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  • hunny_1104 11h

    The Darkest Night @ Noida

    The two lifelines of each one's life.
    The two who are always there to help their kid survive.
    The two who stand, in every strife.
    The two who make you & me feel alive.

    But then, what happened to that14 year old teen?
    Why were her parents so mean?
    Why weren't their hearts clean?
    Why was that night the darkest, & her pain unseen?

    Were they blind?
    Or were they out of their mind?
    On even their own daughter, they weren't kind.
    In memories now, Arushi is left behind.

    They were both doctors.
    She also wanted to become one.
    She was a darling daughter.
    But her dream was a dream for none.

    The next day was her birthday,
    But she never knew that, that night would take her away.
    She never knew, she would never again get a chance to say.
    She never knew that, after that night she would not stay.

    That night she got an advanced gift,
    A camera from her beloved Mom & Dad.
    She was as happy as she never had.
    But then, the camera had no worth, cuz she was dead.

    The night was long.
    Nobody knew what was really wrong.
    Then came the day which was really hard;
    Hard for the hearts who heard her heart.

    Everyone was shocked for Arushi was dead.
    More shocking was...It was a murder & she was found all red.
    Her parents called the media instead of police.
    Didn't they know the rule? How could they miss this?

    Mom & Dad were weeping.
    Remembering the moments that could have taken place last night when they were sleeping.
    Were they really hurt or just pretending?
    & yeah their servant was missing.

    The case was a big one & finally went to CBI.
    The first suspect was the servant,
    But he was found nowhere,
    Hidden from everyone's eye.

    Investigations were done & there was no sight & sound.
    Two days later, on the house's terrace,
    The servant's body was found.
    Again, it was a shock for the whole town.

    Her parents were found suspicious.
    They never confessed the truth.
    Still, were sentenced a period in jail,
    & here ends Arushi's tale.

    Still, no one knows what happened that night.
    Were her parents wrong or were they alright?
    Whose was that mistake?
    Arushi was killed. For whose sake?

  • priyadarshini_prusti 1d

    Gujarte the jab us gali se,
    Mehek si ati us kali se;
    Na jane kahan se ayi thi,
    Pal mein rooh mein basai thi.
    Jo paas jata pata ni kahan kho jata,
    Jhapakte hi charon aur kohra sama jata!
    Kaash koi ata aur ye haal bata pata,
    Is bekarari mein na chal na dhal badal pata.
    Aj bhi jab ati hai wo khusboo,
    Har rahi ho jata hai rubaru;
    Kuch toh khaas hai isme,
    Warna kahan rakhte hum koi sauk kisime.


  • legacy_love 1d

    I haven't done A Dairy in a while so holo ya go
    (I still don't see him to this day)

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    Dear Dairy

    The Pretty Boy I've once saw
    Walking pass my house me WATCHING my dog ... Comes A boy white yes Curly Orange-ish hair With School clothes on Red shirt & khaKis him and I both locked eyes without saying anything, im not sure what kind of shoes he was wearing.
    My Dog walk up to him Sniffing his shoes The Pretty boy saying "Hey Boy"
    Me yelling Zues in a deepish voice ...My dog coming back to me the Pretty Boy walking away up the hill he goes ... NEVER to be seen BY my Little dark brown eyes again He wasn't just pretty He was Cool Handsome looking the "I might have a girlfriend but Im single" kind of Look . Its Just a Nameless eye appealing crush or something like it . February 11th or 12th. I wasn't Looking my best Hahaha so Even if it was My Charms wouldn't have worked.

  • the_village_poet 2d

    A Secret

    I have a mystery,
    Yet, I don’t have a clue.

    I have a gift,
    But, I can’t give it to you.

    I have a problem,
    That only you can solve.

    I have a feeling,
    That I can’t resolve.

    I have a dream,
    That I want to come true.

    It is simply for me,
    To be holding you.

    Stacey Welsh

  • itsmedash007 2d


    This flower reminds me of you,
    These evenings hurt me,
    As I take trip down,
    The memory lanes,
    The nights are the toughest,
    As I lie sleepless,
    Drooling over you,
    Your thoughts racing across my mind.
    Feels as if time has stopped,
    Life's not moving,
    Things supposed to aren't happening,
    The pain's imminent.
    This pain won't leave me soon,
    They say it right,
    Love's a parasite,
    Leaves you soulless.
    These flowers fill the void,
    Of the emptiness in my life,
    As I remember you,
    From the last flowers given by you.
    Love does hurt,
    But it's a beautiful pain,
    Lucky are those to,
    Have felt it.
    Is it love I need,
    Or is it you,
    Confusing love is at times,
    For answers to it is a mystery.

  • hharshitha 5d

    You saw her Beauty in the midst of her Chaos but you seem to forget her tale of Enchanted Mystery she left behind.

  • shapewrites 1w


    By the bonfire that night, the old man stroked his beard and told me a story. I dug my toes into ember ash, one eye piercing through thin foliage, trained on the headlights of my dead car, and listened.

    "There used to be a village not five minutes from here, inhabited by simple people. They found all they needed in the woods, as once all people did. But the woods are so easy to get lost in."

    With sooty nails, he flicked away a flame that licked too close.

    I was standing over him. My back was to a nettle bush, behind which, only a few steps away, my car awaited help.

    "But the people of the village always found their way. They were no different to the woods from saplings. Like the green's siblings. Like forest soil, shaped like man and breathed into animation with an old breeze. When tar roads sliced through the undergrowth, the canopy lent them its shelter. The village, however, it kept. The children of the village knew to stop their games at the edge of the woods. Should they fall, the tar wouldn't be as forgiving as the soil."

    There was a sound from the direction of the nettle bush. I jumped, startled. I turned, hopeful.


    A critter scurrying, maybe praying for cover. Or a predator praying for prey.

    The sounds settled. Without breaking the eerie serenity of the silence, the man continued.

    "Then someone left."

    My eyes and ears were back on him and my back, once more, to the nettle bush. I eased my knees to the ground.

    "A family of five that kept chickens. They supplied eggs to the entire village. Gone. The desertion spread with the speed of a forest fire. Two years later, there was no village. Only the woods."

    He fell silent. I could hear no owl or critter. Even the wood and wind seemed to have quietened. It pricked at me, this calm. Some deep-seated, ancient instinct had me inspecting the foliage, as if suspecting something with rancid breath and raking teeth to leap out.

    "Don't worry. You're safe here."

    Like any smart girl that knows not to trust those words coming from a stranger, and further, to not let distrust show, I nodded. For the first time that night, he smiled. His teeth were stained a painful brown and the quirk of his bark-brown lips etched dendrites all over his face. It should have been off-putting, but instead, it made him look kind. Dandelion hair and colourful, autumn eyes reflecting amber fire.

    "The woods miss them. The people. So, I hope you will forgive them the mischief of keeping you for a night."

    I should have asked for an explanation. But instead, I slept, kneeling on the soil.

    When I woke, there was no bonfire. Only a bed of moss beneath my lying form, too warm to have stolen the heat from the newly risen sun. There was no old man in sight either. And just as I suspected, when I turned my car keys, the engine started.


  • xxbrokenrainbowxx 1w


    I daydream about this fascinating world that is out of our own.
    This world is enchanted with magic, at least I believe it is. If you went there it would remind you of fairy tales but more grown up. There's castles and fairies, magic and mystery. This other world is unique but is the perfect place for my broken daydreams. I stand looking over my majestic place but it's too beautiful to take me. I notice that when I visit I am surrounded by silk. It's a miracle I feel happy at last. My silk dress flowing in the wind near my favorite castle, I never want to leave. I never want to wake up.

  • soulstruck5 1w


    Bold, authentic often misinterpreted as unlawful, mysterious.


  • tiya37 1w

    #Radhakrishn #Raas #Nidhivan #mystery #myth
    It's believed that Radhakrishn perform Raas at Nidhivan, and that even animals leave that place post sunset and enter only after sunrise. It may or may not be true. However , Here's a small glimpse of what I think of it ��

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    The Raas at Nidhivan

    Against the dark night sky studded by the twinkling stars..

    The moon spreads it's smiles all over the earth.. 

    In full vigor of the full moon light, the apparently lifeless branches begin to shine..  

    An obscure mystic aura surrounds the green leaves.. 

    As the world lays in slumber, lost in material dreams.. 

    A divine trance begins to set in.. 

    Inexplicable energy blooms in the darkness of Nidhivan.. 

    The flowers gently sway and the leaves rustle softly.. 

    The divine tune plays , enchanting every atom of existence .. 

    Nature looks on lost in the unearthly beauty of the raas.. 

    Soon , the sun loses its patience in quest of this divinity and tries to peep in.. 

    And everything comes to a halt as if they were just ordinary trees.. 

    The morning dawns.. and devotees wonder about the Raas, 

    Some drown in the fascination of it's beauty.. 

    While some laugh away at the blind belief.. 

    We have never seen The Raas with our eyes, oh it's just a myth.. 

    Tis indeed a myth till one casts a glance with the purity of our soul.. 

    The Radhakrishn Raas is an act so pure that purity alone can perceive it.. 

    Only one who exudes divinity from the depth of his soul will have the fortune..

    To experience the bliss of the Radhakrishn Raas.. 

    Till then tis shall remain but a myth unknown, inexplicable to the material world.

  • 0s_1s_ 1w

    An Adventurous Suicide

    We never know the mystery of a butterfly
    flies around the fan blades.
    That's how life goes.
    Either you turn off the fan, save the butterfly or continue your other half of the bread
    and watching its wings cut off and
    coming down.

  • purva_dagade11 1w

    Painting by Salvador Dalí

    Tangled in the mystery of time,
    For now I'm caged in the
    world of plausible rhymes.

    This history needs to be searched out,
    This mystery needs to be figured out,
    In search of my true identify
    the heart loudly screams out.

    Quenched for the answers,
    My aspirations turned fantasy,
    The journey which beginned to vanish
    is nothing but a mere persistence of memory.

    I asked to the sky, ocean, birds, flowers,
    all busy in telling beautiful lies.
    In quench of returning to the time,
    the heart alone cries....

    According to me this painting reflects the story of my Life as with time everything changes, a lot of things also changed in my life.
    #writersnetwork #writerstolli #mystery #desire #thoughts #travel

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    Persistence of memory

    Life is so unpredictable,
    We don't know what will be next.
    Destiny being so humble,
    We never know what it will
    bring in context.

  • lalitarora 1w


    Whenever you try to unravel the mystery of it, you end up in midst of its chaos.

  • la_paz 1w


    Deep down, through my eyes
    A window to peep, a life to seize
    I know we are not one
    Because I can hear you
    Your little whispers
    We seem to disagree a lot
    Where exactly are you?
    And how do you know me so well?
    Entangled in this tight void
    Am I you? Are we us?
    Is this cage not us?
    Or am I merely the cage?
    When the gates are opened, will you flee?
    For I have heard you are immortal.

  • israelmgonzalez 1w

    An Inquiry

    It seems I've awoken to a new reality
    You and your stuff are all gone
    Looks like you're taking off and moving on
    In search of new love or perhaps immortality
    I shall never know
    But anyway I hope you're feeling good
    Just know that I tried my best
    In every way that I could
    To save what we had but I guess I failed
    Perhaps it's for the best
    But answer one question if you would:

    Is there life in that life that you traded me for
    Or was it all just an illusion
    Are you happy or trapped in the vortex of a strong delusion
    Is everything better than it was before
    I sure hope it is

    You always thirsted for the secret doctrines
    Everything's outs and ins always captivated you
    Even as you struggled with your inner jinns
    Adventures of body and soul were always a part of you
    I guess in the end I just became boring
    Oblivious to the tunnel you were boring
    From which you escaped right from under me
    And by the way how's life on the outside
    I'm sure you have stories to tell
    And I'm sure you've raised a lot of hell
    Now if I could trouble you with just one thought:

    Is there life in that life that you traded me for
    Or was it just an illusion
    Are you happy or trapped in the vortex of a strong delusion
    I hope that all is well with you
    And that your thirst was quenched by the well of wisdom

    I heard he taught you the secrets of the universe
    The meaning of life and the whole sh-bang
    And the anthology of sacred songs that you sang
    I heard he infused you with his magic
    Which I confess is rather tragic
    They tell me you all dance exotic dances
    And that naked in the forest each of you prances
    I don't think you ever did so with me
    But then again I'm not privy to that secret wisdom of yours
    Now if I could raise just one inquiry:

    Is there life in that life that you traded me for
    Or was it all just an illusion
    Are you happy or trapped in the vortex of a strong delusion
    I hope you now know what you wanted to know
    I trust you've found your peace
    But I shall never know

    The former object of your affections

  • dark_revenant 2w

    Embers of an unjust night raze in the nihility of the ash, conjuring for revelations to concur with the depravity spewed by His grace; the crescent ravages on the woeful night, cleaving away at the apparition set by wayward clouds...

  • theeroticafreak 2w


    Dear life, why do have to be so perplexing?
    Does someone pay you to be so?
    Lovely life, why do you sometimes be so hopeless?
    Do you love watching us lament?
    Sweet life, why do you abominate our happiness?
    Do you cherish it when sorrows take our soul away?

  • mrnikku 2w

    Blessed do I feel when I think of your heart which is so warm that it melts the frozen world we live in. Blessed I am with all of you that I hold near and dear to my heart.” ... “It is known all over the world that there are no secrets in the ghetto and as long as you keep those secrets, you may keep your life.” - #mrnikku
    #secrets #secret #love #beauty #magic #iloveyou #life #mystery #beaster #follow #poetry#new#thought

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    From ,
    Mom , You Know What Happened ?
    To ,
    Nothing MoM I Am Fine

    We Have Filled Our Heart With
    Too Many Sèçréts

    - mr nikku

  • chaozdesigner 2w


    Ofra ThAnK U so So sO SO muCH !-)

    VeLmi by som VáM prial moj
    nieLeN posledný zážitok.

    Ako keby sa na mňa
    tá všetka krása kolem
    dajak lepila a já stále iba
    taký očarený a opojený.

    Moje opojenie a očarenie
    dajak nemá konca.

    Často premýšľam,
    či to kolem mňa,
    čo sa robí,
    je stále ešte tá istá reaLita,
    ako inokedy.

    A aLeBo už žijem
    na to inom svete
    o akom spieva
    "až na jiným světě".

    VŠeTkO sa dajak
    akoby dokonale propojuje.

    VŠeTkO do seba zapadá,
    všetko si pamätám,
    jazyky idú sami od seba,
    slovíčka naskakujú, aj také,
    ktoré by som povedal,
    že som aNi niKdy aJ NEpoZnaL.

    Veľmi dobré všetko cítim,
    akoby som videl do vnútra
    mnohým veciam, aj ľuďom.
    Je to priveľmi zaujímavé.

    A jedinou drogou je mi stále iBa
    sám život v celej svojej

    Ofra nemôžete písať
    také pekné veci tuná tu,
    pretože ja potom priveľmi
    ČERVENÁM sa.

    A rdim sa a
    priveľmi som SOMar
    aj mimo
    aj Seba samého.

    Ďakujem, ďakujem a ďakujem.

    Stále som taký očarený
    z poslednej návštevy na

    BoL to taký siLný zážitok,
    že stále LeN iBa v sebe
    všeTkO zpracoVáVam.



  • blackpenn 2w

    --the timing of the universe was never in their favor.

    I'm not a big science nerd but i love the names theia and gaia from the giant impact hypothesis. I kinda related it to love in this poem.

    Idk if my understanding about that hypothesis is right. Correct me if I'm wrong please ��.

    p. s: i didn't relate this to the greek myth hehe

    #science #gaia #theia #love #poem #poetry #story #discover #english #express #ghost #memory #mystery #life #love #mirakee #love #poetry #thoughts #diary #life #inspiration #friendship #nature #travel

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    theia and gaia clashed
    and broke each other's pieces apart
    but they reformed
    into something more beautiful
    they found their meanings
    those that they longed to find
    long before the existence of life
    they may be apart
    and a little bit stranger to the sound of their names
    but a part of gaia still needs theia
    and a part of theia will forever hold gaia