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  • blacklife 1d

    Tanhaiyon ne hmara is kadar sath diya ❤️
    Ki maine hr kisi ko khud se aajaad kiya..
    Vaise bhi khush kon h yha...
    Kisi ko vafa ne barbaad kiya ❤️
    To kisi ko bevafa n barbaad kiya....

  • dev786523 1w

    शाम घनी हो और हर रात तेरी याद बनी हो,
    जब सूरज ये डूबे
    और ये आँसमा चाँद-तारो से चमके,
    तब तू आना और साथ वो बारिश भी लाना,
    जिसमे मिले थे हम पहली बार यु ही,

    यही है वो मेला ,यही है वो झूला ,
    जहाँ इस जहाँ ने मुझे तुझसे मिलाया,

    मिलते नहीं तो क्या ये याद होती..?
    न जाने खुदा ने कब मेरी बात सुन ली,
    आज हम उस मेले में खड़े है और हमने बस
    यु ही तेरी याद चुन ली, बस तेरी याद चुन ली।

    वो गलियां भी दिखती ,
    वो राहे भी दिखती है इस झूले से,
    जिसमे रुक कर हम तेरी राह तकते ,
    बस यु ही तेरी राह तकते....।

    बचा कुछ हो तेरे दिल में भी तो आना ,
    हम मिलेंगे वही जहाँ शुरुवात की थी,
    वो नदी का नजारा जो झूले से दिखता,
    वही मेरा पता है जहाँ तूने था छोड़ा ,
    बस यु ही अनजान बनके, हाँ अनजान बनके....।

    मिल कर है तुमसे बस एक बात कहनी
    क्यों न हम फिर से नई शुरुवात करते
    जीते हर लम्हे तेरे साये में ,

    और जो फाँसले है उसे अपनी चाहत से भरते,
    बस चाहत से भरते,
    क्यों न हम एक नई शुरुवात करते।

    #love #memories #mystory #pic_google @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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  • m_u_s_s 2w

    Body shaming is one of the major causes of depression, anxiety and suicide. Judging someone by their body shape and weight is WRONG! Your one taunt, your one comment can lead someone with weight problem into a very dark place. Please be kind and helpful.

    This is my story in the form of a poem. Yes I'm chubby. Yes I'm a bit more healthy than most of you. Yes I accept myself. Yes I love myself and YES I STAND UP FOR MYSELF ����

    #acceptance #original #mystory #like #follow #repost #share #bodyshaming #bekind #behelpful #acceptyourself #loveyourself #standupforyourself ��

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    | Acceptance |

    You can't wear short dresses I was told
    You cannot eat too much my family would scold.
    Lose weight if you want to look beautiful
    My chubby sight to them was pitiful.
    I cried and cried till no more tears were left to cry
    My only wish was to peacefully die.
    Fat, ugly and useless were the words used to describe me
    Oh why can't the world just let me be?
    I love myself the way I am
    Why is it so difficult for the world to understand?
    I don't want to fit into their definition of hot
    I'm proud of the curves I've got.
    Yes I've been body shamed my whole life
    With self love and confidence I have survived.
    Your acceptance shall never bother me again
    God bless your miserable and judgmental souls. Amen.

  • amiravana 2w

    राधे राधे
    अरे सही कह रहा हूं मैं अपनी कहानी बहुत शानदार कभी आजमा लेना हमें कहानी खराब निकले तो पैसे वापस ������������।
    हर मोड़ पर कुछ ना कुछ उलझन सुलझे उन से बाहर निकालना means पूरी की पूरी मेरी कहानी कैसे फिल्म की कहानी की तरह है।

    Night walker.
    .#myspc #spicollective #streetphotography #streeteurope #streetweekly #everybodystreet #streetshared #urbanphotography #urbanstreetphotogallery #amiravana #mystory #storyofmylife #story #me

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    मेरी कहानी

    आदमी में चाहे जैसा भी हूं
    लेकिन अपनी कहानी बहुत शानदार है

  • gurdeepsingh 2w

    To hug you and cry on your shoulder..
    To talk with you all night..
    To take your pain away..
    To love you unconditionally..
    These are the the only wishes of this unknown poet..

  • kutelove 3w

    Sometimes Literal
    Sometimes a Metaphor
    The Verses That I weave
    Are Clothing Made of Feelings


  • magikarp 3w


    Every day that passes rips me all the more apart. Those cruel words, the loneliness, self-abhorrence, all knives piercing to my core, draining me. I'm becoming weaker, more weary; the more I ponder my life, past and future, my present is just that much more blurred. What am I, and why am I here, if not solely to destroy and be destroyed? I step back in an attempt to "focus the lense," so to speak. All I see is darkness-before, behind, beside, all around-enveloping, invading the whole of my being; animate, sentient, darkness. I reach out my hand and a tendril of this darkness lightly lands in my palm and it feels..familiar. It's not hard to recall the first time I felt this, it comes to me in an instant, this most familiar feeling I've ever known.

    17 July, 1993. Eight days later I turned five years old, but she will be four forever. As will the part of me that kissed her goodbye before we laid her to rest, my innocence next to her in that casket.

    This darkness has been growing since that day. I've been feeding, nurturing it, albeit unknowingly, all these years. A knife: every insult, all the abuse, every single time I gave in and believed I deserved this agony, until I loved and craved it. Growing with each knife thrust through my heart and soul, this darkness is now more than I could ever have imagined: more deep, more massive, more powerful, more indomitable.

    I came here to face whatever was wearing me thin down, defeat it so I could grasp the light, find hope for morning. But, oh, this darkness, it feels like home. So pure, so peaceful, so. . .


  • maryumtalks 4w

    You may not notice that little quiet girl searching for a meaning of life..
    you may not realise the love she truly possesses inside ..
    you may misunderstand her timidness for weakness...but she is far from a weak girl ..
    she is stronger than you think...
    she loves with all her heart...
    you may not see her now but you will never forget who she is as she blossoms into her own from the girl you thought you knew to a beautiful woman who will conquer the world before your eyes...
    Never make an a assumption of that little quiet girl again..


  • gyejeolcheongso 4w

    My love story

    When we met we were totally a stranger AHH so awkwardnes even when we were talking to each other I remember when I was explaining about study and he was just asking me too many questions i was feeling too nervous then in that stranger I find a very good friend and a totally crazy person always busy in his things don't even care what others doing .the best part is falling in love with him I remember I just make him feel so shocked with my actions and somewhere I also know that he loves me too even he don't accept that but in his eyes and behaviour I was feeling his love .yes I tried so much that he just say I love you too but you know he is crazy person and too hard to understand but after so much time finally he said I love you too its sound simple and easy story but it's not their is so much mystery and action and pain and heartbroken but he is with me that's it ..

  • noor_mehra 4w

    I want to talk to nobody
    Doesn't mean I don't miss anybody
    I am too tired to talk
    Words don't want to exit from my mouth

    I have a lot to tell
    The words still insufficient
    I miss my loved ones
    Want to have a little fun

    I am happy, I am sad
    I am wierd, I am crappy
    Trying not to feel unhappy
    The pain is too much to carry

  • honey2225 4w

    I remove the letters given by you,
    I remove the locket given by you,
    I remove my hope day you will come,
    I remove the feel when I was with you
    but I can never remove my memories
    that I had with you......

  • surajpaneru 4w

    Sometimes two people who are really fond of eachother, don't get along too well. They run parallel, but not together. That's why relationships also break-up!

  • bhuwnesh 5w

    बढता जाता है
    खतम नहीं होता
    दूर होकर भी
    इश्क़ उनसे

    ये प्यास है समंदरों सी
    जो मिटती नहीं
    अश्क-भर से


  • thinkpen 6w


    One day,
    We will meet here,
    And it'll rain.

    I'll look at you,
    Into your eyes,
    Filled with pain.

    And I'll fall,
    I'll fall for you,
    All over again.


  • magikarp 6w

    Prelude, The Second

    Now I am on display: my heart and soul bled black, and white, and read. There is little more to say, for now I shall just leave the current state, like all I have ever needed to hear; unsaid.
    But wait, hold on, there is more to come. Oh, yes, my dears, we are far from done. Nay, nay, fond friends, egregious enemies, and all you others spellbound, captivated, caught in my orbit; the war is yet to be won. Yea, yea, the fun has only just begun. To think, thought I, no more would escape after "Act I."


  • sanchari_karmakar 6w

    There was once a girl. Everyday while returning home, she carried a packet of milk and a chocolaty dog followed her daily. Sometimes she smiled and carried biscuits for him but, couldn't pluck up enough courage to give him her biscuits. She would occasionally watch as the dog played with the other kids..but, the dog always saw her and came after her. He knew she was scared so he maintained a distance but, never left walking besides her. Eventually the girl understood his feelings and pulled the dog closer, thereafter she never had to walk home alone again.

  • storyofmylife1 6w

    Aab Tere Aage....

    Aab Apne Pyaar Ko Sabit Krne Kai Liye
    Tere Aage Gidgidaunga Nahi
    Naa Hi Tujhe Wapas Bulane Kai Liye
    Tere Aage Minnat Mangungaa...


    IG:- storyofmylife.1

  • ruchika26 6w

    A Tale��- Part 2
    People often say that "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT" is rare but in my case I guess I've fallen for him so hard at his first glimpse itself.Being a tot in 3rd grade I didn't knew what I was actually feeling at that time but for HIM , my heart always held a special place. Unfortunately, after our first feet I never gathered courage to have a chat with him (almost 7 years��).What I felt was just like this��
    I stood surprised!
    My lips spelled your name,
    My hands were left cold,
    My heart skipped a beat,
    It was magic as it wasn't an illusion
    It was love throbbing my heart whenever I confront you!!
    Millions of thoughts in my mind, millions of incidents to share with you,
    But still I stand numb whenever I confront you!!
    It wasn't shame either hate,
    I craved for your love & just by getting your one sight I felt satisfied,
    So I prefer to stay silent and smile like a bozo whenever I confront you....
    :~ Ruchika

    Part-3 coming soon!!��
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mystory #lovestory #love #poetry #thoughts #diary #life

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  • arav123 7w

    Sick of crying,

    Tried of trying,

    Yeah I'm simling,

    But inside I'm



  • zeisihau 16w

    If every part of my body has a mouth.
    A tongue to twist and express,
    my ears would be bleeding;
    my eyes will be pleading,
    with the hope of seeing myself in a room filled with mirrors .