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    ______ ❤️❤️ ROOP ❤️❤️ ____

    Roop your name means look. Your lucky number is 6. Roop you have a pleasing and charismatic personality. You are seeker of wisdom and knowledge. A girl who is super confident but is introvert and shy, which often make other think that she is rude and stubborn. A girl with big and beautiful eyes, fair skin tone and long hair. They are often found into books and are more attach to their mother. They often love person who is good by the appearance, intellective and good in communication. She is a real charm, often attract people by her looks and artistic skills. She is shopaholic and is passionate about clothing, footwear, and love junk food.

    R :- Reflection of godess
    O :- One touch of nature makes the whole world kin
    O :- Open to herself and she don't trust anyone easily
    P :- Polite is a sign of dignity

    Advice :- Roop you have a great and bright future ahead, your artistic skills will make you shine and grow. Your anger and outspoken nature will create more haters for you. And every relationship needs more love, care, feelings, understanding and respect. Try and listen others point to.

  • detour 13h

    My notebook

    In my notebook old
    In between some fold
    A long forgotten name
    I did find
    Tried I to erase it
    And tore it
    And then scratched it
    When it failed still
    Down to ashes
    I did burn it
    But the name
    Had refused to leave
    Indelible it did seem
    From the torn and burnt pages
    On its own
    The traces did redeem
    The name
    Reminded which my notebook
    Forever it shall stay
    Forget I might again
    In my voids
    Still it will find its way

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    Bhai mandir chal free main khana milega
    Kuch toh sharam karo bhagawan se daar beta


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    The meaning of her name is fragile but she is too strong bro.

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    A Name

    A name can make you:
    Yes life is about the one name
    One priceless person, infinite memories

  • mr_kumare 2w

    You gave pain a name and love a face.


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    वो हल्के से तेरा मेरा नाम लेना अब भी याद है मुझे ।

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    इतनी ख़ामोशी से लिया मेरा नाम के किसी को ना सुना ।

    सब पूछते रहे महफ़िल में मुझसे मेरे मुस्कुराने का सबब ।।


  • thebhavnasaxena 2w


    When you have crawled
    Through deserts and all
    You want is a river to drink from,
    Remember my name.
    When your sins overflow your
    Heart, and the day of judgement
    Knocks upon your door,
    Remember my name.
    Remember, how you choked me
    To death, in the pretense of a
    Lover's embrace, I still remember
    The fire where you left me to burn,
    As I watch another innocent
    Become your prey, so when you go
    To sleep tonight and feel the
    Icy hand of a ghost run down
    Your cheek, say my name,
    'Cause I'll be watching,
    I love the way your lips
    Tremble with fear as they
    Form my name.

  • avatarable 3w


    He wakes earlier than usual.
    He takes the bus.
    He became a vegetarian.
    He learnt spanish.

    Just to know her name.


  • imhumairasana 3w


    I left that place
    He left the play

    His last name
    Still gives vein

    He had my shirt
    I had his words

    a boy who lies with nose
    The consciousness is the one who knows,
    That is what I was

  • sandeep_indraganti 4w


    Following your Footsteps
    I wish to walk behind you Forever

    Listening to your Voice
    I wish to hear my name on your Lips

    Witnessing you Think
    I wish to be the thought in your Head

    Catching you looking at me
    I wish to drown in your Eyes eternally

    Seeing you Smile
    I wish to be the reason for your Happiness


  • monali03 4w


    I say,
    I feel perfectly fine.

    As words stumble upon your lips,
    Like a nest of goodness,
    And when everything is as calm
    As the Pacific,
    The arrow tickles your ribs,
    And ecstasy is all you are allowed to feel.

    You watch me
    pin your name,
    On my eyes,
    And sway,
    Keep swaying till,
    Your tomorrow melts on my palms.
    And smoke escapes your soul,
    And everything you love,
    Begins again.


  • yours_fortune 5w

    ______ ❤️❤️ ANJALI ❤️❤️______

    Anjali name means an angel, messenger, offering, offering with devotion, a tribute, offering with both hands. Your lucky number is 3. She is always struggling through a lot of work. You're neat, never on time, kiddish and always in a mood to have fun around. But she is courageous, optimistic, bold, independent and hopeful. They attract people by their good deeds,pleasing nature and a cheerful heart. Brave and beautiful she is, who when unhappy or upset will bury herself in the work until she feels better. You always remember people who do good to you and return their favor in very unexpected way. Your actions speak louder than words.

    A :- A girl who is classy, weird and fabulous
    N :- Nothing is wrong for a good girl to be naughty
    J :- Judging me is not a big deal to me
    A :- Angry and Arrogant, active and adaptive
    L :- Let me love myself a little
    I :- I'm a girl with beauty and full swag

    Advice :- Anjali, just be yourself, let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that you're. Just be careful with your stomach ache and anger. You don't have to be easy with everyone around you. Be clever someday.

  • yours_fortune 5w

    _______ ❤️❤️ RICHI ❤️❤️ ______

    Richi name means rich, wealthy. Your lucky number is 3. Richi is someone who believes in having manicures, who often love doing overdressing and someone who believes in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. She is cooperative, adaptable, excellent partner,a balanced person who is carrier oriented, determined and hardworking. She loves her creative side a lot. She is bold, beautiful and independent. She is good with her words and is photogenic, she can influence anyone with her positive body language. She is on top of her friends list. She is good with manupilating.

    R :- Rare, real and rebellion
    I :- I feel blessed because of where I come from
    C :- Caring about people, about things, about life, is an act of maturity
    H :- Happy heart smiles a lot
    I :- I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles

    Advice :- Richi you're someone who see dreams a lot. But someday you get too stuck within yourself. So you must work and do good, not be lazy and gamble, if you wish to earn happiness. Laziness may appear attractive but work gives satisfaction.

  • yours_fortune 6w

    Sorry for all those whom I promised
    Would be regular now
    Drop down your name in comment
    I will sure do it soon
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    _______ ❤️❤️ RITU ❤️❤️ _______

    Ritu name means season, mausam. Your lucky number is 4. Ritu she is Intelligent, a quick thinker and is very creative. She is someone who is blessed with true beauty. Her brown eyes, pretty smile, beautiful face and her grace, with a heart so big can make anyone fall for her. She is cooperative, helping with a gentle manner. She is good with her management techniques and are often good at handling humans. She is loved by all and everyone likes her to be around. She speaks less, but can't tolerate wrong. Her anger is on tip on her nose.

    R :- Rational, the way you think
    I :- Intellect, your high capacity for knowledge
    T :- Traditional, with a moder touch
    U :- Uncanny, the way you know what to do

    Advice :- Ritu, your simplicity and gracious character makes you so blissful and blessed with all the happiness. Somedays you fill low because of some unexpected situations which you come across. It becomes difficult for you to handle them alone. So all I would say you to be strong enough to deal with any situation. "You can face it "

  • marianotsaint 6w


    None of them knew but even after years of separation they still wish for each other when the clock strikes 11:11.
    They say a silent prayer.
    Whisper their names.
    Wipe away a tear.
    Breathe deeply and time goes on.

  • yours_fortune 6w

    Hey #vipin
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    ______ VIPIN _______

    Vipin name means forest. Your lucky number is 7. Vipin seek religion and wisdom. He is found of latest gadgets and modified bikes, he is so blessed that they often get what they want. Passionate lover and crazy friend when around.You are very keen to learn new things. You are protective towards your family and friends. Kind, passionate, always into friends, lots of money and fame with good luck and looks. Average in studies but they know what they want and their will power make them achieve that. Traveller who's only therapy is traveling.

    V :- Victory is sandy toes and sun-kissed nose
    I :- Imagination with great imaginative skill
    P :- Paths can't be discovered without getting lost
    I :- Innocent looks that can win any heart
    N :- Not everyone's cup of tea

    Advice :- Vipin you're strong and have a charming nature, with a very friendly attitude. You're a person who truly and deeply fall in love. And if you don't get that love you get mad about it. And try and hurt yourself a lot. So you have to be strong enough if you are falling for someone.

  • yours_fortune 6w

    _____ ❤️❤️ GEETANJALI ❤️❤️ ____

    Geetanjali name means a collection of poems, a melodious tribute, an offering of a song. Your lucky number is 2. Geetanjali a woman with a big heart. Who often looks after the needful and always ready to help others. She keeps motivating herself by doing n number of stuff like drawing, music, gardening and she love to cook. So she keeps experimenting new things. She is good with her communication skills and is good with public relation skills. She is loved a lot by her cousins for being a secret keeper and as a problem solver.

    G :- Girl with a big dream
    E :- Energy speaks louder than words
    E :- Empower yourself with the beauty of your mind
    T :- Take time to do what makes your soul happy
    A :- A driven busy girl who strives to achieve her goal
    N :- No one can make you feel low
    J :- Jam tomorrow and jam yesterday
    A :- A women with a voice of humanity
    L :- Life shrinks or expands, I'm ready for it
    I :- I love the way, I'm have been raised

    Advice :- Geetanjali you're a strong woman who has faith and belief in the journey that what you are becoming. You need to work on your emotions and have to trust the vibes of people who come across your life. You should be two things who and what you wants.

  • yours_fortune 7w

    ________ LAV ________

    Lav name means one who shower love, the son of lord Rama, fragment. Your lucky number is 1. Lav he is blessed with the supportive, understanding and encouraging parents. Lav itself says a lot. A person who is full of love, life and happiness. He believes in spreading love everywhere he goes. He is someone who is surrounded by good friends. He is straight forward and dedicated, he never sweet coat his words. Good with communication and have great artistic mind with a pinch of sarcasm added in it. Lav average in studies but he performs good in exams, good with dealing with people, tall, fair, handsome with great personality. His eyes speaks a lot about him.

    L :- Love will find a way, but hey first look at my class, then looking for swag in boys.
    A :- Avoid the one who avoids them
    V :- Victory comes to those who works hard

    Advice :- Lav, you never take things seriously in your life. You're cool enough to deal with every situation in the life. Being the backbone of the family and hope of many friends, you have to look at the things seriously someday. You have great future in the field of teaching, lawyer, you deal great with numbers so can be an accountant or CA or can be a leader.