓർമകളും വെറും മനസിന്റെ താളപിഴവുകൾ മാത്രമാണോ.. മഞ്ഞു പൂക്കുമിടം.. എത്ര വലിയ നുണയാണത്.. നിന്റെ നഷ്ടങ്ങൾക്ക് പിന്നിലും നിന്റെ വിവരണങ്ങളില്ലാത്ത ഓർമകളാണ്.. നിന്റെ ഓർമ്മകൾ വരെ നിന്നെ വഞ്ചിക്കുന്നു എന്ന് നീ മനസിലാക്കാത്തിടത്തോളം നീ എന്നും എന്നും മഞ്ഞു പൂക്കുന്നിടത്താണ്..

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    लफ़्ज़ों की करवटों को समझ कर भी अनजान बनती हूँ,
    थोड़ा मुस्कुराकर ही सही,
    लोगो की गीरी सोच को वही नजरअंदाज करती हूँ!

  • 3unspokenwords__ 1w

    A love so beautiful that it became history..
    A man so magical that he remained a mystery...

  • thebhavnasaxena 2w


    From fire came ashes,
    From heaven came the devil,
    And I stand here dripping
    In bloody nectar, it came from me,
    When my heart broke and
    My wings failed me, what
    Did I have to piece myself
    Back together, if not for the
    Silver of the moon and the
    Gold of the sun, when all
    Colors faded into nothingness,
    From that void, came the color I
    Used to paint my pupils black,
    Look into my eyes, endless like
    A fateful night, when hurricanes
    Wreak havoc and the sea is a
    Crimson tide, I will be there, calling
    You, oh children with flesh of sin,
    And will you then remember the
    Warning signs, beautiful songs
    That are death's lullaby, what will
    You do, when a drowned girl comes
    Back to life, and in her siren melody,
    Lies her retribution and your demise?

  • ms_speechless 2w

    Pandora box, umpteen masks she owns,
    With a befitting one herself she adorns,
    Endless choices to remain a mystery,
    She transforms, portrays with mastery,
    Her unclad visage craftily obscure,
    Disguised torments beyond any cure!

    #mask #disguise #torment #pandorabox #mystery #face #camouflage #reality

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

    Image source - Pinterest

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    "Silence is our strength,
    So use your strength and
    Build up your empire"


  • kalivanchikal 2w

    #mystery #love @writersnetwork

    Why are you like this??����

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    How long should I travel with you...
    To unveil the mystery you hold???
    Perhaps, it will be an endless journey for me!
    Because I feel... your sound, smile, touch, eyes...
    Everything become more mysterious than earlier!


  • joe_venus 2w

    Late Night through Bazaar

    Late Night through Bazaar
    I walked and walked
    Till I found the gate
    Where all my hopes were draining out
    I found ya laying wounded as hell
    Like a bird being shoot
    You lay there lifeless as chill
    My heart pound harder
    when I knew you were dead!!!
    Oh my precious gem
    How could I loose you so soon
    Hath I done a wrong
    That the curse of the Almighty
    Befalls me
    So soon....


  • larastar 2w


    I dreamed what we could be
    One day or another.
    Walking down those blue caves
    Tomorrow or never.
    Going back to reality that seems too far
    Yesterday and today
    We cover our faces
    And our hands let slip all our hidden feelings
    Right now me and you
    I can hear mountain echoes

  • nikhilmotwani5 3w

    Hello guys, this is my first short story "The girl who saved herself."
    This is the first part of it.
    Hope you like it....
    You can see the other parts from my profile....
    #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #mystery #love

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    Part 4 - But why and how?

    Vedika wanted to know why both of them killed Shravan and how they did that.

    "We were saving you, sweetheart." Vedika Roy of 2050 replied.

    "I am not getting what you both want to convey."

    "Let me explain you the whole thing." Vedika roy of 2050 replied.

    "Shravan was not exactly the person you thought he was. Shravan was actually a sleeper cell who belonged to a terrorist group who was planning a destructive attack which was executed in the year 2025 in India. In both of our worlds, ten major cities which included Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Indore and Chandigarh were destroyed because of these attacks. In our worlds, India as an economy is totally destroyed. This group of nineteen sleeper cells came to India in 2019. They all were spread in those ten cities. Shravan was one of them. His intention was never to fall in love with me. In the year 2022, he broke my trust and also forced me to join the sleeper cell group and when i denied, the whole group tortured me. I was taken away from my family. I was their 20th sleeper cell. I tried my best to break down their plans but i was not able to. They were successful in breaking our country. After that attack, they took me everywhere they went because i had their secrets. In the year 2035, i heard about the time travel tunnel which was present in Myanmar. Only few people knew about the time travel tunnel. Finally, in the year 2045, i escaped. I went to find the time travel tunnel in Myanmar. It took me five years to find that tunnel. In 2050, when i found the tunnel, i also came to know about the price to pay for travelling in time. According to that, if anyone travels through time and goes to future or past, they can't come back to their original timeline and if they want to come back, they will lose their memory for the rest of their life. For saving you as well as our country, i needed help. So, first of all, i went to the year 2030 and i convinced the Vedika of 2030 for help. She agreed with that and we travelled to the year 2002, when three of us were born. Three of us were orphans from the birth. I and Vedika of 2030 were actually adopted by a Brahmin family in the year 2003 but in your case, i adopted you before the Brahmin family in 2003. I acted to be your grandmother. Meanwhile i was doing your parenting, Vedika of 2030 killed all the sleeper cells except Shravan before they were picked by the terrorist group. And now, we killed the last one who was Shravan. After Vedika of 2030 killed Shravan, i tried to protect her from the cops. As there were no evidences, we are safe."

    "This plan was important to be executed." Vedika of 2030 added.

    "And just a moment ago, we were finding a solution to fix the time travel tool which is an important tool for going through the time travel tunnel. During our last time travel, it was malfunctioned. We never wanted to tell you this as time travel is not safe. If there was not a problem in the tool, then, we would've gone a month ago."

    "This was kind of a rollercoaster ride to understand but i understood all the things." Vedika said.

    "So, as the tool gets ready, we'll go back to our original timelines." Vedika of 2030 said.

    "But i don't want both of you to lose you memories." Vedika said.

    "It's better if we go back to our timelines as it would be difficult for you to live with someone who is considered to be a criminal here." Vedika of 2030 replied.

    "Yes, it would also be better for both of us to forget the painful experiences we have gone through." Vedika of 2050 added.

    *So as decided, after three months, vedika of 2030 and 2050 returned to year 2048 and 2068 as they spent their eighteen years in the past. All the timelines were now free of any destruction and everything seemed peaceful.*


  • nikhilmotwani5 3w

    Hello guys, this is my first short story "The girl who saved herself."
    This is the first part of it.
    Hope you like it....
    You can see the other parts from my profile....
    #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #mystery #love

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    Part 3 - Who was that unknown lady?

    The police force tried their best to find that lady. They connected every evidence to find out her location but the officers were not able to find traces of her family and her past.

    It was very difficult to find her as she had left no clues except that dirty cloth.

    Vedika said that she could recognise her if her face was covered with a cloth as she had a look at her once.

    Vedika tried to contact Shravan's family but there was no way to contact them as shravan had no phone numbers of his family, no messages and no mails from his family in his phone.

    (Days passed and time flew but the police force was unable to find the traces of that unknown woman who murdered Shravan.)

    Malini insisted Vedika to move ahead in life, to leave her pain of past and to live life as if nothing had happened in the past.

    Vedika was not ready for that but she tried her best to move on. She was regular to the college and also participated in the extracurricular activities.

    One day, in the morning, she went to her college but she was not feeling well because of an irritating headache. She decided to go home early after attending two important lectures and she would skip six lectures.

    She reached her home. The moment before knocking the door she heard a conversation between her grandmother and a lady which was not much of a conversation but more of two people arrogantly yelling at each other.

    "I didn't do anything yet it stopped functioning." Lady said to Malini.

    "Are you an idiot!? You don't know the consequences." Malini said to the lady in a higher tone.

    Vedika entered the house and Malini heard the opening of the door and she got shocked as Vedika returned earlier than she used to.

    Hiding her real emotions, Malini with her smiling face questioned Vedika why she returned earlier.

    Vedika replied that she returned earlier because she was not feeling well and questioned about the lady she was talking to.

    Malini mentioned that the lady was her friend and she lived two streets away from their home.

    From the moment Vedika saw the lady's face, she thought that it somehow looked familiar.

    Malini went to the kitchen to make something to eat for Vedika. Meanwhile, vedika went to her room and came back with a cloth and she quickly covered the lady's face with the cloth and her doubt was cleared.

    She was the same woman who stared both of them at the cafe and who murdered Shravan.

    She was pissed off and scared as well. She ran towards the telephone to call the police.

    On the other hand, the lady was requesting her to stop and not call the police.

    She eagerly wanted the murderer to be punished. So, she denied to stop and she dialled the number 100.

    But the moment she heard a phrase from that lady, she was shocked and she ended the call.

    The lady strangely said,"End the call, Vedika. I am you."

    "What!?" Vedika asked.

    "Yes, Vedika i am you from the future. I am Vedika Roy from the year 2030."

    At first, Vedika had no faith in the lady and asked for a proof.

    "You don't believe me? Ok then, I'll give you an evidence. In the next hour, you'll get a call from the police as they wanted to ask some questions, your friend Sameer Mehta will suffer from a knee injury due to a car accident, there will be a bank robbery in the west side of Bangalore and you'll get a holiday message from your college due to heavy rain."

    Vedika was stunned as all the things she mentioned happened in the same manner she told.

    Meanwhile, Malini came with something to eat.

    "You were also involved in this, grandma?" Asked Vedika.

    "Yes." Malini replied.

    "But why the hell you helped her in murdering Shravan?" Vedika asked angrily and confusingly.

    "Vedika, i know this will be shocking for you to hear but i am not your grandmother." Malini said.

    "Then, who are you?" Vedika questioned.

    " I am also you."

    For that moment, Vedika's world was upside down and she asked "what!?"

    "Yes, i am you, Vedika. I am Vedika Roy from the year 2050. I was never your grandmother. I am not Malini Roy but i just acted to be your grandmother. Three of us are the same personality but from the different timelines."

    "But why and how did you kill him?"

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    Hello guys, this is my first short story "The girl who saved herself."
    This is the second part of it.
    Hope you like it....
    You can see the other parts from my profile....
    #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #mystery #love

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    Part 2 - The strange love

    Finally, the day came, Vedika and Shravan were going for their first date.

    Malini gifted a very alluring dress to vedika for her first date and she was looking very pretty.

    It was 6:40 pm and Malini dropped Vedika at "The Tao Terraces" where they both commited to go to. She was early as well as nervous.

    The moment Vedika said "goodbye" and went in, Malini called someone and said " I dropped her", ended the phone call and went home.

    It was 7:00 pm and Shravan wasn't there and Vedika ignored that because she believed that only punctuality with timings was not his thing.

    It was 7:20 pm, Shravan was still not present yet she waited.

    The clock struck eight but he didn't show up and she started thinking that he might have been in a trouble.

    Vedika tried to call Shravan but his phone was switched off.

    Meanwhile, the phone rang and it was malini who called her for asking about her date experience. Vedika told her that Shravan wasn't there yet. Malini adviced her to come home.

    Vedika left "The Tao Terraces" but instead of going to her home, she took a cab for Shravan's appartment which was on the east side of Bangalore without telling her grandmother.

    It was a one hour drive to his appartment and she finally reached there. Shravan lived alone there and he had mentioned in the past that his family lived in Dehradun.

    He lived on the fifth floor. Vedika took the lift and went to the fifth floor. She knocked the door but unusually it was open, she went in and the first thing she saw was the scariest thing she had ever seen.

    She saw Shravan lying on the dining table with no movement. He was covered with blood all over his face. She came close to him and told him to hang in there but he died after saying three words "it was you".

    She called the ambulance to save him but he was no more. He was murdered by a knife.

    Vedika was shocked and shattered. She locked herself for ten days in her room and there was not a moment that she spent without crying.

    According to the police investigation, on the day of their date, in the morning, Shravan went to buy some groceries and when he came home, the murderer was waiting for him and then Shravan got killed by the murderer and the murderer left through the door.

    The police officers came to Vedika to ask her some questions and asked her about their relationship. Vedika answered all their questions. They showed her a dirty cloth and told her that it was likely that the dirty cloth was of the murderer which was mistakingly left at the crime scene. Vedika got shocked the moment she saw the cloth because it was the same dirty cloth that the woman staring Vedika and Shravan at Marzipan Cafe had worn.

    Vedika told the officers the incident near the Marzipan Cafe and she was sure that the stranger lady killed Shravan.

  • nikhilmotwani5 3w

    Hello guys, this is my first short story "The girl who saved herself."
    This is the first part of it.
    Hope you like it....
    You can see the other parts from my profile....
    #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #mystery #love

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    Part 1 - The one where vedika fall in love

    (Vedika Roy was born in 2002 in Bangalore and she was single-handedly raised by her grandmother Malini Roy.
    When she was five years old, she questioned Malini about her parents and grandfather. Malini told her that they were no more because of a car accident which took place when she was two years old.)

    *Year 2020*

    (Vedika completed her higher secondary education and she was aspiring to become an engineer, then.)

    "How was your day, sweetheart?" Asked Malini to Vedika when she came back home from the college.

    "As usual, it was a good day, grandma." Vedika replied.

    After having lunch, they were both spending the much needed stress buster "grandmother-daughter talks" time, where Vedika mentioned a boy named Shravan whom she had met the previous day at the drama auditorium of the college.

    "He seemed to be a nice guy, grandma." Vedika said, describing Shravan.

    *Malini was stuck thinking something in her head after hearing about the boy Shravan.*

    Then she said "Oh, so you finally got a friend in the new atmosphere, that's good."

    "No, he's not my friend yet" Vedika replied.

    "Ok then, he will be." Malini said.

    After they ended talking, Vedika went to take a short nap. Malini was frustrated about something and she called someone but the person didn't answer the call.

    *Next day*

    Malini tried to call Vedika as she was not home on the usual time, to which Vedika answered that she would be late as she was hanging out with Shravan.

    When Vedika came home, Malini asked her where she had went.

    "We went to Marzipan cafe, grandma." Vedika replied.

    "So, are you guys dating each other?" Asked Malini.

    "No, grandma. We're just friends" Vedika said blushing and moving towards her room.

    At the dinner time, Vedika told Malini that there was something unusual when they both went to the cafe.

    "What?" Malini questioned.

    Vedika replied that when they were leaving the cafe, she saw a woman staring at both of them from the bushes and her face was covered with a dirty cloth, so she was not able to recognise her.

    Malini told her that it might be a misunderstanding or something and advised her to ignore it.

    (Few days later, Shravan and Vedika came very close to each other and they started to date each other. They were too attached with each other. They followed each other everywhere and were very fond of each other. Their hearts were now attached with the same string of love. Vedika shared all of her feelings for Shravan with her grandmother and also mentioned that they were going to a date
    the next day.)