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    तुम भी देश के हित में सोचते हों, मैं भी देश के हित में सोचता हुँ
    तो फिर पक्ष और विपक्ष का भाव क्यो उत्पन्न होता हैं


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    छञपती तुम्हांला विनम्र शब्दांजलि,
    स्वराज्यासाठी तुम्ही मुघलांशी लढलात,
    आता तुमच्यास स्वराज्यातील लोकं सुराज्यासाठी लढ़तायत.राजमाता जिजाऊंनी तुम्हाला रामायण महाभारताचे धडे शिकवून घडवले,तेव्हाचा रावण तरी सितेला हाथ लावत नव्हता आणि आजचा रावण स्त्रियांना हेडलाइन बनवितो.तुमची न्याय व्यवस्था त्याकाळी अतिशय कडक होती आणि आता गुन्हेगाऱ्याला मिळणाऱ्या सुख सोयीचा हेवा तर इतिहासातून अफझखानालाही वाटेल.मराठी भाषेच्या सुधारीकरणासाठी तुम्ही लिहलत मराठी व्याकरण,आणि आता तुमच्यास शिवभक्तांना मराठीची बाराखडीही आठवत नाही.त्याकाळी तान्हाजी,बाजी,धनाजी स्वतःच्या जीवाची पर्वा न करता स्वराज्यासाठी लढलेत,आणि आताचे लोक प्रॉपर्टीच्या लोभात आपल्यास घरच्यांच्या जीवाची पर्वा करत नाही.'मरण आले तरी चालेल पण शरण जाणार नाही' असे बोलत तुम्ही कधी शत्रूंशी हातमिळवणी केली नाही आणि आजचे सरकार सत्ता उपभोगायसाठी युत्या बनवताय. तुम्ही जातीधर्माचा विचार न करता गोरगरिबांना सोबत घेऊन स्वराज्याची स्थापना केली आणि इथं 'आज के शिवाजी' जाती धर्माच्या नावाने देशाला पेटवायला लागलेत.सुरक्षेसाठी तुम्ही भक्कम किल्ले बांधलेत,आणि आता त्याच किल्ल्यांच्या पायथ्याशी लोकांच्या पार्ट्या चालतात.तिथल्या निसर्गरम्य वातावरणातही आता प्लास्टिकने धुमाकूळ घातला आहे. छत्रपती,आता तुमच्या या स्वराज्याला सुराज्य बनवायला तुम्हीच परतया.तुमच्या विचारांची, शिकवणीचा विसर पडला आहे या स्वराज्याला,आता तुम्हीच येऊन आठवण करून द्या. एक शिवभक्त !!

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    When the scream catches in your throat -
    The throat you caress softly with your fingers
    To coax your feelings out but they hold fast,
    Go round and round in your metal head like bullets of steel
    Clanging against hard prison walls
    And you realise it's your body that is the prison,
    Your mind your soul your childhood that you can't let go of
    That is the prison,
    Your family your surname the land that gave you birth and your livelihood
    That is the prison,
    Your sense of belonging your wanting to be loved to be respected to be known
    That is the prison -
    What do you do?

    Do you stand up still, stand up against the metal chains that hold you moored,
    Tethered to your roots?
    Do you pull free at the risk of losing all gravity,
    Float in space like a speck of astral dust or a bird -
    Albatross anonymous, one of a bubbling bursting crowd,
    A statistic, a line in a long list of prison sentences and torture,
    An etched carving in a cave wall that no one will venture in to read?
    Do you raise your banner high over your head in a language yet to be spoken -
    Call it love, dissent, a different kind of living?
    Do you breathe? Do you let yourself breathe?
    Do you feel yourself breathe, hold on to the thudding of your heart as evidence of your living
    Even if no one cares you're just a footstep among all that made it happen?

    It - a movement, an urgent difference, a critical step forward
    For our genus, for our earth, for the yearning of our collective soul,
    It - not he, not she, not them or they or us,
    It - a solitary thing, the mother of all things worth becoming nothing for,
    Worth catching all the voices in your head for,
    Catching them in a curled first and hurling at weapons drawn
    By the drawn faces of brown burnt sinews who know not what they fight for
    Except for an order that must make us pay,
    It - a cross we earn on our shoulders each like a chip and a slippery crown,
    It - a kingdom in our hearts and of our own making,
    It - a thing as small as an atom, a nucleus of something new.

    Do you let go, then, of your voices and your tears and your dreams and your fears?
    Do you go forth?
    Do you feel the answers rising within your breast till you can breathe no more?
    Do they catch in your throat?
    Do you march alongside, adding your scream to it then?
    Do you skirt past instead without a second glance?

    Think carefully before you tell me
    What your great grandchildren will say.


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    Let's talk about love

    Let's talk about those people because of whom your dreams came true
    The nation which is a paradise of brotherhood, courage, and respect
    That person whose single glance takes your breath away
    Let's talk about love

    Let's talk about those individuals with whom you have spent some of the happiest moments
    The song which you play repeatedly
    The dishes that you crave to taste every day
    Let's talk about love

    Let's talk about some of the sweetest memories
    The eagerness and the long wait
    The undying hope and the unbearable pain
    Let's talk about love

    - Ananda Kamal Das


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    Valentine day ❤️

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    जान देंगे

    तुम दिलभर को दिल दो,
    वो सरहद पे देश के खातिर जान देंगे,
    तुम सियासत का खेल खेलो,
    वो दुश्मन के हर वार का जवाब देंगे,
    तुम रात का इंतजार करो,
    वो तुम्हें चैन से खूबसूरत ख़्वाब देंगे,
    तुम मजहब को रंग दो,
    वो तिरंगा को शान देंगे।
    मां भारती के इन वीरों के वजह से आज हमारे देश में अमन है,
    पुलवामा में शहीद भाइयों को मेरा नमन है।।

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    Rose Day

    The day when you give
    roses to your loved ones....
    And i want to give
    bouquet of 40 roses,
    On behalf of the whole country
    for their sacrifice.
    To that 40martys,
    who died proudly by
    showing love for our country in
    pulvama attack


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    To all
    #gender difference
    #nation different
    #caste inequality..
    #religious matters
    Wat non acceptance u faced just list out..!! #thoughts

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    Ignorance hurts the most..!!
    U know what is more worse..??

    Non- acceptance will devastate u..!!

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    Humari mulk me Hindu
    Musalmaan saath rehte hai ,
    Yaha esaai ke kandhe pe
    Sikh ke haath rehte hai .

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    Mujhko koi inaam nai,
    mere Desh par
    imaan chaayiye....

    Dusra koi Gandhi nai
    Mere Desh me sabko
    Shanthi chaayiye

    Mujhe koi maala nai
    Mere desh ko sambhalne
    Waala chaayiye...


  • ankitj 4w

    Azaadi Minds

    Think when these morally and criminally offensive words of terror propagandist are spoken against India, some people demonstrating want of justice; listen to them by heart and soul !

  • navoneil 4w

    Anthem of a Doomed Nation

    Goli maar bheje me,
    Bheja shor karta hai.

    My temples are bursting with lack of faith.
    On either side of my head, my veins
    Stand to attention and salute.
    The drums are playing non stop.
    My flag is hoisted high
    On the shoulders of doomed youth.
    Everywhere I see heads filled with ideas
    Clash, bang, and roll.
    Drumroll! for every falling child.

    Qadam qadam badhaye ja,
    Khushi ke geet gaye ja.

    Ja -
    Go forth into the wild while I yet draw breath.
    Tell the trees I love them still,
    Tell the tigers and the lions and the squirrels and the cobras and the lotus
    I remember them in my dreams.
    Now, my nostrils fill with the wafting fumes
    Of diesel engines and smog.

    Chalo Dilli -
    Dilwale Dilli, covered in masks and sticks under cover of night
    And malfunctioning CCTVs.
    It's election season
    (the season of hate - multiplication through division),
    And so I hear:

    Goli maaro saalo ko!

    Saalo -
    Those who have taken to the streets of my faltering nation,
    Those who dared to stand up before the ground became too soft from too much blood and too many tears,
    Those of a different notion, dripping conviction.
    Saalo -
    Those who stood in Tiananmen Square,
    The men, women, and children of Jallianwallah Bagh,
    Those shouting Azadi! Azadi! Azadi! before a hail of gunfire
    And a government that pretends not to know what freedom means.

    Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil me hai.

    Bismil, Ashfaq, Azad, Bhagat, Subhash,
    Oh every unknown fighter of my fracturing nation,
    Come rise again.
    If you don't,
    I know not what I might do -
    Enough is enough.

    Ata majha satakli!


  • melody_script 4w

    Ek shabdh nhi voh lekin,
    Un veeroon ki pehchan hai.
    Hai aag diloon mein jinke aur chehre pe muskaan hai!
    Voh lakh laga de bandishey,
    Iss bhoomi ke hum lal hai,
    Tere salamati ke vaaste yeh jaan abhi kurbaan hai!
    Tum dhoond rhe ho jisko voh na bhoomi na akash hai,
    Har dhadkan mein voh basta hai uska naam hindustaan hai!!!


  • hemant_singh 4w

    गलत तो है हुआ, पर क्यों हुआ, ये बात सोचो तो,
    सियासत में मिलायी किसने धर्म और जात सोचो तो,

    के जो तुम झुंड में निकले हो सब कुछ फूंक देने को,
    मुखालिफ है तुम्हारे भी , कुछ जज़्बात, सोचो तो,

    मुद्दा क्या था और क्या हो गया , तुम्हारी हरकत से,
    धरम को गाली देती , ऐ मज़हबी ज़मात! सोचो तो,

    बसों को फूंक कर, आदर्श को गाली को तो दी तुमने,
    बिगाड़े किसने हैं ये मुल्क में हालात, सोचो तो,

    जो इक ज्वाला सी उट्ठी थी उसे मैला किया तुमने,
    तुम्हारे खून में है सन् गयी खुराफात, सोचो तो,

    सियासत के मसहलों पर ये नारें दीन के क्यों हैं,
    किस गज़वे की करना चाहते शुरुआत, सोचो तो,

    तुम्हारी ओर हो या इस तरफ, हिंसा तो हिंसा है,
    बहा है खून हिन्दुस्तानी ही , हज़रात! , सोचो तो,

    हमने कब तुम्हारे हक में ताकत है नहीं झोंकी,
    तुम्हारे साथ हम भी हैं चले, दिन रात ,सोचो तो,

    मगर अब ठोक कर छाती तुम्हारी चाल रोकेंगे,
    कब तक हम सहेंगे साजिशी आघात सोचो तो,

    जो टुकड़ों और आज़ादी के मंसूबे सजाये हो,
    उन्हें पूरा करो तुम इतनी नहीं औकात , सोचो तो,

  • _jiggs 4w


    Our head is held up high,
    Our heart is filled with pride;
    Because it's that auspicious day,
    When our struggles died.

    On 26th January, 1950
    Our Constitution gained enforcement;
    That changed the whole country,
    From scuffles to development.

    Let's honour the Military,
    Who restlessly serve our country.
    Let's honour the Great Leaders,
    Who are an inspiration to all the youngsters.

    Every song empathizing freedom narration,
    Fills our spirit with horripilation.

    Let's Salute the National Flag,
    Which marks the liberty of our Nation.
    Let's Salute the National Anthem,
    Which is the most respectful creation.

    Democratic, Sovereign and Socialist India is;
    Unity and pilgrimage are in our service.
    Due to the brotherhood in our heart,
    No one dares to tear us apart!


  • akdpoetry 4w

    The Last Lullaby

    Before the wind stops blowing
    Before the birds stop chirruping
    Before the sun goes down
    Dearest grandma, I want to listen to the last lullaby

    Before the time comes to sacrifice everything
    Before the bells stop ringing
    Before everything starts fading
    Dearest aunts, I want to listen to the last lullaby

    Before everything goes dark
    Before the heart stops beating
    Before I close my eyes forever
    Dearest father, I want to listen to the last lullaby

    - Ananda Kamal Das

  • wobblewords 4w

    Our country needs careful and sensible weavers. It's the youth now taking up the task which needs skill. Our freedom fighters have weaved their part and presented the best version of India to the young and now it's we who leads India forward.
    Let's all together weave a beautiful and better India
    Happy Republic Day!

    #republicday #peopleofIndia #nation #world #wonder #faith #nature #inspiration #thoughts #diary #life #mirakee

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  • yamini_poetry 4w

    Mother India & The Sons of The Soil

    A portion of me is always snow clad
    and you walk there... in countless numbers
    Heavy boots & guns...to guard my freedom
    You don't have a caste or a religion
    You are neither fair skinned nor dark
    You are the colour of the earth
    Your life is pledged to me
    You live and die the same

    Your sweat waters the crop
    You feed your brothers
    You await the sun and the rains with palpitating hearts
    Your fear is the same... your joy is the same
    Your bare feet submerged in mud... all the same
    Your Gods are bountiful... but when they are angry
    You live and die the same

    You travel in packed busses and trains...at times on foot
    Your work hours are long... your wages meagre
    You bow in temples...kneel in mosques
    Your Gods are different... but prayers , the same
    (No hungry stomachs...no crushing loans... no diseases
    A future for your children) unlike what you've got
    You live and die the same

    My naive sons...look at your brothers around you...
    There is no devide...except the one
    taught by the enemies within
    The ones who will never be killed in riots and clashes
    The ones who have much to gain in feeding you poison
    They will plant hate and nurture it
    While you follow them in blind faith
    Know well today... that your motherland is not partial
    You will still live and die the same


  • biswajitdev 4w

    #India is celebrating its 71st Republic_Day.

    1) Let's familiarise ourselves with the founding pillars of our #Nation, the #Constitution & understand its original context & essence .

    2) Let's reach #Ambedkar's views on #Gandhi, #Nehru, #MusIims, how India got Independence & not embedding the word '#SECULARISM' into Constitution .

    3) Let the righteous knowledge lit spark in every #Indian & awaken them against all the evil mentality & deeds .

    #Stand_United & #Be_the_Shield of our #Sacred_Land_Bharat against all the Dividing forces with the Truth, Dharma & Valor .

    #Tribute to all Freedom fighters
    #Ganatantra_Diwas ki Subhecha
    #Jai_Maa_Bharati #Constitution #Secularism #India

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